spring season coming fast and furious

Well, since Minami-ke and Gundam 00 are ending soon, I’m in need of something new to blog for the spring season. Look over the list of potential shows, and let me know which one you think I should write about. (Besides Code Geass, which I’m debating if I can handle another Sunrise train wreck or not.) One big caveat is that I have around 6 weeks of vacation and business trips tossed in, so I might not do the episode-by-episode thing or be very timely. It might be like last spring when I just wrote 1 Lucky Star post a week for two months… good times… good times…

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  1. Sugar Bunnies!

  2. Is Kyoto. Doing. Haruhi. ;_; ?
    Nothing on that list seems outstanding.

  3. As far as I recall, you’ve only mentioned two series on that list previously: Code Geass 2 and Kanokon. Kanokon seems like a naughty servicefest but many of your readers, including myself, enjoy those.

    I don’t know much about Nabari other than it’s a shonen action series with modern day ninjas and Kimikiss/Loveless character designs, but that’s as much as I know about any of the other series. It’s not a cutefest so my hopes aren’t high, but J.C.Staff whore must recommend J.C.Staff.

    It has Rie Kugimiya (the main character, Miharu) and Satoshi Hino (playing a character named Kouichi again) though not as lovers. At least I hope not.

  4. Maybe Kamen no Maid Guy (Masked Maid Guy) will be up our alley? I mean, crossing maids with GAR could be a good/bad idea… (cross out any that do not apply)

    Alison & Lilia is something I look forward too as well. I hear J.C. Staff is doing it.
    As for the rest of the new shows, there could be a hidden gem that we don’t know about yet…

  5. Just… pick some shows based on the animation studio?
    Yeah, I got nothing.

  6. You’re right. I’m not sure where I read that J.C. Staff bit.

  7. Kanokon and Masked Maid Guy.

    And Junjo Romantica, because I want to see if we can peer pressure you into blogging a yaoi series by Studio DEEN.

  8. special A.

  9. Macross F …

  10. I’m interested in hearing your opinions on these series:

    – ToLOVEru: with figurine and other related goods already announced, will this show live up to its hype?

    – Wagaya no O-inari-sama: Holo 2.0?

    – Special A: don’t tell me it’s what I think it is: Ouran without quality animation, comedy, and ignorance of traditional shojo angst

    – Kure-nai: delicious loli.

  11. Unfortunately I haven’t been watching any discussions on spring shows too closely, so I can’t say anything based on that. Giving a quick once-over at the pictures, I can’t see anything that really stands out either. Perhaps you’ll need to do what I’m planning on doing, grabbing anything that sounds even vaguely interesting and giving it a whirl. Oh, and do I see two vaguely shounen-ai series there, Himitsu and Junjo Romantica?

    As for what I am initially going to check are Code Geass 2 (a given really), Tower of Druaga (by the wtf factor alone), Noodle People xxxHolic (I’m a fan, despite the previous season’s animation shortcomings), Nyan Nyan Ni Hao macross Frontier (mechas are my only excuse) and RD since it is I.G / Shirow collaboration. No doubt I’ll pick more based on what I read here and elsewhere.

    Oddly enough, Toshyokan Sensou’s art style looks vaguely familiar but I can’t place it, and google seems to find almost nothing on this one. Maybe I’ll need to google some more of these when I am feeling more active…

  12. I’m also looking forward to Masked Maid Guy. RD Senno Chosashitsu looks to fill my techno-thriller slot, Golgo 13 looks to satisfy my explosion quota.

    Kanokon for obvious reasons. Of course, it’s XEBEC…

  13. Maybe Kamen no Maid Guy, a GAR version of Hayate no Gotoku. It would suit the blog very well, IMHO. At least, it would take out the image of Mako-cakes when thinking about meido + guy.

    Aaaaaaaaand… Soul Eater. Good moments spotted.

  14. Another vote for the fox girls. Don’t know what Sugar Bunnies is, but might be worth a yarn.

  15. wagaya no oinari sama is a good light novel, something i would at least check out
    pretty much same as Allison and Lilia, (which is actually Allison + Lillia and Treize, both novel by Sigsawa, writer of kino’s journey)
    Kurenai would make great OVA, but i just don’t see it work as a tv series
    Tower of Duraga is one that I have some hope on
    To Love…… it might turn out epic moe, or end up as 2nd Black Cat

  16. Mmm, Tower of Druaga looks interesting, as does Kamen no Maid Guy.

    Of course, the only think I’m actually looking forward to is Haruhi… but at this rate they’ll probably never produce it.

