code geass 14

“If only we weren’t stuck in an overly melodramatic Sunrise anime, Lulu!”

“I know… I know…”

Rebellions: Serious Business

Man, disjointed episode with a bit too much skippage. I wouldn’t have done the Shirley shoots Villetta as a flashback, instead just opened the episode with it. I started watching… saw C.C. with Lulu… was like, “Wait, did I miss an episode?” Flashbacks are okay, but when you use a flashback to explain what happened 5 minutes ago, it breaks the flow of the episode.


Anyway, the big news of this episode is that Lulu finally geass’ed Shirley (yes, nowhere as naughty as that should sound) and erased her memories. I like and didn’t like how this was accomplished. First, the like: I liked how everything comes to an emotional head between Shirley and Lulu, the two come to a cathartic embrace, and Lulu doing what he thinks is the right thing and imposing his will by geassing Shirley. It’s the AoMM equivalent of, “There’s no good meido for winter 2007!” I think that they could have had made the embrace longer and gave Shirley a Mai-class cry with Lulu following suit with a Yuuichi impersonation. And at the end, when Geassed Shirley asks Lulu if he loved that person, he should have said, “Yes.” That’s the only decent answer possible. (Except for maybe, “Yes, I’m going to miss tapping that ass.”)

(The geassing of Shirley reminded me a bit of Kirino tricking Riko out of her memories in Gift. Only while Vegas wouldn’t give odds on Riko getting her memories back in time to shag her brother, “Shirley getting her memory back and shagging Lulu” is only 1:4 odds. Mostly because of the Suzaku factor.)


Now the dislike: Mao. We have this great moment between Shirley and Lulu, and this weirdo is the triggerman. It would have been okay, except this weirdo was just introduced… basically, a new character plays a vital role in the development of two major characters. Mmm… seems Sunrise-ish to me. Plus, in an anime with already a plethora of weirdos, we’re given another one. With the wrap-around sunglasses and the headphones, I get the X vibes from him. Bad times. Very bad CLAMP times. He also seems to be a bit too infatuated with C.C., thus tossing another stalker in the mix. (To top it off, he has a clapping fetish. I’d make a joke like, “Yep, he’s got the clap,” but I think I’m not highbrow enough for it.)


Even though Shirley has dropped out of the stalking Lulu category, Nina is taking it to the next level with her request to be left alone with Euphie. Coupled with Euphie getting a “personal” knight, which could only be Suzaku, the chances of Nina and Euphie being left alone are off the boards at Vegas now. Though I have three-to-one odds for “videocamera involved” when this happens. I’m still puzzled at the sidegame that has become the Nina lesbian rape watch… it’s like Sunrise was thinking, “Wait, we have rollerblading mecha, convoluted love triangles, possible yaoi, strategic combat elements, but it’s not enough! We need to add in a lesbian stalker!”

I think Sunrise is trying to push everyone away from Lulu with this Zero spiel. Eventually, all of his “allies” and “friends” will be forced away from him because of his actions. Shirley was the first, but eventually, I get the feeling that he’ll lose more and more of his supporters as his identity is revealed. You can already start seeing the rumblings behind his Order, and pretty soon, it might just be him left alone. Then again, this is Sunrise, so we could have everyone coming back to aiding him in the last possible second of the last episode a la Mai Hime, so, really, anything is possible. Even a Rivalz-Suzaku-Lulu Karen-C.C.-Millay threesome.

Random Notes


“Anything strange there?”


“What is it?”

“You’re not here.”



Speaking of OH GEASS NO! moments… the scene where Lulu is agonizing about who saw him and mentions Shirley… followed by C.C.’s head popping out of nowhere and trying her best Melrose Place-styled catty voice, “That girl you kissed, hun?” Oh man, I’m just glad it wasn’t Suzaku’s head that popped out… and if you don’t understand this reference to Vito from The Sopranos, you need to watch more Sopranos. I don’t know what else to say.


Shirley’s roommate? Hawt. Should have tossed her in the poll, if we knew her name and all.


This goth loli waitress outfit just does not work with C.C.. Besides looking ridiculous, that hat reminds me of Rocky Balboa. This may be a good thing if I Can Fly Now were playing in the background, but, alas.


It does kinda resemble the kind of outfits that seiyuu typically wear when they do live concert events for the anime that they are promoting. Just shows the bad taste and strange fantasies of the people who create anime as well as those who blog about it.


Villetta: uber Code Geass woman. Even though she got shot and tumbled off a pier, her stockings still held together. Now that’s fantastic. Still, this outfit makes her look less like a cold-blooded military-type and more like a magician’s assistant. Though it’s not too late for a career change!


