bakemonogatari (ghostory) 12, twittered

“At least I figured this out. Senjougahara Hitagi is… she’s pretty smart, usually near the top of the class, but incompetent at love. Completely incompetent. Even during our conversation when we started dating on Mother’s Day. This girl is so reckless. She’s like an RPG hero who goes straight into a cave without a torch. She’s showing all her cards and throwing herself on the mercy of her opponent. Does she think she needs to use that methodology, like an aggressive diplomatic doctrine, in this kind of fond, subtly budding relationship? It’s horrible. 99 men out of 100 would dump her if she kept pushing it like that. It’s scary. I can tell even though I’m not experienced in love either. Well. I guess she’s doing it because she’s decided I’m that one out of the hundred. I have to tip my hat. Oh no. I’m moeing so damn hard. I can’t even joke about it. Really, I just wanted to leave it all ujp to force and embrace Senjougahara, but even I know I’d lose her then. Even from the start, I never had many cards to play… is I guess how I’d describe my relationship with Senjougahara. Not that I didn’t need them. Sleep. Lying there together looking up at the stars. We make good lovers like that.”



Before we start, I just want to say that last week was one of the greatest TV watching weeks in a while. A full slate of great NCAA games (including enjoyable Indiana/Michigan and LSU/Miss St. games), some great NFL games (including Favre’s pass to Lewis, which made me reconsider the Kyoto/Favre theory as in Kyoto seems more washed up than Favre at this point), and the season premieres of The Simpsons and SNL. Just kidding. I mean the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm. And, of course, the last OTA broadcast of Bakemonogatari. Now that, my friends, is a killer schedule.

I have more to write about concerning all of those topics. Try to curb your enthusiasm… right now, mine is peaked at seeing this awesome bento. Loved how it’s written in English. Loved the sausage crabs. Loved all the possible “Please eat my bento” jokes. Loved all the possible “Is there an X-acto knife hidden behind the sausage” jokes. Loved everything about it. I just wonder who made this… did Senjougahara make this? She must have, right? In that case, Koyomi is the luckiest guy on earth, even luckier than Khloe Kardashian.

(Don’t worry. We’ll get to Khloe soon enough.)



“We’re going on a day-to.”

Loved the tamago dropping into the rice and causing a mini-explosion… just for the record, I’m a semi-genius. Two weeks ago, I wondered why HDTVs were 16:9 and not 21:9 (true cinema)… except I didn’t realize that pretty much 90% of Bakemonogatari is airing in a 21:9 aspect ratio already. There’s a few sequences that aren’t, but mainly all the action can be squared away by 21:9. (And… well… I guess the encoder at gg realized this as well, thus generating an episode without the dark lines and having more detail in the actual viewing area.) I don’t know if Shaft did 21:9 just because they were Shaft or because 21:9 is the real future of TV. (Sorry 3D!) The aspect ratio does make it seem more cinematic.

In any case, my new HDTV is just obsolete now. It only does 16:9. *sob*



I’m enjoying 21:9 Hitagi. Loved the worn-up hair as well the rolled up sleeves. She seems like she’s taking a break from painting the house with Koyomi. (Andohbytheway, painting the house with a loved one is either the greatest or worst activity a couple could do. Depends a lot on the couple.)



Wait, she has a “I love Koyomi” bento? Egads. Even the Marcia, Jan, and Cindy think this is cheesy and dated.

(Can we digitally add Senjougahara to that Clannad episode where all the girls want Tomoya to eat their bentos?)



I think Koyomi has the right reaction to Hitagi trying to feed him some food: a mix of terrified and happiness resulting in terrified happiness where the terror overrides the happiness. And, yes, he is a lucky bastard.



Senjougahara… blushing… in 21:9! This post might take me six days to write. I’m not kidding.



What a mischievous smile. Senjougahara is a wondrous character.


I once thought, “Well, nothing is going to top Haruhi Suzumiya‘s franchise.” Is any character from this year going to top Sennougahara? Mmm… maybe not in anime, but she has a competitor on cable. Yes, that’s right… the completely, clinically insane Bam Bam Funkhouser. She was just so awesome on Curb that it made me re-evaluate my fictional character pantheon for this year. Let me put it this way: her name is “Bam Bam.” For good reason. If you’re not into Curb, you’re missing out. Not watching that is like not watching Bakemonogatari.

