kanon 12

Ahahaha. What do the nonsensical phrases “Live a Live,” “A Goddess Comes to Japan,” and “Deviant Waltz” have in common? You’ll find out in 2007. Now onto the ballroom dancing. Kanon 12.


Great episode. Definitely the strongest Kanon episode thus far, and, of course, it features plenty of Nayuki and even more Mai and MAI WAIFU Sayuri goodness. And, dare it say it, zero Makoto. Woo-hoo! I’ve been looking forward to the dance episode ever since Kanon began for three fundamental reasons: One, the two Kanon characters who I always felt got the short end of the stick were Mai and Sayuri, and they’re the unequivocal stars of this arc. Two, Mai and Sayuri in their dresses. Three, it’s Kyoto Animation. Watching their series, you just get that “We like anime because we’re fanboys too!” vibe out of them like Gainax back in the 1990s. Surely enough, if you’re a Kanon fanboy, isn’t this episode, this dance, this point in time to BAM! and kick it up a notch?

The thing about Mai is that she’s a very straightforward and honest girl. While she hides parts of herself, her emotions are genuine and worn as a broach on her fantastic strapless dress. I found myself rooting for her four years ago, and I’m still rooting for her now and against that sinister president. While there are supernatural elements to her story, her story is all about someone trying to fit in and is more relatable than Makoto’s or Ayu’s stories. (Nayuki’s story… well… probably will not be animated seeing how Kanon is going.) Nevertheless, Mai’s an endearing character who comes and goes a bit too quickly.



Don’t worry little Ayu-chan. Someone or someone else out there will notice you.


Yuuichi trying to impress the ladies at such a young age. Still, I think we all know what Ayu’s missing item is by now. (No, not her brain, but close!) Especially when KyoAni pulled a Sunrise with the OP.


The way Ayu is cowering and shivering, I thought that she was channeling Mikuru for a second there. Still, Ayu’s talk of ghosts and how talking about ghosts will only attract more ghosts is kinda prophetic considering what will occur at the dance.

(In addition to “uguu~,” Ayu has since added “nanoda” and “boku” to her nonsensical noises. I think “nanoda” must have come from Otome wa Boku when Horie Yui got infected from listening to Kana say it all the time.)


Wait? What happened to my glorious yuri scenes? Did Ayu pull of a ninja substitution trick using Nayuki’s kerropi stuffed animal? Still, Nayuki’s the best. Even if she is absentmindedly drooling on a Keroro-ripoff. Though kinda reminds me of Tess.


Don’t worry. Someone already cross-referenced this screenshot with an actual view from Tokyo (though Kanon does not take place in or around Tokyo). I’m telling you– anime fanboys are scary. I’m pretty sure if the community got together, we’d solve Iraq, hunt down Bin Laden, create sustainable fusion, feed the hungry in Africa, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions… if we’re not too busy staring at our God Knows Haruhi figure’s legs. *insert absentminded Nayuki drool*


KyoAni even tosses in little extra visual treats like Ayu’s breath frosting as she talks. Reminds me of Michigan already. Brrr! I’m cold. Still, gotta love how Ayu went on and on praising Nayuki for her beauty and demeanor and even tossed in that “I want to grow up and be as pretty as Nayuki” until Yuuichi points out that they’re the same age. Train. Derailed.


Then a classic “series action” where Yuuichi tries to “comfort” Ayu by telling her how being so loli-like and flat can be of use. (For example, she could star as Louise in the next school play of Zero no Tsukaima or even Shana in a possible Shakugan no Shana school play.) Of course, Ayu goes bonkers (the reaction that Yuuichi wants) until the third suggestion that she could order the kid’s meal. Then instead of going emo, she becomes contemplative. Kyoto Animation also does series actions well– they must have had my eleventh grade English teacher.







Even if Yuuichi and Ayu have the Hakuoro “OH SHIT DID I JUST SHIT IN MY PANTS” or “OH SHIT DID I JUST BREAK TOUKA’S DOLL” look on them.


Ayu’s outfit is actually pretty cute. It definitely makes her look slimmer than her standard garb, plus it actually makes her look, egads, cute. BTW, what’s with this recent anime trend where for farther away shots, the whites of the eyes aren’t shown and instead eyes look like black blobs? I can understand Gift‘s poor eye art quality… but… this is Kyoto Animation! They just animated frost! They need to do better.


I enjoyed Ayu-chan’s “Gun-Doh Musashi” face. “Hayai!”

