bakemonogatari (ghostory) 7, twittered

“I’m seriously up to it. I’ll be the uke to your seme anywhere, anytime.”



I like Senjougahara chewing out Koyomi for forgetting her payment to Meme. While he’s lying in a pool of his own blood. Supportive girlfriend 4tw!



“Even if you apologize, I won’t forgive you. So I came to give you a good ass kicking.”

I wonder why Koyomi didn’t tell Senjougahara the truce about his injuries. Because she might have finished him off (FINISH HIM– FATALITY!) if she found out that some other woman brought Koyomi to the brink of death? But doesn’t Senjougahara have the ability to literally sniff out shampoos of her classmates? Wouldn’t she know that someone else was here earlier? Or is the scent of Koyomi’s blood too thick? Or does she know but doesn’t say anything?



That’s a nice, “how should I slice you open for talking to another woman on your cell phone” smile from Senjougahara. She’s the best.



“Well then… let me give you some 大 service.”

The anticipating is killing me. I feel like the Nintendo 64 kid right before he saw the Nintendo 64. Though I can imagine Koyomi thinking, “At least help me up, you crazy bitch!”



“Lie there and be happy until you can move.”

I… I… ok, three thoughts. One, move what? And does Koyomi have enough blood in his system for this move? Second, just like Kyoto chickening out from showing us Mio fanservice, what the hell Shaft? You’re better than this. We wanted our stationary-imprinted fanservice. Third, just when we thought that love might be mellowing her out (well, not really, but follow with me for a sec), Senjougahara proves that she’s grade A bat shit crazy material.

(We could surmise that the reason Shaft didn’t show anything is because she wasn’t wearing any underwear, since that’s the crux of Koyomi’s and Suruga’s conversation later.)



The shock value from Jacob’s The Monkey’s Paw isn’t necessarily that the paw brought misery with the wishes, it was more that the wishes weren’t what they seemed. (And, really, you should be skeptical of any object where you come into possession of it because the guy previously used his final wish for death.) The thing with Bakemonogatari isn’t necessarily the witty dialogue, the (non-existent this episode so far) fanservice, the horror (Meme saves the day again!) aspect. But really that nothing is what it seem. Hitagi’s weight, Mayoi’s GPS-destroying aura, and Suruga’s monkey paw. There’s going to be a twist on it.

(Unlike, oh, Haruhi Suzumiya, which is doing nothing outside of dotting “i’s” and crossing “t’s” for the 15,532nd time.)



I enjoyed the montage of Suruga opening doors for Ararararagi. He’s a brave sucker for venturing into the lair of the beast… and even braver for trying to hide/explain this from Senjougahara afterwards. Remember, she almost shish-kebabed his eye for saying Suruga’s name without an honorific. What’s she going to do once she finds out that he was over at Suruga’s place?



The Red Sea. Shaft loves them some red.

(A few things get me about this setup… the room itself is larger than most Tokyo apartments. Suruga’s family must be loaded to be able to afford such a place. Second, she has all these red-clad books… another expense. Plus, there’s nowhere to sit… eat… etc in this mess of a room. The closest anime comparison must be Suguru’s room with the closet that exploded with boxers when Mahoro opened it up.)



She looks so peaceful… she looks as happy as The World God Only Knows‘ Kamina in a sea of eroge.

(Andohsnap… doesn’t her face look a lot like Gurren Lagann‘s Kamina’s? Do I make the love child of Yoko and Kamina joke, or do I make the Kamina-ko joke? Oh I know which one you want.)



I like the mariachi music that starts playing once Koyomi decides to help clean up Kanbaru’s room… though we all know they’re playing grab ass instead of actually cleaning up the room.

(Reminds me of Chiaki cleaning up Nodame’s room, except without the slight murderous tone behind Chiaki… and Nodame’s room was nowhere this bad. In volume.)



She’s suddenly so nice and formal… uh… run! Run away! This won’t end well.

