melancholy of haruhi suzumiya 2009 2, endless eight

Must do summer vacation activities.


Dear Fellow Haruhi Fans,

I’m a big fan of the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise. I didn’t get on the bandwagon– I originally drove the bandwagon. “Haruhigasm,” “LOL FANG-TAN,” “moe mode,” and “costume raping” all spawned here.

For like 95% of the fans out there, I’m with you. Let’s laugh, let’s moe, let’s enjoy this wonderful series together. For the other 5%… well… I’m sorry. You have LA Lakers Bandwagon Syndrome (LLBS). What is LLBS? It’s not a terminal illness, not by a long shot, except if you piss someone off (like Stephen Jackson), they might shoot you. It’s a point of fandom when you can no longer rationally be a fan even more so than mini-top hats and Mio.

Signs that you might have LLBS including hanging LA Laker car flags from the windows of your gas-guzzling SUV while you bully through traffic on the 5. Do rational people do this? Would you ever see a San Antonio Spur fan do this? Would a rational fan hang a frickin’ car flag? By the same token, if you’re a Haruhi Suzumiya fan and have a Haruhi avatar… a Haruhi signature… a Haruhi blog banner… a Haruhi image for your FaceBook profile… Haruhi for your Twitter profile… and can’t stop going crazy if any suggests that Toradora‘s haremttes are almost on par with Haruhi‘s… well… you just might have LLBS.

Do you defend Kobe Bryant as a superstar? You can’t admit he has holes in his game? Haruhi and Kobe are more similar than you think. Both are champions. Both are exceptional talents. Both have giant egos. Both dominate the game. Both are polarizing fan figures. Both are accused rapists. Can’t admit that the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise has been outdone in scope by Gurren Lagann? Outdone in animation quality by Basquash? Outdone in OP/ED by Don’t say “lazy”? Lost rationality? Well, if any of those angers you, you just might have LLBS.


Look, I like the Haruhi franchise. I liked it before you did. But I haven’t lost my mind about it. What made Haruhi great in the past… well… it has to do better now. Others have caught up. Haruhi‘s animation is challenged by Eden of the East‘s. Haruhi/Yuki/Mikuru’s saimoe reign has already been dethroned by Tsukasa. Haruhi’s impetuousness is pushed by Sawa-chan’s. Kyonko’s genderbending is going up against Mariya’s, Mako-cake’s, and Hermione Ayasaki’s. Bunny girl with guitar got surpassed by meido guitar. The nonsensical time traveling story… well… doesn’t hold a candle to Clannad‘s complete 19 course meal. And since 2007… Matsurika, Siesta, Kogarashi, Maria, Tome, Mio… just a murderer’s row of new meido. Can Mikuru show enough to fend them off?

Think objectively.

This isn’t 2007. We’ve seen ruined for married many times since then. We’ve seen anime in high definition since then. We’ve seen ridiculous dance numbers since then. What we want from Haruhi in 2009 isn’t more of the same. We want better than the same. We don’t want 2009 Kobe for Haruhi… we want 1996 MJ. We want that MJ that left for 2 years, came back, and was even better than he was before. That’s what we’re asking for. But, until Haruhi shows us she’s 1996 MJ and not 2009 Kobe, let’s not start breaking out the car flags just yet. And when she does show us that greatness, please don’t start rioting and burning cars. Save that for the LA Laker fans. Thanks.



Endless Eight kicks off the first arc story of the 2009 season, which deals with the SOS Brigade’s final two weeks of summer vacation. I won’t spoil it completely for you, but Haruhi, Yuki, and Kyon are prominently involved. For now, this episode is basically a 24 minute montage of the gang having fun with summer activities… and making me intensely jealous that I never had a summer quite like that while I was in high school. In fact, I was boiling over with murderous intent when Haruhi instructed Mikuru to ride with Itsuki. Now I know what Mion (or was it Shion?) felt when K1 gave Rena the Shinku doll.