(One drawback to this episode? Lack of Akiko.)


Ayu’s “Wait, you didn’t just compare me to Gun-Doh Musashi, did you?” face. Still, this screenshot makes it look like she’s either unhappy, constipated, or trying to channel something. Maybe a hint of all three. And I can’t believe that there’s people out there who prefer this moe mode over the vastly superior Zombie Nayuki and Strapless Dress Mai.


The player has found his mark. Yuuichi would be a happy man if he married Sayuri and hired Mai as their au pair/bodyguard/meido. Too bad he’s going to pick Jun Ayu. *sigh*


I’m enjoying Sayuri’s “Ahaha!’s” But I’m not enjoying Mai’s “honey bear” and “chubby raccoon.” Though I can’t wait now for “honey bear” and “chubby raccoon” to be Itsuki’s new battle cries for next year’s Haruhi Suzumiya. Still, a dumbass move on Yuuichi’s part that cost him seeing Mai in a nurse/meido/bunny girl outfit. *rams head down onto my computer desk*


I asked ten different females about the acceptability of eating ice cream in the snow. Most of the responses that I got back included: “Real ice cream lovers eat it anytime” and “It tastes better when it’s cold outside.” I asked ten different males about the acceptability of eating ice cream in the snow. The predominant response? “Women are bat shit loco.” So I brought a gallon of premium Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to a pot luck dinner when it was cold here in the Bay Area, and the only people who ended up eating any ice cream were the little kids. The takeaway? Shiori is a bat shit loco kid. I’m issuing an AoMM Boxcutters Alert for her.


Just further evidence of Shiori’s insanity… “Would you like some pills?” She’s a walking CVS!!! She keeps a full stock of drugs and pills in her sweater!!! Though I’m disappointed that she only rattled off mostly over-the-counter drugs. I was hoping for… “Here’s some Ambien… here’s some Claritin D… here’s some Ritalin… here’s some Cialis… here’s some morphine… here’s some X…”


December 23, 2006: AoMM has issued a Boxcutters Alert after Shiori Misaki pulled out from her sweater enough drugs to kill a small hippo. As of Kanon 12, she’s considered high unstable and crazy. Approach with caution and keep all sharp objects and heavy machinery far, far away from her.


I think Yuuichi has out-Kyon’ed Kyon. We’re going to have to start referring Kyon as “Yuuichi” from now on. Still, that look on Shiori’s face… that “I could break out and scream ‘USO DA!’ at any time” face… I wonder if she’s secretly jealous of Yuuichi’s day-to?

(And the whole Cinderella bit? At least we didn’t see a middle-aged, pot-bellied, hair thinning Yuuichi warn her “Cinderella” or receive a text message from KAORI.M> REMEMBER CINDERELLA. Still, the rate we’re going, YUKI.N will be warning Kyon using excerpts from Peter Pan next season.)


It’s finally out. Shiori’s last name. And that she’s not really sick… whoa, there’s one other anime character who isn’t sick but skips school all the time for mysterious reasons… and she’s a Misaki too! Egads. She’s not Kaori’s sister! She’s that other Misaki‘s sister!

(Still, this random girl has a really weird and ugly haircut. No wonder she doesn’t have any friends. Oops. I’m still in my “I just finished blogging about The Hills 10” mode.)


Sparkle sparkle! Jun has become the new Itsuki? Or the new Kurz Webber? Tossup, really. Still, gotta love both Yuuichi’s and Nayuki’s terrified look. Yuuichi’s surrounded by crazies: the girl who may also be a zombie, the girl who can only speak in monosyllabic guttural tones like “uguu~”, the fox who became a loli, the sick girl who isn’t, and the swordswoman who stands guard at night. They’re making the Hinamizawa girls seem well-adjusted.


Whoa, the two hawtest girls in the class aren’t going to the dance, yet the two lamest guys are? Bizarro world. Still, shouldn’t Nayuki be steaming that she’s not going to the dance with Yuuichi? Come on… a little jealousy can go a long way. It’s the only way Nayuki’s gonna get any screentime now that we’re rolling down Route Ayu-chan.


“I don’t have a sister.” Ouch. Kinda appropriate, but I was watching Black Sheep earlier this morning, and that movie reminds me of Kaori/Shiori… and Shiori may be crazier than Chris Farley.


I have never seen nor worn any tuxedo that fit into such a slim bag. Generally, tuxes are transported unfolded since who the hell would want to iron them anyway?