(They really didn’t clean anything up. They just stacked the books. The odds that Kanbaru would be making snow angels in the books again before dinnertime has just been taken off the books at Vegas.)



I like how Koyomi was able to identify Kanbaru by “build, outline, and silhouette.” Any man who can identify his haremette by her bust, her hips, and her ass is a man to be reckoned with.



“Does this have anything to do with the rumor that some guys can identify girls by their hips?”

I don’t know why Koyomi is so upset over this– it’s a compliment! I think it’s a skill, like being able to tie cherry stems into knots with one’s tongue or being able to write 4,000 word dissertations about a twenty-four minute long cartoon.



Not sure why Koyomi chats with girls who have done him bodily harm with such ease. You’d think he be a bit more defensive and a bit less prone to small talk. But Kanbaru’s self-satisfaction for coming up with her own meme for her and Senjougahara is fantastic… though I’m not sure if Bennifer or Brangelina are compliments.



“There’s something that I want to show you. To be honest, it’s not really something that I want people to see.”

We all knew she was going to unwrap her left arm, but I wouldn’t put it past Nisio Isin if she uncovered other parts of her body, and out popped a Johnny, and Suruga was revealed to be a hermaphrodite.



Koyomi has the same look that he had when Senjougahara was, uh, presenting herself to him earlier. Maybe one should re-evaluate one’s life when one gets more excited over seeing a monkey arm than stationary-imprinted underwear.



Highly disappointed that I went to the Wikipedia page for The Monkey’s Paw, and there’s a reference to an anime on it… but it’s not Bakemonogatari. xxxHolic! Who knew? Not me.



The sexual tension of Koyomi wanting to touch Kanbaru’s paw is palatable, and Shaft really nails the moment by doing a “shy” shot of Kanbaru as well as an ass shot to bring home the sexual tension that exists but shouldn’t exist. That’s one thing Bakemonogatari does and does well– random sexual tension for things that shouldn’t have sexual tension. He’s touching a freak’s monkey arm for Oharuhi-sama’s sake!

(And there’s no sexual tension for scenes that should have sexual tension, like the train scene earlier. That was more messed up and a homage to Senjougahara’s fucked-upped-ness than anything else.)



… of course, Suruga’s moan doesn’t help things.



More red. I’m convinced Shinbo drives around Tokyo in a little red Corvette.

(Can you imagine Senjougahara walking into such a scene? Would that have caused a nice boat end? Or something even more epic than nice boat?)



“There’s no reason to make a noise that breaks down how your character’s been established thus far!”

Please don’t remind me of how Meyrin helped Athrun escape from ZAFT. Thanks. And definitely don’t remind me of her sister sucking face with Shin. ありがとう.

(I think Meyrin settles the double ponytail / pigtail question… it’s definitely a hairstyle that shouldn’t be a frontline hairstyle but like a change-up for special occasions. Meyrin definitely looked better with the long, wet hair than with the ponytails. Though that’s pretty much when I gave up on Athrun… if he wasn’t doing a double take on a wet-from-the-shower Meyrin, there’s no hope for him as a heterosexual male.)



Shaft being Shaft.

(As a public service reminder, Shaft being Shaft derives from Manny being Manny. Manny is a highly misunderstood but high caliber baseball player. He does a lot of weird things, and not everything he does can be explained through ‘roid rage, so the press generally shrugs off his oddities with a “Manny being Manny.” As in, he’s being a weirdo for no apparent reason, and it’s sure not helping him get my Hall of Fame vote.)



“I’m a lesbian!”

Finding out that your girlfriend’s previous, uh, “friend” is a lesbian… is this a bad thing? Should Koyomi be thinking, “Hey, maybe I can be the meat for a Tsubasa and Hitagi sandwich!” instead? Though this is the second (and maybe third, since I haven’t finished watching Hidamari Sketch x365 yet) Shaft anime this year where one female character casually drops the, “Watashi wa lez onna da.”