For people who are in high school now, what the fuck are you doing? Stop reading this blog, form your SOS Brigade, and get bullied around by a hot tsundere, get served tea by a meek goddess, and have life-altering conversations with the most flaming guy in school. Goddamn. What’s wrong with you people.

sos brigade awesomeness index


The over-hyped, over-anticipated summer “blockbuster”… mmm… does this apply to anime? As in over-hyped, over-anticipated summer “blockbuster” anime? Surely this quote has no connection to this post.

(Or even the following image.)


(Speaking of jokes that will be horribly dated in a few years, I was reading my old Haruhi posts… and they still kinda held up… but it hasn’t been that long. Though The Simpsons… wow… I watched a rerun today that had Bart making a joke about Rocky V. Rocky V!!! How many of my readers were even alive when Rocky V came out? Who would have gotten that joke besides me and Eden of the East‘s Taki?)

(Also, all the pluses Megan Fox might bring, they’re severely outweighed by the minuses Shia LeBeouf brings. I call this “The Shaft Paradox”. Probably doesn’t help that whenever I think “Shia,” I think Pita-ten.)


Wardrobe… Kyoto Animation is still the king of wardrobes. The clothes changes for Mikuru alone just make me want to give her my Macy’s card. Anyway, there’s a few things that I love about the part time job.

One, the lolipop and the 69 T-shirt… well… that’s fantastic. The only way it could have been better is if Haruhi wore Aya Hirano’s “Did you cum twice? I need a tongue bath!” T-shirt.

Two, there’s a 50/50 chance that Haruhi is going to take the frog costume home and either (a) spoon it a la Yui with Gitah! (b) dry hump it (c) utilize it the same way I once witnessed in a Haruhi doujinshi (d) all of the above. Okay, seeing her expression of glee… maybe greater than 50/50 chance.

Three, Mikuru’s “THUMP!” when Haruhi announced that Mikuru has her permission to wear it whenever. Definitely isn’t one of the top tier outfits for Mikuru, but still strangely appealing nonetheless. Especially in that Haruhi doujinshi.

(Kyoto should have scrapped canon and gone with a Bonta-kun outfit. I hope there was at least arguing in the meeting room, “Dammit, we’re not Shaft! We’re not doing Bonta-kun!”)

(I would say more about that doujinshi… except… well… can’t.)


Kyon… so let me get this straight… Kyon has to spend two weeks playing around and frolicking with three cute girls in skimpy clothes, and he complains? He gets to go swimming, be alone in the night, and enjoy romantic fireworks with three cute girls in skimpy clothes, and he complains?! Thank goodness he has his priorities straight in that instead of frolicking with said three cute girls in skimpy clothes, he hangs out with the gay guy. Oh wait…

(If Kyoto put Itsuki in Speedos, that would have been the final piece of the puzzle. Yes, 499 out of 500 pieces are already put together, but Speedos would have been the final piece.)


Coming out of swimming pool scenes… Christie Brinkley! I could always go for a good coming out of a swimming pool scene, though I’m torn. Two years ago, I’d be jumping out of my chair and fist pumping, but now I’m disappointed Kyoto didn’t subcontract any and all cleavage shots to Shaft (after all, Shaft is to cleavage shots what Megan Fox is to bad actresses with oversexed bodies) and two we didn’t get the almost mandatory Mikuru one. Sigh. And no Mio.

(Still shaking my head Kyon would rather chill with Itsuki than try to tap that. Who cares if the world might end tomorrow… ? Existence is overrated.)


Yuki… loved her twirling around in the inner tube.


Yuki… for not doing much this episode except fill in an important plot detail. Look, at this point, I expect some people to have read the light novels, but please don’t give out spoilers. Yes, we all know that this arc is about Haruhi Suzumiya going Higurashi with Kyon in K1’s slot… and with Mikuru and Michiru Asahina the new Sonozakis. Just because we know that’s going to happen, please don’t ruin it for others.

(Disappointed that there’s no mini-top hat option for sale. What the fuck?)


OBP… I’d pencil Haruhi in as a number 4 or 5 hitter. She’s definitely swinging for the fences all the time, and I highly doubt she’ll execute any hit-and-run or sacrifice type of plays. But she is a fantastic hitter… so much so I want to debut an a la carte anime haremette baseball team… until I realized I have three pitchers who are all free swingers– Haruhi, Aoba, and Tomoyo. Though you could probably convince Tomoyo to do more girly-type hits.