He’s figured out the Mai code! I can’t help but feel that this scene was an idea that got cut from Haruhi Suzumiya because it feels more like Haruhi than Kanon. Maybe Haruhi was supposed to pull this with Yuki while Mai turns around and goes, “Suki” to Yuuichi. Maybe we’re in the wrong universe. OH SHI-


A blushing loli Nayuki is incredibly cute. And double ponytails to boot. Does she ever realize that she’s about to give money to give to a guy that she has a crush on who will spend it gambling for a present for a rival girl? Sounds promising. If only this were Shuffle or Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (imagine Shion if Satoshi gave Rena a kiss). But I did enjoy Yuuichi bumping up the price. He’d make a fantastic slimy used car salesman.


The missing item. Notice that it has wings. Just like Ayu.


Hot party. Everyone looks nice but I doubt that they have ootori like at the Host Club’s parties.


“Shaken or stirred?”
“Does it look like I give a damn?”







Loved the slow reveal of Strapless Dress Mai intersparsed with Yuuichi slowly losing his breath as more of Mai is revealed. Fantastic. Kyoto Animation did a good job with that Makoto reveal too back in episode 5 with the bath scene.




… sparkle!

Agreed. Mai looks fantastic. She’s almost Mikuru-class in terms of curves, but she has ten times the class and 1,000(x+1) the confidence of poor Mikuru. Now where’s my slow reveal of Wife Material Sayuri?!?


“Aizawa. Yuuichi Aizawa.”


Blushing Strapless Dress Mai? With a choker? I’m knee deep in a glass cage of moe right now.


Sayuri’s not bad too. I can’t wait for Bubba’s upcoming Sayuri x Mai in Strapless Dresses figures.

(As for the chop, she’s doing it because she’s a bit flustered/embarrassed but also happy. Is she were pissed, Yuuichi’s skull would be split wide open.)


Ahaha! *Chop* Moe and comedy are really weird in anime.


Yuuichi is lost in thought wondering what one he wants to hook up with first. The correct answer, of course, is “simultaneously.”


More blushing Mai. Now this is the Kanon that I remember.


Oh gawd, the gawd awful student council president returns. He sucks. He sucks balls. He’s a tool of the highest order, and, back in 2002, everyone kinda just took his abuse. He interrupts everyone’s good time to go rag on Mai because of some prejudice. He is an asshole. And his glasses make him look even more like a tool. At least now we have an Yuuichi capable of salvoing back with his Kyon gene. I applaud this development.

Still, why the hell are all student council presidents depicted as such control freaks who ego problems in anime? Otome wa Boku‘s Takako started out this way… Shizuru, well, is Shizuru… the girl from Genshiken who is out to stamp out Genshiken as well as revoke their vBulletin license… Atsunobu from Fumoffu (though Ren takes off his edges a bit)… the annoying trio from Gift… Occult Club Prez from Mahoraba


All the girls seemed to have gone strapless. I applaud this move. Though poor Jun keeps striking out… at least the dude tries, you gotta give him at least that. Maybe if he gets on Area Eleven Idol and makes a fool out of himself a la Big Willie Hung, maybe he can finally get some action.


“I want Yuuichi.”

Okay, change of plans. I’m no longer rooting for the Nayuki ending. I’m rooting for the Mai ending. Ayu can still go to hell… we’ve seen her story already! She’s dead! She’s a ghost! Like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense! At least pick a girl with a pulse and a warm body!

(I’m lying about Ayu. Maybe.)


I am as giddy as when I saw Bunny Girl Haruhi walk onto stage with Witch Yuki in tow. This will be good.


Great sequence. Go watch it for yourself. And again. And again. And again. I would have loved for it to be another minute or two longer. They have 26 episodes to work with here… it’s not like that they can’t spare another a few minutes for this sequence.

(This is even better than Mario Lopez and Emmit Smith on the most recent Dancing with the Stars.)


But unfortuantely… ZOMG! Closed space is forming around the gym!


Kyoto Animation definitely has prowess in cowering characters. Sayuri looks as terrified as Mikuru with Haruhi entering the club room in a dominatrix outfit.


Nice camera angle. So… so… round. Definitely need a Bubba figure for Strapless Dress Mai.


Mai goes bat shit loco in 3…





Unless Saber and Rin start making out or JC Staff hands off Zero no Tsukaima to a competent art house, Mai’s the best day-out there out. Epic dress, great dancer, and crazy. What more can a guy ask for?


