trick or treat!

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9 Responses to “trick or treat!”

  1. I’ll take trick.

  2. treat = hi-res ms. wong?

  3. I’ll just take Mrs.Wong then.

  4. Anyone else think “Wow, Melin grew up to be a total babe. Shaoran Li, you were a damn fool!”

    Or are CardCaptor Sakura jokes too juvie for this crowd? :P

  5. not at all. fire away.

  6. A few weeks ago most of us would have been asking “Trap or Treat?”

  7. I’ll pick Ms. Wong

  8. I’ll take the trick AND the treat.

  9. I’ll take treat (aka Ms.Wang), she’s the type of eye candy you wouldn’t mind unwrapping and licking alll nighhhttt longggggxD

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