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Lulu needs to recruit Andy, Max, and Sami for his resistance. I’d love to have seen a “CO Power: MAX FORCE!” appear on screen and turn the tide of battle after Lulu’s forces got routed.

I don’t have a lot to say about this episode. Lulu, tactical genius, gets his ass handed to him on a silver platter. Though, since this is Sunrise, I’m not surprised. Their m.o. has always been one side crushing the other than flipping back. (Still, I enjoyed Lulu’s “OH SHI-” moment at the end when Cornelia ordered the hatches opened.) Toss in some suicidal and possibly homosexual tendencies for the main character, and viola, yet another Sunrise series. Still, with the first fourth of the series having gone by, it’s starting out much, much better than the Mai Hime/Otome franchise. There’s no Code Geass equivalent to “maki maki maki,” and I sure hope that there will not be any equivalent to that skull crotch. Will we look back at Code Geass as fondly as we do Mr Wong and Nina a year from now? DO YOUR BEST, deshou, k?

Code Geass Episode 7 Awards

Best Jam-mu

Odd thing is that, this morning while I was driving to work, I heard a story about how farmers have been rapidly buying blueberry due to the increase in blueberry wholesale prices recently. For good reason, blueberries have been gaining a lot of steam recently and now even blueberry juice is available in the aisles of select supermarkets… namely, blueberries are chock full of anthocyanins which has been shown to stop the degeneration of cells. Not only are blueberries prized for their anthocyanins, they are also full of antioxidents, vitamin c, and pectin– all good stuff that works well with anthocyanins. The result? One of nature’s most nutritious (and currently expensive) fruits. Suzaku should be damn happy that he gets to enjoy blueberry jam-mu onigiri and not Akiko mystery jam-mu (nutritional value unknown) onigiri.

(And, of course, you’d expect healthy and good food from Belldandy.)

Best Itsuki Moment

“I happened to meet an old friend of mine, and he opened the doors for me.”

(What kind of doors? Nevermind. Forget I asked. Forget!)

“Hold this friend dear to you.”


“If your friendship continues, then it’s not a chance meeting, but one that was inevitable.”

(So should I move Suzaku from the “Itsuki” category and into the “Promised One” category?)

Best No-Chance Harem Moment

Loved Shirley confronting Karen about Lulu. Honestly, if they devoted an whole episode to just Karen and Lulu arguing about Lulu, I’d be fine with it. I may even call it “Best. Episode. Ever.” And if they re-enact the Miller Lite catfight ad complete with symmetrical docking attacks, I may even call it “Legendary.”

(Still, I was hoping that Karen would at least say something like, “Hey, if I wanted to ride that horse, I would have done so when he visited me in the shower!”)

Best Harem Theft

No, I’m not talking about Suzaku stealing away Shirley… I’m talking about Shirley stealing away Suzaku.

Best Viral Marketing

I give up. Even though I had dinner already, I’m calling Pizza Hut and ordering a medium supreme pan pizza. (Ever wonder what Japan’s favorite pizza topping is? Bacon.) I really hope Japan’s impression of Americans isn’t that we’re a bunch of idiot cowboys who eat pizza all the time. Still, how can C.C. maintain that figure eating nothing but pizzas? Girl needs some blueberries. The more important question: who has a better ass while promoting Pizza Hut? C.C. or Jessica Simpson? I’ll say C.C. now, but after she fills up that Pizza Hut card, I think it’ll sway to Jessica Simpson.


(Yeah, I know this pic has been around. It’s the Paris Hilton of Newtype foldouts. Nevertheless, I need to make the obligatory, “This kind of pose is more of what I expect out of BET than Newtype.”)

Second Best Itsuki Moment

Recapping, C.C. is obviously bored since she’s playing around with a Pizza Hut coupon card. C.C. is obviously frisky for attention sprawled out on Lulu’s bed. So, of course, Lulu ignores her at first. I am surprised that no one has found out that C.C. has been living in Lulu’s room yet– wouldn’t that cause a nice uproar? Especially Nanali… wouldn’t she notice something subtle like C.C.’s scent? Or are all the pizzas decoys to hide C.C.’s presence from Nanali?


(So she’s been in Lulu’s bed this whole time, and he’s been acting like Saito to her Louise?)

Best Flustered Haremette
Second Best Flustered Haremette
Best Classical Sunrise Moment

Lulu is really the evolved Heero Yui. First, the impossible. Now, the self-destruction. Next, the conquering of Du– OH GEASS NO!

The Real Slim Shady

I smell a V for Vendetta ending for Code Geass! Lulu should make replicas of his helment and mail one to everyone in Japan. The population protests their pale, paltry provisions. Pepperponi! Peppers! Pork! These are proper pabulum and protein for poor people and pasta. P for Pizza.

Next time on AoMM’s coverage of Code Geass— picking a tea to enjoy with stuffed crust pizza.

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  1. Apparently blueberries are quite popular in japan given that the japanese are one of the big customers for American blueberry farmers.

  2. i liked mai hime and otome…>_>

  3. Hmm, well its true she should venture into blueberries, but how about a compromise… blueberry pizza? it’s ok to get fat as long as she has plenty of antioxidants floating around in her.