“Let me rephrase that– I’m into yuri.”

What a coincidence! Me too!

(I would do an Idiocracy “I like money– you like money? We should so totally hang out” joke except I’m positive no one has seen Idiocracy except me and the people whom I loaned my DVD of it out to.)



“Or were you ‘that girl’ for her?”

Definitely enjoyed Arararararargi’s breakdown and emo facial distortion after finding out that his girlfriend might have had relations with an admitted lesbian– just his emo facial distortion was pretty badly executed. Much like how Kyoto needed to outsource cleavage shots of Mio to Shaft, Shaft needs to outsource emo facial distortion shots to Sunrise.

(The shaking pupil… nice touch.)



Awawagi just figured out the significance behind Senjougahara’s “never broken up with a guy before” line. I still don’t see what the issue is here…

(And I loved Kanbaru’s smug expression during Koyomi’s emo facial distortion.)



“To me, Senjougahara was my pure and perfect ideal upperclassman…”

Kanbaru forgot to finish that sentence… “… that I wanted to smear chocolate all over and lick off of.”



I don’t think that Senjougahara broke up with Kanbaru because Kanbaru’s a crazy lesbian (I think Senjougahara swings whichever way the wind blows), but because she was so desperate to cover up her weightlessness and didn’t want anyone close. At least with Koyomi, Senjougahara thought he had a chance to save her, as he himself was an oddity. Her opinion of him changed after she realized, “Hey, I could staple this guy 24×7!” “Hey, he’s a freak too!”



Love birds at school! How sweet! (But not as sweet as Kyou and Tomoya.) The way the two of them were going at it, wouldn’t other students wise up? The crazy loner girl and the guy with an ahoge hooked up! Wouldn’t this be spreading faster around school than swine flu?



I love that deep thinking, contemplative look on Senjougahara… it’s the exact opposite look that Haruhi has when Haruhi was thinking up the plot for Mikuru 00.

(Though Senjougahara is probably daydreaming about stapling Koyomi’s Johnny… thinking about the force she’s going to use, the angle of attack, the brand of staples, etc.)



Shaft being Shaft.

“Hey, you know what would spice up this conversation between Koyomi and Kanbaru? A b&w photograph of a nakkid woman’s torso getting stapled by art deco staplers!”

“Love that idea! Let’s put all our resources on it ASAP!”

(This must be how New Coke, the Pontiac Aztec, and Windows Bob came into being.)



Not emo facial distortiony enough. Probably a good time to mention that all twelve episodes of Muteki Kanban Musume are available for streaming on YouTube. If you haven’t caught the utter perfect emo facial distortions that this series tossed out the first time around, please go watch it. Now. Much, much better than Haruhi Suzumiya… and maybe even Needless.

(Now if MKM gets a sequel… we either know that the apocalypse is upon us or that Japan has just really, really run out of ideas. But I would love to get more Miki in our lives.)



Do you think that when the poor intern at Shaft was tasked with finding a b&w photo for this sequence, he dug through hundreds upon hundreds of gravure magazines to find the right image? Or did he setup a Craigslist ad for “girl willing to pose for still shots for an anime; might involve staplers” and did a quickie photo shoot? Or does Shaft just have a huge collection of images queued up for use?



I like how the room has already reverted back to its natural state. You can’t fight against entropy.



Sigh. Shaft being Shaft.



“His name is ‘Meme’?”

I wonder if Nisio Isin named him to mean a catchphrase or a concept. Or is it short for something? Though he looks like a bad Getbackers character from this shot.



“If you just want her for her body, maybe I can take her place.”

Epic dialogue alert! Definitely enjoyed an admitted lesbian coming onto Koyomi and begging to take Senjougahara’s physical place in their relationship. Also enjoyed Koyomi’s inability to say why he’s attracted to Senjougahara… though I would have loved it if he said something like, “wild, crazy animal sex that cannot be surpassed even by animals themselves.”