(I could have sworn I was watching a random baseball game on ESPN last week a la Kyon at the beginning of this episode, and the announcer said something like, “Jason Bay has homing mode on his bat right now.” I could have sworn that happened.)


Imouto!… she needs a name. Desperately. You might be a LLBS if you don’t think Imouto needs a name like “Mako-chan,” “Chiaki-chan,” or “Ui-chan” right now. Though I enjoyed this scene because she just keeps staring at Kyon with a “Why is he lounging around the house instead of dating one of those three pretty onee-sans?” face… but I would have enjoyed this scene more if Kyon had a Palm Pre and were watching a Hiroshima Carps game.

(At the very least, let’s have a naming contest for Imouto. I vote for “Gitah”…)


Cowering Mikuru… Mikuru wore like a dozen different outfits this episode, and I think I enjoyed this simple pink shirt with white mini-skirt the most. Probably since she’s cowering, and baseballs are involved. Again.

(Damn, I knew I needed a Fashion Czar.)


Cowering Mikuru Part II… needless to say, I need to pick up both fish bait and barnacles now. This is either going to be the greatest H OVA or the slimiest H OVA ever. Or both.

(If I’m writing up a list of activities to do with Mikuru over a two week period, definitely fish bait and frog costumes are involved. Oh, come on. Don’t look at me like that. You guys do worse when you’re gunning for YTAMR. At least I hope that’s gunning…)


Cowering Mikuru Part III… “We get it! Cowering Mikuru is moe! Stop going on about it! This is getting as annoying as posting hawt, sexy images of Mio in her mini-top hat!”


Kyoto Animation… just when you thought Sunrise might have challenged Kyoto for animation prettiness… look at Mikuru’s eyes. Kyoto does cheap out once-in-a-while, but it’s not as bad as other studios, and they always nail the little stuff– like the reflections in Mikuru’s eyes.

(I still say Kyoto is the studio of choice for The World God Only Knows just because those are the eyes I want on Keima whenever he captures a new haremette. Plus, Shaft is hit-or-miss a la The Shaft Paradox… would you feel better if Phil Hughes were your game seven starter? Or Johan Santana? You just don’t want to take any chances with Keima.)

(And, yes, I referenced Hughes and Santana to tweak any Yankee fans who read this blog. They’re not quite at LLBS level yet, mainly since the Yankess haven’t won squat this century yet.)

(And go with TV-J feeds for now. They air reasonably fast, and it’s more reasonable quality than what the speedsubbers do.)


Missed opportunity… come on, they should have done a five minute number a la Raki Suta with Aya Hirano singing various Kyoto Animation covers. She could do Don’t say “lazy” (please), My Love Is a Stapler, Dango Daikazoku, or even Hare Hare Yukai in the Konata voice. (I wouldn’t have made this joke the first season… but it’s here now!)


Al Bundy… Kyon reminds me more and more of Al Bundy… dunno why.


Wardrobe Part II… I’m beginning to think like Kyon with respect to Haruhi… sure, she has a smokin’ figure, but there’s so much craziness underneath, do you really want to bother with it? Wouldn’t it just be easier to bag Mikuru and call it a night?


BGM… was surprisingly good. Well, not surprisingly… ah… you know what I mean.


Fail Mikuru… is there a better way to kick off an anime than with a bunny girl shooting an AK-47? Or with Mikuru doing Mikuru-like things? So why so little Kyoto? We got eyeful after eyeful of Mikuru in 00… we barely get Mikuru in a one-piece swimsuit now? Egads. Kyoto not putting in more fanservice is like me refusing to blog Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I mean… come on… we even got Makoto bathing numerous times in Kanon.

(Enjoyed Mikuru failing at all these events… she could barely catch one cicada, she could barely surpass Gitah’s age in her bowling score… has anyone ever been this moe at failing? Besides Mio and exiting the stage after her first concert.)

