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We must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel. What next? A sequel for Ruin Explorers? Though I’m surprised Bubblegum Crisis hasn’t yet been tapped for a remake and/or sequel. Or did I just give someone an idea… ?

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  1. Wait, hold it. Ruin Explorers? Fam and Ihrlie?! That came back when I was in HIGH SCHOOL, for Haruhi’s sake.

  2. … Well, earlier than that, but still, it’s old enough to be one of those series only a driven watcher could pick up, or even remember.

    Still, it’s kind of funny how some of the old standbys get given a second chance. Fist of the Northstar premiers this fall, SLAYERS is still showing, Birdie the Mighty got a remake (and a sequel coming up next year). What’s next? A reboot of Lodoss Wars? Haruhi forbid.

  3. Still, Vandread is RELATIVELY new. And it’s still recent enough for Western viewers to remember it.

    But, why? The story is pretty much resolved. There’s nothing left to tell, unless they want to go into the reintegration of the disparate Male and Female populations.

  4. (my office won’t service Imageshack links, so if I’m wrong about the image, hah, my fault)

    This could be a last-gasp effort for GONZO to drum up earnings and support, especially when one considers the ultimatum given by Tokyo Stock Exchange hanging over the company’s head. Delisting is tantamount to unsolubility to some analysts eyes (and I should know, I work for a brokerage firm myself). I mean, it would be TOO optimistic for them to think that Kurogane no Linebarrel, Strike Witches, and Rosario+Pantsu season 2 will be enough to shore up their losses…

  5. Well, I’ve heard rumors of Vandread 2 for a long time, so I don’t know how
    real this is. But that’s Dita’s and Hibiki’s daughter. And Vandread ain’t new… it’s pre-BitTorrent…

    (If you’re bored…)

  6. Maybe it’s been brought about by a mixture of both? Financial desperation plus a general lack of ideas to solve a negative profit issue pushes studio to fall back on something that WORKED, back in the day. Hoping to strike gold a third time? Your guess is as good as mine.

  7. I guess this is the next step on Gonzo’s pull-ourselves-out-of-debt plan?

    Vandread was one of the few productions they’ve done that actually was good. It always surprised me that they never capitalised on it. I remember being told that the bulk of the Vandread staff left Gonzo and struck out on their own, producing (among other things) Stratos 4. I’ve never seen it officially talked about, but the director, sound director and 3D director all are credited for both (along with practically the whole cast) so there’s very likely some truth to the story.

    Also, wasn’t there a whole lot of noise a few years back that ADV were going to fund a sequel to Bubblegum Crisis 2040, but deals fell through? I seem to remember something to that effect.

    If we’re talking about raiding old shows for sequel inspiration, it’s about time we got that Stellvia sequel. Or the final Rurouni Kenshin story arc. Or go for the jugular and make a sequel to Card Captor Sakura set five or six years later. Clamp would have done that already if they weren’t so fixated on coming up with crappy self-congratulatory crossover fanfiction and turning it into manga :V

  8. (It’s supposed to be my lunch Jason, so I’m definitely not bored, but I AM buried under work; expect me to be quiet for a bit after this post. Oh, and my system can’t handle flash games, haha, plus it’ll get me in hot water with IT).

    Like I said, I can’t see the picture (Imageshack link), but my thoughts on GONZO’s finances could have played a part in the decision to revive the franchise.

  9. Why hellooooooooo Negs. Glad to hear that other people are thinking about how much GONZO’s financial woes have influenced this franchise revival.

    But STELLVIA? Too much to hope for, as much as I’d like to. CCS? Even MORE unlikely, as both Tsubasa Chronicle and XXXXHolic are entering into their respective climaxes.

  10. I’ve a frined who’s goign to be very happy with this news. Seriously, he only saw Vandread 1rst and 2nd stage over two months back in 2004, I lost the count of how many times did he saw it, still it was pretty funny to tease him about it.

