obama my star

Let me know what you want,
I would give you!
How fantastic to vote for you!
Darlin’ chikaduite fukujuu?
No you, no life
Nantsutte mou zettai
Need your heart,
Need your charm.
Yes! Chou happy dashi, peace!

Exciting, wonderful, charming you!
Vote shitai kara la la la.
We’ll caucus around the world.

Three, Hillary you beat.
Two, are you ready?
One, mou matenai yo
Zero, ai narashite!

Obama my star!
Obama my star!
Obama my star!
Obama my star!

(Repeat 50 more times.)

(Blame my friend who asked me, “Why is she signing about Obama?” while we were watching Macross Frontier. Blame these guys too. And just to keep this site bipartisan, keep an eye out for a McCain version of Shut Up and Explode.)

25 Responses to “obama my star”

  1. O. Ba. Ma. God.

    …You lost this Canadian here.

  2. Why do you hate your reader’s so?

  3. (For best effect, read the following like a reporter giving a dire report of an encroaching disaster, for those in the states, think Fox newscaster.)

    Ranka-puppy. You thought her cuteness could be contained in anime form… you were wrong. She made #4 on the Oricon Charts, crushing many a famous Japanese group as well as countless other boy bands and bubble pop idols. Then you thought her cuteness could be contained to an anime and the world of music…. you were wrong. She has now crossed international borders and joined in the heated affair that is the American presidential election. Will she stop here? I think not. Where will she go next? Where ever we least expect her to. But one thing is certain: no matter where she goes, her cuteness will reign supreme, overcoming any obstacle that stands in her way, leaving nothing but happiness and moe trailing in her wake.

  4. O.my.gosh.

    This is good shit.

  5. Would have been better if it was just Obama Star… flowed better with the music… 0_o

  6. Jason, you are truly broken. :p

  7. w00t! Ranka endorsement ftw lol YES WE CAN!!

  8. Somehow, someway, this needs to be recorded as a song for optimal lulz.

  9. If Ranka says O. Ba. Ma is ok, then is ok with me. Yes we can!

  10. Consider this hypothetical question:

    What if Kogarashi endorses Obama?

  11. Yeah, I agreed with Deranged. “Obama Star” sounds and rhythms better then “Obama My Star”. ;)

  12. Vote for ranka puppy, a chicken in every pot and a Islug in every hand.

  13. Damn it! I need to see episodes 14, 15 and 16 of Macross F.

  14. “What if Kogarashi endorses Obama?”
    wait, why not Vice President Kogarashi?

  15. Vice Pres Kogarashi…then he’d have the whole president thing covered, with a heavy overdose of moe part in the bag…why put an old giezer in as vice pres when you can have moe?

  16. “What if Kogarashi endorses Obama?”
    wait, why not Vice President Kogarashi?

    Somehow I’d see Kogarashi as more of a Supreme World Overlord Who Provides Perfect Service To Those Who Deserve It rather than a simple veep.

  17. Supreme Commander Overlord High King Czar Emperor Kogarashi Galatic Ruler sounds like the kind of guy i would follow… maybe Obama can be his second in command or Vice-Emperor…

  18. ** =D and D= simultaneously **
    And I was just karaokeing to the song yesterday…

  19. lmao :D

  20. …The fsck?

    You are not just “broken”. You got literally ripped into tiny little minuscule pieces. You are… ghey confetti.

  21. Needs more Meido.

  22. Yeah, you Ranka freaks would like Obama.

  23. Nice.

  24. lol that is win! epic.

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