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Some blog-like substance…

I’m quickly approaching my fifth year of anime blogging, which basically makes AoMM the Dikembe Mutombo or Kevin Willis of anime blogs. In that time, I’ve had periods where I’ve just been too busy to post, but I notice that as I get older, I do have less and less time to devote to this hobby. I have a long checklist of stuff that I would like to get accomplished for AoMM (including a new banner), but everything just kinda sits on the back burner. I feel like I’m quickly becoming a weekend blogger… nothing wrong with it, just things change.

Right now, I think we’re approaching an uptick in anime. The last two seasons were disappointing in that no “dark horse” show emerged in the vein of Mushishi, Muteki Kanban Musume, Ouran, or even Magikano. There really wasn’t any delightful, unexpected surprises. That’s probably what I enjoy most about anime… finding those hidden gems like Muteki or even flawed, but compelling, series like Mahoraba or Gun x Sword that suck me in six episodes at a time. Maybe I’m getting jaded or maybe we’re just in an uninspired run.

Spring 2007 promises to be better, just because it knocks off two series off of my “Why the fuck aren’t they animated yet?” list: Hayate and Nagasarate. (Yes, High School of the Dead is now #2 on that list…) Both, though, are kinda lightweight… enjoyable, but lightweight. I don’t see myself capable of writing 2,000 words for either unless I get off on a really, really odd tangent like honeycrisp apples again. There’s also other shows with some promise, like Lucky Star, which gets the Kyoto buzz. Personally, I’m a bit burned out after Haruhi and Kanon and could use a short break from Kyoto. It’s kinda like eating lobster and steak dinners for a whole month… eventually, you’ll want to pick up some Popeye’s Fried Chicken just to take a break.

There’s also the new Nanoha series, which seems like it’s getting a free pass from all the Nanoha fanboys despite it’s one major flaw: the growing cast disease. Shows either stay constant or lose ground when they usher in a new season based around new characters. Most shows don’t recover well: The Flintstones; Scooby Doo; Mahoromatic; Tenchi in Tokyo; The A-Team to name a few. Honestly, Nanoha is starting to feel like Pokemon… instead of “Pikachu! Electroshock!” we get “Raging Heart… Divine Buster!” I also may need a Pokedex (or Chris Hansen) to keep track of all the magical girls. Still, I enjoyed A’s, and hopefully StrikerS will rise above the growing cast disease. But the last two shows that featured roller blading as a weapon were Code Geass and Air Gear. Not exactly a good sign.

Lastly, yes, I do intend to finish up Code Geass… the new season kicked in before I finished, I think everyone would prefer that I give priority to Maria’s and Suzu’s nakkid bathtime over more OH GEASS NO moments. And keep your fingers crossed for a Thin Slicing post…

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  1. Manabi Straight was an amazing discovery of the previous season for me, which far outshines Mahoraba. It’s little blogged by the top-liners, and although gets positive marks from whoever sees it, it does not command the Haruhi-level hysteria. I am sort of glad though. The ability to see though the enlarged heads seems like a good proxy for a blogger’s ability in general, which is quite useful for a reader like myself.

    Mushishi might’ve been the “dark horse” when it just aired, but since it’s on the Top100 (actually “top 25” because of 4-section format), it’s hardly such anymore. By contrast, Mahoraba is not licensed for Region 1 yet, and is not likely to be ever (on the other hand… Yawarra was licensed in 2006… Some people are sure slow!)

    MKM truly was an outstanding discovery which you made, so pat yourself on the back. It wasn’t an outstanding anime, IMHO, but yes, a sleeper for sure.

  2. Just write a post saying you added a new Kaze no Stigma banner, and no one will be the wiser.

  3. Lucky☆Star is pretty much nothing like Haruhi or Kanon. Completely different animation style (since it’s a 4-koma) and different type of humor (again, 4-koma). But yeah, good luck finding a dark horse show this season. I find nearly everyone praising the same half-dozen or so shows, so I’d appreciate some variety, or at least some attempt at it.

  4. Busou Renkin had chakram weapons that did time as roller blades. That was pretty cool. Though I have to say Nanoha went from a loli that could grow up to be a hottie, to a kinda bland teen. Hopeful Fate will be hawtness incarnate.

  5. Burned out by kyoto U say? I would figure that it would be hard to burn out of a company that’s doing one series a season when you have gonzo doing like 5 things at once I figure that would be much more of a burnout. Don’t give up on lucky star, I dunno what your standpoint on azumanga daioh is but I’ve been waiting for something like this series for a very very very very long time.

  6. Kinishinaii…. That happens with the time… soo.
    Sometimes you need a break…. sometimes you simple stop…
    Keep aroudn as long as you like it

  7. Hayate and Nagasarete have been great so far, and I’ve found Lucky Star to be enjoyable, but the best I’ve seen so far this season is Seto no Hanayome. The over-the-top reactions, even for anime, have made for some great humor. I’m hoping that Hayate and Nagasarete reach the high quality level of their manga counterparts, but Seto already makes for some high time laughs.