  17. My vote goes to Macross.

  18. Kanokon and xxxHolic are on my list.

  19. I’m a xxxHolic fan. I enjoyed the first season.

  20. Wagaya no oinari sama is gender bender …

  21. Wow… “Yu-gi-oh 5 D’s” and “Masked Maid Guy” are the only ones that look remotely interesting, if only for the horrible train wreck slaughter they will produce.

    This season is horrible. I’m tried reading the manga to over half this season and the manga sucked. Unless someone pulled a “Full Metal Panic!” we’re fucked.

  22. Penguin Musume Heart,
    starting 4/19:

  23. Macross Frontier.

    Or is that too soon after blogging a season of a Gundam series already?

  24. To-Love-Ru (Well, if it is decent)
    Macross Frontier

    I am temped to ask for Masked Maid Guy but…
    the word “Guy” stopped me….

  25. Macross because it’s freakin Macross!
    Kure-nai could be good, could be stupid, but it definitely involves a loli
    Special A is a shoujo with a heroine that it’s Goku from Dragonball dense when it comes to relationships

    Really it’s gotta be Macross + some fanservice anime + whatever show ends up not sucking…

    And still no Haruhi :(

  26. I just realized there’s another Galen on here…so I might start going by 2.0 from now on just to differentiate it.

    As for selections, I saw Kanokon.


    As it looks, seems we got loli-sized high school girls who are really deities of a fox and wolf, one with some delicious melonpan, seeming to be squabbling over some poor little boy from the country-side.

    Maybe we’ll get some nekkid fox & wolf-ness that isn’t made of fail and loss censorship

  27. yea macross is the only thing on the list I’m excited about, um maybe the new Slayers thing if it even comes out…*I’m thinking it won’t be season 4 after this long but then again Tenchi Muyo pulled a new ova series that actually cleared up a few plot threads so anything is possible*

  28. I second Windspirit on Soul Eater which is being done by Bones and the Ouran staff. The Manga is great, with many hilarous moments and a good plot. It does start out slow through due being 3 one shots before it became a series. If Bones follows it well, it can easily be one of best shows of year.

    Andrew Cunningham’s post on Anime on DVD summed it up best:

    These shinigami are a lot more graffiti pop than most.

    The weapons spend the bulk of their time in human form, but transform into weapons during battles.

    It actually started as three short stories riffing on the theme, and those were popular enough that the main characters from all of them got thrown together into an ongoing series. It should also be pointed out that they spend exactly zero time collecting souls and all their time fighting witches; frankly, a lot of the “shinigami” aspect is more a decorative motif, abandoned as a story concept early on.

    Each of the three teams from the short stories are total opposites: Straight A schoolgirl Maka gets teamed with Slacker skater scythe Soul, while show off assassin Black*Star gets teamed with a worrywort ninja weapon. Death The Kid is a ridiculous flying snowboard riding powerhouse who is frequently reduced to crippling despair by his obsession with symmetry, and he wields the Thompson sisters, a pair of happy go lucky American ditzes who turn into automatic handguns.

    The whole aesthetic of the book is lurdily over the top, with the crescent moon always drawn leering maniacally with blood dripping down its jaw, and villains who got themselves thrown in jail to fulfill their lifelong dream of digging their way to freedom with a spoon only to discover that the jail only provided chopsticks.

    It should be totally awesome as long as the staff don’t immediately sand off everything unique about it the way they did Neuro.

    And if you liked Kino’s Journey then check out Alliso to Lilla great as it’s by the same author and apparently better from what I have heard.

  29. I wonder if there is still an American fan element that is hoping for a new Macross series that can be turned (almost seamlessly) into a new Robotech series. Both are very different, yet the same (at least for the first arc). It is weird.

    I’m still hoping for a new Matsumoto series that does well (Harlock TV, not OVA), or they finally get with it and make a real and successful Yamato series after all these years. Both in terms of character types and mechanical design. (freaking creative disputes….)