  4. ….

    Hey, nobody’s gonna comment on C.C.’s name?

    I mean, go to Wikipedia and look up “Geas” and “Cu Chulainn.”

    I really, really hope I’m wrong here.

    Really. >_>;

  5. Hey, that would hardly be surprising if it was true. Plenty of ancient Asian war heroes had been given female anime incarnations in anime.

    For that matter, remember Saber?

    Sorry, but fair is fair; most cultures had already had their mythical heroes turn into girls in anime, and there is no reason why the Irish should be immune. ^_^

  6. I am enjoying this show more and more as each episode comes out. Although you are right about the predictability and the Sunrise style, I am actually really enjoying it. This is the show I keep up with the most for this season.

    Does this mean this is what Gundam Seed Destiny is like? Does this mean I should watch it? O__O
    Then again, after seeing screencaps of Shin crying like a little girl and screaming, I vowed to never watch GSD…

  7. C.C is not remotely male. No way in hell is there a penis on that. I refuse to accept it.

    Also, she and Lelouch need more interaction. Sadly, I get the feeling Lulu would be more interesting if the above was the case. I’m going to go shoot myself now.

  8. *Interested. Not interesting.

    I’m going to go shoot myself again now.

  9. Did anybody notice that in the first scene when Lulu was thinking about it’s past when he was sitting on the bed, C.C was in the bed? It looks to me like he slept with her!

  10. Is it just me, or did the animation quality take a steep nose dive this episode?

  11. So does that mean that C.C. is actually Lancer form Fate/Stay Night in disguise? Will she pwn Suzaku and Lancelot with her heart-seeking Gae Bulga? as Jason has pointed out Sunrise loves impalings so it’s a distinct possibility.

    Alternatively C.C.’s true power could be the “Gay Bulge-A” which she will use to drive Lulu and Suzaku closer together for the explicit purpose of harem theft. This will grant the wish that Lulu promised in exchange for the Geas and fulfill the seemingly hopeless dream that C.C clung to durring her years of isolation in that large metal sphere. She will finally have a harem of her own.

  12. Between CC and Mizuho, I would pick CC to have a lance and a bigger one at that if either have one.

  13. Since Kanon and Deathnote both suffer the “seen before” syndrome. Code Geass has became the only show I follow this fall, it has been great so far.

  14. “Scáthach also grants Cúchulainn the ‘friendship of her thighs’ …”

    I just have to quote this awesome terminology.

  15. I’m a bit tired of shows (or books for that matter) depicting the fight of what is supposedly two very smart people/organizations/entities whereas those people’s strategies have gaps so wide a 5 years old would detect them. How come those mechas can be operated by anyone? That they can’t be remotely shut down/destroyed? That they can cut their transponder? Cornelia picked the place of the fight but didn’t put any surveillance in the sewers? And the list could go on… They should drop all pretenses of being serious and just concentrate on the harem.

  16. Seyluun, i agree go with the harem.

    But if you are intrested in shows where the stragety isn’t obvious to a 5 yr old. Watch legend of Galactic Heros, the physic is slightly questionable and the animation is date (late 80s) but the space battles between 2 fleets are a must see.

  17. Well dennis, this is assuming the people watching them have seen/read them before. I haven’t done either for either show and they’re probably the two shows I look forward to the most every week.
    Yeah Seyluun I agree as well, they should not only drop the seriousness of the show but just all the mechs as well, mechs are starting to be come such a redundancy that they’re ruining series now

  18. …as for you makimakimaki and crotch skull moments…keep your eyes on that ugly bigot girl (Nina was it?)…

  19. …and I’m pretty sure a blueberry topped pizza will be worthless since I’m sure baking level heat destroys the functionality of antioxidant and vitamin c at the very least…of course they could do what I do with bell pepper and onion; spread it on after the rest of the pizza is baked…but what is the point of that…

  20. Wow… Gotta love the Engrish product placement in this —

    ‘Holding Pillow’?

  21. Hey where did the knife disappear to anyway?

    Granted that this is harem series as well what are the odds of confrontation between Shirley and Karen at the obligatory beach/pool ep?

    While the Harem dynamic by far the most interesting since assassinations have yet to take place (Clovis withstanding) the tactical, and strategic aspect is providing me with some amusement. It is true that the strategic holes are great and tactical procficiency is handed over to the graces of Sunrise conflict writers, but it is very understandable given that the Japanese have not fought since 1945.

    Legend of the Galactic Heroes is the anime to watch if you want to see grand strategey and the use of flanking and enfilade fire.

    In Cornelia’s defense surveillance on an enier city would have been herculanean task that would have taken a long time to put in place if scerecy were to be maintaained and in hostile territory no less. Even if she tried who’s to say the resident resistance cell would no have noticed and removed the devices or use them for their own deceptions? Since Cornelia is using her heavy hitters the battlefield will constantly changing since buildings will be demolished and cave ins likely routes once closed may become open, in short since commanders are often limited in resources it seems like a waste to put camera’s everywhere unprotected. All this and we haven’t solved the problem of getting the powergrid needed for such devices.

