kamen no maid guy 1, twittered

“Nice to Meet You, Master!”

(Derailed welcomes the new season with not one, not two, but five consecutive posts. You missed me, didn’t ya? And some, uh, good/bad news.)


Out of all the e-mail I got the past two weeks pimping for shows, the two most effective were this one from Kouryuu:

You should really blog Maid Guy, it’s got everything the readers of this blog enjoy: melonpan, maids, brokenness, and even awesome manliness. to quote a few words from the website “From laundry to close-quarters combat..” Besides, it’s probably one of the most entertaining shows out this season.

And one that featured many unpublishable images of “Bunny Girl” Kallen with quotes because the outfit is no longer “literal” (needless to say, a Code Geass post immediately follows this one). Like a moth drawn to fire, I’m not able to keep away from Kamen no Maid Guy. Melonpan, meido, brokenness, and gar are the fundamental backbone of Derailed.


Did Bamboo Blade usher in this “see the face through the visor” fad? Anyway, Bamboo Blade gets my vote for the Umisho “Needed Better Pacing Or 13 More Episodes” Memorial.


My first laugh of the series. I didn’t expect the knife, and the reaction afterwards was great. Plus, I was a bit punchy from the “You don’t just have big breasts” line. Anytime an anime begins with sharp objects and backbreaking melonpan, you gotta be encouraged.


“Enjoy our perfect service.”

Mmm… hmmm… I think I will.


Okay, in the first 220 seconds, we have sharp objects, melonpan, a nice looking meido, a terrifying looking meido, and now blatant nudity. You had me at “hello”. You had me at “hello”…

(If there’s crossdressing, drills, and Kotomi-chan involved, it would have been the greatest intro to an anime ever.)


“Our country’s figurine making skills are terrifying, right?”

“I can totally feel the love of meido from the artist!”

I have nothing– absolutely nothing– to add.


Is that Frankenfran‘s house?

(Andohbytheway, I’m thinking of downgrading Mirai Nikki just to make Frankenfran the #1 prospect in the farm system. You have a problem with that? Yes, the chapter where she exchanges sex organs was a homage to both O Henry and Mako-cakes. I think. Maybe. Maybe not.)


Fubuki’s not bad! Showing some range, her seiyuu is Megumi Toyoguchi, who previously did Revy. I loved Kousuke’s reaction… “A meido!” I think he got it right. Though I like Naeka’s counter, “Such a young and beautiful meido will do no good to Kousoke’s life” because it’s so true. Trust me, if I had a young and beautiful meido roaming my house, I sure wouldn’t be writing Derailed.

(Though I think the meido who hangs around the grandfather is cuter. Damn, he hogs the good ones for himself.)


I don’t care how manly you are, but what guy would call himself a “Maid Guy” over a “Butler” or “Combat Butler”? Hell, if anyone should be called a “Maid Guy,” it should be Hayate. Rikiya Koyama is the seiyuu for Kogarashi, and his previous notable role was Hakuoro. My gosh, Rikiya and Megumi are like the anti-Mamiko Noto in terms of voice acting range.


The animation quality for Maid Guy is sub-par for this season, and it’s to be expected when I saw the “Madhouse and IMAGIN” byline. Really, fanservice romps should always be in high grade high definition. No excuses. But this whole scene of Kogarashi belittling Naeka’s dirty bra slayed me. Just so damn serious and disparaging while eyeful of fanservice…


… but I liked the (expected) violent conclusion more. Sharp objects 4tw! “Nee-chan! The knife… not the knife!”


The premise isn’t (expected) stellar, with a cross between Hanaukyo, Full Metal Panic, and Scrapped Princess. The grandfather is rich and powerful, but someone has been targeting and killing his family (apparently after his inheritance), and the only person now who can claim it is Naeka. So he has to protect Naeka until her 18th birthday, and his “trump” card is Kogarashi who is Naeka’s, uh, maid and bodyguard. My question is why not just kill Naeka after she received her inheritance? Wouldn’t it be easier to take it from a carefree little girl than a veteran old man? And if the grandfather is so rich and powerful, why hasn’t he figured out who the killers are? Did he hire OJ as his special detective?


Delicious slumbering melonpan… hey, Kouryuu, I see the meido and the melonpan, but where’s the brokenness? My gosh, could it be that Kamen no Maid Guy is not broken enough of a series?!


“I’ll show you my skills as a Maid Guy.”

*desperately trying to keep myself from laughing up a lung*


“In front of Maid Guy Sight, even if you’re wearing clothes, you’re actually nakkid to me.”

Kogarashi is wasted in this role. He should be used for the greater good, like negotiating peace in the Middle East.


“Confirming an increase of volume in your breasts and butt. You’re growing perfectly fine. But don’t worry as I have already prepared a larger size of underwear for you.”

