i’ll take the crab juice

I’m looking at the new anime for winter 2008, and, uh, I’ll take the crab juice. Remember the last time Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei headlined a season… ? I think this will be worse. Minami-ke ~Okawari~ is a huge wildcard; none of the sequels are appealing; and, the h-game turned anime look like they belong in the Myself; Yourself class. At least then, we had a nice bumper crop of sleepers including Potemayo, Doujin Work, and Umisho as well as the epic conclusion to Gurren Lagann. Now? Slim pickings plus only Shana and Gundam 00 holdovers… cold, dark winter, anyone?

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  1. The only series I’m looking forward to is Rosario Vampire, Minami Ke, and Major season 4 but you’re right the rest does look crappy.

  2. No Series from J.C. STAFF? No Melonpan? NO MELOPAN? Indeed a very cold anime winter. Let’s enjoy a Taiyaki.

    I’m looking forward for more Haruka oneesama fanservice. And more of makoto errr mako chan.

  3. I’m actually looking foward to a couple of the sequels, so it’s not all bad for me.. but it does look pretty thin apart from a few titles.

    Is this the chance for us to knock over some of our backlogs? heh.

  4. This is why they make videogames…

  5. Hey Myself; Yourself is very very decent. It may not be spectacular but its quite solid.

  6. Not an Aria person, eh?

    Yes, M;Y does pick up around episode 4 or 5 with some good drama building, although it does keep going back to one or two cliched harem elements every now and then.

    And personally, while Doujin Work was a good comedy in the beginning, it fell a little flat in the end. The manga topped it in most regards (and came close in animation quality).

    Hopefully there will be some good sleepers in the bunch.

  7. What should I expect of Ah! Megami-sama Tatakau Tsubasa?

  8. Mnemosyne is by the same guy that wrote Noein, although XEBEC animating it makes me a bit scared…

  9. Persona Trinity Soul…………….being a Shin Megami Tensei fan, I am not amused.

  10. Bah to premature enterage…..And Koharu Biyori is subbed, for those that has been waiting for it.

  11. We have more Aria, which is good.
    We also have the conclusion to Clannad (hey, it’s not that exciting now, but neither was Kanon when it started).

    And there’s, uh… uhm… Well, there are always a few pleasant surprises, right?

  12. Episodes 5-7 of Myself;Yourself completely destroy anything so far in Shana II, which has been nearly unwatchable in recent weeks. As for good carryover shows I will still have Clannad, Bamboo Blade, Rental Magica, and possibly Shugo Chara. I was unable to find episode counts on the latter two series.

    Nothing new really catches my eye but there are always a few surprise shows in each season.

  13. I just pray A!MG TT is at least as good as the 1st season. I don’t know if I could stand another letdown such as the 2nd season.

  14. Lots of unknowns on that list so there’s a chance for surprises…I’ll check at least the re-take on Minani-ke and Menmosyne due to aforementioned Noein connection. Persona 3 was an awesome game but I predict there’s a high chance that Trinity Soul will be made of fail. Guess I’ll look into SZS2 as well, but why we’re getting even more AMG? Looks like slim pickings beyond dark horse potential.

  15. oh wow….that’s….nothing except Minami-ke for me to “look forward” to.
    OTL I really was hoping for more…

  16. >> What should I expect of Ah! Megami-sama Tatakau Tsubasa?

    Think it’s an OVA and not a full 26 episode season.


    >> Episodes 5-7 of Myself;Yourself completely destroy anything so far in Shana II

    Da Capo II and Night Wizard also destroyed Shana. Not a high bar to cross. BTW, the space bunny arc in Night Wizard was fantastic…

    >> Not an Aria person, eh?

    When I finished watching the first season, I wasn’t exactly going, “We need 52 more episodes of this!” Seriously, only 8 episodes of YKK? Aria/YKK is turning into Da Capo/Umisho in terms of actual quantity vs. necessary quantity.

  17. Uh, Persona 3? That looks like the only good thing coming out. A lot of the people behind the anime worked on the game, so it’s not like they were just whoring it out. I heard Devil Children was halfway decent for a show, so I’m not totally afraid for how it’s going to turn out. So far, I think that may be the only promising thjing on that list.

  18. Being a fan of Persona 3 I am rather looking forward to that show.
    But other than that and SZS, the new season looks weaaaaaaaak.

  19. As long as SZS gets subbed by a more active group that should hold me over. I’d laugh if we got full SZS 2 subs before anyone finishes the first series.

  20. I’m looking forward to Spicy Wolf:

  21. I am looking forward to the Second Season of Code Geass…..
    Karren is in the mood to kill Lelouch slowly and painfully at the moment…… and is yet to be told he is a prince…… I will never miss that, not for love or money will I miss Karren’s post shock reaction……
    Shakugan no Shana is picking up…. slowly, but I have faith it will get better.
    They threw Hecate in and that has been good so far – role on the badass Shana and evil Hecate and it will spice thing’s up a bit.

  22. Well, it seems like the fighting/ solid plot for Shana resumes with episode 8, hopefully, judging by the episode preview. But that aside, I have to agree, nothing much catches my eye. Except ARIA, of course.

    Well, gems would pop up eventually. I remember when I first saw a list of fall anime and took Minami-Ke as a normal series; I was wrong, but in a good way.

  23. Galen (13:35:19, #154486) :
    I’m looking forward to Spicy Wolf:

    same… the novel is A++ quality, and CV has a pretty strong line up

    i have mixed feeling about aria3

    isn’t Kure-nai suppose to be jan also? or that got pushed to april

  24. I guess that’s why monks brew winters.

    btw. I checked out the Koharubiyori OVA 1st episode (manga referenced here), and ‘ve come closer to believing the truth in your autotext. (there are definitely things Ithat cannot be unseen…especially if I find myself chuckling about it the next day)

    btw no 2. everything is italicized O_O

  25. Looking to the winter season already? Doesn’t looks like a promising bunch. Might have to pick up some of the series from this season I don’t have the time for now.

    It’s a pity you’re not blogging clannad, I’d love to see some sarcastic comments about the, ahh, deja vu-like content in the current arc (by the *shudder* 4:3 timescale). And there was a scene in episode 6 that seemed like it was created specially for you.

  26. Rosario + Vampire looks like a fan service romp. Very, very, very, very short skirts. Might not be a complete waste of time, anyway…

    Here’s the plot summary for the manga it’s based on: “Aono Tsukune is an average boy who failed his High School entrance exams. Tsukune’s parents went to the ends of the earth to find a high school that would accept him. Tsukune was enrolled at Youkai Academy, an academy for the education of monsters. Tsukune was unaware of the details of his knew school (as well as his parents) when he met Akashiya Moka, a vampire. Tsukune soon learns that Youkai Academy is a secret academy not meant to be found by humans and any human found on the grounds must be executed. He now has to pass his classes, avoid revealing his true form, and avoid being killed by the many dangerous monsters in the school.”

  27. Woo, Persona! On the surface it doesn’t look too connected to the game story, but I can easily see a ROD TV thing happen where the original game cast shows up in the series later on.

    To see Yukari or Mitsuri in their late 20s would be SO awesome!

  28. “No Series from J.C. STAFF?”

    They are doing two 20+ series so what they are doing is the whole season, also considering their ZnT2,SnS2 and KimiKiss being what they are …

    “Rosario + Vampire looks like a fan service romp. Very, very, very, very short skirts.”

    Yes and no, the manga is kinda of a school harem show but everyone is a monster except the male lead and things tend to go … wrong (it have a lot of action).

  29. No Series from J.C. STAFF?


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