“I think I’m pretty cute. I can grow my hair longer and look a bit more girlish and improve my complexion. And I’ve played sports since I was little, so I’ve got a nice, slim waist.”

Awesome. Not sure if Kanbaru really wants Koyomi or just wants to sacrifice her body so Senjougahara can stay “pure” *chuckles*. The funny part is that she should know that Koyomi’s a hips man! Don’t lift up your breasts– put the emphasis on the hips!

(Yes, it’s freaky that the girlfriend’s ex-love interest/lesbian is suddenly coming on to him, full force. But this is Ghostory… it’s almost like it’s expected, much like seeing hope being drained out of Mikuru.)



“I’m seriously up to it. I’ll be the uke to your seme anywhere, anytime.”

Mmm… wouldn’t Koyomi be the uke in this situation? Just like how Lulu, Athrun, and Leeron were ukes? (Uke = receiver; seme = transmitter.)

(I like how Koyomi’s ahoge, uh, straightened out. Also… aren’t uke/seme terms for same-sex relationships? I feel like we’re missing out on an important data point. I’m almost positive there’s more behind Kanbaru than a simple Monkey’s Paw. I can definitely imagine her wishing to be Senjougahara’s lover, and thus… uh… gaining the ability to do so.)



“You’re not into BL? How surprising.”

Kanbaru’s twisted logic (Koyomi is dating a girl, therefore he must be into BL) matches wits with only Kana Minami.

(Do you remember the old Celebrity Jeopardy skits on SNL? With Will Ferrel as Trebek? We need an anime version… Burt Reynolds, Sean Connery… you guys have nothing on Kanbaru, Kana, and Kanako.)



Shaft must be huge fans of Fallout 3.



All those red books in Kanbaru’s room were BL books? Wait, does this make sense? She’s a lesbian! Wouldn’t she be into yuri? Why would she be into guys with other guys? And shouldn’t she be wearing the hat from Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito at all times?



“If you can’t even enjoy talking dirty with a younger girl, how are you going to survive once you get out into society?”

Excellent question. Talking dirty with younger girls is a skill any man should acquire before he leaves high school.

(This item was not approved, endorsed, or sponsored by Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator.)



“Even girls like to talk dirty.”

Yeah, but they charge $1.99 per minute!



Boxers… briefs… or commando… all the same. I would say boxers for Tomoya, commando for Sunohara, briefs for Simon, boxers for Kamina (to give his boys more room to sway), and ladies underwear for Hayate.



“Oh? Then were we talking about whether or not I wear panties under my bike shorts?”

Almost a Senjougahara-class tease.



Gotta like how Koyomi suddenly stared at Kanbaru’s bike shorts after she tossed out that line.

(“A maiden’s pure honey”… the language… I keep expecting that the first DVD volume of Ghostory would have a shirtless Fabio caressing a bosomy Senjougahara on the cover. That would be awesome!)



“Showing off your panties all the time is no way to go through life!”

I take it Koyomi doesn’t follow the latest Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, or Kim Kardashian gossip. Dude’s missing out!



“I’m in despair that hawt woman are throwing themselves at me!”

I’m beginning to think it was a really bad idea to have Itoshiki-sensei voice Koyomi… why couldn’t they have used that guy on Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei who likes to tell stories? He’d be a much better fit.

(Or better yet, trade him to Tears to Tiara. I want him to compose a story with Limwris and Ermin… “whack whack Zetsubou-sensei killed himself again.”)



Why does he care if Kanbaru is wearing underwear or not? Did he inquire so heavily about Mayoi?



I don’t see what’s wrong if Kanbaru isn’t wearing underwear. I also don’t see why it’s an issue that she’s wearing bike pants with or without underwear… I mean… because she’s not wearing underwear, it’s more scandalous that she’s wearing bike pants? I don’t get it. Maybe she was biking all day and didn’t want to get her lacy underwear all sweaty. I dunno. Bigger question: can we get Hayate to ask Hinagiku the same question?



