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Aim for Fine!


“Mankind is confronting an unprecedented crisis right now!”

Shortage of Nintendo Wiis? Invasion of the Vajra, and instead of Ranka Lee, we can only defend with Avril Lavigne? The Redeem Team getting something other than gold? Tiffania’s breasts shrinking? McDonald’s removing the double cheeseburger from the dollar menu? Lulu losing control of the Black Knights? An asteroid barreling towards earth and only the tag team of Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis can stop it? I mean, help us out here. The way Naeka is so serious, I could have sworn that this was the setup for Gundam Seed 00 S2.

(Damn happy to be writing about this show again. You can probably tell, right?)


And… it turns out to be math homework. Thank you anime for perpetuating the myth that big breasts are a hindrance to mathematical understanding. It’s like the complete opposite of Hollywood where Denise Richards and Elizabeth Shue were trotted out as nuclear scientists who have uncovered the keys to nuclear fusion. (And, of course, it’s still a hundred times less ridiculous than what is going on in Code Geass R2 at the moment.)


“Ohh… look at the form and style of that book attack. The execution and follow through of the arm movement was fantastic and the pain is authentic. I’d think this would earn at least 8.5s if not higher, especially since it was not dodged.”

“And we’ll return to NBC’s Olympic coverage of the ‘Hit a Moron with a Book’ competition with guest analyst Kyou Fujibayashi after these messages.”


“The breaker of impossibility… that’s me, Maid Guy!”

Is Kogarashi the Phelps of meido or is Phelps the Kogarashi of swimmers? Anyway, since I am watching the Olympics while writing this post, I’m not giving out Awesome Kogarashi Moments (AKMs) like before but instead gold medals. I wonder if any character this episode can get 7 golds…


I like how quickly Kogarashi shot down Naeka’s dreams of actually studying to improve at math. Seriously, if you can’t do it, your friends can’t do it, and your meido can’t do it, the situation is simple. Go to school, find the smart nerd, and manipulate him to do it for you. Though there is the distinct possibility that Naeka is not smart enough to realize… “hawt body = excellent weapon to use on pubescent boys.”

(Hawt body + meido fuku = weapon capable of leveling Special Tokyo Administrative District while the Loli-governess has not been evacuated yet.)


Of course, Kogarashi continues his rant skewing Naeka and then turning his belittling onto Fubuki. Fantastic medal winning performance (but not gold).


They look like chipmunks. But I wonder which “kami” they are referring to… Oharuhi? Oyashiro? Omichiko? The Capturing God? I mean, for Kogarashi to acknowledge someone superior to him… well…


A powerful, wish-granting temple at the foot of Mt. Fuji… is this the Kururugi Shrine?


A miko has appeared! We’re tapping all the moe modes… my reaction to seeing Naeka’s garb is “Tennis, anyone?” Though I liked how the miko called Kogarashi “Gai”, but it would have been about 50x funnier if she called Kogarashi “Mako-chan” and 100x funnier if she called him “Touma.”


Gold medal for kami-sama. If anything, for revealing that Fubuki strips when drunk. Excuse me for a second… I need to hop on BevMo’s website and see if they can ship some cheap wine to Japan.


Underwear-less miko… I think I know where this episode is headed, and I like it. I mean, it has to be an order from kami-sama, right? Or at least part of some weird underwear-less sect?


All the people whom Naeka has wronged in the past with her melonpan… I feel like I should put this in the context of one of Aesop’s fables… but… nah.


A contest to figure out who gets their wish granted, and it must be done in a way that pleases kami-sama… eh… well… based on the four characters involved, I think would have to go with gymnastics or beach volleyball or synchronized diving… but… nope. Tennis.


“I don’t understand what kami-sama is thinking.”

I think I understand perfectly. Tennis = mandatory short skirts and bloomers underneath if they’re going by Wimbledon dress codes. Good choice, but I think there’s more comedic potential with gymnastics. They could have Bela Karolyi carry off Naeka at the end. They could have an argument over Strawberry Liz’s age. They could have Fubuki vaulting in a meido fuku.


Fubuki is pretty moe like this… though I would penalize her because she’s not wearing a mini-skirt. Hike up that meido skirt for Oharuhi-sama’s sake!


… and they just forfeited the first set because Fubuki wasn’t in a mini-skirt. A second gold medal to kami-sama, who thinks, scarily, too much like me.


I’m beginning to like and approve of kami-sama’s “fine play” system where Fubuki can reclaim that set and get spotted one if she changes into a mini-skirt without bloomers. Come ‘on Fubuki! Do it! Do it for the team!

(This comeback would be more epic than the men’s 400m freestyle relay if Fubuki had gone through with the humble request.)


Macronized Klan scores a home run!


