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I recently saw a story about how PG&E (my local utility) is going to start buying solar power captured in space:

The solar power will be captured on satellite solar panels hovering in earth’s orbit and transmitted to Fresno via radio frequency.

While this isn’t a stretch since power from space has been proposed, this is actually a real proposal for power from space by 2020. The predictions that Gundam 00 made might not have been that far off, especially considering the timeline. Definitely more realistic than Freedom Tower. What else could Gundam 00 get right?

In presenting himself at a summit as an equal partner to Latin America, President Obama is drawing on his race as evidence of U.S. social progress and of his own affinity for the region’s poor.

That’s from the SF Chronicle. Obama has been reversing past US trend on how we view Latin America, and, if the Americas could be more united, it could create a large enough trading block to counter the EU and China. In other words, Union. I can’t wait to elect a black president, as depicted by the start of Gundam 00

Now, US physicists have helped to break that mould by creating the first curved laser beams.

From New Scientist. Curved lasers? I thought it was ridiculous when Louise’s crab-shaped mobile suit could bend its lasers, but I guess it is somewhat plausible. But really, this is based on diffraction and not really bending the laser. Of course, it still doesn’t explain how Saji completely forgot about his dead sister in S2.

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  1. SUNRISE is a fearsome entity…

  2. What’s next?

    Fabulous! homos with powers that shoot from their eyes? I don’t thi….

    oh wait….


  3. Solar farms in space isn’t really a new concept… a lot of companies have said they “plan to do it” for years but none of them have. Also, if you remember at the beginning of the first season of 00 the president was white (He made the comment about how they had always been the police of the world blahblahblah).

  4. Not to try and put logic into a sunrise show, but isn’t this basically what they were trying to accomplish with 00? Display a future that is highly possible, not far off, and show that even though mankind will try to keep fighting wars with itself, we need to put our differences aside and unite if we’re going to make the next step into space.

  5. I’m not a rocket scientist or anything, but won’t you have lots of energy loss when beaming the power from space to the ground? I also wouldn’t want to walk under this beam… death ray anyone? Though that may be the reason they use radio frequency and not microwaves.

  6. What about Feldt’s flower? (please don’t take that out of context >_<)

  7. You may be surprised, but Gundam has a long history of basing their science off of real scientific concepts. The original colonies in UC are all from a book that came out in ’74 by Gerard K O’Neill, a professor at Princeton and later a head of NASA; and the first UC came out in 1979 with the same cylindrical colonies. Now as for minovsky particles, those are debatable but…

  8. Chucky: see here.

  9. “I can’t wait to elect a black president, as depicted by the start of Gundam 00…”

    Wait, what? Are you being sarcastic, or…

  10. I’m now terrified of the implications. Aliens on Jupiter? More likely than we think?

    And lets not even go to what Unicorn may predict.

  11. Anyone thinking of afterwar Gundam X when they read the microwave part?

  12. I checked the image above and cannot seem to find Feldt. Does this mean anything?

  13. You have lots of energy loss beaming energy down from space. But since you didn’t have to do anything to make the energy (the sun did it for you) then you can still come out ahead.

    Also the US ALREADY HAS A DEATH RAY. It’s fired from a Boeing.

  14. Actually, the idea of progress in energy production (not creation because as every 5th grader tells you, energy only gets converted, neither created nor destroyed) can already be seen in many SimCity games. When you reach a certain year, certain technologies will be implemented.

    (Here’s hoping that in 2050, nuclear fusion is viable. For those who are not new to SimCity, microwave transfer plants are scheduled for 2020.)

    But hey, hasn’t Gundam series always been about the plausibility of scientific concepts and theories? The Lagrangian points, space colonies and so forth. Hey, they could be the Japanese answer to Discovery Science.

  15. @tidal: I for one welcome our Jovian Lizard overlords.

  16. The AEU is practically almost here… Union maybe a little more likely. There’s NAFTA to start with, and all that’s needed is something similar for South America. Including Australia and Japan is iffier.

    Not feeling the likelihood of an HRL… China and India don’t strike me as the type to get together.

  17. Sick Paranoia Agent shop

  18. Thanks for clearing that up, Mecha. I liked that last line.

  19. I’m still wating for my GN Drives, thoese are the future.

  20. Guys, it’s all cool unless they decide to put Sunrise in charge of this project. I mean they can be part of the first project but not the second one. Yes, it means exactly what it means.

  21. The only way sunrise could be any more godly is:
    1. America starts conquering countries, and with Japan being the 11th one to be conquered, they are renamed Area 11.
    2. A deadly form of pink eye that only certain people are immune to. These immunes threaten people to do their bidding.
    3. Anyone can come back to life as long as they wear a mask.

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