(And, yes, “Bam Bam” would be a great nickname for Kanbaru. I still want “The Stapler” for Senjougahara and “The Librarian” for Hanekawa, but “Bam Bam” seems to work well with Kanbaru.”)



I think Koyomi’s just relieved that she didn’t harm him with office supplies. Though part of me wonders if, when the rice touched his cheeks, he jizzed in his pants.



Awesome laugh. If Dr. Evil were a hawt, nubile schoolgirl anime character, that’s what I’d imagine how this hawt, nubile schoolgirl anime Dr. Evil would laugh.



“Araragi-kun, there’s a clump of rice on your check.”

“You put it there!”

Have I mentioned lately how much I’m enjoying Chiwa Saito as Senjougahara and how much I dislike Zetsubou-sensei as Koyomi? Also, I’m on screenshot number ten and word number seven hundred and not even one minute has passed yet. We’re on pace for the first ever 200 screenshot post.



“I’ll remove it for you.”

With a show of hands, how many of us were expecting Hitagi to eat the rice off of Koyomi’s face? Good. Just checkin’, because I’m positive that he was thinking the same thing also.



Did you see Koyomi’s nostrils flaring when Senjougahara was removing the rice? Epic.



Shaft is brilliant when they want to be. That’s all I got to say about that.



Enjoyed Senjougahara working out how she’s trying to ask Koyomi “Lucky Bastard” Araragi out on a date after she already did so. Liked her pensive and non-threatening versions… but definitely not as compelling as the “Wait, you don’t want to go out with me” threat.



21:9 head tilt 4tw!



Ah, so this was the start of the activity that was alluded to last episode.

(Loved the doves. They’ve been a constant motif in this series… I just wish I knew why.)



Staple Stable again… wait, did we get gypped out of a Horie Yui cat-themed OP? Or is Tsubasa Cat not over yet? And based on feedback from my readers… I don’t think I can hold out until the DVD release. Shitty web quality be damned.

(Yes, this should have been a full 24 episode season. Weird art choices and poor scheduling aside, this was Shaft’s greatest mistake. This was a 24 episode show, much like how Endless Eight was not an eight episode arc. I am definitely going to miss this show… but thankfully I have Curb and Bam Bam still.)



“At least I figured this out. Senjougahara Hitagi is… she’s pretty smart, usually near the top of the class, but incompetent at love. Completely incompetent. Even during our conversation when we started dating on Mother’s Day. This girl is so reckless. She’s like an RPG hero who goes straight into a cave without a torch. She’s showing all her cards and throwing herself on the mercy of her opponent. Does she think she needs to use that methodology, like an aggressive diplomatic doctrine, in this kind of fond, subtly budding relationship? It’s horrible. 99 men out of 100 would dump her if she kept pushing it like that. It’s scary. I can tell even though I’m not experienced in love either. Well. I guess she’s doing it because she’s decided I’m that one out of the hundred. I have to tip my hat. Oh no. I’m moeing so damn hard. I can’t even joke about it. Really, I just wanted to leave it all ujp to force and embrace Senjougahara, but even I know I’d lose her then. Even from the start, I never had many cards to play… is I guess how I’d describe my relationship with Senjougahara. Not that I didn’t need them. Sleep. Lying there together looking up at the stars. We make good lovers like that.”

Greatest. Intro. Ever.

(I have nothing more to add, just that I wanted people who didn’t pause/start/pause for fifteen minutes at the beginning of the episode to read Koyomi’s preface to the episode. That’s exactly how I would describe their relationship… and, if that text is lifted straight from the novels, Nisio Isin deserves awards. Big, fat, fucking awards.)



Koyomi has the same smile and face that Khloe had on her way to the altar. The biggest news of the past week has to be Khloe Kardashian marrying Lamar Odom. Now… this is to entertainment blogs what Endless Eight was for anime blogs– i.e., the train wreck that couldn’t be turned off. I just find the whole thing to be hilarious. Consider:

1. The only reason the Kardashian family is famous is because the eldest sister got videotaped while having kinky, Kanbaru-class sex with a rapper. (Well, a reason besides the fact that there’s an non-zero chance OJ could have been their fathers. Or at least the father of one daughter.)

2. This led to the family getting a reality show on E! which featured a washed up athlete (Bruce Jenner) wooing the mom and landing his son (Brody) a role on MTV’s The Hills. Yes, that Bruce Jenner.

