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Wow, three parodies in one. Go go drums!

BigFire: My problem with this episode stems from the fact that I’ve read the short story. Where’s the rest of the story? There is a reason for the title of the episode, and they’ve only gone through 1 iteration of it.

Um… because it’s a multi-episode arc? Slow down, kemo sabe, and enjoy the Mikuru moe.

Kaisos: It goes 123454321 and back up to 5 and so on. That much control over the ball is inhuman, and someone should have noticed SOMETHING. Ah well.

Yuki’s just trolling them. Her true personality comes out in Haruhi-chan… sick, vindictive mastermind of the ninja balloon arts. I think this is a good thing… less Rei Ayanami-like, more Gendo Ikari-like.


(Not sure where my eyes are focusing… they’re either stuck on Plug Suit Mikuru, or they’re twitching because of Kyon and Itsuki. Bandages Yuki would follow those two.)

Narrator 1: The baseball scene reminded me so much of CLANNAD. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed that there was no Sunohara into whose mug Haruhi could slam a baseball or six.

Except they never went to a batting cage in Clannad. The similarity, of course, is Cross Game, where a batting cage is prominently involved. But we do need a comedic foil back in our lives, and Sunohara was a great one. Though I was watching Kanon again (for the umpteenth time) last weekend, and I think Kyoto really shoehorned Jun into being the Sunohara of Kanon. I kept expect Jun to end sentences with “and a toilet seat cover” and kept expecting Yuichi to keep face palming whenever he sees Ayu. I think, with time, we’ll remember Kanon like how we remember the 1994 Houston Rockets.

tidal: I think the animation has to look a bit dated to fit with the rest of season 1. It’s for consistency. If the season 2 animation was bumped up to present standards, it’d still look odd since its shown concurrent with season 1. That said, its still pretty damn good animation. It’s one of those things you can’t really fault Kyoto on.

I said before that it was probably a good choice to keep the animation the same as the differences between Minami-ke seasons was just too stupid. The animation is still top notch, just it’s not blowing people out of the water anymore. It’s like the 1997-8 Bulls rather than the 1995-6 Bulls. Though I’ve been sorely disappointed with all the early encodes I see of Haruhi… definitely look badly encoded compared to other stuff that’s coming out now.

(And while I enjoy Eden of the East‘s backgrounds, their character animation is not better than Kyoto. Neither Taki or Saki take a lot of lines to draw, and their hair is definitely less mobile than the hair seen in Clannad. Though it could also be comparing Saki’s frumpy hair to Tomoyo’s awesome hair.)

FlameStrike: XD now this is Haruhi. But I’m kind of jealous haha, my summer isn’t going to be half as eventful as the SoS brigade’s.

I’m kinda surprised no extreme sports were involved… with Haruhi, wouldn’t you think she’d be windsurfing, base jumping, or BMX biking by now? But the SOS Brigade’s summer vacation… it has to be the greatest anime summer vacation ever, right? At least a few notches above Miaka Yuki’s and Yui Hongo’s. And infinitely better than Sara Ringwalt’s.

(+10 fanboy points for every name you recognize without using ze search engine.)

(Do they have under 18 clubs in Japan? I’m surprised Haruhi hasn’t suggested that for a summer activity. I mean, come on… stripper poles and bunny girls are already in this series.)

Syaoran Li: Just for the record, you always refered the first series as 2007, but it was 2006.

I fucked that up. Problem is I don’t have a fact checker or an editor, and I write posts in thirty minutes or less now. I’m the Domino’s Pizza of writers.

ninjabastard: I watched the Lakers for all the regular and post season games. For the finals, you better believe I flew the car flag.

You, with the Mariya gravatar, you’ve given me a million dollar idea! Anime car flags! What better way to show off your allegiance to an anime fandom than a car flag? Our first series would include one for Haruhi, one for Char, one for Doraemon, one for Goku, and one for Mariya.


0rion: I have to agree with you that I’d definitely like to see Kyoto Animation step their game up a notch for this series, especially considering the high caliber of the competition right now.

