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Kyoto is putting up a no-hitter with Endless Eight. I don’t mean that in a good way.

Popular theory says that this ends next week… maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. I don’t care. It slipped enough that Ghostory has firmly entrenched itself as the destination anime of this season. Aside from Haruhi making Mikuru pole dance, there’s nothing on SOS Brigade’s menu that tops what Koyomi has coming to him.

Tanigawa: If I knew that the material would stretch to 240 minutes, I probably would have written more than 30 pages.

No, no! You got it wrong! If you wrote more pages, Kyoto might have stretched it out more. Though I’m not sure if the thought of a 52 episode Endless Eight makes me want to curl up into a fetal position or make me want to cut myself. It’s a tossup, really.

Kakifly: I know, I know. I’ll write and draw faster! I don’t know how Nisio Isin and Tamiki Wakaki can crank out so much material, but I’ll do my best. But I’m secretly afraid that K-On! Encore will feature 15,527 performances of Fuwa Fuwa Time.

Kakifly, I’m not sure if you’re a manga-ka from Japan or my other alternate personality, but we’re all terrified of that scenario as well. Though I’ll be honest: I’m most terrified of Clannad repeating the Fuko Master route 15,527 times.

Anonymous: What am I doing wrong? I’m going along with what the energetic crazy bitch wants, but, according to the silent crazy bitch, I’ve been repeating the same events over and over 15,527 times. 15,527! That’s more times than you’ve typed “OH GEASS NO!”. Please tell me how to escape this route, or at least alter it enough that I get nakkid apron breakfasts with the cowering crazy future bitch in every re-occurrence.

You know, TT is more than just a collection of anime torrents. It’s really become an unofficial Twitter client for fansubbers due to the limited comments that they can write with a torrent. For example, this one popped up for Spice and Wolf: “Lawrence and Kyon have two very different problems, but they both have the same solution.” See, that would have been a great Twitter post.

Anyway, back to your comment… I agree with the Tokyo Tosho Twit (TTT?). Both you and Lawrence can solve your problems by giving in and sleeping with the flaming gay guy in the cast. I’m positive that the twerp in Spice and Wolf is only after Horo to disguise his sexual preference (which, I’m sure, the Church looks down upon). Also, I’m positive that after a go around with Itsuki, once she gets a whiff of it, Haruhi will just simply nuke the world. Sure, it would prevent future episodes… but it would give me more time to write about Ghostory, Zan, and Needless.

Aoba: Our battling center has given away over 15,500 pairs of socks for all the damn fucking home runs that she has hit. She’s going to bankrupt us if this keeps up.

On the opposite end of the spectrum… Cross Game is going about 50 pages an episode. Should we get HAL to remake Haruhi in 2011? Or is the plan still to go with Studio Deen, since they have this reboot thing down?

(You know, maybe Kyoto knew that topping Haruhi 2006 and Hare Hare Yukai was just impossible via a conventional method. So they went the unconventional route with Endless Eight to keep Haruhi in the conversation. And they have… without advancing the plot, providing Mikuru fanservice, or doing a home run OP/ED, they have dominated anime discussions this summer. Shaft and Bakemonogatari is firing on all pistons, delivering great fanservice, and has an awesome OP/ED… yet they’re second place in discussion to Haruhi still. I think it’s genius on Kyoto’s part.)

(Oh, over the last five weeks… my Haruhi posts average almost 50% more readers per post than my Ghostory posts. I think it’s not only genius by Kyoto, it’s working.)

Mayoi: Ehehehe. Did you spot me at the 14:09 mark? I was hiding in the bushes behind Haruhi during the cicada hunt. Did you spot me in the 18:51 mark? I was sitting in the row in front of the SOS Brigade. Haruhi doesn’t want to go home. And I won’t let her. Too bad Kyon is too stupid to figure it out.

Quick! Someone get Itsuki a hawaiian shirt, a blonde loli in the corner, and a creepy abandoned building! (Since it’s Itsuki, do we need the blonde female loli or a blonde male loli in the corner? And when does Michael Jackson become involved in this conversation?)