Some at Shaft is as fascinated with playground equipment as I am with meido.



Weird that we get this episode the same week that the South African runner gets tested for performing enhancing… gender? This has to be a huge, huge coincidence not matched by any other anime / track and field coincidence, ever. (If I were Koyomi, I’d make sure every character I’d meet takes a gender test. Better safe than sorry!)



Shaft being Shaft… how does this improve the series? Shaft, if you’re bored, improve your cleavage-fu. Do what you do well… better.



We need more screentime for Koyomi’s little sisters outside of the Preview Quiz. I like how one of them go Western, the other goes Eastern… and the ahoge. Are we sure Himeko Katagiri isn’t a long, lost sibling? Or a secret love child of their dad?



I like how Suruga got her largest grin of the night after staring at Shinobu… Suruga ain’t just a lesbian… she’s a potential lesbian lolicon.

(And you thought that this show couldn’t get more epic.)



“I want to embrace her. No, I want to be embraced by her!”

Well, technically, they’re both underaged.



“Every time we meet, it’s a different [girl].”

That’s the way it should work in harem anime– the haremettes get crazier and crazier as the series goes on. So far, Koyomi’s gotten the nakkid apron chix0r, the chix0r he can easily beat up, and now the use-my-body-as-a-substitute chix0r.



This show is too good to be “Koyomi goes to Meme’s for help every time a new haremette appears” formula. I hope some variety is coming. And Meme is a little too important in the plots, i.e. he knows everything… so what was the point of having Koyomi involved except to be Suruga’s uke? Seme? Whatever.

(Meme reminds me more and more of a rejected Bleach character. Must be the upside-down cross and the spiky hair.)



Not a Monkey’s Paw but a Devil’s Arm. Mmm… I wonder how many wishes Kanbaru has made so far and for what. And I wonder if she could wish for more wishes or wish for the ability to make wishes without losing one’s soul.



Queue The Story You Don’t Know… now the Ararararagi ejected from his bike graphic and the Kanbaru triangle humping graphic makes a bit more sense. Mmm… I still like the ED. Maybe more so if it’s revealed that Kanbaru wished for Senjougahara’s old office supplies… to be recycled.



Preview quiz 4tw! I have a question for you… boxers? Briefs? Bikini briefs? Thong? Commando? Bike shorts? Whipped cream?



Eh, average out image. Could be better.

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  1. “Now if MKM gets a sequel… we either know that the apocalypse is upon us or that Japan has just really, really run out of ideas.”

    Is “run out of ideas” some new slang for “become incredibly awesome”?

    And if Miki is the harbinger of the apocalypse, does that mean the 2nd season would involve her getting freaky with Akihiko whilst all of humanity loses corporeal form and returns to one big primordial ramen bowl?

  2. I got a question? So do I have to get bitten by a loli vampire and find a 30yrs old guy that lives in a abandon building who happens know every cryptic thing out there in order to get almost every crazy virgin/lez with a very sensitive hairy arm/megane girl/ghost loli to come running to me for help ?

  3. Briefs

  4. Hey! There is so much random sexual tension when I read these 4,000 word dissertations, whuddayaknow.

  5. Did you catch the part about why Shinobu was sitting on the stairway? She was sulking since the day before because Meme ate one of her donuts LOL

  6. meow!
    /\ /\

    What koyomi saw that night.

  7. After seeing Suruga’s reaction to Shinobu, I have to wonder if instant charm is one of Koyomi’s vampire traits. Also, after the Dai Service, i’m surprised he didn’t hug Shinobu to thank her for the whole see in the dark ability.

  8. Koyomi resists Suruga’s advances because we all know he’s more intersted in Mayoi.

    Then again, we all know it’s going to be a Koyomi X Meme End, anyway.


