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Jealousy? Cattiness? Backstabbing? Plot worthy of 90210? Why, Kirino, what’s with that long face?

Is this why?

Some memorable lines from this pantheon-class episode…

“You have pretty large breasts.”

That Haruhiko… he’s such a flatterer. Though Riko only put up some token resistance before entering full blush mode.

“Dad isn’t here, which is probably a good thing since he’d be shocked to see us all over each other.”

Wait, this “all over each other” scene wasn’t animated! I feel cheated. Especially since it led to…

“You just don’t give away any freebies.”

Anytime you can have your little sister/girlfriend/live-in lover wake you up after a night of being “all over each other,” you have accomplished something in life. Of course, you know the honeymoon’s over when she’s saying things like, “So did you clean out the garage yet?” “Did you paint the doors yet?” “Are you going to sit around and watch football all day long?” “Not tonight dear, I have a headache.”


Watching Kirino emerge from the shadows and confronting Riko and Haruhiko as they arrived back from Kyoto was fantastic. I especially enjoyed how fast Riko stopped hanging onto Haruhiko’s arm and how slowly and deliberately Kirino emerges from the shadow. Then her demands for the souvenir… and then the slow realization that Haruhiko will be enjoying Riko’s gohibi from now on…

“Moshi moshi? Moshi moshi? Moshi moshi?”

The new “USO DA!”. If only Kirino tossed in an emo facial distortion… sigh. Still, watching Kirino just repeat “Moshi moshi?” into that cup-phone system was creepily delightful. A sharp contrast to all the pathetically bland and funkless harem shows out there currently.

“Because I love Haruhiko and Riko, it’s fine!”

If this came from, oh, Nayuki, I probably wouldn’t care as much (since I know that Kanon isn’t about jealously), but from Kirino? The odds of her going Kaede on us have just been taken off the books at Vegas. The takeaway? It’s never fine.

“Yadda! Yadda! Yadda!”

Emo Kirino is fantastic. See, if you showed a picture of K1 frenching Peorth, I doubt Belldandy would act up (she might go catatonic though). Same goes for Ayu with Yuuichi kissing Mai. Or C.C. with Lulu enjoying Suzaku. Emo characters are just more fun… right, Miki?

“I thought that I had finally become your little sister! … I guess being a childhood friend isn’t good enough!”

Actually, Kirino, I have statistical evidence that childhood friend does much better than a little sister. The problem is that Riko spans little sister, childhood friend, and promised girl. You can’t top that. You’re dead out of the gate. Sorry.

“You cheated! Cheater!”

If there’s anything Melrose Place has taught us, it’s that any alliance of women will ultimately dissolve over a subpar male.

If there’s anything Elimidate has taught us, it’s that the subpar male will always choose the sluttiest one with the largest rack.

If there’s anything The OC has taught us, it’s that the girl who isn’t choose because she’s not enough of a slut or doesn’t have the largest rack, will always fight back.

If there’s anything The Hills has taught us, it’s that usually the subpar male isn’t worth fighting over.

If there’s anything anime has taught us, the “turning lesbian and moving to Europe” ending ain’t bad. Ain’t bad at all.

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  2. Boxcutter, boxcutter, boxcutter.

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  4. >>> If there’s anything The OC has taught us, it’s that the girl who isn’t choose because she’s not enough of a slut or doesn’t have the largest rack, will always fight back.

    If there’s anything The Hills has taught us, it’s that usually the subpar male isn’t worth fighting over.


    You raise two very good and important point. Although jealousy attack is common in most dramas, it is rather rare in anime, to the degree, it is refreshing to see Kirino acting as we expect of normal people. Poor Kirino. Now, what is the odd of the Gift pulling a School Days ( Kotonoha uses bigger blades than boxcutter )?

  5. Oops!! Xellos^_- beat me to it! ( Yes, that is Kotonoha in School Days )

  6. Since we have multiple mention of School days, Why not go with both girl ending, just like School days? I think that might be better than les and Europe thingie.

  7. I don’t think we’ll see anyone turning lesbian in Gift – this ain’t Kanon, after all.

  8. Lol for some reason that little gif video was funny whats this School days thing? an anime or what I need to get it.
    This ep reminded me of Sakura and how she got jealous over Mr. Optimistic and his new pieces of ass.

  9. “We promise not to use gift on Rin-Ku… Haruhiko-Kun!”

  10. With the first pick in the 2006 Bishoujo Draft, Team Boxcutter selects Konosaka Kirino from Shimano Academy.


  11. How come I’m being giddy over a show I haven’t even watched?!

    That’s it, I’m downloading this right now. Whatever I had on queue can wait.

  12. Damn you Jason!

    You’re making regret it my decision of not downloading this series, what a fool I was… damn it!!

  13. my mind was going OMFG KAEDE the whole time ; ;

  14. Chuman:

    That gif is from a H-Game call School Days. School Days was release several years back with 20+ ending. Among thos endings were 3 ending that was very bloody. They usually show up when your character was being a jackass and you pick the wrong route. Also the company that release school days never so much as mention any of the blood endings when the games first cameout. So everyone who bought thought it just another nice slice of life dating/h game.

    You can imagine what happen when they got the bloody ending.

    here is another school day gif.

    if someone could sent me the 3rd bloody ending i would appreciate it.

  15. Ah ok thanks man, actually upon looking into it DarkMirages blog said something about someone making an anime based off this hgame, it looks kinda entertaining so i’ll be looking forward to it, I hope it shows more than just hgame related arcs.

  16. I’m starting to think of another dimension in harem sabermetrics: hair color. I don’t have time to do this, but the statistics might look pretty good for unnatural hair colors…

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