i picked the wrong major

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Curses! If only I knew that agriculture would be such an interesting career path.

Mamiko Noto’s new character, Aoi, really pushes Moyashimon ~Tales of Agriculture~ up another notch. Microbes and fanservice equals winning combo. Andohbytheway, this is the fourth series that Mamiko Noto is currently voicing a role for: Kimikiss, Shakugan no Shana Second, and Clannad are the others. Talk about full slate.

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  1. Egads……

  2. Noto Mamiko is one of the few One Voice but Excel at It seiryuu out their, the other two comes to mind are Yukino Satsuki and Kugimiya Rie

    those 4 are not the only roles she is voicing for currently though, can’t forget about Moa-dono

  3. we even get some yuri in this ep

  4. Mamiko Noto is also supposedly voicing a character in Sketchbook Fullcolors as well, but her character hasn’t shown up yet. I was considering looking into Moyashimon at some point, but knowing that Mamiko Noto is in it means I’m now downloading every episode so far and will play catch up soon.

  5. But the Department of Agriculture is not in charge of Gundam. :(

  6. lol @ Skribulous

    Yeah, Moyashimon ep 8 really raised the bar for everybody else this season.

  7. Bah, I’m still waiting on episode 7, since BSS only just finished with 6 and Shinsen is on 4. It’s a pretty good show, too – amusing and I don’t even get that usual condescending feeling you normally get when a programme is trying to educate you.

    Also, nooo, I forgot the spam protection thing and it ate my post. Above is condenser version. :(

  8. I love it

  9. I love it

    Great mix.

  10. I headed over to TokyoTosho today to download the new Moyashimon ep and… WTF? It’s ending at ep 11?!

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