  30. Kanokon because of the FOX GIRL
    Wagaya no Oinari Sama because of BASICALLY THE SAME REASON AS KANOKON
    Macross Frontier because it looks alright.

  31. The world will end if Jason blogs junjo Romantica.

    But to be honest, next season looks like fail, only redeeming factor might be the Sunrise trainwreck and Macross.

    On a side note, yugioh 5d’s…heheh card games…on motorbikes…heh

  32. everything seems either brain-dead fun, unlikely to be interesting, or just plain “no.”

  33. Hm, the only ones I found interesting at first sight were Library War, that Tower-of-Something-Thing and Soul Eater – apart from Code Geass R2, of course. Still, I have no clue if either of these series are actually good, so, who gives a damn? I will read your blog entries even if the Anime sucks. (Like Gundam 00)

  34. Guys, there’s a Golgo13 logo in the corner. You need to blog the gar’est of gars, Duke Togo.

    I’m sure he’ll kill the competition.

  35. No idea which shows will actually be good, but I’m moderately curious about: ToLoveRu, Bus Gamer, Tower of Druaga, Nijiyuume no Musume, Special A, Soul Eater, RD Senno Chosashitsu and Nabari no Ou.

  36. This season kinda looks like it will be very weak, but Masked Maid Guy looks promising as a comedy, And Allison looks good too, though Allison is originally by the same author of Kino’s.

  37. Hmmm… ok, Soul Eater looks kind of interesting. I just finished reading the second manga volume, and it is now on my to-watch list. It will be interesting to see if the anime does the manga art justice.

  38. I think you should just Blog Sportscenter for this coming season. With screen caps. At least the NBA playoffs stretch till july or something now. Whats with that?

    But Maid Guy should be funny. Allison + Lillia might be good. Real Drive has potential if you like Sci-Fi, but for all the people who post here, i donno if there is one series that will glue them together.

  39. All. Of. These. Shows. Will. FAIL.

    Because, you know… They’re made in Japan. All the guys herein being either losers, non-existant, abnormal, et al. The “for-otaku, by-otaku” industry and all.

    Prove ME wrong. Please.

  40. S.A. maybe? Looks like it could easily be cliche as hell, but you never know right? Right?


  41. Gepetto Paide:

    You’ve obviously never heard of Golgo13.

  42. Dorian Cornelius Jasper:

    I have heard of Golgo13. That was back then.

    This is now: Japan would rather kill a guy for being a jerk and cut his head off (ala School Days’ Makoto) than accept him and mold him onto the norm.

    That’s why these shows will FAIL.


  43. Just ignore the troll, guys…

  44. Yes, they will fail.
    We are in the 2000s-crap.
    All the good animes were in the BBT period.
    We are watching these things to be entertained, not to be moved like when we watched Cowboy Bebop or The 8th MS Team.

    Soul Eater, for example, will be pure enjoyment. The kind of animes you watch with your brain on “off”. It’s entertaining and nothing more.

    Real Drive looks fairly episodic, or at least case-based. The idea is nothing original, but it will be simply interesting to watch what kind of stories the creators will manage to invent.

    Nijuu Menso no Musume will invole Haruhi in a hot thief costume (DELICIOUS THIGH MEAT!) robbing precious thingies.

    Golgo 13 is a must-watch only for your culture, it will be kitsch, clichéd and pointless, but it is the father of GAR, it will contain mindless explosions, killings and sex.

    The Tower of Druaga will be extremely entertaining, simply because I don’t think anyone here would think of what they can do of a 20 years old Pacman-like video game…

    Code Geass will be pure aweome Sunrise typical trainwreck : the first episode hasn’t aired yet and I’m already laughing my ass off.

    You see ? These will be nowhere as awesome as anime can be, but it will at least be fun to watch and entertaining. Welcome to the 2000s-crap, and don’t expect too much from an anime cuz most of the time, you’ll be disappointed.

  45. I think SZS had an episode on this effect– how people perceive older things as being better because it’s been long enough for them to forget how much said older things sucked, or because they’re willing to overlook the suck in exchange for nostalgia.

    I’ve seen a few BBT shows: they’re neither better nor worse than most of the “crap” nowadays.

