riposte: while i was away

It’s no fire truck, but it’s still shiny.

(I feel like Neeba after Jil catches up with in the tower. Wait, three months passed out there? Are you sure? Alrighty then, let’s get to it…)

Mac: But if you give up anime blogging, sell me for a pittance. Srsly.

Thanks for reminding me that I still own that domain name. Makes my “Mmm, it’s been almost two years… I really should change up blog names and URL again” conundrum easier.

(I thought heavily about starting fresh since the database of this blog is based on b2. That was back when you could only assign one non-hierarchical category to a post… and a lot of my older posts are just so archaically archived. Now you can have hierarchy, tags, and unlimited categories. But in the end I decided to keep the old database. It’s like an old friend at this point.)

(One stylistic change I am pushing forward with is that I used to bold series names like Gundam 00. I will change to the stylistically correct italics Gundam 00 in the future. The history of this was, back then, a lot of NBA blogs would bold the name of players to make it easier to scan posts if you only care about specific players. Plus, alt-shift-b was much easier on my fingers than doing alt-shift-i for the italics shortcut. That’s why I used to do it. Now, the bold looks more awkward with the new theme… and I’m fully prepared to screw this up like a billion times over the next few poss as I break my old habit.)

(FYI, I wrote all my 2009 posts using this new theme. That’s why the images looked slightly off in the old theme. Check out the Gundam 00 post again. One big motivation for going single column again when this blog hasn’t been single column since 2003 is that it’s more friendly to mobile devices. The old theme just sucked for iPhone browsing.)

Ink: We’ve tried to contact him, we’ve sent him photos of traps. He’s still alive – or his youtube has been hacked. Either way, I think it’s unlikely our actions will coerce him into doing something he doesn’t want to. If he walks away from derailed, so be it. If he’s under hiatus, he’ll come back when he’s ready. So maybe we should stop this paparazzi-esque media flooding, and just wait for his return.

Note to self: next time I go on hiatus, shut down blog, and replace with a flood of Google Ads.

(Very scary the comments you guys started writing after just two weeks of being away. If only this type of energy and effort went into researching a cure for cancer.)

Skyman747: He chased a Shiny Red Firetruck all the way to Japan. He then used his money to buy a toliet seat cover, so he can’t get a plane ride home.

Probably my favorite conspiracy theory, if only because it involved planes and a commenter named “Skyman747”.

Rajion1: Thank god, i thought you got knifed. Burnt in a californian wild fire. Or knifed while being burned in a californian wild fire. The point is, you’re alive. Few anime blogs are as consistantly witty, or at least floating enough to be noticed.

I log the IP addresses of these commenters in case one day I am knifed while in a wild fire, and the FBI needs a lead.

But there’s a lot of problems with the current anime blogosphere. There’s a lot, and I mean a lot, of anime bloggers now, and most of them love their blogs more than they love anime. This is a problem.

Ithekro: Heavily talked about scenes seem to be a mix of Heave or Hell Chiaki, and Hosaka’s Curry Song…with a little of his Kimoichiwarui scene.

I have my next five posts planned: Toradora, non-sad Clannad, Minami-ke, and a commentary post. Just not sure which order. The fifth’ll probably be another Gundam 00 post.

Akira: I’m laughing at all the “The World God Only Knows” spam you must be getting right about now ;)

I can’t wait for The World God Only Knows to become a subpar anime thanks to AIC, Asread, or Studio Deen. Am I crazy in thinking JC Staff would be fantastic for Keima and friends? Or does Elysee’s melonpan disqualify this work for JC Staff?

(I used to get a lot of drug-related spam. Nowadays, most spam deal with the economic crisis.)

Giant Humanoid Robot: Top ten ways to spend time while waiting for Jason to blog again:

10. Watch a classic pre-BT anime series.
9. Bake some melon bread.
8. Add “yes we can”, “uso da”, or “oh geass yes/no” to the end of your sentences.
7. Drive a firetruck.
6. Write a post of your own and put it in the comments.
5. Start a support group for the broken.
4. Finish that Darry x Yoko x Nia doujin you’ve been working on.
3. Kidnap a girl and dress her up as a nekomimi meido.
2. Finish that Lulu x Suzaku x Rollo doujin you’ve been working on.
1. Kidnap a boy and dress him up as a nekomimi meido.

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. Glad to see you back Jason (Even though I was really enjoying all the craziness and funny comments that generated when you disappeared.) I figured you were only going to be gone for a while since you seemed like the type who would formally retire from blogging if you had started to dislike it. Hoping to see your take on the anime world going forward

    Also could you change that background color to something besides white. The black and white are kinda contrasting against each other and seriously hurting my eyes.

  2. Once again glad to see you back. The new design is…different, but I think it looks good. Excited for more post, and I think your just afraid to admit that while on hiatus you did kidnap a boy and dressed him up as a nekomimi meido.

  3. But there’s a lot of problems with the current anime blogosphere. There’s a lot, and I mean a lot, of anime bloggers now, and most of them love their blogs more than they love anime. This is a problem.

    Interesting point. Worth looking into, since I’m still quite new having been blogging only 5 months. In any case, my little blog is as anime-love driven as I can imagine. I don’t even mind relating to myself as a fanboy, with a blog name like We Remember Love.

  4. Nice to see you again, J, and sorry if any of your readers have gotten overly loony. The limit of my Jason fandom was checking the RSS feed every now and then.
    Eh, the bold titles are a sports thing? I never knew…(/doesn’t read a lot of English blogs) I actually ended up developing a similar system for my own blog, where anime and manga titles are bold, novel and song titles are italicised, and episode and chapter titles are in quotation marks. This actually works out well because I use italics so much for emphasis, and because it allows for distinctions between different media that happen to have the same titles. Even though that’s pretty far from what they say in any style handbook, I use it because it lessens confusion, which is kind of the purpose behind style rules in the first place.
    By the way, with all your brokenness and OH GEASS NO-ness, I had expected you to be all up ons Hetalia. Or are you waiting for the DVD release so you can see Poland in all his crisp wheaty glory?

