kamen no maid guy 4, twittered

“Thongs and big breasts.”

(Maid Guy doesn’t play around with episode titles, does he?)


Who else was thinking, “Naeka is sleeping so peacefully. How is Kogarashi going to mess this scene up now?”


It’s only been three minutes, and we already have had an underaged loli flash her panties, an awesome Fubuki meido moment, panty thieves, and, of course, an Awesome Kogarashi Moment (AKM #1). Sunrise must be kicking themselves for not having a Maid Guy in Code Geass R2.

(The way Kogarashi sprung up from the dirt… I’m convinced he can take on both Stallone from Rambo First Blood and Ah-nauld from Commando at the same time. He’s that awesome.)


When the underwear thieves were talking about panties that could be sold for millions… yeah… I was thinking more on the lines of Fubuki than Naeka. But I’m a maid / bunny girl fan, so my opinion is tainted in that regard.

(I think that’s a great idea for an anime blog. Someone just tries to figure out the relative worth of character’s underwear via a stock exchange or something. For instance, like because they’re so common, Mikuru’s aren’t as worth as much per share as Maria’s. Much better idea than the 831,941th blog that tries to be hip with “Code Geass R2 5″.)


“To a women, this is an unforgivable crime.”

No, I think recording NBA Fastbreak over Grey’s Anatomy on the Tivo is just as bad.

(See, in America, panty raids are part of any great frat. Well, at least back in the 1980s.)


AKM #2! Clark Kent should be abusing his power as well. And that’s why Kogarashi can be the snot out of Rambo and Superman.


Thank you Kogarashi! Loved the “It’s a joke that those things can cost millions.” Is there any female anime character who can possibly please Kogarashi? Or is the bar is set too high?


I fully expected the fish seller to be sucked up into Kogarashi’s hands a la Baccano. But still, I’ll bump the AKM meter to 3.


“Skirt One to Skirt Leader.”

“Yes, this is Skirt Leader.”

The way they’re so damn serious… I had to keep myself from spitting up the Diet Pepsi that I was drinking. That’s just the charm of Kamen no Maid Guy.


A mysterious transfer student who suddenly appears and gets a seat next to the main character? Egads, this never happens in anime.


“I want to beat you up. I want to beat the crap out of you, then watch you beg or mercy. I’ll make you lick my shoes. My shoes… and then…”

I swiftly approve of the new character, Strawberry Liz. Naeka can never have too many same sex friends or enemies. Especially if they’re into bullying.


The shoe is kinda large for a small girl like Liz. But you know what they say about people with big feet… oh wait, doesn’t pertain here unless Druaga-like magic is involved.


“That big breasted monster will… <3”

Naeka’s supporting cast and rivals are almost as broken as Miki’s nyaa~n. Maybe even more so.


“With my speed, taking off their panties without them noticing is too easy.”

Cross between Class Action Sexual Harassment Lawsuit #1 and AKM #3, I had a good laugh at how he ninja’ed so many panties, how he held them in disdain, and then Fubuki’s “OMFG WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” look when she realized what Skirt One has been doing.

(I am disappointed that Kogarashi is using a wired hands free set instead of Bluetooth or even Maid Guy Bluetooth.)


If I had Maid Guy X-Ray Vision, I’d check Fubuki for bug bites and back acne as well. Though I like how Fubuki calls Maid Guy “o-baka.”


For people that think that anime is just cartoon softcore pr0n, I think you may be right. I guess anime driven purely by plot just doesn’t sell. Plot’s like the low post presence. It’s nice to have, but what really wins games nowadays are great perimeter players (fanservice) like a flashy swingman or a good point guard. The only anime this season that really doesn’t have fanservice, nakkidness, or bunny girls is Allison & Lillia. Last season, I couldn’t think of any. Then the season before that one was Sketchbook… hell even the anime about bacteria had lesbian fanservice.

(There’s no team left in the NBA playoffs with better post than perimeter players. Even if Bynum were healthy, neither he nor Gasol, who carried the Grizzlies to a 30 win season, are even half as good as Kobe. For Utah, you could argue that Williams and Boozer are about equal, but they have no other bigs besides Boozer. New Orleans is all about Paul and West, and West has no post up game. Detroit has a 6-6 guy playing center. KG has no post game left. Cleveland is all about the Global Icon. Howard’s worst game is his post up game… he still gets most of his points on put backs and junk. He’s nowhere near Hakeem in the mid-nineties or Shaq six years ago.)