I like how the dress occurs battle damage as Mai rages on. Kyoto went from waltz to sword fighting very quickly (and very well). Mai’s moves seem better than Sabers too. At least she doesn’t stand there and let people hit her.


Looks hawter now than before. How is this possible?!?


Gotta hate the student council prez for blaming this incident on Mai. Can’t he tell that the windows were blown, people were injured, and the place was trashed before Mai went on her emo killing spree? Classic scapegoating. On the bright side, he’ll make a great republican someday.


Due to the holidays, AoMM’s Kanon 13 post will be combined with Kanon 14. Discussion and spoiler posts will also be put on hold until I get more free time.

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  1. 舞の舞 is sex

    somehow the whole thing reminds of me FF8, with ppl suddenly become genius at dancing and all that

  2. gotta agree with the FF8 comment.
    also, i hate that damn president, you gotta be a complete retard to not realize its some fked up ghost that did all that

  3. the student president in Fumoffu was something else, i would never put him on the annoying side
    he reminds me of in Ayame from fru-ba, abide with 2000x the common sense

    the student president in haruhi is a tool(for real) though i doubt we would see him next season

  4. Mai’s blushing and forehead chopping reaction just blew up the kawaii meter. And came close to hating KyoAni when Sayuri was attacked.

  5. Best epsiode so far! Kyon really should hook up with Mai instead! lol that stupid prez didn’t even notice Sayui get hurt or the gay ghost, all he saw was Mai killing tables what a dumbass >

  6. Can’t spell Sayuri without Yuri!

  7. Mmm… Mai in strapless gowns. :D

    Well, if they had to delay or shorten Haruhi for this, I don’t think anyone minds that now. At least, not outside of the extremist Haruhists…

  8. Too good to be animated…. Of course, only KyoAni could do something like this…

    I gave a break to my Fate/Stay Night DVD R2 torrent in order to enjoy of this episode ASAP. I don’t have more words to describe how good KyoAni can be when they want to. The waltz sequence was just perfect, it didn’t matter that fact than either Yuuichi or Mai known how to dance, their pace and feelings were enough. I’ll give them a 15 over 10 for that sequence, alongside with the battle.

    Dam that council student president; but it seems like Yuuichi will save her next episode. Thanks goodness that Kanon will not take a break in these two weeks.

  9. Chotto matte….

    Jason, you forget to mention the “Monkey pace”. It seems like Mai love that dance.

  10. The little angel doll looks pretty much like Jun and his whiteflashsuit.

  11. Ok Death Note, kanon 12 just put you in second place for this season, I dunno whether its kyoto’s re-animification of kanon or if it was this good in 2002 but I don’t see how hot chick fighting ghost became such a cliffhanger for me.

    P.S. Thank god Mai isn’t insane. For a bit I was doubting whether my favorite character was in her right mind or not.

  12. I’d kill James Bond to be in Yuuichi’s position during the dance when he’s thrusting back and forth with Mai in front of him.

  13. Not pointing out the amazing disappearing choker? I’m disappointed Jace. It’s the first truly major production error thus far. *tsk tsk*

  14. wow…i cant say much more about this whole epiosde.

    i do agree with you though about which of strapless dres mai or sayuri to hook up with first. If Yuichi doesnt take both then hes not the uber pimp of the century we all think he is. Plus, if he isnt man enough to do it…then i will.

  15. I was hoping Earth Wind and Fire would be breaking out when Jun went to do his thing, but alas…

    Poor Nayuki being treated by that philanderer Yuuichi’s personal bank, maybe that is where he gets his money. Let’s see defaulting on loans, sucking money from some one else’s treasury for items of no value, and running away … hey that sounds like a dead beat parent.

    That student council president sure is something, makes me wonder what kind of ballot stuffing went on to get that twinkle toed son of a hamster elected. As cutting as Kyonichi’s remarks are I hope that he ends up as some unidentifiable paste on the floor. If Shori gets her boxcutters and a massive dose of her pain killers I hope the president gets tossed in her warpath. Student councils in anime need to reflect real goverment I want to see a student revolt, putsch, or heck even regime change.

  16. What is it with Kyoani and excellent episode 12s? It’s like it’s their favorite number or something….

  17. I can’t help it. I see Zombie Nayuki’s face and the first thing I think of is, “VIVA! MONSTA UNION!”

  18. Didn’t I just hear this song from Disney’s “Sleepy Beauty” in the ballroom? What’s its title already?

  19. >>> Didn’t I just hear this song from Disney’s “Sleepy Beauty” in the ballroom? What’s its title already?