(I guess another big difference is that back in 2007, Kyoto was pretty much a nobody. I barely referenced either Fumoffu or Air during my old Haruhi posts. Now? Raki Suta, Clannad, K-On!, and Kanon are all part of the anime blogging metaphorical vernacular.)


Costume raping… “It’s definitely top tier among the costumes that Haruhi usually rapes her with. Amazing.” Agreed. Then Mikuru follows through with a “It’s a bit tight in the chest, but it’s still lovely.” Mmm… mmm… she’s clearly gunning for #1.




Super Driver… mostly enjoyable, but I wouldn’t put it over DSL or Toki wo Kizamu Uta … let’s just say it there won’t be a gelbooru category for it like for DSL or HHY. Okay, the names under the haremettes fit Clannad to a tee. It kinda worked for K-On!… but… come on… it’s Haruhi Suzumiya! Don’t make it seem like a visual novel unless you’re adapting it the Yuki Nagato way.

(Why English for the names? Never really understood that either…)


Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya… but, seriously, it’s good to have the SOS Brigade back in our lives. Let’s enjoy our summer with them too.

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  1. Almost caught me by surprised. And I LOLed at the gags like the frog suit, Mikuru failing at life (memories of Sojiro Izumi come to mind), and melted at Haruhi’s capricious smile.

    She is my number one waifu, you can take Yuki and Mikuru.

  2. They did a great job with Yuki, given her, er, situation.

  3. XD now this is Haruhi. But I’m kind of jealous haha, my summer isn’t going to be half as eventful as the SoS brigade’s.

  4. KyoAni does a great job pulling off good animation. Why? It’s because of the eyes. For some reason, their design with the eyes makes such a huge difference in quality. Like you said about Mikuru and the fireworks scene, the way her eye glistens under the lights is amazing.

    Bravo KyoAni. Looking forward to greater things to come.

    P.S. If any of you think that you’re a hardcore fan, try to watch this episode 15,498 times. XD

  5. I have to agree with you that I’d definitely like to see Kyoto Animation step their game up a notch for this series, especially considering the high caliber of the competition right now. That said, even though the animation feels a bit dated, it still has that KyoAni finesse to it that helps bring the characters to life and make the story engaging. It may not be the best eye candy of the year, but it serves as an effective vehicle for a great story nevertheless.

    “I didn’t get on the bandwagon– I originally drove the bandwagon. “Haruhigasm,” “LOL FANG-TAN,” “moe mode,” and “costume raping” all spawned here.”

    And I have high hopes that you’ll continue to lead the team in dry wit and meme production this season as well. ^_^

  6. I think the animation has to look a bit dated to fit with the rest of season 1. It’s for consistency. If the season 2 animation was bumped up to present standards, it’d still look odd since its shown concurrent with season 1.

    That said, its still pretty damn good animation. It’s one of those things you can’t really fault Kyoto on.

  7. Geeze, that article on the man in possession of pornography was intense. I went and read the court transcripts that someone had posted in the comments and was inspired to deeply think about the censorship of thought by the U.S. government. Thank you Jason for furthering my thoughts today… Oh and the Haruhi episode was almost as awesome as your commentary remediating it.

  8. Sorry, but whenever I think of Shia, I can’t help but think it sounds like “SHAAAAAAA!!”. And then all that’s on my mind is Potemayo having a hissy fit.

  9. Oh, come on. No picture of Mikuru + Tree?

    Best part of the whole episode. And one lucky tree.

  10. you have been infected by Haruhi’s poison.
    it’s a sort of the drug that doesn’t work gradually.

  11. There ain’t no parade for the regular season. I’m proud to have LLBS.

  12. My problem with this episode stems from the fact that I’ve read the short story. Where’s the rest of the story? There is a reason for the title of the episode, and they’ve only gone through 1 iteration of it.

  13. I admit, I wasn’t a regular reader of this blog (or any, for the matter) way back during the first championship run, so I didn’t get to read your thought about Barkley’s guarantee or your reaction to 38 first-half points against Portland. And so far, this season isn’t quite 72 wins good (maybe this is the version that gets upset by Orlando in the conference finals?), but I’ll be here to read every word as KyoAni tries to repeat the three-peat.

