top ten rejected best of 2006 awards

Something to taper off with.

Top Ten Rejected Best of 2006 Awards

10. Best Flat Chested Bunnygirl. This is like ordering a hot fudge sundae and saying, “Hold the ice cream.” Projected winner: Haruhi Fujioka.

9. Fastest to Fall in Love. Inspired by Sumomomo Momomo, but I think that SATOSHI SATOSHI SATOSHI would have taken this award. Projected winner: Shion Sonozaki.

8. The Oedipus Rex Memorial Award. When I was watching Gift, I wondered “How the hell did Haruhiko know what his mom said to him after he was born, especially when she died soon afterwards and no one else was around? Was she an esper/mage?” Probably explains why he “sees” his mother in Riko. Projected winner: Haruhiko.

7. Most Promising Series Run Into the Ground By Gonzo. I think someone said it best a few months ago: Gantz. Musical. Projected winner: Red Garden.

6. Worst Moe Mode. There’s a lot of weird shit in anime. Sometimes, though, even I scratch my head wondering, “WTF where these guys thinking?” If you’re screwing up something as simple as moe, you’re probably in the wrong industry. (As someone once put it, “Big breasts + loli face + meido outfit = moe.”) Projected winner: Crescent Love‘s nose touching.

5. Best Anime that No One Has Seen Except Garten. Now we’re really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for categories. Though it’s probably a good idea to watch something before giving it an award. Projected winner: The Girl Who Conquered Time.

4. Best Anime to Watch While Waiting in Line for a Wii. The week before Christmas, I went to Fry’s twice, and I saw PS3s in stock both times. No Wiis in stock. Fittingly, I think Sony should start offering 3D0, Neo Geo, and Jaguar games for the PS3. Projected winner: Detective Conan.

3. Most Starchy Substance of 2006. You can probably tell that my Best of 2006 brainstorming sessions may or may not have featured pot brownies at this point. (If the FBI is reading this, no. If the Mai Otome scriptwriters are reading this, thanks for the recipe.) Projected winner: Men.

2. Most Nonsensical DVD Bonus Special. I still remember the olden days when DVD bonus episodes were full episodes. While 3 minutes of Shana-tan is golden, I think 30 minutes of Shana-tan would be blood diamond. Projected winner: To Heart RMM vs. To Heart 2 beatdown.

1. Best Strapless Dress. What else were you expecting here? Projected winner: Mai Kawasumi.

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  1. Rejected for a good reason I see heh. btw Mai’s dress is the best!

  2. >7. Most Promising Series Run Into the Ground By Gonzo

    Isn’t this redundant? Attaching the name Gonzo to any these days is akin to the kiss of death.

  3. Just noticed that among the twenty something English language anime blogs I read this is the only one to use English titles like Crescent Love. Any particular reason?

  4. How can you have “Churuya-gochou” as the title picture, and not have “Largest Phallus” as one of the categories? One of the things keeping me watching Pumpkin Scissors (besides waiting for the inevitable GONZO trainwreck) is its unique ability to actually make phallic humor humorous.

    Of course, the Inukami-bot would probably win anyway.

  5. rofl

  6. >2. Most Nonsensical DVD Bonus Special.
    Underwater Ray Romano?

  7. On a related note, I’m happy to see that Mai-waifu is also winning in the current blog poll. Strapless dress power, it must be…

  8. That’s an infamy! Garten cheated. Watching this anime required physical presence in Tokyo. As we know, a true hardcore anime fan never visits Japan physically (or leaves his room for that matter), so obviously Garten has to be disqualified. I demand justice!

  9. how about best opening/closing song?

  10. >> how about best opening/closing song?

    I think it’s an implied clean sweep for SHnY (I certainly wouldn’t disagree).

    Also, I’d like to propose the following additional category:

    Most Disturbing Anime Inspired Video. Projected Winner – Man Haruhi.

  11. Oppaida~!

  12. Jason, here comes the Giant Robot, right at the start of 2007:

  13. -how bout most fanbase hated character (shirou!)
    -stupidest character created (i dunno who would win XD)
    -most stupid plot (probably mai otome or muteki…)
    -longest filler arc with no point whatsoever (bleach,naruto,w/e else comes to mind)
    – and…..*drum roll* the character staring in the most doujins LOL(though that would have to be a preety good gauge of popularity….)

    ignore me cause im just going mentally insane today(yeah just toady*cough cough*)

  14. >>> 10. Best Flat Chested Bunnygirl. This is like ordering a hot fudge sundae and saying, “Hold the ice cream.” Projected winner: Haruhi Fujioka.

    Please allow me to say this, one more time: ‘8. Did I mention Haruhi? ‘ ( )

  15. How about Best Necktie : Tachibana Hajime from Yume Tsukai

  16. I wanna see The Girl Who Conquered Time

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