kami no mistake

It’s like peeling off an old band aid. Let’s just get it over with…


















… what the fuck is this?


Now that that part of the post is out of the way… we can move on. Nonetheless, let me be the one millionth person to make the “iz dis sum Hayate the Combat Meido joke?”

(Counting the Hinagiku-riffic 00 special, so far JC Staff is only 12 episodes into their Reign of Hayate, and this is the third time Hayate has crossdressed. And I’ve written about all three episodes. I’m not sure what this says about JC Staff, Hayate, this blog’s readership, or myself. I honestly do not want to know.)


I won’t lie. During this scene, I was thinking, “Moe moe kyun!

(Yes, it’s a strike against JC Staff that they didn’t do “moe moe kyun!”)

(There’s like over a dozen pinup shots of nekomimi meido Hayate this episode… which is more than all of Mio pinup shots in K-On!. I give up. It’s like they want me to start blogging about gardening or bird watching instead of anime. Still, the shot of Hayate in the Swiss Alps slayed me.)

(But is it a bad thing to have pinup shots of nekomimi meido Hayate?)

(Needless to say, if there’s anyone in the world who could use a Kyou OVA right now, it’s me.)


Loved Maria in this episode. Loved how she was being shyly around the bush trying to break news of Hayate’s change to Hayate. Loved Maria’s “if you want to crossdress, it’s okay with me.” She’s the best.

(I joke earlier. I would love to do the MORE MORE MORE! gimmick with Maria… but we’re sadly given more Hayate pinup shots in one episode than Maria has gotten in 12. Let’s just say I’m not with you guys on “JC Staff for The World God Only Knows.”)


A month ago, I didn’t see any scenario where Mio would be challenged this year… not even by Yuki Nagato. A day ago, I didn’t see any scenario where Azu-nyan would be challenged this year… not even with the announcement of Maria+Holic season 2. Today, I think Azu-nyan is going to have to put up a fight. Azu-nyan vs. nekomimi meido Hayate reminds me of Octavia vs. Arthur where the two join hands at the end… uh… wait… what was I writing about again? Ah? I hated the adultery subplot of this episode of K-On!. Seriously, Kyoto, stick with the manga and have Yui sell Mio to Sawa-chan. It’s for the best.


A white mage joins the party!


I’m probably the only blogger who thinks of things like, “Mmm… I probably should publish the anime waifu post before the Hayate one or else half the comments for anime waifu would concern ‘Hermione Ayasaki.'” I think I played it right with only one Herminone comment and a dozen concerning my spelling of “Minato.”

(Nevertheless, not a lot of other anime bloggers deal with this type of issue.)

(Probably a good time to mention my first draft of the anime waifu post was actually a groom post… which I quickly scrapped knowing that my readers would fill up their lists with Mariya, Mizuho, Mako-cakes, Hayate, Kyonko, and Luluko. Bet some of my readers are wondering right now, “What’s wrong with that?” with the same confused look Isumi gets when she’s lost.)


Yeah, that’s the one.

(Probably the same face you had when you read “Maria+Holic season 2″… which I lied about. Gotcha.)


When I saw the episode title as the “When the Hinamatsu Happens,” I thought it was a festival of Hinagikus. So wrong. I can see why people ranked Hina so high… but, obviously, she’s inferior to Maria. And depending on your feeling about this episode, Hayate. OTL.

(Though if the intention of this episode was to showcase Hinagiku, it totally failed. Nekomimi meido Hayate just dominates. It’s like the episode of Gundam Seed Destiny where Luna just randomly kisses Shinn… sure, other crap might be going on, but that’s what overpowers the discussion for that episode.)


Needless to say, when I saw Hermione Ayasaki, I knew I was preempting this week’s Eden of the East post (don’t worry, I’ll cover it with the final episode wrap-up).
*shakes head*

(As Jack would say, “Hermione Ayasaki, that’s a great name!” But, to me, it’s just one more arrow in my meme quiver… oh geass no just shoot me mako-cakes hermione more MORE!!!)


The premise of a crossdressing dollmaker making a cursed crossdressing doll that curses an unlucky fellow into crossdressing unless the crossdress curse was lifted? Is this also the premise of the next Higurashi OVA?