3. During this whole time, Kim was the breadwinner, and Kourtney wasn’t doing bad in attracting attention (i.e. getting knocked up). Khloe, meanwhile, was the black sheep. She was literally the Chris Farley of the family (in weight as well).

4. Khloe was dating Rashard McCants (and, as far as I knew, still was), a benchwarmer for the Kings, one of the worst franchises in the NBA.

5. She suddenly is getting married to Lamar Odom after a month of dating?! A wealthy Laker who just re-upped his contract for more than what Reggie Bush (Kim’s current beau) makes? What the hell? This is like Princess Lover beating Bakemonogatari for best anime of 2009.

6. Lamar Odom, who has made like over $100 million, couldn’t do better than the black sheep sister on a reality TV show family? This is like Hayate passing on Maria… Hinagiku… Nagi… Izumi… for Tama.

7. Maybe a good time to bring up that Khloe and Lamar were introduced to each other (remember, only a month ago), by Ron Artest. Yes, the same Ron Artest who sparked the greatest melee in NBA history. Yes, the same Ron Artest with multiple Twitter accounts. Yes, the same Ron Artest who wrote and performed the legendary Michael Michael tribute song. Let’s just say I’d be more terrified than excited if Ron Ron wanted to hook me up with one of his friends.

8. The whole wedding and wedding process was captured, for eternity, by a new E! reality show starring… yep, Khloe (and Lamar).

9. Hence why I thought Khloe had the same look that Koyomi has now. You must be glad I’m here. Which other blogger has such a healthy command of such inane, insipid topics.

Bonus. Did I mention that Khloe has a history of weight problems? Or that Lamar Odom is addicted to sweets?



Kinda disappointed that we didn’t see Koyomi race past a hachi-roku.



“Follow me.”

Yes ma’am!



Loved Koyomi’s “Wait, wait… what the fuck?!” expression. Nice. I wonder what must have been going through his head, and I wouldn’t rule out, “She’s going to bury me in the forest… it’s going to be like a Mirai Nikki scenario.”

(Also liked how she didn’t introduce the guy in front. Good chance it’s her dad… but it could also be the cult dude, it could be some random guy, it could be Onizuka-sensei, it could be Larry David, it could be the next Prime Minister of Japan, it could be The Supporter… I mean, just love the awkwardness introduced because Hitagi does something as simple as not introducing the third wheel in the car.)



“Don’t be nervous, the night is long.”

Hitagi is both flirty and aloof during this scene. Perfect complement to Koyomi’s shock and awe. Though I wonder what Koyomi had in mind for this day-to… like wouldn’t they have discussed it beforehand? If I were in Koyomi’s shoes, I’d know that leaving everything up to Hitagi is a bad, bad idea. And… well… there’s a distinct possibility Koyomi and Hitagi will re-enact the final moments of the Watanagashi arc. He was obviously expecting something due to the way he raced over to her place– was he thinking that they would be alone and they would re-enact the Kim Kardashian / Ray-J sex tape? Was he thinking they would do homework? Was he hoping for a nakkid apron dinner? I mean, I want to know: did they have concrete plans before, and now she’s audibling? Or was Koyomi dumb enough to leave the day-to planning to Senjougahara?

(Like her outfit, like her scrunchies… and this nice outfit choice from a girl who claims to be bad at wearing clothes?)



“Do you love me? Tell me if you love me. What, aren’t you going to answer? Could it be that you don’t really love me, Araragi-kun?”

I’m getting them Mirai Nikki goosebumps… good times, good times. Loved Koyomi panicking.



“I… I love you.”

“I see. I love you too, Araragi-kun.”

There’s “I love you’s” that are said genuinely. There’s “I love you’s” that are said to get laid. There’s “I love you’s” that are said quickly because you want to get back to watching the Penn State game. And there’s the “I love you’s” that are said because you’re horrified of what might happen if you didn’t say it. I think we can all guess which bin does Araragi’s fall into.



Koyomi’s ahoge is a great barometer of his condition. I liked how he keeps nervously glancing at Hitagi’s dad (?), even though he has no real reason to do so. After all, it’s not like he has received a nakkid breakfast from Hitagi herself. Also, he keeps trying to open the door… like jumping out of a moving vehicle traveling down a major highway is a better alternative than being stuck inside said moving vehicle with an utterly insane girlfriend and possibly her dad. It’s a toss-up, right?



“What do you love about me?”

“It’s pretty obvious what I don’t love!”

