hayate the combat butler 30

There is only one Maria! There is only one Hayate the Combat Butler! There is only one October!

(Promise. Last time I use that intro. This week.)

I was going to write a post on this article and write about how anime would not be anywhere as popular in the world today if not for the dedicated and unselfish efforts of the fansubbing committee and how the greed of the Japanese companies influence piracy (i.e. they refuse to release DVDs outside of Japan the same time as in Japan to maximize the Japanese profits) and how piracy is more rampant in parts of Asia than in the US and how US companies like YouTube are combating piracy.

But fuck that.

Maria fanservice 4tw.

Highly enjoyed this episode of Hayate, and, yeah, obvious reasons why. About frickin’ time we got some Maria luvin’! We got the Hinagiku luvin’ earlier, just need to combine the two.


Loved the jab at our current Vice President, only they got it wrong. Cheney didn’t shoot a bear or another anime. He shot another person, albeit a lawyer but a person nonetheless. Gotta love Hayate though… it managed to squeeze in a quasi-fanservice episode, a jab at a powerful American politician, a detective parody, a parody of one of Japan’s most popular live action series, a parody of a boxing match, and epic Maria fanservice into a single 24 minute episode. Now that’s an episode.

(The sad thing about this episode was that even though it was a ridiculous parody, it still made more sense and was better developed, mystery-wise, than Neuros or Rental Magica.)


Fill-in the catchphrase…

“Just as I planned!”

“Snakes… in the hot springs!”

“Gomen nasai gomen nasai gomen nasai.”


Wait, I thought it was a coed bath?!? Wasn’t that one of the clues? In other news, I hate you fog. Hate you.

(They didn’t fog Maria! She’s only 17! Why fog Hina!?! This is a blatant attempt to get us to buy the DVD… where’s my American Express…)


Why not fog the baka rangers? That’s it, fog. You’re on my shit list, along with Dane Cook.


Oh man, I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I betcha Hayate‘s definitely ruined for marriage now.

10 Responses to “hayate the combat butler 30”

  1. Didn’t the tiger get to Hayate first? He’s used goods by now. XD

    Also, curse that damnable fog! …It’s got to be yet another jab at censorship.

  2. Which brings to mind Roman attitudes to male virginity, but I think I’ll pass.
    Cheney shot a person, but then again, isn’t one of the series’ recurring jokes that Tama basically is a person?

  3. Oh Klaus, at least when you had little screen time you had more respect…

  4. Oh man, totally ruined for marriage. You see the video clip where Cheney was caught napping in a meeting? Was on the news either yesterday or the day before.

  5. Between this and ep 29, the show is definetely hitting its stride. The fact that Maria seems to like being uke makes for GREAT fanservice. ;)

  6. This episode was all over the place, which didn’t work quite as well as it should be. Still fun stuff though.

  7. Dane cook’s song was truly epic.

  8. BigN: I thought the POINT was that it was all over the place – because Nagi couldn’t figure out whether she wanted to WRITE a Detective Conan knock-off, or because she couldn’t pull it off if her life depended on it. Which led to everyone (including Hinagiku at the end) breaking character. And man, she sounds lovely when she breaks character; not as good as the idea of Maria going Suigintou on everyone, but… well, one can hope.

    Just imagine Maria going off when someone mistakes her for an older woman, as her voice goes from normal Maria/Mariel voice to Suigintou and back as she calms down…

  9. Derailed by Maria…. >_<

    Nagi-Tan’s deluded spoof was bad… but humourus. What i found really funny was the Nagi fanservice… OTL

    where was the fog steam when it came her turn….. >_>

  10. Nabatame Hitomi is ascending very quickly on my fav seiyuu list~~

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