“We are Naeka’s Big Breasts Fanclub!”

Do they have a MySpace page and a newsletter as well? I’d love to see two people create a “Naeka’s Breasts” and “Kogarashi’s Gar” MySpace profile and see who can sign up 1,000 friends first. I’ll even volunteer to be a judge for such a contest.


But, sorry Kamen no Maid GuyBamboo Blade beat you to the lesbian stalker / kendo fan subplot half a year ago.


Wait, what happened to their armor?! They’re suddenly no using it?


AKM #4! Loved the look on Kogarashi’s face when found the maid ninja trapped in a storeroom. It’s not a “Kukuku, we’re going to have some fun now” face but a “Kukuku, this is my normal face” face.


Maid Ninjas wear frilly underwear instead of bandages or wraps? Why is Kogarashi a maid for Naeka? He should be out there fighting against terrorists and injustice. Or at least a judge for Fox Reality’s Battle of the Bods.


Wait, he can count the moles on her body, yet can’t make out the design structure of her panties? I’d complain more about the plot holes, but I’m very afraid of Kogarashi.


It’s raining panties! I hope some Sunrise scriptwriter is watching this and thinking, “My gosh, that’s a great idea! In the next episode of Code Geass R2, Lulu will explode Shirley’s underwear drawer to escape from Suzaku!”


Too awesome for words.


Well, except for “AKM #5.”


Of course, a strong part of the awesomeness is that the crows took Kogarashi’s instructions to heart and were literally grabbing at all of Naeka’s underwear, including what she was wearing. Oh my. This season has been a bonanza for disastrous school events featuring underwear, bunny girls, and giant pizzas.


Emo facial distortion! I’m giddy. And that’s a great place to end this post: emo facial distortion caused by crows obeying Kogarashi’s orders to peck at Naeka’s underwear.

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  1. less AKM moments than the previous ep…yet..its simply hilarious.
    loved the Kogarashi vs Maid Ninja part…figured she was a goner…oh well…

  2. When you think about it in terms of dollars and not yen, Fubuki’s underwear is only worth about $9,500. It would be even cheaper if the exchange rates were better…damn the falling dollar.

    Though honestly, I’d prefer Fubuki’s bra over her panties if I was forced by Kogurashi to buy something.

  3. Weird you left out the punishment Naeka was going to give… “whoever loses, we win”.

  4. *look at poll*

    Who in his right mind would vote Suzaku or Kouta as most GAR of this season?

  5. “There’s no way a kendo girl can ever beat a beautiful maid.”

    Truer words have rarely been spoken.

  6. >>>When you think about it in terms of dollars and not yen, Fubuki’s underwear is only worth about $9,500.

    Only? I wish I could get that kind of money for a pair of used panties! Er, not that I’ve tried or anything…..

  7. It’s the snorkle that did it for me.

  8. hrm..didnt work. here’s what i meant to quote.

    “(The way Kogarashi sprung up from the dirt… I’m convinced he can take on both Stallone from Rambo First Blood and Ah-nauld from Commando at the same time. He’s that awesome.)”

  9. Kogarashi-visioned Fubuki and ChaChamaru C.C has caused me to buy tissues in bulk today…. and walk funny….

  10. I approve of maid ninjas in frilly undergarments. And you STILL can’t spell Kogarashi without GAR – Maid Sight FTW.

  11. Strawberry Loli…er,Liz’s seiyuu sounds familiar. Where have I heard that voice?

  12. >>Strawberry Loli…er,Liz’s seiyuu sounds familiar. Where have I heard that voice?

    She’s the voice of Miku Hatsune, that’s why.

  13. Hey Jason!

    You never mentioned how Kogarashi knew how much cost each eroge that Naeka’s brother got on Akiba. Who needs Wiki, who needs Amazon, who need CostCo? We’ve Kogarashi!