Bakemonogatari is really a relationship show. It’s not only about Koyomi’s relationship with Hitagi, but also all the other interconnected relationships with his family, her family, Kanbaru, etc. The oddity aspect of the show, while it has its moments, only serves to propel the relationships in the way that Nisio Isin wants them to go. It’s a bit different from other moralistic supernatural plays like Mushishi or Kino’s Travels in that the oddity, while the focus of each arc, really isn’t the focus of each arc. Each arc… the focus has been the relationship between Koyomi and someone else with only the oddity providing the impetus for the reckoning inside each relationship. For example, Mayoi Snail was as much about Hitagi’s relationship with Koyomi and Koyomi’s relationship with his family as it was Mayoi.

(And, of course, all of these relationships are explored through sharp, witty dialogue. Sharp, witty dialogue coupled with good writing would make the basis of a great anime? Who would have guessed? Sunrise, you taking notes?)



I like how Hitagi keeps trying to get her (seemingly mute and even more threatening because of the muteness) dad involved whenever Koyomi calls her “Senjougahara-san,” much to Koyomi’s chagrin. But really it’s all a ploy to get Koyomi to start referring to her by her first name… Hitagi’s the best. She’s a great Machiavellian girlfriend.

(Of course, I’m saying this from the safety of being an audience member. I can only imagine all the possibilities running through Koyomi’s mind… it must range from “I’m going to be slice and diced and ditched in the woods” to “Her dad is going to make me squeal like a pig by the river.”)



I think a stapler-shaped necklace would be a better fit for her than a heart-shaped necklace.



“So what do you love about me?”

“You’re nice, cute, and like a price who would rescue me whenever I’m in trouble.”

I like the disparity of answers between Koyomi and Hitagi… anyway, here’s my Top Ten Reasons To Love Hitagi

10. Extremely supportive as a girlfriend.

9. She knows all your pervy kinks… and is willing to go along with them.

8. Oh the sweet, juicy, lovely, gooey center of a hardened tsundere. Only there’s no such thing for Hitagi.

7. Doesn’t call her boyfriend, “trash.”

6. Stationary-imprint underwear.

5. She plays bass for a local indie band.

4. Vicious, scathing verbal abuse for all the verbal S&Mists out there.

3. She’s not good at wearing clothes.

2. She brought back the scrunchy, much like how Miami brought back the Wild Cat.

1. You’ll never need to worry about finding a stapler ever again.

(And there’s only one reason why not to love Hitagi: her nickname isn’t “Bam Bam”. But there’s still time!)



“I went through so much trouble, day and night, to study with you at my place.”

Teach me Senjougahara-sensei! Teach me!



“But really, your results are a big deal. I’m proud of you.”


(I’m pretty sure Koyomi is totally perplexed and confused by the situation he is in right now. Now… knowing Hitagi, is she doing this on purpose? Or is this just par for the course for her? I’d like to believe that it’s just par for the course for her.)

(And words can’t describe how happy Koyomi’s inner thigh must be right now. I don’t think even Nisio Isin could describe it.)



“If you keep it up, Araragi-kun, perhaps you can aim even higher.”

She’s talking about test scores… right? Right? RIGHT?!



They’re not wearing seat belts. What naughty children.



“Then let’s study at my place every day.”

There’s a lot of euphemisms and conflicting messages in this scene. I think my brain just exploded.

(Which subject do you think Hitagi likes tutoring in the most? Chemistry? Biology? Physics? I hope it’s physics.)



I like how Hitagi stops rubbing his inner thigh once he brought up Hanekawa. I think Koyomi just cockblocked himself.



“The studying that Hanekawa does is completely different than our level.”

Koyomi brings up Hanekawa, and Hitagi not only stops rubbing his inner thigh, but she retreats to the other side of the car. Ouch. The last time I’ve seen something so good turn out so poorly in the backseat of the car has to be the scene in Boogie Nights when Rollergirl picks up a guy she knew before she became Rollergirl.

(And, yes, no question that Hitagi was referring to her special brand of studying… and either Koyomi didn’t pick up on it because he lost all blood to his brain… or he did pick up on it and was just too terrified of her dad in the driver’s seat.)



There’s no wasted dialogue in this series, and it’s seems like Hitagi knows about Hanekawa’s issues even without Koyomi having to tell her. I don’t care how Tsubasa Cat ends, just I hope there’s a big catfight between Hanekawa and Hitagi before it is over.