This guy is incredible. He’s like a more useful version of Onsakumaru with “sexual harassment” missing from his internal dictionary with more chaotic evil. I’m not willing to give him gar status yet, as he needs to do something really useful and save Naeka from being killed at least once in a gar fashion.


A little more brokenness! It’s almost like rock-paper-scissors between Naeka-Fubuki-Kogarashi.


In terms of bodyguard anime characters, Kogarashi is definitely interesting. Can you imagine him paired up with someone like Chidori? Yikes. Despite its almost fanatical style (which might be a plus with this audience), Kamen no Maid Guy is a solid, entertaining series. Melonpan, meido, brokenness, and gar… what more can you ask for?

(Maybe one or two of the 50 groups subbing Kanokon to work on this instead.)

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  1. yes, you were sorely missed. I’ll leave it at that to not sound too desperate.

  2. Seriously, Toyoguchi Megumi???
    Kogarashi’s just awesome (and if my sayng so makes me broken so be it), his existence alone takes the WTF comedy title of the season away from Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

  3. The first ep was a blast but I want to wait a couple more episodes to see if it’ll carry the tone. The ed song is pretty epic though.

    Really, I just wish the animation quality wasn’t so shoddy. Can you imagine Kyoto animating this: the nude scene would have jumped the rating of this show up to M at least. A fanservice anime in Kyoto high def…

  4. I just finished watching episode 3 myself. I though episode 2 was a little weak myself… but it all comes right back in ep 3. XD but I’ll wait till Jason blogs the ep so as not to spoil your fun. Just …. prepare yourself for it.

  5. Maid Guy made me laugh like an idiot, and has the right amount of fanservice, so it stays.

  6. seeing gurren lagann being licensed give me chills down my spine… but nonetheless wb jason!

  7. >>seeing gurren lagann being licensed give me chills down my spine… but nonetheless wb jason!

    TTGL was originally licensed by ADV… but they lost said license.

    So along comes Bandai, who have gotten the brilliant idea that they should release sub-only DVDs this summer and the dub next year.

    Thank god for Bandai.

    Also, Maid Guy needs more sub groups working on it. Desperately.

  8. I’d rather have Bandai-Ent than ADV license TTGL. I tend to like their VA’s better and we’re more likely to get a nifty art box full of random stuff. Although that teaser website doesn’t exactly instill me with confidence…

    Anyway, Maid Guy looks like it’ll be fun. I’m a fan of the weird bgm during certain parts.

  9. oh so no dubbing? oh boy that anime has been blessed by the lord himself to escape the horrors of american dubbing! (only a FEW have really done as good if not better job than their japanese voice-over counterparts; yu yu hakusho or FMA as examples)

    and yea i’m still stuck on episode 1 waiting for some groups to pick this up… i hope a sub group(s) are reading this blog, mainly this post! ;)

  10. It is good to see that you do not give out Gar status like candy. You have standards.

  11. Only 2 things came to mind while watching this enjoyable romp:
    1. Kogarashi is a perfect character for a 2D fighter like Guilty Gear/BlazBlue.
    2 TITS.
    In fact, more like: TITS TITS TITS TITS TITS.

    Hope this doesn’t turn into another SZS-style “where’s my subs?”-affair.

  12. For your 6th post of the day you need to write despair? disparaging post about the people creating images like this….

    as for maid guy, For some reason Kogarashi character design is just offsetting to me. Story is lacking originality, hasn’t really interested me yet. I’ll give it a few more episodes before i give up though.

  13. Well, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei’s been dated for a March 2009 release by Del Rey… which means that we’ll have plenty of time to find out who created that image.

    But yes, this is a season for fanservice. Or softcore, as Kanokon proves… alas, alack.

  14. Kogarashi is awesomeness incarnate, that’s really all I can say.

  15. You can’t spell Kogarashi without GAR. So, is this some past incarnation of ‘ole Hakuoro? :)

  16. we all love haruhi but why…just why has this happened? -sigh-

    http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm1704241 (for those without niconico accounts, just google it for some help in signing up)

  17. Is it just me or does Naeka’s red head friend look like the girl from SexFriend, only slightly less loli? Even the uniform matches….. Or so I’ve been told.

  18. >> I though episode 2 was a little weak myself…

    I’m glad you think ep 3 is better because I thought ep 2 was pretty awesome.

  19. From one perspective, ADV losing the license kinda sucks.

    Originally, they were gonna have Brett Weaver, the same voice actor as Gai Daigoji from Nadesico and Roy Fokker in Macross, voice Kamina. It’s a perfect match.

    On the other hand, ADV’s done some pretty horrible subs as well. FMP, for one.

  20. Ho-lee crap. I thought Potemayo was WTF-worthy. I see I was only being prepared.
    Kudos for not including Akamatsu nipples.

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