  8. >> “Maybe I’m getting jaded or maybe we’re just in an uninspired run.”

    I hope it not the former, I think there are nothing worse than old jaded people going into a circle jerking session while looking at the past through a pair of pink-tinted glasses, especially in the internet abd multiplied by the many anime forums, blogs, etc…

    “In my time, it was better, they did this way, that way *moan whine etc*”

  9. El Cazador. At least a thin slice. AT least.

  10. I am currently rooting for Heroic Age and Hirahita. The main charecter for Hirahita has got to be one of the more Kawaii charecters I’ve seen. Its giving off Strawberry Panic vibes too, which is not a bad thing. And Heroic Age has the best animation I’ve seen since Black Lagoon. That makes me happy enough since Sci-fi’s are pre-req’d to have bad plots. ^^.

  11. I don’t think there’s any other blogger out there that can write like your style in humor or have a certain eye for things like you do. To cut things short: Nooo! Don’t leave us!

  12. Damn! Ikuto must have one heck of a view in that scan.

    (I’ll think of something more meaningful to write later)

  13. I totally feel you on the Popeye’s chicken thing. Right after watching Kanon and saying to myself “Hmm, so this is what a harem anime is supposed to be like” I watched Da Capo just to reassure myself that no, that is not in fact what an everyday harem anime is gonna resemble.

  14. From what I can see, you are one of the few bloggers who had a positive impression of Nagasarete Airantou. There is so much hate going on for Nagasarete Airantou(on par with Lucky Star.)They either accuse/speculate that Nagasarete is a generic harem(which I do not disagree on) and the generic “focusing on one girl per episode”(Which I highly disagree on.

    Lucky Star… one thing I could say that it’s interesting. I didn’t get caught up with the hype(I was hyped on Hayate and Nagasarete for these past 5 months =/), I enjoyed it.

  15. I haven’t watched Lucky Star yet (waiting for afk), but I think people who are hyped up for it may be disappointed if it doesn’t meet up to expectations. I shall just take it for what it is, and see if I want to keep watching it. (I do hear the op is good though!)

    Anyway, keep the blogging up Jason, whatever you want to write about! I always enjoy reading your posts. I wonder, could the next banner be Mi-Mi-Mikurun-run related? Or a plethora of superior meido? Or would both of those be too much of a good thing?

  16. For me, I am down to 1. Saiunkoku Monogatari 2nd sea., 2. Sola, 3. Romeo X Juliet, and 4. Seirei no Moribito. Of these, Sola is the one that I am most curious about.

  17. >>Blade-Mun: That makes me happy enough since Sci-fi’s are pre-req’d to have bad plots.

    I know you’re joking, but two words: Divergence Eve.

    Also, Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles, which is really the 2nd half of the same series.

    Ignore the bazonga-sized breasts, disregard the DVD covers. And hold on for the ride of your life. Some further comments here.

  18. >>>I know you’re joking, but two words: Divergence Eve.

    I 2nd divergence eve, best hardcore scifi anime in the last 5 years. I swear sometimes you need a phd to understand so of the physics they talk about in the show.

    as for dark horses this year.

    Try Touka Gettan,

    No one understands the story but it has:

    and Kurogane doctrine

    produce by the same staff as Yami.

  19. This season looks better than the previous ones we’ve had and I’m watching Lovely Complex because real men watch shoujo. Darker than BLACK is pretty good too and I’m waiting for Romeo and Juliet’s adaption to be butchered by Gonzo.

    Lucky Star really didn’t live up to its expectations but those expectations were sky high.

  20. I really enjoyed Touka Gettan… I was pleasantly surprised by how original and well-animated it was until I found out it was made by Gainax from watching the ep 2 ending credits.
    It struck me as odd that Gainax returns from their long hiatus with a super-robot anime, but oh well, it kicks ass.

  21. Whoops, I meant Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, not Touka Gettan.

  22. Just saw Kaze no Stigma, and it may have some good potential.

  23. >>> Neriya Says:
    >>> but I think people who are hyped up for it may be disappointed if it doesn’t meet up to expectations. I shall just take it for what it is, and see if I want to keep watching it.

    well, if someone read the manga or at least part of it, knows what’s it all about, then KyoAni does a great job on it (at least i think so)
    otherwise, chancese are he/she will be disappointed since it’s nothing like any other KyoAni works

    but how could you not love Hirano-sama says “Moe Yossou”!
    i mean she should be required to say that at least once each show

  24. >>Ragz,

    Like I said when I posted that, I hadn’t watched it, so those were my pre-impressions of the show.

    I agree though, that if people know the manga’s premise then they should know what to expect, but if they’re expecting another KyoAni masterpiece, without having done any background reading then they may be disappointed.

