yoko gravure book

Whether it’s sad or happy,
This is the path that all great melonpan walk!

If there’s modesty in our way, we’ll destroy it!

If there’s not enough skin, we’ll rip off our own clothes!

The soul in our hearts…

… burns like blazing flames!

The perfect fusion:

Yoko Gravure Book!

19 Responses to “yoko gravure book”

  1. My drill would pierce her heavens if you know what I mean.

  2. Thank. You.

  3. *bows*

  4. ^^*bows to Yoko*

  5. Domo

  6. I love you jason… in a Simon x Kamina way.

  7. Needs more pictures, but… yes, Yoko would make a LOVELY gravure book, if we could get one.

  8. Believe in the me that believes in your melonpan.

  9. I love you jason… in a Simon x Kamina way.

    Haha, did you build a Jason statue and name a city after him?

  10. I so want to gattai with that ( :

  11. Wake me when Nia’s gravure book comes out; healthy busty girls scare me.

  12. The pointing Kamina doll near her ass is awesome. Though the Simon one aint looking to happy

  13. We thank you for this gift of melonpan.

  14. …you lost me

  15. I can’t express in words how much I approve this post.

  16. can we mirror this? can we mirror this?


    Pity those who rapidshare hate!

  17. *speechless*

    I have seen the light, my heart is pure, I can die now.

  18. >> I love you jason… in a Simon x Kamina way.

    Strangely, this isn’t anywhere as alarming as a Mako-cakes x Haruka kind of way.

  19. I love you jason, in a Mako-cakes x Haruka kind of way.

    And to think that this is the first post I want to reply to from a hiatus of not reading the blog, dating from before that Super Bowl debacle. I should’ve known that I was being set up for a huge fall after I thought that Paula Abdul song was actually pretty good. (Not the dance, the song.)

    You know, I’ve been trying to figure out similarities between the Patriots and any anime, but I’m having trouble finding one.

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