031807 haruhi live

I’ve been saving the 031807 Haruhi live event for a rainy day… and guess what? It rained.


Most successful anime series will put together some lame event for all the fanboys where all the seiyuu get back together, answer a few questions, and put on a concert. It’s kinda like a reunion special…. the first one I ever saw was the DVD for the Love Hina concert, and, well, let’s just say that it was the sausage fest to end all sausage fests. And that’s our setting for the recent Haruhi live event.

I couldn’t find a video feed of the event, but I can imagine. The seiyuu looking awkward on some stage. Cheap lighting. And rows and rows of fanboys who probably haven’t seen a bar of soap in the past week or a non-animated breast… ever. I did find the audio feed (search for “haruhi gekisou” on TT), and it’s presented in three parts:

Part One: Cast Interviews. I kinda sleepwalked through this portion as the bootleg quality audio and my poor Japanese conspire to prevent me from getting all the dialogue. I will say this… the number of times “Sugoi!” gets tossed around, I felt like I was watching Zero no Tsukaima.

Part Two: Aya Hirano Crying Intermission. I’m puzzled at where this fits in the whole event as it’s hard to make out the individual seiyuu in the background so I made up reasons as to why Aya is crying:

A. She’s happy that she has so many wonderful fans.
B. She’s happy that she wasn’t sexually harassed by a crazed fanboy before the event.
C. She’s sad because she was sexually harassed by a crazed fanboy before the event.
D. She’s sad that she can’t milk Haruhi anymore and needs to submit another pantheon role before we start lumping her in with Megumi, Horie, and the rest of the greats.
E. She realized that she’s singing and dancing in front of 500+ fanboys, which may or may not be a step up from being a stripper at Deju Vu. That reminds me… I was rewatching that old Love Hina concert, and it dawned on me that it was pretty much like a strip club…

Top Ten Ways Anime Seiyuu Events Are Like Strip Clubs

10. They perform to a 99% male audience.

9. If you’re a guy in the audience and not in college or not playing for the NBA or NFL, you might as well hang a “I give up” sign around your neck.

8. There’s a cheap ass stage with cheap ass lighting.

7. There’s always a manager wearing a cheesy Hard Rock leather jacket.

6. Bunny girl outfits?

5. There’s a 110% chance that at least one of the seiyuu are being stalked by a crazed fan.

4. All the seiyuu claim that they are 17 years old. All the strippers claim that they are 18 years old. And you know both groups are lying but don’t care.

3. Microphone stands, stripper poles… makes no difference to Clinton Portis.

2. Both seiyuu events and strip clubs are enhanced by Buffalo Wings.

1. Limited edition lap dances 4tw!

Part Three: The Live Concert. By far my favorite part where the cast perform all the songs from Haruhi plus the character songs… yes, even Kentai Life. They kick things off predictably with Koi no Mikuru Densetsu, but only poor Yuko Goto gets her vocals overpowered by the crazed fanboys, so she starts to basically scream the lyrics instead of whimpering them with the Mikuru voice. Of course, all the female voices that you hear belong to the seiyuu. Good luck finding one in the crowd.

Next up is Bouken Desho Desho? (YouTube audio), and the crowd (and me) were pumped to hear Aya. She sounds less feminine… and I pondered what a rock version of Bouken Desho Desho would sound like. I just hope that makes it into Lucky Star now. The crowd sang along a bit and shouted all the Engrish lines as if they were trying to help Aya pronounce those tricky words. After this song were a bunch of the character songs, most of which weren’t spectacular. I understand the financial motivation for these character songs, but most of them just aren’t very good. I think Aya should have broken out her rendition of Sorega Aideshou instead… and, of course, if she started “Kimi o kimi o” I would have melted into a puddle of fanboy goo.

My favorite character song in this sequence was Kuwatani’s Cool Edition. The crowd pop for it when it started was good, but what was better were the random shouts from the crowd as the song played on… like they were trying to get in character by contributing to the nonsensical ramblings. Kuwatani’s started off in Ryoko’s cool-as-a-cucumber voice, but near the end, she starts cracking the high notes. Here’s a YouTube audio link for Cool Edition as well as an MP3 rip. I have a soft spot for stabby, crazy anime femme fatales.