    BOB: “Hey dud, what day is it?”
    Syaoran LI: “Monday, why?”
    BOB: “Oh shit, what happened to my weekend?”
    Syaoran Li: “Beats me.”
    BOB: “Oh well, let’s watch Vandread one more time…”
    Syaoran Li: “…”

    Ahhh very good times ^_^

  11. Though I’m surprised Bubblegum Crisis hasn’t yet been tapped for a remake and/or sequel.

    You mean another one?

  12. Stellvia 2 won’t happen. There’s been some falling out and whatnot.

    I really should write a “top ten sequels/remakes we need (from pre-2004)” post. Gimme ideas (something other than Cowboy Bebop). One show that definitely needs some closure if Hanaukyo Meido… twice we get to the start of Mariel’s story just to be left out to dry.

  13. cant wait to see how they mess this one up…

  14. By all means do so, Jason. It’ll be worth it if even just to compare notes on what should be redone or continued.

  15. But that’s Dita’s and Hibiki’s daughter.

    Dammit, and I thought it was a Hibiki-trap. XD

  16. I rather enjoyed the original Vandread. Rumors have been abound about Vandread 2 for the longest time. I think there are even reports of posters and such of it said to be at Gonzo’s studio since around the time the show ended. And they’ve always had Dita’s and Hibiki’s daughter as the main character.
    I’m personally throwing this one in that Mai-Hime Destiny folder, I’ll totally be there hitting refresh when it finally comes out but I won’t be expecting it ANY time soon.

  17. Myssa Rei: Negs has been here a while – didn’t you see him in the “Anime becoming Mainstream” post?

    Evil Devil: Surely you jest. It’s like J.C. Staff working on a non-loli tsundere series after several seasons of Shana and ZnT.

  18. Forgot the smiley of sarcasm. DOH.

  19. The Stellvia sequel would happen if the parties involved would stop acting like little children. :(

    There are a lot of older shows which deserve another look-in. Not just sequels, either. As a more recent example, I’d love to see someone throw Tsukihime to UFOTable with a similar budget to Kara no Kyoukai and let them go nuts, I suspect they’d be able to redeem that one easily.

  20. For Jason’s question of a show that needs closure. My vote goes toward Kare Kano(His and Her Circumstances).

  21. I’m all for daughters. I’ll watch this with reserved enthusiasm. It could be good, it could be crap. I’m hoping for the former.

    As for sequils, how about a remake of His & Her Circumstances? Or, for a continuation, where is my mother fucking Hellsing?! Or maybe some Baccano or Genshiken or Zetsubou Sensei?

    Or even a series of Evangelion movies that first appeared to be a retelling of the series but are looking more and more like a sequel to End of Evangelion… wait… OH SHI~!

  22. Tarage: Jason mentioned series prior to 2004, so limit thy ravings to the series that preceded that year, yes? ;)

    My vote? Five Star Stories, oh gosh, Five Star Stories.

  23. Off the top of my head, another vote for Kare Kano, and in the same vein: Elfen Lied. (can it still count even though it was actually in 2004?) Both their mangas are already finished.

    And this probably doesn’t count as proper sequel/continuation, but I want to see more mindfuck series by Yoshitoshi ABe.

  24. Fruit Basket ^^

  25. Daughter, heck. I’m wondering who crossed a Tribble with a sweet potato (lower left hand corner).

    While we’re asking for continuations/reboots that are million-to-one shots, I’d like to see a second season of “Nerima Daikon Brothers,” a reboot of “Grenadier” and a continuation of “Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.”

  26. There is talk of a new Space Battleship Yamato movie being done by Nishisaki as a direct sequal to the series. No official word on if Matsumoto is involved with the art direction.

  27. “For Jason’s question of a show that needs closure. My vote goes toward Kare Kano(His and Her Circumstances).”

    QFT. But only Gainax can do it (no Shaft, or J.C., or, heaven forbid, Sunrise remake).

    When’s Miyazaki due for his next Nausicaa reboot? /jk

    Actually, I’m perfectly satisfied with the relative “doneness” of my favorite shows of yore. I’m more content to let my happy memories live on, rather than having some desperate studio dredge up oldies just to trample all over a series’ good name (i.e. just look at this post T_T). These days, “produced my Gonzo” is synonymous with “next on the chopping block.”