Next time on AoMM’s coverage of Code Geass: Lulu upgrades to an iPhone!

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  1. Memory Loss, for some reason, a plot device I love.
    Btw when are those Iphones coming out, if they are I wouldn’t know about it but it sounded interesting, they just might actually be more popular than the motorola razor just due to ipods’ success.

  2. I loved C.C.’s outfit. I guess I’m one of those crazy anime people with bad taste. Ha!

    I did however -hate- Mao. I really look forward to Lulu ‘killing’ him off..which is dumb since sunrise never kills anyone. Look at Villeta..she was shot, bled all over the place, thrown off a dock into a pile of jagged rocks…Only to get picked up a day later by some guy that got left behind in the 70’s and she STILL manages to mumble coherently about Lulu in her largely untarnished outfit.

    I know what Mr.70’s is thinking right now too. “Oh wow…I’ve been fishing off that dock for 10 years and never picked up a catch like this..”

    Of course, Villeta and Orange-kun are made for each other…they’re frikkin indestructible. Mad Dawg Meido has nothing on these two. I can see, at the end, everybody ends up dead and out of nowhere they stumble in and take the Britanian throne. Huzzah for the underdogs.

    Ah, ahem, I’m ranting. To tie everything up…I liked this episode. As always I’m a sucker for contrieved melodrama and maybe, to a extent, I know what Lulu is going through and can relate. The top of the mountain is a lonely place after all…

  3. Damn it! After fighting with my PC (a DELL Dimension 9200) and more than five headaches; I’m finally done with my PC’s rebirth; with new stuff and a bad omen about today’s practice at New Horizons (damn you boss). Oh well, let it be…

    I don’t think it was necessary to erase everything from Shirley’s memory, enough with the incident involving the truth about him. Sunrise sure knows how to do its work. Why am I so depressed about it? Damn it!

    Hell! No one, I repeat, no one dies in a Sunrise series, at least if it is absolutely necessary; (Meer Campbell for example). Maybe I letting run will my imagination, but I think the only one who’ll die at the end of this series is Lulu. We need that!

    Robots from GUNDAM
    Love triangles from RANMA, INUYASHA & ZEGAPAIN
    Yaoi from GUNDAM
    Strategy combat elements from GUNDAM
    Lesbian from MAI HIME

    Do you need more clues? This is Sunrise for you my friends.

    And hell yeah! Pizza Hut supports the Rebellion

    BTW, if you look teh preview, Videtta will have sex with that dud…. maybe…. muahaha

  4. So what are the Vegas odds on Shirley finding everything out… again… and Lulu getting his shit wrecked because he already blew his geass-load?

  5. Lulu’s little schpiel at the end; talking about how he’d lost a good friend in Shirley, made me realize he may not be the egomaniacal prick I thought he was.
    He jumped up a notch in my books.

    Villetta: uber Code Geass woman. Even though she got shot and tumbled off a pier, her stockings still held together. Now that’s fantastic.

    In the next ep. we get to see her wonderful titties; and they’re spectacular.
    She’s definately poll topping material now.

  6. It’ll be fun to see how the student council reacts when Shirley remembers everyone else but Lulu… But knowing SUNRISE Shirley’ll probably get her memories back.

  7. This is a perfect oppertunity for Sunrise to show why they never kill off characters. They should have all the characters in the show die except for Suzaku. Everyone will be really pissed off that their favorite character died and noone will ever complain about a character not dying again. This idea has been brought to you by Pizza Hut.

    On a more serious note I really hope that advertisment does not become a trend in anime. The Pizza Hut thing is kinda cute and funny but we don’t need our anime’s looking like Nascar cars.

  8. >>>>On a more serious note I really hope that advertisment does not become a trend in anime. The Pizza Hut thing is kinda cute and funny but we don’t need our anime’s looking like Nascar cars.

    it would be kinda funny to see an episode where everyone had logo’s tatooed on there faces XD

    also from watchin sunrise series i have learned the awful truth…..

    all the characters cant die unless they actualy have something to do with the plot (why do you think so few of them die lol)

  9. I thought it was pretty sad and a good twist that Lulu felt the need to erase himself from Shirley totally. He didn’t just make her forget about him being Zero, she made him forget about Lulu, period.

    It’s starting to become apparent to Lulu that the Geass and the Brittanian war is going to take a lot more from him than he might be willing to give up.

  10. He has a great price to pay after, if he could, take down Britannia and his father. Geass is not for free. C. C. is there to remind him that. Want to destroy the biggest Empire on the Earth? Be ready to pay the highest cost… Lulu is going to die.

