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So if you want to eat in style, how better to do it than at a classy meido cafe featuring set menus inspired by anime shows? The Nia drink (blue one) looks happy enough, but it’s a bit too blue. Kamina’s (bottom red one) doesn’t look manly enough– what would be a manly drink fitting for him? Prune juice? They even have a Zero no Tsukaima offering… Tiffania’s drink (coffee-colored one) doesn’t look… uh… lumpy enough. If I had to come up with a drink to capture Tiffania’s qualities, it would have to be a root beer float with two scoops of ice cream. (Thanks to Web for the link.)

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  1. People of Japan, I envy you.

  2. “If I had to come up with a drink to capture Tiffania’s qualities, it would have to be a root beer float with two scoops of ice cream’

    God you mAke me want to watch Zero no Tsukaima so bad but I absolutely refuse to go back to watch the first two season to play catch up. REFUSE!!

  3. Prune juice…a warrior’s drink.

    It seems Klingons also approve a chocolate. At least the ones in Las Vegas do.

  4. Man, that place is much nicer than the place I went to… Cheaper too. :(

  5. Louise’s drink: Vinegar.

    Also the killer loli drinks round special, drinks for 4 to 7 people, one of which is always poison.

  6. Cool, I just thought that you might be interested.
    I personally like the ブタモグラのステーキ (buta mole steak).
    Also the bottom red one is カミナとシモン (kamina and simon
    I’m glad you liked it.
    If I find any more stuff that I think you will like I will be sure to send it your ways.

  7. If its like the anime then Zero no Tsukaima tastes like FAILURE!

  8. chill the anime version of zero no tsukaima is not that bad… hows the new season anyway?

  9. “If its like the anime then Zero no Tsukaima tastes like FAILURE!”

    Trolling is trolling, but that made me laugh!

  10. I’m just too terrified to click that link. Who knows what depraved otaku horrors could lay beyond?

    second try: god I f**king HATE that spam protection!

  11. Failure tastes like fresh milk? Very fresh. But is it from the left one of the right one?

  12. Yea, technically its “Nia’s hand-made drink”, “Yoko’s Image Drink” and “Kamina and Simon’s Burning manliness drink.” My intuition tells me the real kicker is that Kamina/Simon’s drink has a nice hard liquor in it, as I think all of those are alcoholic drinks, because if memory serves correctly that Cafe serves alcohol. In fact, a large amount of maid cafes do. It’s the “burning manliness”. It screams vodka.

  13. Yea, there we go, a quick glance at their normal menu proves it: They serve alcohol: beer, wine, a blue laggon, and a gin based drink on their menu. I’d bet money that the Kamina/Simon one has a nice burn to it when you down a glass. As for Tifania, hers is normal banana juice mixed with lots of milk. Tabatha’s is Calpis (A type of milk-based soda sold all over japan) with blue coloring. Lousie’s appears to be the same with different coloring.

  14. Sweet. I walked by this place when I was in Akihabara a few months ago, but had already went to another maid cafe… this place looks a lot nicer though, too bad I missed it!

  15. ? It’s all in Japanese!
    If they want to attract international otakuscustomers, they need a more universal-friendly method of discerning stuff: a melonpan chart and hexagonal-characteristic-thingy next to each drink!

    At least it will spark conversation pieces like “how much sweeter is the Tiffania -Flotation Device- compared to Siesta’s -Meido drink-? What’s the symmetrical-docking effect of mixing them?”

    Hmmm, they should export their drinks…

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