five images: today in /christmas/

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” better than fanservice.

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Oh Santa in the candy cane stockings, I’ve been very naughty this year. Holiday spirit: A.


Happy girls in snow? Seems… odd… doesn’t it? Holiday spirit: B+.

Fate/Stay Night

Despite that both Rin and Saber have this “Come hither” look and even if those gifts are family packs of condoms, I highly doubt anime Emiya would make a move. I can imagine the deer in the headlights look to his face… gah… don’t. It’ll kill your holiday spirit. Holiday spirit: B.

Ichigo Mashimaro

I want to see the exact same costumes and poses except with Lulu and Suzaku Karen and Shirley. Holiday spirit: B.

Strawberry Panic

Besides the Santa Claus outfits, what else do all five of these series feature? Give up? Possible hawt girl-girl or guy-guy action. Holiday spirit: B-.

Merry Christmas,

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  1. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas! I wonder how you would wrap fanservice up in a present…

  2. I guess nothing warms up the holiday spirit like a little Haruhi fanservice. As for wrapping up fanservice in a present? I’d call that the Negima OVA that came out recently.

  3. Hawt guy-on-guy huh? Bokura ga Ita has changed you for ever.

  4. Jason, here’s probably one of the greatest Xmas pics of all-time. Happy holidays!
    Kyon’s fierce harem (minus Itsuki)

  5. Woo Strawberry Panic! Featuring my favorite character, the cosplaying student council president!

  6. Hell yeah!!
    Merry Xmas to everyone

  7. Where’s the promised coke?

  8. and a yohoho, merry xmas!
    and happy boxing day @_@

  9. ahh.. I meant Otome wa Boku instead of Boku ga ita. Too much eggnog for me. However after seeing that pic in your next post I’m certain… OtoBoku has ruined you for marriage.

    and nice pics. Thx.

  10. Minna,happii Kurisumasu!Thanks for very nice Christmas Cards.

  11. >> Woo Strawberry Panic! Featuring my favorite character, the cosplaying student council president!

    Chikaru is like a Haruhi Lite, and I mean it as a compliment.

    She needs her own spin-off series. FFS.

  12. Chikaru falls under the “awesome side-character that will never get her own series” category. D:

  13. the picture with haruhi is definitly the best one but i think i would’ve give a better mark to rin and saber.

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