I wasn’t even thinking about the damage done to the tatami mat. Instead, I was thinking, “Wait, no cleavage?! I’d penalize her another set for this!”


“If it amuses him, then it’s fine.”

Feels like me and Code Geass R2… you pooped in the fridge? And ate the whole wheel of cheese? I’m not even mad. That’s amazing.

(No, seriously, did they base kami-sama on me? I want royalties if they did. Or least Fubuki as my meido for a few days.)


I suddenly want to see a Tomoyo vs. Fubuki gold medal match. Andohbytheway, comparing the animation quality between the two shows is like trying to compare the Redeem Team to the joke that was the 2004 team at Athens. Marbury at PG… oh the nightmares, the nightmares…


Am I the only one thinking, “If they properly animated this, we would see every drop of sweat glistening off of their bodies”? And I can’t believe with this show and that short of a skirt, we haven’t gotten more of an eyeful of Naeka. Maybe kami-sama prefer meido… mmm… not out of the question…


What’s Baiken doing at this tennis match?


“It’s amusing so it’s allowed.”

I’ve narrowed down who I suspect to be “kami-sama” to:

1. Someone who works at Sunrise.
2. Onsakumaru.
3. Me, drunk with meido moe.
4. The banker from Deal or No Deal.


The speedlines… ! I like how they can milk an extra 3 seconds off of a single animation frame by using speedlines. Pixar, eat your heart out.


Why do anime chix0rs who have the single fang thing going have the single fang on the left side of their mouth?


(Fifteen minutes later… great, I just derailed myself looking at LOL FANG-TAN images. My gosh, she’s rising on my charts. But you knew this already.)


Clumsy meido power up!

(Why can’t it be “easy meido” or even “stripping drunk meido”? I think kami-sama would have wanted it that way.)


“Maid Guy Voice Voice Voice Voice Voice Voice!”

Finally Kogarashi does something… and he provides the voice of god. Very appropriate, but, eh, he still hasn’t done much…


… except bring Naeka and Fubuki to a shrine that worships someone who values panty shots of meido. Um, I would have more to say here except… time… for super slo-mo!


Gold medals for both Naeka and kami-sama. This is better than the recent Nadal and Federer matches.

(Just to hammer the point home, kami-sama possessed an underwear-less miko to encourage the well-endowed Naeka to expose the underwear of a meido. I… I… the only way this turn of events could have been more epic is if Tome and Chiko were involved somehow.)


No one likes Naeka… except for all the hot-blooded traditional, meido-luvin’ males watching this series. Panty shots that lead to murderous rage 4tw! Gotta enjoy Naeka’s smug satisfaction after that… it’s almost like she’s next…


So predictable what happens next, I didn’t even need spoilers from a disgruntled Korean animator.


There’s just too much ridiculous nudity and panty shots right now. It’s difficult to find scenes that aren’t nakkid lolis or zoom-ins of meido undergarments. I’m just point this fact out to encourage all my readers who haven’t discovered Kamen no Maid Guy yet to go, uh, discover this series.


If only Yukine made trials like this to get her magical charms. I’m enjoying Fubuki’s “I’m trying my best to suppress my rage” look. It’s very similar to the look Aaron Rodgers has everytime the Green Bay crowd chants “FAVRE!”


“For each Fine Play that the meido does, I promise genius math ability for one math problem. For Super Fine Play, it will be ten problems.”

Another gold medal for kami-sama… I like the way he thinks. Though with this amount of suffering imposed on a busty meido, I wouldn’t rule out:

5. Haruhi Suzumiya.

(I liked how he drew a small depiction of Fubuki instead of referring to her by name.)


Those eyes… they remind me of Keroro whenever he thinks up a devious new plan… to buy more Gunpla! I do feel cheated that we didn’t get to see what exactly does Naeka make Fubuki go through in terms of “super fine play.” I want to know. I want charts, graphs, high def video, the works.


“Why are you looking at me like a monster at its prey?”

No, no she’s just looking at you like Kyou at Kotomi-chan… err… bad example…. she’s just looking at you like Phelps at another world record and another gold medal… err… okay, bad example… she’s just looking at you like Lulu at Nunnally… err… I mean… she’s just looking at you like Gekka at some nigiri sushi… err… seriously… she’s just looking at you like Russia at Georgia… err… nevermind.


This shrine definitely falls into the “be careful of what you wish for” category. Though I thought they had this tennis match to determine who would get a charm… they all get one now if they agree to provide kami-sama with oodles and oodles of fanservice? This is like some bizarro fanboy-based political action committee.