Yuki: …

(What, you expected me to suggest that Kyon and Lawrence bag the distressed haremette instead? Boring. Like Code Geass R2 would have been improved if Lulu picked Kallen at the end.)

(My alternate solution? Make a streaming 24/7 web video a la Stephen Marbury. Can’t go wrong. Just make sure you include gangsta signs and lots and lots of crying.)

Shinbo with Nelson Muntz: HA-HA!

Yep… these (maybe) are my readers.

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  1. I don’t know whether or not to be happy that Shaft (who have always been my favorite production team) has officially trounced KyoAni in the entertainment department. Personally, this may have something to do with the recession: Kadokawa is trying to find a way to drop KyoAni (whose production values must be scyrocketing), and their method is by making the animators remake the same episode over and over again. Thus by, when Haruhi DVDs bomb (as is predicted to happen), they will have an excuse to get rid of them.

    Alternatively, this is their attempt at Springtime for Hitler. Kadokawa has received a bunch of money that they’re holding out from Nagaru Tanigawa, as well as the investments from the backers. They ordered Endless Eight to go on for this long in an attempt to run the series into the ground, so they end up not turning a profit due to Arc Fatigue. They then are going to run off with the backers’ money and abandon Haruhi forever. Kyo Ani is currently trying to sabotage this by making the episodes cost as much as possible by using completely new animation and voicework for each episode.

  2. My take on season 2 can be summarized by the following quote.
    Keima: Don’t care.

  3. Back in the 70’s, I was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. (And not just because I had a poster of the Cheerleaders on my wall, which I still have thankyouverymuch) But when Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry, I could see how classless they would become. Regardless of how good or bad they were after that, I’ve never waved a Cowboy flag since then. However, also during the 70’s, I saw Bobby Cox put together a pretty good team of baseball players for the Atlanta Braves. And even though I hated seeing Joe Torre get the credit for what I felt like was essentially a Bobby Cox constructed winning team, I still waved my Braves flag because I liked the players, despite thinking Ted Turner was an idiot.
    All that to say, if I go back to enjoying Haruhi when it starts really doing something again, does that make me a fan waving fan? I mean, I’m not pissed about it, I’m not angry, I’m actually just bored. But is the fact that I’m not pissed mean that I’m less of a fan? Or an irrational one because I’ve still watched every frakkin’ episode? Frankly, I’m just tired of it. But I think this was one of your best response posts. Pretty sad when your response posts are more words than the actual episode review, huh?

  4. “Also, I’m positive that after a go around with Itsuki, once she gets a whiff of it, Haruhi will just simply nuke the world.” That’s how good Itsuki is. And yes, I am reading it way out of context. Secondly, I wonder what would happen if Itsuki and Hitagi were stuck in an elevator together.

  5. Just a thought. If Yuki and her memory is outside the timeloop, is her apartment in the same situation? Does she have thousands of festival masks stacked up inside it, or does she toss them out twice a month?

  6. I am FAR less interested in the anime now than I am interested in trying to understand the mindset of whoever thought this was a good idea, and honestly seems to think that the DVDs will sell, that is no compliment to the series. They’ve pissed away Region 1 and European R2 releases for sure, I guarantee no company will touch this one with a barge pole.

    The “Springtime for Hitler” idea is an interesting one, lots of people thought that was the reason for the last few Eva episodes too, didn’t they?

  7. What gets me about the Endless Eight arc, is the close similarities between the episodes. The characters say the same things, pursue activities in the same sequence, and always hand out balloons in frog costumes, even though Yuki says they have done a variety of part-time jobs. Of course there has to be deja vu moments but a lack of creativity is evident. For example, I know Kyon is the central narrator within the novels and anime, but this could be an opportunity to show the activities from the viewpoint of the other characters. e.g. How often have we ever seen Haruhi, or Mikuru doing things without Kyon? Might make a interesting change (More Yuki would be cute, but she’d just be reading. More Itsuki I don’t care for).