  11. Is it just me, or does Mao look like something out of S-cry-ed?

  12. Blade-Mun is actually G W Bush. O.o

  13. Lawli>Is it just me, or does Mao look like something out of S-cry-ed?

    Straight Cougar wants his shades back.

  14. >>Coupled with Euphie getting a “personal” knight, which >>could only be Suzaku, the chances of Nina and Euphie >>being left alone are off the boards
    I’d start watching this show again if the three of them got together.

  15. >> Shirley’s roommate? Hawt. Should have tossed her in the poll, if we knew her name and all.

    Sophie Wood.

  16. Yeah, the episode was kind of a bummer. They introduced Mao way too quickly, and making him part of a major development didn’t fly well with me.

    Plus, he’s really fucking annoying.

    I loved the moment just before Lulu erased Shirley’s memory though. It was pretty well done.

  17. The only question now, up to this point, is what kind of underwear does C.C. wear?

  18. >>>Flashbacks are okay, but when you use a flashback to explain what happened 5 minutes ago, it breaks the flow of the episode.

    Didn’t they do that in Family Guy once?

  19. Man, CLAMP is really coasting on the character designs here. You’ve got Shirley, who is Orihime Inoue with green eyes; you’ve got Viletta, who is Urd-sama with yellow eyes (this is actually a good thing, as we will see in the next episode); you’ve got Straight Cougar Lite in Mao (if only he were 1/10 as interesting), and I swear to God that Ougi used to be one of Ataru’s school buddies back (way back) in the day. Nina looks real familiar to me, too.

    Still, next ep we have titties, so it’s all good.

  20. I actually smirked when Mao grabbed a shotgun and complained about the scene being too dramatic. That was pretty amusing.

  21. titties

  22. There was Table Corner… Now Titties, dam this show is going the right way afterall

  23. “Still, next ep we have titties, so it’s all good.”

    orly? No trap, no fun. Move on, nothing to fap here.

  24. >> Blade-Mun is actually G W Bush

    I’m honored that something I said managed to recieve a reply directed soley to it.

    As for the content of the reply, I decline to comment. ~_~

  25. Actually if you think about it what Lulu did was stupid.

    The ENTIRE school knows that Shirley and Lulu know each other and he removes ALL memories of him? how about he makes her just FORGET that night?

    Its either a time bomb or a plot hole in the long run.

  26. Hmm, Viletta’s picture looks familiar.

    Hey Sunrise, where have we seen that before?

  27. ZOMFG I just realized: C.C. is a Rozen Maiden!1

  28. @Blade-mun (and jason) Was under influence of massive amounts of coffe and sugar, sorry for not staying on topic.

    Code Geass needs more CC x Lulu interaction. And Suzaku needs to “transfer” or whatever sunrise pulls when a character has to be silenced.

  29. >> And Suzaku needs to “transfer” or whatever sunrise pulls when a character has to be silenced.

    We could always have him choke on a blueberry onigiri.

  30. Give him a gift-wrapped jar of Akiko’s jammu.

  31. >> Give him a gift-wrapped jar of Akiko’s jammu.

    Ooh, now that’s just cruel…

  32. I may be the only one, but god I hope Shirley gets her memory back in the end and she ends up with lulu only good way this damn show could end lol.

  33. No, the very best way would be if at the end of the show, after lulu took over britannia, a statue fell over and killed him. Then by merit of rank, ‘That 70’s guy’ and his HAWT (ZOMG did you guys see ep15 yet!?!?) girlfriend become the king and queen of Britannia and usher in a new era of bad hair-dos. Oh, and they make Orange-kun their court jester, complete with garb. HA! Visualize that for fun XD

  34. anti-climatic

    4 thumbs down

  35. Um People, characters die in Sunrise series all the time. But since nobody seems to care about looking at their older series or anything other than Gundam Seed, they’ll just remain blissfully ignorant in their bashing of the company. Clovis has died, civilians have died, Gen. Katase has died, Kewell…dead, army soldiers have died. In fact Sunrise is one of the few companies that routinely kills off popular characters in the face of popular opinion so I’m not getting this. Again people are basing their opinion off of one really really bad series they did, which isn’t fair or clever in any way.

  36. i love this anime but if lulu and shirley is not going to ended up together i will really hate this!!! they really suit each other… i really hate episode 25 spoilers that cc girl kissing suddenly lulu that was annoyinng they don’t suit each other cc is such a slut, she just like him because of the contract that they made, just like the first guy she made the contract with and then falls in love with him… how stupid how i wish she will die and never reincarnated again… lulu and shirley fight you love!!!! don’t let anyone destroy it

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