After “Jaa, shinde?” we get God Knows and Lost My Music back-to-back. Good times, very good times.

After some more character songs (I think we got everything), they end with Hare Hare Yukai to thunderous applause. Then there’s an awkward 9 minute (I timed it) period where the crowd just screams “ENCORE!” which is funny because I can think of nothing scarier than riled up fanboys and that I can’t think of what they would come out and perform as an encore. The cast eventually return to do the TV version of Hare Hare Yukai as an encore. They should have done something fun like attempted Last Regrets or even just did a punch-drunk version of Motteke! Sailor Fuku. Finally, some thank you’s, and we’re done.

Overall, not a bad way to kill sometime while jogging or driving. Seems like a fun time, and if I ever go to a seiyuu event, remind me to bring along a stack of dollar bills.

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  1. Why are all the boys showing off more cleavage than the girls? (I think Kyon stole his outfit from one of the Gravitation band kids)

  2. wow, after reading this it feels like those poor seiyuu’s have pimps keeping them down like ho’s. And not the purple verlved 90 movie pimps that are kinda cool, but the sad coke whore pimps that beat them every chance they get.

  3. On average how many people attend events like these?

  4. I hear this one was actually good, but don’t trust me.

  5. >> (I think Kyon stole his outfit from one of the Gravitation band kids)

    It looked more like Iori Yagami’s.

    I have not bothered with this live, and it looks like I have missed nothing.

    I may be a Haruhi fan, but I learnt where and when to stop, from my past and current fandoms.

  6. Oh, why do I feel uncomfortable with the fact that Itsuki get outgayed by Taniguchi?

  7. Sheba: you’re right! I’m not a video game fan but I knew it looked familiar :P

  8. Why even give Nagato a mic? Although a Nagato solo does sound promising…. Hmm…could it be that a Song from Yuki would overload the human mind like it did that poor guy in “Charmed at First Sight LOVER”

    humanoid interface – FTW

  9. sigh, never a good view of kyon’s sister.

  10. Fantastic poster though, everyone’s on it, males and females alike! Even the lovely Kimidori :)

  11. Weird, from what I have heard, Aya Hirano cried at the end of live concert during “final thought” session.

    A nearly full version(over 3 hours!) can be found on Nicovideo.jp, voice only though. Non-nicovideo suckers, I present my rip version of the concert for ur curiousity:

    [removed, go find it as a torrent as i pointed out in the post. -j]

    My personal favorite is when Tomokazu Sugita, Daisuke Ono & Minoru Shiraishi introduces their own “hentai-dan”…

  12. lol @ the Clinton Portis reference

    what? he just always wanted to be a fireman when he grew up ..

  13. Why is Kyon’s sister showing off more skin than Mikuru?

    > 1. Limited edition lap dances 4tw!

    …Oh, I don’t care about the ramifications of VAs pimped out by their agencies. DO WANT.

    To be on the safe side, I’ll start out with Kimidori. Tsuruya looks like she can strangle me to death with all that hair, and you never know where Ryoko hides her knife…

  14. god, they really need to animate at least one season 2 haruhi episode with those costumes and setting…..then put all characters from previous kyoani shows in the audience.
    add in a great song where haruhi semi confesses to kyon, and people would cum twice too all over the world.

  15. >>Top Ten Ways Anime Seiyuu Events Are Like Strip Clubs


  16. I’m willing to bet that a cool 5% of the audience were thinking of ways in which to ambush Aya backstage and that a fair number of them had some rope and a large potato sack with them. It should be a requirement that all Seiyuu have a bodyguard with them at all times when in public except in the case of Rie Kugimiya who I’m sure could flip out while shouting “Urasai Urasai Urasai!” and flailing her arms resulting in the KO’ing of over 30 would be abductors.

  17. **looks at cd jacket**

    …riot of the blood Kyon?

  18. The top art is…. Jason can you provide the full size?

  19. Enjoy.

  20. Hey can you also provide the full picture for the second picture? Thanks.

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