  14. Yay and Nay.

    Yay because, well, yay!

    Nay because GitS has popped in my mind. Now i can’s get the thoughts of another season with the A-team animation techniques and skintight, silver leotards.

    I’ll change that yay to a ‘Double Yay!!!’ if Mikiru-chan is costume raped into a skintight, silver leotard. Or if Haruhi has a khaki uniform. A tripple yay if that’s in a

    o.k., this is taking a wrong turn. The internet should suport Equal opertunity.

  15. I watched the Lakers for all the regular and post season games. For the finals, you better believe I flew the car flag.

    That said, 2009 Kobe isn’t like Haruhi or 06 MJ. Kobe’s not trying play the whole game by himself. He’s a dominate player who can get his own shot but mainly acts as a facilitator in a strong supporting cast. 2009 Kobe while still good, makes others better.

    For Haruhi to truely shine, she’s going to need to make her cast better by bringing out their best. So more cowering, moe and questionable gender roles have show up come game day.

    Go Lakerhi!

  16. Whoops, conference semi-finals, I mean. Anyway, I expected some crazy twist at the end or something, but at least this episode kicks off what should be a string of new episodes.

  17. where was yuki during the star gazing, and subsequent kyon trash talking aliens segment? i was bothered by this and the lack of mikuru in a bikini. If we were doing a DOA extreme volleyball a la carte Haruhi and Mikuru would be my A #1 team, followed closely by Maria and Matsurika.

  18. S1 Haruhi was what brought me to this blog, glad to carry on the tradition. I was entirely underwhelmed by the visuals in both the OP and ED. OP especially, I don’t like color choices or the typography. Does running shots featured in both relate to the plot somehow? Was bothered by the similarity.

  19. comment II: Fashion Czar Canidate Alice~ reporting for duty! I am in agreement with most of your comments regarding this episode’s many outfits. However I will have to argue against the obvious choice of wanting a more skin exposing swimsuit for Mikuru. Seems like Mikuru was allowed to choose the suit herself without Haruhi raep, so it seems natural that she would choose a one piece based on her submissive personality. Actually, one piece suits are making a steady comeback this season… BUT her swimsuit was still rather boring.

  20. Yuki was on the other side of the roof. You can see her at the beginning of the scene. I suspect she was keeping watch/running traffic control for various alien races to avoid Haruhi’s watchful eyes.

  21. >”I’m beginning to think like Kyon with respect to Haruhi… sure, she has a smokin’ figure, but there’s so much craziness underneath, do you really want to bother with it?” I’d bother with it. I’d bother with it all night. For some reason, I have a history of either attracting or being attracted to women with some sort of psychotic tendencies. Maybe that’s why I enjoy Haruhi so much. Of course, I also enjoyed Higurashi and Elfen Lied . . .

    And I agree with tidal on the animation. I’m more interested in consistency, since this is supposed to be integrated with S1. It shouldn’t look as amazing as Clannad . . . yet.

  22. You really hit the nail on the head with LLBS. The whole episode I was thinking, this is Haruhi! This is Great! But the whole time, in the back of my head I was telling myself, this isn’t live alive this isn’t as good as s1. Granted it’s the second new episode but the point is we can’t get sucked into loving Haruhi because Haruhi is Haruhi is Haruhi as Kyon put it. However this wasn’t a bad episode by any means. I actually am really enjoying the new OP, especially towards the end when they’re all running in step with the song, although it’s still no Bouken Desho Desho. Also, I personally loved the scene where Yuki picked up the Hercules Beetle. Anyways, I’m just gonna say that I’ve liked the two episodes so far probably as much as I’ve liked any “filler” episode in season one so I’m not worried… yet. They’ve got 12 more episodes to wow us so I’m throwing my faith in KyoAni for another great season. (A bump up in picture quality would however be awesome/expected once they finish episode 14, or at least once it hits DVD.)

  23. No new episode is going to come close to Live Alive’s standards. And Live Alive was kind-of filler too, for that matter.

  24. Can’t admit that the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise has been outdone in scope by Gurren Lagann?