I want Kyoto to blow Haruhi 2009 out of the water. I want them to give us Empire Strikes Back or Terminator 2 or Dark Knight and not Phantom Menace or Terminator Salvation or Batman and Robin. Though I’m a bit worried… the lack of fanservice is especially troublesome. I want some sort of K-On! fanservice OVA to alleviate my fears.

(Don’t get me wrong– I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. They earned it. Unlike, oh, Gonzo or Studio Deen or Feel. Imagine Higurashi done by Bones… mmm…)

Alice: Fashion Czar Canidate Alice~ reporting for duty! I am in agreement with most of your comments regarding this episode’s many outfits. However I will have to argue against the obvious choice of wanting a more skin exposing swimsuit for Mikuru. Seems like Mikuru was allowed to choose the suit herself without Haruhi raep, so it seems natural that she would choose a one piece based on her submissive personality. Actually, one piece suits are making a steady comeback this season… BUT her swimsuit was still rather boring.

Alright, you convinced me. The Fashion Czar job is yours. Though Mikuru is always so shy, I’m not surprised that she picks a swimsuit that I think would do better in Saki’s wardrobe. Still, I would like some Mikuru fanservice. Mikuru failing at catching cicadas is one thing, but to deprive the traditional male audience of some Mikuru candy when Mikuru candy is called for is just nuts.

(What’s Kyoto going to do for a fanservice deprivation encore? Not show Mio’s panties when she trips during the first concert? Oh wait…)

Giant Humanoid Robot: Every time “Kyoto” appeared in the post or comments I subconsciously read it as “Kyonko”. And it made perfect sense. orz

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. Kyonko… if only they made a genderbending melancholy of haruhi suzumiya… I REALLY want to watch that

    because its… going to be great that the reason… OTL

  2. Eh… There was a stripper pole?

  3. WTF is up with Yuki Ayanami’s hand?

  4. Skribulous: she’s hugging herself, and we’re looking at her back.

  5. Loving all the Eva references lately. Makes me excited to be watching anime again.

  6. jason, go download Suzumiya Haruhi no Genso. I’m having trouble deciding whether God Knows… sung to the Tokyo Philharmonic playing is awesome or if Kadokawa just took milking a franchise to another level.

  7. Actually, I’m still surprised that Kyon(ko) in that pictuire STILL has Shinji’s plugsuit, while Itsuki (girl) is wearing Kaworu’s… Wait a minute, actually that makes a lot of sense…

  8. *Lurk Lurk Lurk*

  9. skribulous: yuki’s hands go where ever they want to fool!

    Myssa: Indeed! it makes me wonder though would Mikuru Prime be Misato? and witch Shinji would the elevator scene from the movie be hotter with? (both right?) And how would the Haruhi Langley laying in a coma scene play out?

  10. oH man, yuki in that suit is orgasmically hot #_#
    kind of disappointed at episode 2 though :(

  11. Hmm… I haven’t read Endless Eight in a while, so I might be wrong, but…

    If they’ve decided to disguise the next episode as a rerun to start with, perhaps Mikuru’s choice (or lack of a choice) in her swimwear will turn out to be one of the major clues that it’s not a rerun at all? Since so many viewers were disappointed in the one piece, if she suddenly shows up in a two-piece next time…

    Then again, Kyoto might not take this route since it’s probably too obvious, so apologies in advance for generating false hope. ^^;

  12. I would fly a Char flag in an instant! And it would have to be three times more fandom-y than it’s contemporaries.

  13. Wow, just watched this, and it makes my Freshmen Summer feel like total Shiet. Trying to complete the National Dex in Platinum isn’t as fulfilling as catching bugs. Although, I think I will handle my summer assignment of reading “Les Miserables” the same way Kyon did with his.

    Can’t wait to see the rest of Disappearance. Read a translation a while ago, hopefully it is just as interesting. And the opening was probably thought up while Kyoto was Cheesing.

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