  14. *look at poll*

    Who in his right mind would vote Suzaku or Kouta as most GAR of this season?

    some 40 really strange people.

  15. Who want a comedy starring Sousuke Sagara and Kogarashi, raise your hand.


  16. Kogarashi is my new hero, i will follow him to the gates of hell itself!!

  17. Finally some loli. Not even the men had flat chests thus far.

  18. Kogarashi should have his x-ray vision on at all times for the viewer’s sake.

    I’m looking for a maid wearing stripes in particular. External ninja gear would be a bonus. Another bonus would be Fubuki wearing it. Oh, and a choker!

  19. Is it normal if my entire thought process for KnMG switches into “PANTIES BRAS TITS”-repeating mode?
    Probably not.
    Is it enjoyable?
    Never has a nosebleed felt so satisfying.

  20. [spoilers]Fubuki in sailorfuku next episode. And MEIDO GUY FREEZE VOICESU kukukukuku [/spoilers]

  21. Gyagh no plural in spoiler tags!

  22. I am convinced that Sousuke was finally killed by Chidori after the events of COMO, and afterwards was resurrected by a secret government agency using technology best forgotten to create Kogarashi. Which explains both the military competence yet complete lack of sense Kogarashi displays.

  23. Someone should make a guess whose panties are these game…post pictures of pantyshots and see who can guess em’ all…

  24. Which reminds me, was Kogarashi a practitioner of witchcraft or something? He could concoct some really shady potions and CONTROL CROWS! Not to mention that kind of horrifying aura he is emitting when summoning crows!

  25. Wait, he can count the moles on her body, yet can’t make out the design structure of her panties? I’d complain more about the plot holes, but I’m very afraid of Kogarashi.
    Actually, this isn’t that surprising. If Maid Guy Vision is based on IR imaging, well, reflection off of inks wouldn’t produce a differential, especially of the rest of the panties are dyed. On the other hand, moles have a different pigmentation than the rest of the epithelial layer, and thus should produce a differential. Now, whether or not white panties with a pattern would show up is a different sory.

    Maid Guy Science!

  26. …Wow, yet again logic to be found in the awesomeness of Kogarashi.
    Also, the left this out of the anime, but in the manga version, Fubuki explicitly releases all but Kogarashi’s “Stealth Activity” and “Preservation of Classified Intel” Limiters. So when Fubuki asks if he was discerning by x-ray or peeking, after explaining the maid guy eye he adds that in order to discern by peeking he would need the release of his Stealth Limiter.

    XD Also, who could you leave out a line like “It’s Strawberry Hunting!”?

  27. I noticed you counted AKM 3 twice.

  28. Kouryuu,where do you find the manga? Has it been scanlated?

  29. From the comments on KnMG 3:

    (Haesslich) It’s like this show was designed with Jason in mind, really. Maids, ‘GAR’ type characters, moe, busty schoolgirls….

    (rikchik) We even got symmetrical docking this episode! All we need is a cross-dressing frog and we’ve found Jason’s ideal anime.

    (Haesslich) Needs more psycho lesbians too. Fubuki doesn’t make the grade, and this one’s very dere-dere.

    When Liz started giving her speech leading up to the challenge, my first thought was, “one psycho lesbian, as requested!”

  30. @Colin
    Well, I’m currently living in Japan, so I just take the 20 min train into Akihabara and pick up the manga at places like Melonbooks. As far as I know it hasn’t been scanlated which is real damned shame cuz It’s really good. I’ve noticed the anime is basically taking the manga chapters, and some episodes it combines two chapters, other episodes it takes the main idea and adds to it, which is why I’m always confused when they leave out the little things like Kogarashi smaking Fubuki’s butt with the “Baka” Fan and screaming “Get out stupid” in english. I mean, the guy taught at MIT, they could have had him speak some english.

  31. Just watched it. And yes, Liz fills that requirement nicely, especially when she talks about how she’ll make Naeka lick her 3000 shoes and how she’ll beat the big-busted heriess into submission… which, between her, her kunoichi maid, and Fubuki nuking Kogarashi, makes me happy.

    What confuses me is how more people think Suzaku is GAR than anything else… since he’s a real uke type, not a seme. He’s about as GAR as Mako-chan…

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