    I still remember my Great Wall of Text during the vote-off so-long-ago.

  25. The baseball scene reminded me so much of CLANNAD. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed that there was no Sunohara into whose mug Haruhi could slam a baseball or six.

  26. While I have enjoyed the past two eps of season two, I’ve got to agree that Kyoto just isn’t pushing it. I have much higher expectations of what season two ought to be as of now than I used to, and a somewhat arbitrary smattering of cliched anime “things to do during the summer” dosen’t really cut it. Kyon is just as cynical and lax as ever, Haruhi as energetic, Mikuru as . . . err. . . Mikuru and so on. It’s two episodes into a 14 episode season, and I for one think that plotline should have started rolling out – not the same old, same old. We got time travel last episode – so we just plain stuff this one?

  27. And my english just ignited and exploded in mid air on that last sentence.

    *We got time travel last episode, but just plain stuff this one?

  28. Judging by the comments, it seems like many people still haven’t read the novels yet. That’s good. While it may cause people to be somewhat disappointed so far, I can only imagine the payoff once they reach the end. Sadly, having read the novels, I am denied this experience. So I encourage anyone who hasn’t read the novels yet to continue refraining; with any luck, you’ll get to see it firsthand anyhow.

    Also, an interesting note: This episode was entitled “Endless Eight”. The first episode of the lone island arc last season was entitled “Lone Island Syndrome (part 1)”. Just saying I find that immensely interesting, and makes me curious what next week’s episode will be entitled.

  29. As someone who’s read the novels [well, most of them up to #8] I know the purpose of this episode and can pretty much guess whats going to happen next, for those of you who’ve been nice and patient and haven’t read the novel, you’re in for a good treat this season, at least story wise.

  30. “Haruhi’s animation is challenged by Eden of the East’s.”

    To be fair, they’re going against Production IG. In terms of pure production quality, they are probably the best studio right now.

    And, in all honesty, there’s not much for Kyoani to really do to wow people with yet. Haruhi, as a series, is a school slice of life story. Sure, there’s all the science fiction elements in Koizumi, Nagato and Mikuru, but almost everything they do in the books is either off screen(with Kyon keeping Haruhi entertained and away from the others), or happens with Kyon conveniently unconscious.

  31. Disappearance is the only thing I see wowing people this season.

  32. I’m not at all unhappy with the episode, just a little worried. Maybe it’s because I was looking for it, but I didn’t see high levels of effort put into background animation. This is one of your star franchises KyoAni, push some boundaries like you did in the first! (…or at least try to raise them from the season that aired 3 years ago…)

    Underwhelmed by the OP, seems very similar to the ED (I’ll be honest, I wanted another dance).

    I’m glad to see Itsuki’s eyes were closed far more often than in the first episode.

    My favourite bit had to be the cicada catching montage. I’ll take Mikuru over Mio any day <3

  33. wow, what the hell is up with Haruhi’s face in this shot:

  34. Every time “Kyoto” appeared in the post or comments I subconsciously read it as “Kyonko”. And it made perfect sense. orz

  35. SHAFT must be seething with jealousy because of the style(-s) used in the OP. :D
    I wonder how they’re gonna reference it in their upcoming shows, I can’t see them randomly using mathematical formula’s and terms from a physics class, but we’ll see.

  36. I think you may want to do a little more research into what is defined as a “bandwagon fan”. Bandwagon fans are the ones who, when the Lakers finish the season 34-48 and miss the playoffs, they’re nowhere to be found. And when the Lakers are having a good season, they jump back onto the bandwagon because it’s the popular thing to do, and pretend they were always there. In other words, every Lakers fan outside of LA, including the entire staff of ESPN. These are the kind of fan that are anathema to the loyal fan, which makes up the majority of most of the other teams in the NBA and other professional sports.

    The Lakers fans of whom you speak are the only ones any non-Lakers fan have any respect for. Namely because you do have Spurs fans hanging Spurs flags from their windows when they drive down I-10 to head out of town to a Rockets-Spurs game down in Houston. That’s a real fan. That’s a loyal fan. They aren’t cheering their team because that’s the team that all the national news outlets are talking about. They aren’t going to the games so they can say they were in the same building as that overblown asshat Jack Nicholson. They aren’t buying the Kobe jersey because someone might think they’re cool if they do. They just love the team, warts and all.

