meido showdown in roanapur

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In the current Black Lagoon arc (47), Roberta returns to Roanapur being chased by Fabiola, yet another crazy gunwoman meido. So who’s up for Black Lagoon season 3?

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  1. I am constantly amazed at that way Black Lagoon is able to integrate so many moe modes into a hard-core kill-em-all action story. It has invincible robo meidos (from the future even, why not), insane vampire goth-loli twincest (with just a dash of disturbing necrophilia implied), a gun-toting racked nun (who gives off onee-san vibes when drunk), a helpless ueber-nerd meganekko (it’s about time Benny saw some action), and maybe, just maybe, when all is said and done, an crazed, dual-wielding tsundere (who will kill any who’d dare suggest it). Black Lagoon season 3 would make me far too happy in the pants.

    Now if only I could find a scanlation past chapter 9.

  2. If you’re looking for the Manga Scantalations… you could probably still find it on some of the remainding P2P networks…. were able to find 44-48 via emule ;P.

  3. I can’t even fid the raw version of Black Lagoon, I found it once but didn’t download it, and now I’m regretting…

    Off Topics, but in Gift 10, Kirino has gone into full-Kaede-Mode… Scary

  4. ***Possible Spoilers*****

    Well going through Chapter 44-46, I find it amusing that the scene of the initial introduction of the new Meido is reminiscent of Antonio Banderas Characters introduction in Desperado where everbody is totally freaked and checking out the new Meido in town only to find lollipops, a lunchbox, and a wallet in her briefcase….. that is until she starts pulling out here equipment from her person (I don’t mean that echi) and I don’t mean her cleaning tools…. wait a minute… maybe I do ;)

  5. I’ve found raws floating around emule, which my computer flatly refuses to get. Woe is me. And curses, Dai, you are not helping. I crave so bad. At the rate things are going, I may end up having to just wait for BL3. Speaking of, BL2 ep 10 is too much fun. The look on Levy’s face when that bullet gets cut in two, and the way Yuki lays into Rock. Good times.
    And now off to hopefully see some scary, slicy, sexy Kirino.

  6. Man, so giddy about the showdown they’re telegraphing in the anime. If it goes down as expected, I will have to talk to Geneon about the Third Salvo, or whatever they end up calling it. Though, it really should have been Second Salvo, then Third Fusillade or something.

  7. I agree with you Kriquen, There haven’t been a new chapter since 9.

  8. woot woot!! BLS3, and crazy killer meidos FTW!!!!!1 only way this gets better is if we get some serious killer meido symmetrical docking. The images are just too much for me.

  9. Let me guess in the end they let bygones be bygones and open a cafe together.

  10. Wait so which Volume is this again?

  11. Nevermind. I know the volume now.

  12. >>Let me guess in the end they let bygones be bygones and open a cafe together.

    In Europe? Let me find my passport. :)

  13. It appears the current story arc begins in Chapter 44. Nice little introspection of the return of the MadDog Meido.

  14. >> So who’s up for Black Lagoon season 3?

    *raises hand*

    Forget about coffee, Killer Meido is the best thing Colombia has ever produced.

  15. Fabiola? wtf? Just the name sounds more likely to have a penis than Mizuho could ever dream of. I’m going to make a speculation that Fabiola is actually a Killer Meido Trap.

  16. Jason, you are like unto a god. And also must have no life to be aware of things the very day they come out after almost 3 months of no activity. I can respect that. And Thanks! 8)

  17. The magic of RSS, my friends.

  18. Too much fucking fun!

  19. “Just the name sounds more likely to have a penis than Mizuho could ever dream of.”

    You dream of penises? Fine by me but Fabiola is a perfectly fine female name nonetheless.

    Anyway, are you sure that isn’t Rock in meido mode in the above picture?

  20. Chris: You stole the words right out of my mouth.

  21. Haesslich, granted but I didn’t inhale.

  22. This picture makes me miss Roberta that much more. Of course, that omake in Volume 1 was priceless…

  23. Where would it be possible to find scantilations past the end of the Second Barrage?

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