Oh man, talk about a deal with the devil. So to cast off her label of being a clumsy meido, she has to embrace the easy meido side. I hope some of my readers are going, “WHY THE FUCK HAVE I NOT BEEN WATCHING THIS SHOW?!” by now. Even though this episode hasn’t been full of awesome Kogarashi moments, it has enough tormented Fubuki moments to make up for it. Even better, Naeka, in true Haruhi Suzumiya fashion, is getting better and better at exploiting her meido. That counts for something, right?


“What is your god thinking? This is… see-through, isn’t it?! Anyway, if I wear them, he wouldn’t be able to seem them?”

“Make her wear sexy underwear under her clothes. Being bashfully aware of them is truly fine. God’s reasoning is profound.”

I wonder how many of my readers are considering switching to this religion. Meido with sexy underwear and miko without… this is indeed profound spiritual knowledge.

(This kami-sama is like Santa Claus… he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice and knows if you’re wearing the appropriate garter for that lacy number.)


“I feel so drafty.”

We need to get some warm sake to her, STAT!

(Keep in mind 5:22…)


And, of course, Kogarashi anchors the show with a gold medal use of Maid Guy X-Ray Vision. It is indeed a fine play.

35 Responses to “kamen no maid guy 10, twittered”

  1. Fubuki strips when drunk.

    Unaired onsen episode due to ‘ethical’ reasons.



  2. >>Why do anime chix0rs who have the single fang thing going have the single fang on the left side of their mouth?

    Doesn’t Ranka have hers on the right side?

  3. Figures. Mention ‘fanservice’ and ‘meido’ and Jason’s hammered out a post barely an hour later. But that was some fine service… although even God couldn’t fix some things. Better still was Fubuki’s initial response to the drunken thing – “How did you kno—”

    However, I can’t see Kogarashi as Mako-chan… nor the fine miko as Touma. Hosaka I can see Kogarashi having been once, but not Mako-chan. Still, makes you wonder why the Miko keeps sexy underwear around when she mentions casually that she goes commando. Or was it that Kami-sama saw Fubuki coming back, and made sure that they hit a Victoria’s Secret before the maid showed up? I must say… he has good taste.

    Now, if only we got the history behind “Gai” Kogarashi and the shrine priestess. That, and more of Eiko and Miwa, who just nodded when Kogarashi declared that Naeka’s math handicap was so great that nothing short of the gods could fix it as she was beyond human help.

  4. .. that, and the ‘love love’ hearts you get after the panty-flash. Epic. Although Arayashiki was.. well, no wonder kami-sama felt he had to go home. But anyone who encourages Naeka to go Oharuhi-sama on Fubuki is worthy in my books.

  5. “I wonder how many of my readers are considering switching to this religion. Meido with sexy underwear and miko without… this is indeed profound spiritual knowledge.”
    now this is the kind of religion i can support, i can be a missionary to bring the gospel of Haruhi Suzumiya to the world…

  6. Clearly, God knows his stuff.

    Oh God (lol), when that huge monster whatsherface undressed I thought I had a heart attack! Avert your eyes children. DO NOT WANT Fortunately, my eyes were cleansed with Fubuki fanservice.

    I also liked how Liz wets her bed and has nightmares about crows. God this show is so broken.

    Have I mentioned God already?

  7. I’m detecting a serious red flag regarding this episode. Jason didn’t mention a single AKM. Is Kogarashi… *gasp*… losing his GAR?

  8. I’ve been watching from episode 1. I only have one complaint…


  9. >”and instead of Ranka Lee, we can only defend with Avril Lavigne”

    Don’t you dare joke with us like that again, Jason. Don’t you dare.

  10. The great thing about the episode was that Kogarashi didn’t need to be present for the rest of it to be hilarious. I guess divine intervention is the only way that could happen. :/

  11. “I feel so…drafty”
    Epic. 5 stars. Win. Game over.

  12. I think I may speak for all your readers in thanking ecchi-kami that you didn’t have the screenshot of Arayashiki stripping off.

  13. If “god” was Haruhi, I’d become a Haruhiist in about 3.2 seconds. A god that enjoys maid transparent undergarment and fine play… HE’S MY KIND OF GOD!

  14. fine play indeed.

  15. Welcome to Hinamizawa: 2008

    This..this is the Fuurde shrine 25 years after the Endless June incident. Oyashiro-sama has relacked and Rika has grown up. (Head miko has Rika’s hair style). The new owner, I mean god, kami-sama….K1, the Pervert of Hinamizawa. Fine Play indeed. Skill from all the Punishment Games takes root as in inflicts them now on others to our amusement.

    The only thing missing was 40 year old (and still hot) Rena trying to take Strawberryfields home.