  8. You realize that your top picture could be the salvation of Kyoto Animation if they ever decided to go in that direction.

  9. “Secondly, I wonder what would happen if Itsuki and Hitagi were stuck in an elevator together.”

    I just can’t imagine it. Senjougahara is usually on top of the situation and very confident. But facing potentially hours together with Itsuki… I think she might explode.

  10. Hey… why don’t you just review gurren lagann again? It gets more epic the second time around, and more epic the third time around, but it starts to peak around the 15,000th time around and by the 15,527 time you’ve just stopped watching.

    Or post on the Needless.
    Or rant on the world god only knows.
    Or a 5 images post.
    Or review a gonzo show. Anything but this.

  11. This just hit me with the talk about dvd’s. Aren’t they usually released in several volumes, with each disk containing 2-4 episodes? So therefore there might be 2 whole disks with nothing but endless eight on them. Why would anyone buy a DVD like that?

  12. Collectors and completest would buy the DVDs. Unless of course they put some really nice special features on those discs…like serious Mikuru fanservice shots or a mess of parody outtakes from Endless Eight…or even alternate worlds that can be mixed into the loops…or a Kyonko short.

  13. After seeing that pic, I have this uncontrolable urge to enslave Kyonko. If KyoAni wants to salvage Haruhi in any form, they’d be smart to sneak in Kyonko into the DVDs. Even if it’s for 5 mins, the DVD will sell out. -Or, they can instead turn into an ero-studio and start pumping out nekkid arpon Mikurus and make tons of cash. (I hope for the latter but the chances of that happening is the same as me pulling stuffcrust pizzahut pizza out of my ass)

  14. If this show continues to repeat, just forget about writing more posts and just put up the “OBEY” posters with Haruhi’s face instead:

  15. >I am FAR less interested in the anime now than I am interested in trying to
    > understand the mindset of whoever thought this was a good idea,

    Yeah, that’s what’s been puzzling me. It was so obviously going to alienate a large fraction of their audience.

    But then they’ve been trolling the Haruhi fanbase for years with announcements that lead to nothing – perhaps they concluded that this is what the fanbase wanted: the fans love being trolled! Let’s give them a second series that only has two episodes!

    My other theory is that Kadokawa is feuding with Tanigawa over something, which is why the 10th novel has never been released, and they finally got fed up and decided to pay Kyoani to destroy the franchise. This one is probably wrong, based on “Never assume malice when stupidity will suffice.”

  16. Only God Knows where the heck Kadokawa is planning to go with this. Only God Knows why KyoAni is following the money…

    And Only God Knows that a Kyonko short would be very welcome.

  17. B.

    I’ve been believing that theory since I picked up this series last year (yeah, I know, slowpoke). I mean, why else would the tenth novel (held by some to be the last book in the series) be so late? Why else would they wait three years, practically sitting on top of not just a goldmine, but the largest oil field in history, and then pull a stunt like this? Maybe Tanigawa is planning on changing the series in a fundamental way in the 10th novel (not jumping the shark, but making a drastic change, Orange-kun face heel turn kind of change), and Kadowawa is afraid that they might lose part of the fanbase (there is considerably less fanservice in the later novels, and they start to become majorly mind-screwy after Disappearance.)
    Or maybe this is one long, elaborate troll that will end when they start releasing the actual new material in December (which would make more sense chronologically wise, seeing how Disappearance and Snow Mountain take place around Christmas time), with a third season coming out in 2011. As for the 10th novel, Tanigawa is probably being forced by Kadokawa to hold back progression of the novels until more episodes are made. Because, before 2006, he was banging them out like no tomorrow. Now, after 2006, it had slowed down, to the point of a standstill.
    As for my stance on Kyonko mini-episode: yeah, that would be the only way they would ever sell the DVDs. But, they won’t do that, because that’s what the fans want, and as we can painfully see, they could care less about the fanbase (minus Tanigawa).

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