“Why is [Kanbaru] so kinky?”

Just because Kanbaru was well-equipped to deal with a nakkid, snake-cursed loli, does it really mean that she’s kinky?



“I can’t ignore your mistaken ‘kinky’ impression of my cute junior. … I’m going to sway the basis of your judgment.”


(Andohbytheway, this has been more exciting than my first date… and they haven’t even reached their destination yet. The way these two are going, I really hope they do re-enact the Rollergirl scene… with her creepy dad watching through the rear view mirror.)



“If I do that, you’ll think of Kanbaru as a pure and innocent girl.”


(Loved the camera zoom-in on Hitagi.)



Well done. Shaft… Nisio Isin… take a bow. This has got to be the greatest, most sexually suggestive yet still PG-rated car ride in anime history.

(If you had a choice between riding in this car or the car that took Itsuki and Kyon to Kyon’s first closed space incident, which one would you take? It’s no contest, right?)



Chiwa Saito’s unintelligible dialogue really takes this scene to another level. She deserves awards. Big, fat, fucking awards.



I’m not sure what Koyomi should be more shocked at: that his supportive girlfriend is coming on to him like a forty year old cougar at Vegas or that his supportive girlfriend knows such naughty words. I’m positive that if Senjougahara Hitagi were on the evil side in My Balls, we’re all doomed.

(All I’m going to say about My Balls is to go check out that Wikipedia link. If you’re not curious for more, something is wrong with you. And I honestly wouldn’t mind if you took a two or three day break before resuming reading this post after diving into My Balls.)



Oh, that’s a nice finishing move.



“Just do whatever you want, Hitagi-san.”

Mmm… I wonder what this is supposed to represent. Mmm…

(This car ride has been to innuendo what Larry David has been to Seinfeld.)

(I was going to use a “jizzed in my pants” joke here, but I completely forgot that I had used it earlier. Like four days ago. That’s how frickin’ long this post is– I don’t even remember what I wrote already. But I don’t need to tell you, the reader, who has been wading through this monstrosity of a post like War and Peace.)



“You should have a chat with my father.”

I’m sure Koyomi is thrilled about being alone with her dad in the middle of a dark, secluded parking lot.



Actually… pretty standard dialogue from the dad. Normal dad, batshit insane daughter.



I liked her dad thanking Koyomi for all that he has done for her, but he alludes to two favors that involve Koyomi… driving them for their first date is obviously one, what is the other?

(I think, above all else, this dialogue is supposed to wrap Hitagi’s arc full circle. This is how far she has come from the beginning. This is how far she has come because of Araragi. Nice touch for the final OTA episode.)



“Father, what comes next is between two young lovers.”

If I were her boyfriend listening to her say this to her father, I would be thrilled. I would be wondering which bases I would be rounding that night. If I were her father listening to her say this, I would be less thrilled. I would be wondering if I should go grab the shotgun from the trunk and put some fear of Oyashiro-sama into the poor boyfriend.



“Thank you, Dad.”

Her dad never interacts back with Hitagi… mmm…



Four thoughts: One, this must be how Khloe led Lamar to the altar. Two, what’s Araragi complaining about? He gets free reign to stare at her ass. Three, are they filming the anime version of Blair Witch Project? Four, I hope… really hope… that Koyomi has washed his hair recently.



I like the art deco art that peppers this series… I like how Shaft uses patterns for clothing fabric… and *gasp* I am enjoying the lack of Shaft being Shaft moments this episode. A normally (for Shaft) animated episode that emphasizes the dialogue between the two main characters… and it is turning out great? Who would have thunk it?



Her preparation was to lay out a green sheet? Couldn’t she have brought the sheet with Araragi instead of making a separate trip?



“You can open your eyes now.”

Pretty! Stargazing after some happy inner thigh rubbing… Koyomi’s getting his money’s worth for his first day-to.

(Though I am impressed with Senjougahara’s choice. Much better than a movie. At least this way, if they feel frisky, well, they are alone in the dark. But this is also how a lot of horror movies start out… mmm… either way, it’s a winner in my book.)



There’s no oddity this episode. The final OTA episode… and it doesn’t even feature what this series supposedly features. Again, this is why I feel Bakemonogatari is really about Koyomi’s relationships. While this episode doesn’t feature an oddity, it does feature the most important current relationship in Koyomi’s life.