    Case in point is Eva- a lot of people seem to worship it, yet I think a lot of it is fluffy, contrived crap desperately in need of a better director.

  46. >> We are in the 2000s-crap.
    All the good animes were in the BBT period.
    We are watching these things to be entertained, not to be moved like when we watched Cowboy Bebop or The 8th MS Team.

    *head desk*

    Please, dont tell me where are getting at this “In my time, things used to be better because of this and that” shit again.

    There are a reason I am hating anime fans more and more.

  47. Well, damn, I meant “We are” and not “where”. There goes my messed up sleep schedule.

  48. Eva definitely has aged, but I still like it. I consider it a natural response to the huge mecha genre, just as Gurren Lagann is the natural response to the post-Eva mecha genre.

  49. I saw the new eva move the other day. The sub was ass-tastic but the movie was enjoyable all round. Alot on shinji emo time was removed in favor of moving the story along at a brisk, but not too fast pace. (i’m looking at you the golden compass movie!) I’ll be happy to see a state side release in a timely fashion, but i fully expect adv to take 6 or 7 years. If I ever get a chance to visit japan seeing these in a theater is near the top of a long to do list.

  50. What some people don’t understand is that if your understanding of storylines and picture quality get better as you go. for an example lets use eva at the time i am pretty sure that most people thought that its picture quality and story line were pretty damn good myself included but if you compare that to some of the stuff we get now its pretty old and its horrible ending on the tv series would obviously not make good anime today. im willing to bet that if gainax(same people) tweaked the storyline,gave some of kamina’s excess GAR to shinji, and just fixed the damn ending along with better picture quality im pretty sure no one would say a damn thing about it(yes i know they made an ova about it recently but its just a rehash of the first couple of episodes with extra footage better quality but still GARless shinji)

  51. Viceral: True, Rebuild of EVA 1.0: You are not Alone is a recap, but it’s not an OVA but a full-blown movie that was shown in theatres, essentially a prelude to what looks like the EVA franchise’s answer to the Zeta movies (in the UC timeline) — a continuity change. Judging from the prelude to movie 2 alone, there’s a LOT of new material including but not limited to: Production Model Unit-05, EVA-06 dropping from the moon with Kaworu as the pilot, and a new female character who doesn’t seem to be fazed in the least at watching multiple cross-flares explode in the distance.

  52. I’m voting for Kanokon…I’ve read the first volume or two of the manga (yes, I read raws…), and it seems decent…no major train wrecks here…

  53. Just wanted to say that I think ADV announced the new EVA movie for autumn – not too sure where I had got that from, though.

  54. Sheba: Please, dont tell me where are getting at this “In my time, things used to be better because of this and that” shit again.

    Yes, the stuff we had back then was crap. We’re fully aware of that.

    But even then: I can say that most of the stuff had been created by people who had atleast either 1) achieved a degree at some film/acting school or 2) actually had freaking talent.

    I stated that “all of these shows will FAIL. PERIOD.” Because I’m doing the smartest thing possible: Coming in with low expectations and wishing to be proved wrong.

    I wasted my harddrive space and DVD spaces on “H2O Footprints In The Sand.” A more talented group of people would’ve kept the poor guy blind.

  55. Well you know, Anno isn’t on suicide watch anymore so of course Shinji is going to be less of an emo. Of course his life is still crap, especially in that EVERYONE (even Misato) in the Rebuild is treating him primarily as a tool and trying to manipulate him, and how he can see right through it but is allowing himself to be used anyway due to his… emo. Of course a GAR Shinji wouldn’t need to be mainpulated, but then he wouldn’t be Shinji if there wasn’t emo.

    Clearly, you need to have a post on the Eva Rebuild! And looking at this upcoming season’s schedule, you should have time to fit it in….

  56. GOLGO 13!!!!!!!!!!111

  57. Soul eater sounds and looks interesting if only for mind candy xxxholic gets a by(e?) the same way Shana second did…please let holic be more 20+ then 1-19 some of my friends read Vampire Knights and like it Golgo will likely be like watching a B…- action movie

  58. I’ll be following Macross Frontier, I guess. Nothing else seems good next–

    Wait, is that GOLGO 13? OHSHI-

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