knowing your enemy’s weakness


(I’m immensely, intently, idiotically looking forward to this series now.)

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  1. Don’t worry, no ones blaming you for wanting to watch this series.

    But I must admit, Bunny Kallen was quite a sucker-punch from Sunrise, wasn’t it?

  2. bunny girl kallen looks so… looks so… submissive and willing.

  3. Code Geass‘ willingness to pander slavishly – brilliantly – to every taste claims another victim.

  4. When?! WHEN?!

  5. LOL! Lulu’s left eye looks normal! (not GEASSED! XD)

  6. OMFG that cosplayer just jump kicked me in the face!

    Also, more chess FTW.

  7. Its like a bad horrifically dirty pleasure for me to be looking forward to season 2 now………..

  8. I believe the show’ll be starting this april.

  9. Ha! Someone is WEAK! I must write this down in order to exploit it later. Then again, I wanted to watch this anyway, so I guess I don’t have much room to talk. Talk about ridiculous. Bunny girls? In my mecha anime? pfft.
    00. GET ON THIS NOW!

  10. No Orange-kun in the trailer?

  11. Can we get CC in a bunny suit too?

  12. CC in a bunny suit be damned! CC dressed as a slice of pizza is more like it!

    Also that bunny suit better be Kallen’s new uniform, one episode of that is not ENOUGH!!!!

  13. You are WEAK.

    Also; Laylow is still alive.

    $unrise shoots itself in the foot and now it’s desperate. Yeah. Whatever.

  14. Bunny suit Kallen, more emo face distortions, more Sunrise train-wreck plot twists and especially more Pizza Butt. I think this now goes to the top of my must-see list!

  15. I just realised i’ve been spending too much time on /m when i realised i got more hyped up over the knightmare at the end rather than bunny-girl kallen.

    Oh dear.

  16. Hm, what’s that…
    “You must watch this series!”

  17. Can’t wait! I just hope cheese-kun isn’t scrapped. Considering Gundam 00 has been teasing us with the non Pizza Hut pizza, my hopes are low.

  18. New video, by way of oDDanGle:

  19. In the bunny outfit…..
    Who wants to make a bet that even C.C will be thinking of Yuri rape when she sees it?

  20. not so submissive when KICKING HIM IN THE FACE! w00t kallen! and i may have seen wrong but looked like a naked c.c. at the end of the first one? o.O

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