(I like how even though they were walking through some dense woods, there’s only a few trees around.)



“Denab, Altair, Vega.”

Heh. Hear the piano muzak version of The Story You Don’t Know going on in the background? One lost art in TV is the OP/ED. In American shows, they’re basically completely gone in favor of more commercial time… but in anime where selling CDs of the OP/ED are more profitable than the commercial time, this tradition lives on. For most shows, it doesn’t seem like they’re trying hard to tie the OP/ED into the show… but Shaft has been doing a bang up job in this department lately. Hanaji is the perfect complement to Maria+Holic, and, after seeing this episode of Ghostory, The Story You Don’t Know is the perfect complement to this series. The lyrics… the motif… the connection with this final scene… great job all around. It’s the anti-Endless Eight.



I like how instead of focusing on Hitagi’s stargazing, he’s focusing on Hitagi herself. Great little touch. I just hope Senjougahara doesn’t ask him a pop quiz on what she just said earlier.



This scene made me nostalgic. Back when I was still in school, I did take a day-to to go stargazing. I had one of those powerful lanterns and used that to highlight stars and constellations. I remember cramming beforehand so I could try to impress her… but now thinking about it, I think a Thermos full of hot coffee would have impressed her more. Ah, the mistakes of youth. But still good times.

(This also depressed me. I know live in an area where I cannot see stars at night. I think I’m going to go join the International Dark Sky Association right after I’m done writing this post. Which, at the rate I’m writing it, might be after the Rio Olympics.)



“That’s all… that’s all I have. Being able to help you study. A cute junior and a direct father.”



“And this starry sky.”

Wonderful dialogue from Hitagi. No wonder this post is approaching the 5,000 word mark. This is officially longer than the Kyou OVA post and the Maria+Holic post. Needless to say, some bloggers go for speed. Others go for quanity. Others go for quality (oh wait, we’re talking about anime bloggers, so scratch that… there’s as much quality there as there’s quality basketball in the WNBA). I go for the sheer spectacle.



“That’s all I have. That’s all I can give you, Araragi-kun. That’s everything.”


Just showcases her feelings and the gravity of such feelings for Koyomi “Lucky Bastard” Araragi. It’s just great for many reasons… the stars and vastness of space showcase the symbolism of what she can give him, yet also highlights how in this vastness, the two of them are so right for each other (at least more right than Khloe and Lamar). More so, because they’re starring at space wondering just how small they are, it’s an emotional opening. Mmm… Hitagi does seem more cunning than I last remember. Bakemonogatari just continues hitting home runs.



“Well, to be exact, I can also offer spiteful and abusive words.”

(Hitagi being Hitagi, in a good sense. I like how Nisio Isin tossed this line in.)

“I don’t want those.”

(What? That’s like the best part, kinda like when Andrew Zimmerman is claiming that goat uterus is the best part of a goat on Bizarre Foods.)

“And there’s my body.”


“Do you not want that either?”

(*shakes head at Koyomi*)



I like how she’s giving excuses already on why she can’t put out (even though Araragi hasn’t made a move)… definitely more logical than Belldandy. The way she’s saying it, it’s almost like she’s trying to convince herself why she can’t jump Araragi’s bones… since I know, you know, and most likely she knows that Araragi wouldn’t touch her like how James Van Der Beek wouldn’t touch the Ali Larter sundae in Varsity Blues.

(And not only has Araragi not made a move, I don’t think he will. One, he’s probably afraid of any stapler traps. Two, he’s probably more attracted to Nadeko or Mayoi.)



“Right now, I’m afraid of losing you.”

So sweet. So touching. I can sum up Hitagi’s feelings for Koyomi simply with “But I finally met the one that I knew if had I lost her, it would hurt the most.” That sums it up right there. She exposed herself, under this starry sky… and at this most important moment of an anime about oddities, how does Koyomi settle things? He grasps her hand.

(Yep. You guessed it. I took this post full circle. You know who said that quote? That’s right: Lamar Odom.)



And silence. And the piano muzak version of The Story That You Don’t Know. Well done, Shaft, well done. (Though I would have preferred a few more seconds of silence to really nail down Koyomi’s response… but we all know you’re too busy squeezing 24 episodes into 15. Sigh. I wonder how much more money Shaft could have made if this were 24 episodes…)



“My life hasn’t been very fortunate until now. I’m glad I caught your eye before of that misfortune. Because of that, I was able to fall for you. So we’ll definitely do something, but I want to wait just a little bit. So right now, the last thing I can offer you… is this starry sky.”