  9. I’d be the Uke to Bakemonogatari’s Seme any day.

  10. BL? Seme? Uke? Boxers? Briefs?

    She is sooo having a dick. Two wishes left ;)

  11. I wish for more Haruhi! Err, wait…

  12. THANK YOU!! You are the only blogger I’ve read that had the same thought as me that she wasn’t wearing any under wear. (Not a sentence I ever thought I’d say.) I think my list of Anime I look forward to each week (If I made a top three) would probably be:
    1. Bakemonogatari
    2. Your blog post on Bakemonogatari
    3. Reminding myself how many weeks until I get to hear Mamiko Noto in Kimi no Todoke

  13. Idiocracy is an awesome movie actually. It’s definately where society is heading if it keeps going the way it is *points to all the stupid specialized TV channels*

    There’s actually a 1 out of 5 chance that Senjougahara was in “no pan mode”. A recent study revealed that 20% of women go no pan (I think the study was british but still we can hope). I’d go fetch the Sankaku Complex link but I’m at work so that’s a bad idea right now XD

  14. Hey J, “Why come you no have tatoo?” For the record that movie is pure win. If you don’t know this quote, then maybe you need some electrolytes. “It’s what plants CRAVE!”

    I need to find the planet where bat-shit-crazy women flock to me, cause me bodily harm, then show me their crotch as their former lesbian ‘buddy’ offers up no-strings sex. When I arrive, I’ll drop you a line. Misery loves company.

  15. I think you could do the world some good if you can point out more movies like Idiocracy. I know it sure made my day better.

  16. The elephant playground toy? It’s part of the sexual tension too. Or did someone forgot about Inukami and the “mother, elephants!”?

  17. Bat shit crazy isn’t hard to find just try dating some one who’s active duty in Iraq for 18 months ^.^. (tip don’t cheat on girls who’ve been trained in the fine art of ass beating, a nice boat ending will be the least of your worries.)
    Oh and Idiocracy is a trip and a half. “go away I’m bating!” doesn’t seem to far from modern day shut ins actualy.

  18. The music that plays while they are cleaning the room…….

    That doesn’t sound like Mariachi music at all. >_<

  19. Idiocracy is awesome. Too bad Fox doomed it to be unable to get past the cult following level. Although I could see various pundits attacking it as a elitist attack on mainstream America.

    …although I shouldn’t really be one to talk about Idiocracy. When they first started talking about Monkey Paws, I confused it with one of these: and was wondering why her arm didn’t terminate in a ball of rope.

  20. Interesting post as always…Anywho, wonder if Yuko is pissed or relieved about losing some potential “costumers” to Meme. Well, Meme so far seems like the “cheaper” choice to fix your supernatural problems.

    And yeah…Supportive girlfriend 4tw!!

  21. Sorry, loved the Shaft being Shaft during the creepy hand and nekkid lady scenes. Thought they added a nice level of eeriness that you wouldn’t get without. Always good to have something visually interesting during long stretches of dialogue.

    And to answer your question, they probably had the intern image search and create a stock pile of naked lady photos. Stock image searching is hell.

  22. About the train scene, so you want batshit crazy material AND fanservice? Getting a bit greedy aren’t we, Jason? Next thing you’re gonna complain about is the next time Tsundere-chan threatens to gouge Koyomi’s eyes out with one foot on the table, you want her skirt to be shorter and the camera angle to be lower so you can get the stationary-imprinted panty shot, huh?

    Oh and Koyomi’s sisters seriously need some more goddamned screen time. It annoys the hell out of me that two intriguing and interesting characters only get passing references and show up in the 10 second closing scene at the end of each arc and host the preview quiz which basically amounts to an average screen time of what? Half a minute per arc?