    As for the transponders being shut off and turned on it could be a power saving feature. In the case of anyone being able to use the Sutherlands I think it’s more analagous to a computer given that thumb drives serve as keys, any one can use one but only those with the know how can realize their full potential. Besides the Russians have been using conscripts for some time now and in wartime training hours plummet resulting in reduced effectiveness, but in a numbers game they can still be lethal. As for remote shut down and or auto-destruct it is one of the worst feature to introduce into a military force, it is daft in every sense of the word. No sane general/admiral would be willing to have his/her heavy equipment liable to destruction in a single puch of a button. How could you secure it from being compromised? It makes one hell of a target and treachery becomes much more detrimental. Secondly as a lowly trooper I would never trust my commander if he told me to go to war inside a bomb that could detonate at his or her discretion, this is no mere ordanance if need be the poor soldier could be used as a kamikaze not very good at promoting elan and loyalty. Having autodestruct would make this whole thing moot for Britannia’s forces since Lulu can simply Geass the flag officers into button mashing wiping out their power in one swift stroke.

    From what I have seen the Lulu vs Cornelia shoubu played like a mix of a low level Austerlitz and Ligny. In both battles we had one side arrive early and prepare a battlefield. However first let’s break down what Cornelia and Lulu did right and wrong…

    Cornelia gets points for:
    -breaking down her scouts into two man formations since she is expecting ambushes in hostile terrain in the butchery of war especially for one as draconian as Britannia two men is a small pice to pay to get the location of enemy forces
    -better understanding of her opponent since Zero’s media blitzes also meant that he needs a bigger propapganda effort to make up for overall strength
    -initial encirclement and creating similar conditions to make an obvious trap, by being obvious this can allow for bigger surprises since the enemy is going to be focused on negating the obvious elements and may not see the coup de grace
    -building up a disciplined force and using only her forces to fight, since she plans on using a tactical withdrawl she cannot afford to have undisciplined troops or troops of unknown quantity to muck up a disengagement while holding formation
    -releasing her most competent troops to mop up, her personal unit is something to be praised since Guilford showed a glimmer of initiative and independent thinking that would be needed to flush out hidden enemies, also they can be trusted to do as they are told

    Cornelia gets no prize for:
    -troop placement, those troops should never have been on that bridge in the first place it is not solid ground and can and did go out from underneath her rear
    -not fostering independent thought, while loyalty and obedience are all good things initiative must be fostered as well soldiers must be able to operate with out micromanagement had this been the case her bait troops might have been able to fight their way out of an ambush though it is by no means easy

    Lulu gets points for:
    -getting the proverbial holy grail that any flag officer would kill for, the exact dispostion of enemy forces

    Lulu gets no dice for:
    -relying on troops of unknwon quantity who turned out to be very badly disciplined and tore his plan asunder
    -Victory disease, Lulu underestimated the power of his fame to inspire loyalty
    -underestimating the power of Cornelia, while Cornelia expected to fight a skilled though vain opponenet she did not lose her cool when ambush after ambush was sprung, on the other hand Lulu was utterly convinced that his plan was perfect and was THE plan. No plan ever survives contact with the enemy I can only recall one case that this did not hold true, but only because Austria and Russia blundered big time. Lulu had no contingency plan for escape or back up strategy to keep his forces in line.

    In short Cornelia had an Austerlitz since Lulu bought it big time and was humiliated beyond my expectations. She identified the killing field and made very good use of it and duped her opponent big time, just like the French did. Cornelia also had a Ligny in that the quality of her troops carried the day for her just like it did for Napoleon though she is now where near as great as Napoleon did it in RL. Lulu seems to have experinced both Austerlitz and Ligny from the Coalition persective, like the Russians and Austrians he gobbled up the bait big time and suffered greatly for it. Like the Prussians at Ligny he knew that the enemy was coming but his troops were of much poorer quality, at least the Purssians knew that they had to keep an eye out for those other German troops a group of which had tried to mutiny. Blucher was able to call upon a competent cavalry Lulu didn’t even have that much going for him. It also turns out that Blucher was probably insane with a gamut of VDs and violated conventional wisdom by not retreating along his lines of communication after Ligny.

  22. 11. MaverickRonin Says:
    “So does that mean that C.C….will finally have a harem of her own.”

    Comment of the year. Same thing I was thinking as soon as F/SN was brought up, except for the harem thing. That was genius. If the rest of Code Geass were to work out like your “harem-theft” angle suggests, they could waste two episodes on a day-to between Lulu and Suzaku and it’d still be the best series ever.

    Speaking of C.C., she spent an entire scene this episode carrying on what sounds like one side of a phone conversation with the only other creature present being the protagonist’s cat. Where have I seen this before…

    “Next week on Code Geass, C.C. nails Lelouch in the forehead with an electric guitar, and the Emperor cosplays as Lupin!”

  23. Is it just me, or does that schpiel about blueberries sound like it was ripped off directly from Yakitate!! Japan?


  24. as a reminder jason, shana ova on 12-8 :)

  25. When you did your blueberry review I couldn’t help but think of Yakitate!! Japan.

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