    Maybe you ought to think about that before you start going on about “driving the Haruhi bandwagon” after almost exclusively spending the last few months gushing about the most artificial, overrated, bandwagon-friendly anime in recent memory. Or maybe that really is what being a normal fan is to you…?

  37. I was a bit underwhelmed by the first two S2 eps. Not that they were bad or anything, just that I was expecting a little something…more. I happened to watch a bit of an S1 episode today (the part where Haruhi “acquires” their first computer and the bunny suits are first deployed) and realized what it was. There’s less frenetic “energy” coming through in the animation in these episodes. Granted, the mood for BLR requires a more sedated (present-day) Haruhi, but for EE it seemed she was just sort of coasting. Full of ideas and activities, to be sure, but the animation and directing just didn’t capture that feeling adequately IMHO.

    The other issue I had with EE was that it didn’t say “part 1”, so once I got about 2/3 through the episode I was starting to get confused (I read the novel a long time ago so know how the story goes already). They wouldn’t have enough time to actually tell the story. Then all of a sudden the end credits kick in and I realized how they intended to tell it. Also, I was expecting to see some of the “hints” showing up about What’s Going On, and was disappointed to see it told straight. One of the things that really hooked me the first time around was the air of mystery surrounding the various stories. This EE episode had exactly zero of that. Hopefully the next episode(s) will make up for that.

  38. did anyone else notice yuki’s awsome bowling? her numbers move from 1 to 5 think…

  39. Just for the record, you always refered the first series as 2007, but it was 2006.

  40. It goes 123454321 and back up to 5 and so on.

    That much control over the ball is inhuman, and someone should have noticed SOMETHING. Ah well.

  41. Oh god, that shot of Yuki with the straw… I nearly died.

  42. “For people who are in high school now, what the fuck are you doing? Stop reading this blog, form your SOS Brigade, and get bullied around by a hot tsundere, get served tea by a meek goddess, and have life-altering conversations with the most flaming guy in school. Goddamn. What’s wrong with you people.”

    Best. Paragraph. Ever.

  43. “You really hit the nail on the head with LLBS. The whole episode I was thinking, this is Haruhi! This is Great! But the whole time, in the back of my head I was telling myself, this isn’t live alive this isn’t as good as s1.”

    Well,you have to ask youself

    ‘did i like all of season 1?’

    Endless eight is exactly like live alive in form,in the novels it’s a standalone story.Live alive is also a standalone story.The full stories are Novel 1,novel 4…novel..6 or 7? and then the latest.The rest are a collection of standalone short stories.The “filler” episodes of season 1 were actually short stories from later novels.

    Personally i liked Endless Eight,at least more then i liked the desert bug episode (been so long since i’ve seen season 1….).I also enjoy Day of Sagittarius more then i enjoy live alive.

    Also it’s far too soon to say it’s better or worse then season 1.I believe they’re leading into a story that i believe (personal opinion) is better then Melancholy,but i won’t spoil it.

  44. Help, I’m

  45. I have to say i was disappointed with the endless eight story arc. I only recently found and watched the 1st season of melancholy of haruhi suzumiya and surprisingly liked it a lot more than i thought i would. It was great. And to my surprise i found out that it was already up to episode 9 of the second series just as i finished the 1st series.

    So i sat down to watch all 9 episodes so far. loved the 1st, 2nd and 3rd episodes. But by the 4th i realised they were just repeating and repeating with no real advancements. By the 8th episodes i was tearing my hair out!! Thank god they concluded it on the 9th and it was because of a small stupid reason. They could have wrapped up this whole story line in 4 episodes max, what a waste!! Nowhere near as good as the 1st series and chalk me down as disappointed. I will continue watching it now to the end of the season but if they didn’t finish the endless eight arc by the 9th episode i was going to give up on it. They almost lost a viewer there. Star Trek TNG did the same storyline in a single episode. Here it was dull and board me stupid

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