  16. “I think I may speak for all your readers in thanking ecchi-kami that you didn’t have the screenshot of Arayashiki stripping off.”
    amen to that

  17. Technically the Miko outfit is traditionally worn without underwear. This is part of why Kyousuke is curious to begin with: Is she following “tradition” or being “modern”. The mention that she is not wearing any, could be a symbol of her devoutness to tradition and her true essence of the miko. But considering this show its probably just for fun.

    As for “Gai”, Gai is just the Japanese spelling for Guy. If you notice the show is “Maid Guy”. So maybe his real name is just “guy”.

  18. I can see him as Gai senior elder of the yamada clan of mecha pilots. sadly later generations lose the secret of maid guy invulnerability to bullets, and get killed off in episode three for being cooler than the main hero.

  19. If this kept up this place would be Derailed by Clumsy, Easy Miedo.

    And are we sure Jason didn’t write this show under a pin-name?

  20. Is it wrong for me to imagine Dragonballs Kami with a nosebleed sending his commands to Miko girl to see Fubuki wearing sexy underwear?

  21. “And are we sure Jason didn’t write this show under a pin-name?”
    another explanation could be that Jason is the son of kami-sama, explaining a lot of things

  22. “Unaired onsen episode due to ‘ethical’ reasons.”

    This just means everyone will want to see it more.

    Which ethical reason?

  23. the only thing i can be mad about when it comes to kamen no maid guy, is how there’s only ONE GROUP SUBBING THIS ANIME.. it’s rediculous.

    yakuza&tk subs have done a good job for the most part, but the last 3 episodes have taken a month apart to be subbed and released. i mean comon, the anime ended two months ago.. :(

    oh well, definitely going to savor these last two episodes!

  24. “is how there’s only ONE GROUP SUBBING THIS ANIME.. it’s rediculous.”
    there has to be a conspiracy, there is no other explanation!!

  25. What a great episode. So my questions are:
    1-Why did it take 10 episodes to discover god? I’m all for Maid Guy, but…
    2-Why does this kami *not* have his own show yet?!? Or is it what happens in 133 days when Naeka (damn I even forgot her name and had to look it up in the post! Yet I recall 2 or 3 of Fubuki’s obliged undergarnments… see what this episode did to my brain?) turns 18 and ends the series?

    “Kamen no Maid Guy 2: the Kami that created Kogarashi (and the super-awesome temple)

    BTW, anyone caught a read of this?
    I wonder how long it will take for this temple to be stormed by otakus, and what kind of crazy temple that will have to beat its record…

  26. Gah!, mashed up my last sentences… my brain’s in a funk. Fubuki’s underwears are true WMDs… good thing it’s Saturday; I have a day left to recoup from the shock…

  27. Now THIS is the religion capable of solving all of the world’s problems. xD

    But of course, the world does not want that, so only one group is subbing this. <_<

  28. Decel: It’s been an otaku tourist trap for the past year… and for the most part, the otaku are self-policing. They’ve seen what happens when they don’t (witness Akihabara muggings, stabbings, etc), so they’re careful to rein in their less… careful members.

    And again, the WSJ missed the point – that city’s profiting off of tourism, since the otaku have money… and they’re willing to spend.

  29. How did it miss the point? That’s exactly their point: otakus -weird or not- bring money (hence why the article’s in the WSJ in the first place) and other more positive elements than negative ones.

    Event their last sentence concludes that:” “It’s been a good change. It’s good to talk to so many young people,” he says. “

  30. Actually, the WSJ article seemed more to be about making fun of the weird otaku who went to places in TV shows rather than about ‘they brought in a half-million dollars in direct income last year’. And the residents were the ones saying that, not the WSJ – although you’ll note that they indicated some concern over becoming a tourist attraction based on what is seen as a show for kids/teenagers.

  31. And the reason Naeka didn’t think about seducing the nerd is because she’s no good at compliments, has no self-control, and is likely to pull out a sword the moment the nerd stares at the breasts she is quite proud of. Just look at how she ‘complimented’ Fubuki for an idea of how she’d be talking to said smart nerd. “Hey, you hopeless loser who never will have a chance to see me breasts much less touch them, I hope you’re done with my homework!”

  32. it really is sad to think that only one slow(im really grateful though… ) subber is interested in this show. why cant they realize the awesomeness behind Kogarashi’s skill, Naeka’s tits and the meido madness that FUbuki causes?!
    additional shots of Fubuki not show in this post:

  33. “… and they just forfeited the first set because Fubuki wasn’t in a mini-skirt. A second gold medal to kami-sama, who thinks, scarily, too much like me.”

    A, aa– are you God?

  34. W00t!
    Ep 11 is finally subbed!
    it seems like their releasing an ep every month,
    just look at the time stamps here:

    Either way, I can’t wait untill it gets done downloading :)

  35. Rika-chama’s inner pervert is showing again…:)

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