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I always wondered about how Heart’s Content would end. I outlined a lot of different scenarios where the characters would graduate (the logical choice) or it would continue with a new cast or the story would time skip 30 years into the future. But, now, a different type of ending has been decided. I resigned from the project.

Do you remember back in high school, when you had a partner for chemistry class? Remember how, instead of helping clean up the mess after an acids and bases lab assignment, he was too busy playing around with the Bunsen burner, almost setting the collected lab data on fire? Or how when the lab report was due, he would just crack jokes instead of helping? You get the idea. That was kinda what I felt like towards the end of Heart’s Content. And that’s pretty much why I decided to quit.

I don’t feel bad about leaving; there wasn’t any point in staying on the project anymore if Sixten wasn’t interested in continuing either. But what I feel bad about is that Heart’s Content is just another piece of scrap on the internet junkheap of unfinished projects and that it disappoints everyone who was looking forward to it. Well, I decided to wrap up it up properly as a thank you to all the Heart’s Contents supporters out there.

To begin with, Sixten never finished posting “Miss Heart’s Content,” so I’m going to. In addition to all three completed chapters, I even tossed in some author’s notes as a bonus.

Now for the treat. By the time I decided to resign, I was working on three stories. All of these are partially completed. One was an actual plot progression arc titled “Snowflake.” Since we never got around to the main crux of the story, it’s kinda pointless for me to post this one. I’ve since erased this one from my MacBook’s hard drive. The second was a Daughter of Twenty Faces-inspired arc titled “Cutest Caper Ever.” I wrote this one specifically to match what Sixten was good at, and it had a heavy Euro theme. But, eh, neither Julie nor Michiru are as awesome as Tome (yet), so off to the garbage can as well.

The treat for you will be the third story, “The Railroad Accompanying Chapter.” The style is different enough to hopefully show that Heart’s Content could have been a bit more than cute girls and one confused boy doing cute things. So I spent the last three weeks finishing this one up, and, while it could use a little bit more polish, I think it’s good enough as a thank you present. Thanks to everyone for your support.

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  1. That last chapter was really well-done! Very well-executed and interesting. The premise is also quite attractive.

    To be honest, this was the first time I’ve checked out this project since I started reading this blog, but I’m so glad I did. :D I’m sorry that you guys aren’t continuing it.

  2. aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! That pretty much sums it up. I’m a little depressed your not continuing, but it certainly was a fun idea. Ever think about just writing it as a light novel? That would require a ton less art if any at all. You know it’s like when your lab partner quits because he doesn’t care about his grade anymore but you’re pretty invested in the experiment already so you decide to finish it on your own because you’re actually curious how it will turn out.

    YES WE CAN!! or more specifically you can, it’s to early for this to die, so at least consider writing it as a light novel please, who knows maybe someday kyoto ani will animate it anyways.

    Plus I want a Tessa Testarosa character, come on now.

  3. :0

    This I had completely miss, but will inspect in great detail.

  4. I think Jason’s just upset about the Sixten’s been working after leaving Heart’s Content. :3

  5. Nah, that’s a misconception. Unlike other anime bloggers, I’m not one to get involved in drama, and I don’t use my blog to slam people either. (Anime and anime studios, though, I will slam.) Most of my readers, I think, appreciate an anime blog that actually sticks to discussing anime and the NBA. And because of that, a lot of things get misinterpreted. But I will say that I want people to have a good memory of Heart’s Content, and that’s why I wrote the final story.

  6. Huh, what happened to my post? I think it said “Awaiting moderation”, but now I don’t see it. :\

  7. Jason, did I ever suggest that Miao Diary was what caused this project to end? Did I ever slam you (or anyone)? I didn’t think I did, and if I people think I did, that was never my intention.

    (Now as for drama, I do admit to starting a huge scene when this project ended. But I think the end of a seven-month collaboration deserves a little drama, particularly if it’s for motivational purposes.)

    That said, it was indeed my fault that this project died. Jason, you have every right to be disappointed in me. I could never get anything done quickly enough. I am horribly sorry for making you spend all this time on something that ended up going nowhere.

    It may have been a waste of time for you, but it was a learning experience for me. I seemed to be randomly spinning around toward the end of this project, but I worked as hard as you did for more than a few months. I didn’t get the results you wanted, but I learned from what I did. While working on Heart’s Content, I drew a lot and improved greatly as an artist. I learned a lot about storytelling from the work you did. And ending this project was a blow that taught me the lesson of how I was letting perfectionism hold me back, and of how it was important to work on a project everyday.

    I’ll go on without your help, but it is because of what you’ve done that I can work on my own now. Again, thank you for everything. My dream of becoming a professional artist has not changed, and whether I succeed or not, I will never forget what you have done to help me along.

  8. It’s clear Sixten was more interested in drawing you as a nekomimi loli than anything else. And I think you might be at fault for that one, breaking poor innocent Sixten like that.

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