  28. Wow, Vandred, that takes me back. A sequel to the anime that introduced me to the section of anime fandom didn’t relate to Naruto…it would have to be at least 7 different kinds of awesome. I’d hope they’d work in something about Jura and Barnette’s presumptive kid as well. Just imagining the combination of those two in one body gave me such wonderful nightmares way back when. I wonder if Bart and Trappy McTrap would have procreated as well…

  29. I’d watch it, if it involves more screentime for Meia. Mostly because I found Dita really boring.

  30. Or go for the jugular and make a sequel to Card Captor Sakura set five or six years later.

    If only I was the scriptwriter for that… Sakura x Tomoyo fans would eternally thank me.

    And about series that need some comeback, I think its time for Gonzo (or a better studio, for that matter) to do Gantz some deserved justice. That monkeycrap of an ending they did is unedible.

  31. What, you have something against Vandread?

    I see nothing wrong with a sequel. Not that I’m looking forward to it either.

  32. Dude, that Vandread scan was from an issue of Newtype before season 2 aired. It’s safe to say that it’s abandoned concept by now.

    Furthermore, I was the that scanned that image. To think that it would re-emerge after all this years with no changes done to it…

    Certain things you do in life are just timeless it seems

  33. Vandread is 2000-2001 …. It seems there was a plan for a Vandread sequel and it got at least to character design but somehow it never materialized (that is why that image exist), not that is a bad thing because there is really no point for a sequel besides milking it and they are now 8 years late for that.

    I also hear rumors about “Kiddy Grade 2”, I think they would be milking that one before Vandread.

  34. I came across Bubblegum Crisis on the Action channel (bad dub is bad) when I was still a wee tot. Even though I still didn’t know I could put the words “kick” and “ass” together in the same sentence, I knew it was exactly that.

    Come to think of it, I believe it was literally just yesterday when I last wondered if it was time for a Crisis reboot.

  35. >>“I really should write a “top ten sequels/remakes we need (from pre-2004)” post. Gimme ideas (something other than Cowboy Bebop). One show that definitely needs some closure if Hanaukyo Meido… twice we get to the start of Mariel’s story just to be left out to dry.”

    Well, with Haruhi still stuck at 14 and MKM still stuck at 12, I have a hard time thinking past those two…

  36. Priss on a Bike part 2??


  37. Heh, that brings back memories, Vandread was one of the first series I downloaded… from Direct Connect hubs. And wasn’t it that they didn’t as much abandon plans for Vandread 2 as they did drastically alter them? I remember something about the second 13-episode arc having been originally planned to be about their kids, but it was re-imagined into what we have today. As for the sequels question, back in those days it was a frequent rumour in DC hubs that Berserk or Noir would be getting a sequel. I wouldn’t mind seeing more animated Berserk.

  38. I think you need you need to refresh your memory Northernshadows.

    Vandread 2nd stage was a follow up to Vandread, that aired roughly one year before it and at the end of Vandread was no Hibiki x Dita, or Hibiki x anyone for that matter, in fact we only have Hibiki X Dita at the very end of 2nd stage and 2nd stage was the one that really progressed the relationships and Vandread ended with on a cliffhanger was they destroyed one Harvester but by doing so they make Earth to send the rest of their Harvester fleet back to Earth.

    Vandread 2 was supposed to be a follow up to Vandread, you have to remember that its Vandread and Vandread, 2nd Stage … not “Vandread 2, 2nd stage”, kinda like “The Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of Uruk” is going to be followed up by “The Tower of Druaga: the Sword of Uruk” … notice its not named “The Tower of Druaga 2”.

    As for Noir and Berserk … Noir is done, Madlax is its spiritual successor and both along with El Cazador de la Bruja they made the “girls-with-guns” trilogy and as for Berserk, the anime since cut the Skull Knight and so there is no way to put it back on track with manga so there is nothing that can done unless they venture into “original anime storyline” that is not very likely to happen.

  39. Wow, my heart nearly stopped before I realised this was pretty much a repost.

    Still… I’d like to see more Vandread.

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