    After seeing episode 1 I still think that’s accurate. As to my impressions:

    I love the crazy op. They move fast, and sing fast, and the words make no sense! XD

    The food bit was quite cute, and the Street Fighter bit made me laugh. But I did come away with the impression that KyoAni’s normal 13 ops would be fine for the series, but I may tire of it before the planned 24 are complete.

    Oh, and I do have to admit playing Konota’s “moe” several times ;)

  25. I think Hirano-sama better go learn some karate from Konota if she hasn’t already, since this role will surely attract some very unhealthy fans for her

    the OP is

  26. Yeah I was joking, that day I was more in a sarcastic mood so no LoL or smileys. Never heard of divergence eve, I am a bit shamed -_-;. I will go hunt it down or at least reseach it a bit.

    Also I know its a manga but I am a huge fan of..well..anything Yukito Kishiro does.

    and on topic, I just watched Lucky Star. I am so out of it, I didn’t even hear of it until now. So with no expectations except that it was based off a “4 Koma” and I know what those are….I liked it.

  27. This season is amazing. Darker Than Black is awesome and can easily match Code Geass. Romeo X Juliet isn’t the trainwreck everyone makes it out to be, it’s actually probably going to be one of the better shows this season. Hayate is a no brainer.

    There are probably a few that I’m missing, and as long as every single one of the aforementioned shows don’t jump the shark, this season should be fun.

    Oh. And Lucky Star is shit. Sorry. Though I’ll admit that the opening sequence is pretty awesome. Too bad it goes down hill from there.

  28. >> (Yes, High School of the Dead is now #2 on that list…)

    … and first would be?

  29. since i can’t fall asleep even with a impending doom in the form of a test waits me tomorrow, i will post some thoughts about the new season here

    lucky star is REALLY otaku oriented, prob hard for those with slightly more life to enjoy it

    i’m finding Sisters Of Wellber very enjoyable at the moment, one of those RPG type generic fantasy advanture series we haven’t seen for a while (last good one i can think of was prob scrapped princess, though chances are there are some decent ones since. i’m not sure if chevalier count)

    Lovely Complex is also pretty fun to watch, if you enjoys kansai accent(it’s the only show i can think of on top of my head where every1 speaks it), and non-sticky, goofy school romance

    El Cazador was had me go WTF??! a bunch time in the first 2 ep

    aozora has the potential to be more than a generic harem show, however it keeps giving out vibes that something bad will happen since first minute

    sola is decent cept i’m not a fun of sickly girls

    touka gettan chose a weird route of killing the main character then tell the story, though multiple lesbian moments do have merits

    i’m hearing some complains about plot line of Seirei No Moribito, which has me buffled, since only 1 ep is out so far. there are things you can complain in 1 ep, but plot??! it looks great to me, and production I.G has yet to disappoint me, so i will keep on watching

    Saiunkoku 2nd season, if you are a fun of first season, then keep going~~ the plot does pick up somewhat from this point, though i donno how accurately the novel will translate over

    Darker then black is not my fav kind of show, but i do admit it’s very interesting so far

    Seto no Hanayome seems wacky enough to be hilarious, i just pray they don’t throw random girls into it

    shining tear x wind was a ripoff of 12koku til the last of ep 1, then i donno what to think

    Xenoglossia was a kind of a mixture of Stellvia, Mai hime, and surprisingly enough, EVA/RahXephon(has any1 checked the char design of new EVA?) though it seems funny their best weapon against a giant rock is a fist punch

    Polyphonica has a few possible route, a exile-adventure type like wellber(most likely, since they met the princess, which is usually a sign to start running), a d dray man/get backer kinda show, or turns harem(which i can prob enjoy the most). it prob won’t be something great, but prob won’t fall apart really bad either

    Heroic Time: OMG! he so trashed that zerg base!

  30. >> … and first would be?

    Might be a post for the future, but the manga I think has stopped, so I doubt it’ll ever become an anime.

  31. Heh, I can understand the lack of time (though I never got as far) but I mostly came to your sites for blogsuki, the most easily readable anime blog aggregator at a glance.

    I guess it’s just too expensive to run it anymore, hmm?

    What a pity.

    As to time: real life comes first!

  32. About StrikerS, I think the character count has actually stayed pretty stable from A’s. Lets see now…

    We apparently lost:
    1: Lindy
    2: Arisa
    3: Nanoha’s other friend (I forget her name)
    4: Nanoha’s family
    5: Yuuno
    6: Arf
    7: The twins
    8: That other girl that Chrono was fixing the hair of

    And we gain
    1: Subaru
    2: Teana
    3: Caro
    4: Erio
    5: Fredrich
    6: Lutecia (Purple haired girl from the OP)

    So, really…there`s *fewer* recurring characters in StrikerS than A`s. Hardly a victim of Growing Cast Disease (GCD).

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