  5. I can’t wait for your Toradora blog post, hopefully it can tide my hunger wave for witty remarks that /a/ has been terribly unable to quench it. “Delete this post if it is double post”

  6. “and most of them love their blogs more than they love anime”


  7. Hey, this isn’t DbD!
    RSS feeds can lead to strange lands sometimes…

  8. YES! Even though Minami-ke 3rd seasons is already incredibly enjoyable, I will be able to enjoy it more once you start posting!!!! Along with a whole lot of other boring stuff these past two seasons.

  9. Whoa.

    I thought I was in the wrong place for a minute. Especially since I only saw this picture a day or so ago elsewhere.

    (Kyou’s ass in amazing…but you knew that already)

  10. Love the new theme, I think it fits perfectly.

    As an average-at-best anime blogger, I think I see what you mean by bloggers loving there blogs and not anime. I started blogging because I love anime and still do but now I worried that I’m not expressing this love properly when I write. I’d love to see you further explain what you mean.

  11. I got mentioned by Jason!!!111oneoneone this is the happiest day of my life.

    lemme be the first to ask: what, exactly, is the banner picture?

  12. Eclectic changing background colour with “contrasting” text colour per post…ouch. Call me old fashioned but I prefer consistent black text on white background….or at least something consistent across pages. Full width images in the gundam post look nice though.

    Pictures in the place of titles in the search and search by tag/category make the feature completely unusable.

    But gimmicky design decisions aside, it’s good to see some life round here again.

  13. Well, so he changed the blog back to blogsuki…

    And, of course, he had to have a trap post in his list of the next five. He really should go for Mariya, the evil Mizuho… especially with everything else involved.

  14. Incidentally, finally managed to find Muteki Kanban Musume on DVD, and the complete collection to boot. After complaining here that it was impossible to find, emo ramen is here.

  15. When I clicked the link I was sure I reached the wrong blog. I’m sad to see Darry go, but then again Gurren Lagann was awhile ago and it’s good to see a change. Of course I hope you don’t change your blogging style to much though.

  16. I love fire trucks too

  17. The site’ll take a while to get used to,but it works. I’m doing hypertext design and you’ve ‘flattened’ your site – instead of post list -> full post -> back,it’s now full post -> full post -> full post. I think it works a lot better for a blog; it’s a more natural browsing metaphor,like turning a page in a newspaper.

    It does make it harder to browse through the archives,though.

  18. just like dustin, i was certain i was at the wrong blog. but we’ve got you back! a new theme AND a “Yep.. These are my readers.” line?! you don’t know how happy i am jason, you don’t even know, nyoro~n.

    there’s a couple anime you’ve blogged that i probably wouldn’t of even given a chance without reading your posts on it first, especially code geass. for that i deeply thank you. i’m diggin’ the simple single column style and cheers for the future~

    btw, i’m sure you’ve got to be enjoying asu no yoichi thus far.

  19. Damn my eyes hurts +_+

  20. The new layout actually weirds me out, should the bit past the page edges really be white like that? Would you not think that black would be better?

  21. …It’s a good thing I’m using my tablet PC right now, because this column format, especially with the white borders on either side, is really weird-looking on a widescreen monitor. (While my tablet PC does have a widescreen LCD, I can put it in tablet mode and rotate the orientation so that it’s displayed sideways and thus have the white borders on the sides mostly cropped off.)

  22. Thank god your back.

    And just like Ink said, being mentioned by Jason gives me this warm fuzzy feeling inside.

  23. I can’t say I’m in love with with this new layout. A little too Spartan and just too much empty space along the sides for my tastes. But the changing background colors for each post is a nice change of pace.

    Anyway, glad to see you get back into the groove. Everyone loves to see the great ones make a comeback.

  24. Holy crap, the full tag list is insanely long!

  25. My eyes have no problem with the new layout. I do have a problem with my comments never making it through =(

  26. I’m so happy. I’ll finnally not have haunt your site for posts. I felt as if I was possesed.

  27. Welcome back. I know you like that.

  28. First off… Welcome back to the Land of the Living, Jason/


  29. Okay that made me laugh.

    But it is true…all those complaints about false advertising with Rena and Mion in swinsuits….well it isn’t false anymore. Fanservice show! And while there is Mion/Shion melonpan…what about Takano?

  30. Shaft is the only studio for World Only God Knows.
    Give us some Maria+Holic talk.
    Good to see you back.

  31. :shakes fist at wordpress: It’s NOT that hard to tell the browser to remember what people typed into the box. Anyway I’m glad Jason’s back at it, no other blog could seem to fill the hole left in my heart by this one.

    Happy Thoughts
    -Jason’s back
    -Jason’s still got ‘it’
    – Design Changes
    –Always been a fan of white on black

    Less Happy Thoughts
    – Design Changes
    –Catering to tiny screen users at the expense of regular sized screen users :(.
    –The ” buttons seem go the opposite direction to what I expect (maybe it’s always been like that and I never noticed since I never needed to use them)?

  32. Wow. My rss feed reader hadn’t picked anything up in a while so I randomly visit the site and it’s turned into the amazing technicolor blog. Plus three new posts and a YTAMR for me, it’s like Christmas in March.

  33. “Yep… these are my readers.”

    You have no idea how much I missed that

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