I kept thinking of Nyan giving Miki yet another letter of challenge. Yes, we need another season of Muteki Kanban Musume. Desperately. Especially after being moe brainwashed by Hermione Ayasaki.

16 Responses to “kami no mistake”

  1. I tried once to explain my fondness of Mako-cakes to a friend who is not into anime at all. It resulted in either being called a “gay-pedo” for the rest of my life on a regular basis when ever I was around him, breaking off a 16 year long friendship, or giving up Mako-cakes.

    I still have my Mako-cakes, and I’m not called a “gay-pedo” on a regular basis. I stand by my choice

  2. Ah Muteki Kanban Musume was an excellent anime its a shame it won’t get a second season (but will still pray).

  3. >>Maria+Holic season 2″… which I lied about. Gotcha.

    You. Bastard.

    I think I drooled on my keyboard when you said it at first, now all I’m left doing is cleaning up the mess.

  4. No Mariya or cosplay songs?! You lied you bastard!

    One of these days I will watch Hayate, but for now it’s Mio/Mugi and Johnnies, which sadly end next week T^T

  5. I’ll be honest. I hope Hayate fails to break the curse.

  6. I was pretty sure this post was coming. still oyashiro curse you for your lies about medio guitar season two. maria and nagi’s o_O faces were priceless during this episode. I’m guessing your reaction was much the same.

  7. I give up. I’ll admit it.
    I’ve been waiting for the Hinamatsuri arc for a long time. JC Staff did a great job on this episode (my applause to them for splitting the joy over two episodes); the only thing they skimped on is Kotetsu’s introduction (making his bumping into Hermione a bit less significant). Otherwise, I’m thoroughly broken by Hermione.
    Next episode, by the way, should thoroughly break any of you who still remain somewhat intact. If it’s anything like the manga (which it seems to be following very well), you could hear the breaking of Jason’s Readers across the globe.

  8. There is something about JC Staff’s pass at Hayate which really hasn’t worked for me. I enjoyed the first season quite a bit, but this time I’ve felt like I’m struggling to watch it. The type of humor is the same but it seems a lot less explicitly referential in its content, but I think the main thing has been that they’ve been focusing a heck of a lot more on teenage romance / love triangles etc. When you look back over their recent stuff there seems to be a trend in this sort of thing too. There’s only so many shows filled with that sort of content and Rie Kugimiya that you can take, I guess. :(

  9. … what the fuck is this?

    Maria is lesbian for Hermione. It all makes sense now.

  10. @ ruffles: are you sure it was drool? Mariya . . . does things to people . . .

  11. @NegativeZero

    That’s wierd because my favorite parts of Season1 was when they actually told a story instead of the random gag comedy. I’m loving Season2.

  12. “That’s wierd because my favorite parts of Season1 was when they actually told a story instead of the random gag comedy. I’m loving Season2.”

    Ditto’d, except I miss the dark butlers (Duel butler, puppet butler XD).

    I wonder though, will said romance actually progress any further than this?

  13. Needs more Maria. Or Maria-Hermione yuri….wait, what?

  14. I punched the air in triumph on reading your lie about Maria+Holic sn2.
    Now I’m scared at the fact that I did it.

  15. I bought another 1 tb external to dedicate to my anime, because my dvdrips of Maria+Holic and Otome wa no Boku are sure gobbling up space fast… I too, got crazy excited about a second season.

    I’m not broken, I swear!

    It was because i’ll get to see more virtual boy references!

    Ok…..ok…. can we just agree that i’m not THAT broken?

    For the record, I don’t know who i’m rooting for, I love Hinagiku to death, and I have a soft spot for the Hamster. And Maria? Great Googly Moogy. Lord knows i’d love to have me some of dat dere meido.

    I vote for “Scoring all the heroines” aka D. All of the above (if using a scantron, please use a #2 pencil only.)

  16. Funny you should mention this. A guy just got busted for impersonating his dead mother over several years. Sadly, his motivations were less than pure- he was collecting her Social Security checks.

    Wonder how long it’ll be before we see an anime version.

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