  23. Ok,
    1) The question is not if Senjougahara wasn’t wearing undies, the question is how much time till a “BRIGHTNESS UP” image appears so we can know for sure… what we want to know.
    2) If Suruga ends up having a johnny, I’ll throw myself out of the window with tears in my eyes. The world needs so much hawt batshit insane lesbians, don’t take Suruga away from us. I don’t want to be broken by this anime the way I was broken by Mako-cakes and No Bra. Not even this blog could prepare me to accept a male Suruga. Do not want. Period.
    3) Besides SurugaxSenjougahara may be the best yuri couple ever. Though SurugaxShinobu may be just as awesome, but I thought Shinobu would be Mayoi’s… er… partner.
    4) Senjougahara’s face when Suruga spotted her with Koyomi in their classroom was so “No I’m not listening to this guy, I’m thinking of delightful ways to torture him with stationery”. Delicious.
    5) I don’t know how they wills olve Suruga’s problem, but I’m pretty sure next chapter will include a gigantic dosage of “Jealous Supportive Senjougahara beats the crap out of his infidel blasphemous boyfriend” and we’ll love every second.
    6) Come on, Jason, you’re complaining about Shaft being Shaft almost as much as about Endless Eight… and that should not be.

  24. I’m pretty sure there is a panty shot at 1:22, but there’s so much lens glare that it’s hard to tell what it is.

  25. “Next thing you’re gonna complain about is the next time Tsundere-chan threatens to gouge Koyomi’s eyes out with one foot on the table, you want her skirt to be shorter and the camera angle to be lower so you can get the stationary-imprinted panty shot, huh?”

    Ah, no. That would be me. This show is epic, but it needs the extra touch of ecchi to make it utterly, absolutely, incredibly, over-the-top MEGA-EPIC!!!!
    Wow, that sounded lame. I’ll go staple myself in regret now.

  26. I figure out that Hitagi is also not wearing any pantsu when she do the service to recovering Koyomi (Suruga also not wearing pantsu since Hitagi herself is doing it as well, remember when somebody idolize someone she tends to copy the idol’s traits, that includes the verbal abuse and way she use her gears)

    Suruga should have just collected the seven dragon balls from Planet Namek (since it can grant three wishes as well) instead of using the rainy demon to grant her wish like how Android 18 turned into a human woman and Krillin getting a hair to make it a happy couple.

    I’m also wondering why Jason didn’t added the term Oshino used “She’s sulking since yesterday after I ate more donuts than her.”

    It’s interesting to eat donuts…makes loli vampires depressed.

    Hinagiku should get Hitagi’s trait sometimes and she failed once again on saying what Hitagi told Koyomi way back episode 05 in chapter 238 (In her thoughts it happened though).

  27. Shaft being Shaft.

    (As a public service reminder, Shaft being Shaft derives from Manny being Manny. Manny is a highly misunderstood but high caliber baseball player. He does a lot of weird things, and not everything he does can be explained through ‘roid rage, so the press generally shrugs off his oddities with a “Manny being Manny.” As in, he’s being a weirdo for no apparent reason, and it’s sure not helping him get my Hall of Fame vote.)

    Actually, the derivation of all that…Shaft being Shaft, Manny being Manny, comes from Rickey being Rickey….THAT’s the original true bloodline for this.

    The next time you twitter one of these fine episodes, and you get to a Shaft being Shaft moment, instead of posting Shaft being Shaft, you should fire off THIS blast: “Rickey, what are you doing, you stupid….’I’m just scolding myself.'”

    “If you can’t even enjoy talking dirty with a younger girl, how are you going to survive once you get out into society?”

    Hmmmm…..I wish I’d learned THAT lesson a whole heck of lot sooner. Packer’s tight end Mark Chmura had that figured out by the time his Packer’s career was over, why not me. *hrrrrr*

  28. “Lie there and be happy until you can move”, best quote ever :D This anime is so hilarious and has the best dialogue I’ve ever seen. Senjougahara is my favorite character but the others are very cool as well.

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