    I meant “Sleeping Beauty”

  20. Oh right!

    “Once Upon a Dream”

    Thank you wiki.

  21. Heck with the Fumoffu prez! Full steam ahead to a scene with Ren in a strapless dress! Hot Yakuza ch1x0r power!

  22. That level of scapegoating and inability to see reality, the prez has gone straight through Republican all the way to “progressive Democrat” (i.e.: he’s one army shy of starting a communist dictatorship!)

    If I’d been Yuuichi, I’d have had to apologize to Sayuri later… for dropping her in my haste to deck the prez’s arrogant and stupid a$$.

    >>AC Says:
    >>Not pointing out the amazing disappearing choker?

    Eyes wander much, AC?

  23. Although I’d really enjoyed the Mai scenes before, I’d always wondered why she was supposed to attract affection and attention. She definitely wasn’t in my running for favorite character.

    This episode changed it. The blushing introduction started to change my opinion, the tsukkomi action warmed my heart, and her reaction to Yuuichi’s explanation of why he shouldn’t dance clinched it. After that, the dancing and hearing her actual voice was just icing on the cake.

  24. I think there is someone who likes Russian Classical Music in Kyoto Animation. Shostakovich 7th, Tchaikovsky 4th, and now Tchikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty. Come to think of it, Debussy and Mahler is also late 19th ~ early 20th century as well.

  25. KyoAni pulls the stops again. I admit, I’m not a huge fan of the story, or what little of it we’ve seen so far, but this ep definitely puts itself in the range of SHnY quality. Ep. 5 was almost there, also.

    What’s this disappearing choker? Not Mai’s, since they’re present in all the screen caps…

  26. If KyoAni made Mai’s pupils get even smaller by the time Sayuri got whacked by the monster, would that grant her an emo facial distortion? Or is her emo facial distortion a class of its own?

    Still, great episode. I absolutely can’t stop watching the dance, the battle, and especially the spinning Nayuki segment.

  27. “O-saru san!?” xD

  28. >>ubu roi sez:
    >>Eyes wander much, AC?

    Poppycock. It’s pretty obvious in the raw where there aren’t subs obscurring it.

    For the curious, her giant cross disappears for the 3-4 seconds that Mai perks up when Yuuichi is telling her he isn’t a good dancer.

  29. The cross disappears sometimes, but the choker is always there… do you mean that?

    Coincidence? Anime Boston is planning a black tie invite ball where “cosplay must fit into the theme of the ball.”

  30. http://derailedbydarry.com/ima...../12_39.jpg

    I saw that cap and the first thing that came to mind was Shiratori from Pani Poni Dash and her punishment chop.

  31. Am I the only one who instead of watching the Kyon/Yuki dance over and over, can’t get enough of “Yurete Yu Oooooohhhh~!!!”

  32. Haha, seconded :-P
    I’ve been waiting for the return of Tired Nayuki.

  33. >>I can’t help it. I see Zombie Nayuki’s face and the first thing I think of is, “VIVA! MONSTA UNION!”

    Ow. Ow. OW.

    Recently I think Kyoto likes teasing action junkies by animating really short, fabulous-looking fight scenes very rarely. At least I have more FMP to look forward to.

  34. AC: I meant, what are doing looking at the accessories? Mai’s yummy enough to warrant ignoring the non-essentials! (but for the record, I saw it vanish at least once on 2nd viewing.)

  35. “Well, if they had to delay or shorten Haruhi for this, I don’t think anyone minds that now. At least, not outside of the extremist Haruhists…”

    Awesome though this scene may be, I would have loved to see the SOS brigade go to a dance like this. Think of Mikuru being forced into a revealing dress by Haruhi! The Kyon and Haruhi dance! The Itsu…

    You know what? Nevermind.

    Anyway. Go Mai. Here is hoping swordgirls trump jailbait and incest.

  36. To Sheba:the music in ballroom IS “Sleeping Beauty”but that`s written by Tchaikowsky,not Disney.Has Disney ever created something themselves,except Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck?I´m sorry if i am hurting souls of some patriotic US-citizens,i have nothing against you,only Disney,the worst thieves of other`s creations.

  37. Comment on Wontaek:those composer`s names only proves how high-class KyoAni holds.The music,whatever style,is always excellent in KyoAni productions.

  38. Oh yeah! Who says Shiori Only has over the counter drugs? =)

  39. Glad to hear it

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