I’m looking forward to see a second season of Bakemonogatari more now than I was looking forward to a second season of Haruhi Suzumiya back in 2006. I just hope it doesn’t take Shaft three years to thoroughly, utterly, completely disappointed and depress me.



“Nee, Araragi-kun. Do you love me?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Araragi-kun.”


“What do you love about me?”

“Everything. There’s nothing about you that I don’t love.”

“I see. I’m happy.”

“What do you love about me?”

“You’re kind. You’re cute. You’re like a prince who would rescue me whenever I’m in trouble.”

“I’m happy.”

It’s basically the same dialogue that they had in the car… just completely different in tone. You know what I love about this series? The writing. The characters. The stationary-imprint underwear.



“By the way, that chauvinist pig was only interested in my body, so he took nothing from my lips.”

You know… for really the first time in twelve episodes, this is Tsundere-chan’s first honest tsundere moment. Can you imagine Kyou, Shana, or Nagi saying something similar?



“So, Araragi-kun, kiss me. Wait, that’s not how it goes.”

The episode goes full circle in itself with Hitagi trying out different ways to ask Koyomi to kiss her, much like how she tried to ask him out at the beginning of the episode (which was, oh, 5,300 or so words ago). I like stories that go full circle… and this is no exception. Though I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see them actually kiss (but less disappointed then when we didn’t see Renji loving Chihiro numerous times).

(And you wonder why this post took me so damn long to write.)



And she’s blushing! Senjougahara is the best. She’s tied with Kyou in terms of wanting to be kissed scenes.

(Crap, this post took me so long to write, I might miss the second episode of Curb if I don’t wrap up quickly. Though having Stargate Universe on in the background as I try to finish up writing this post doesn’t help… is it really a good idea to combine Star Trek Voyager with Battlestar Galactica? I like Stargate for its humor… and Universe seems even more humorless than Atlantis. Can we just get a balding Richard Dean Anderson back for more SG-1 instead?)



That’s definitely a “enough looking at the fucking stars, let’s suck face” look on both of them. Andohbytheway, for people scoring at home, they were starring at the stars for a whole five minutes. Given the average teenage hormones, that seemed long.



Pan shots of Hitagi in 21:9… sign me up!



And cue the vocal version of The Story That We Don’t Know… and… we’re done! Done! Well, for the time being.

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  1. What a great final episode for a great anime… No, wait, there’s still the web episodes remaining. Also thanks to Jason for his great posts about the series, big up, dude!

  2. Indeed.

  3. Worth the wait. Thanks, Jason.

  4. Here it is. S ary how competent she is with emotional blackmail, manipulation, and the playing to Araragi’s white knight complex, including a Dad approval. She’s got the Alpha Haremette spot for 2009 tied down.

  5. I was also reminded of the car segment with Itsuki (only thankfully there was no thigh fondling in that one)…but I’d honestly have to say I’d take it instead (wait, don’t lump me in that camp yet). I preferred Itsuki’s navel gazing to Senjogohara’s conversation, which unfortunately by and large came across as bitchy and possessive rather than her usual deliciously spiteful and derogatory talk. It dropped my opinion of her quite a lot, so pretty much ruined the rest of the episode for me, even though most of the conversation was repeated with a lot more sincerity at the end.

    I’m probably in the minority here, but a Bakemonogatari episode where nothing happens is just…boring. Where’s my hawt playful librarian type?

  6. I was going FFFfFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF at the time he said Yui Hories’s name. Man, if I know things when I was younger as I do now. I wouldn’t be cockblocking myself like Koyomi is doing every time he’s with Hitagi. but your right on this one, its the youth of our lives :\

  7. Nice recap, I really enjoyed this episode as well.

    The first favor Hitagi’s dad was referring to was I believe her helping him out at his work in return for the money to repay Meme.

    The piano piece that first plays during their conversation under the stars is the OP (Stable Stable) rather than the ED, I believe.

  8. What are you going to blog now, Jason?

  9. That was beautiful….

    Too bad there were so many Lamar Odom references…

  10. You really took your time Jason, but it was worth it.

    Like many people (Kurogane, Onmi and other fellow bloggers) this episode took me off guard. I was waiting for the second part of Tsubasa Cat; instead we get this marvelous piece of work from SHAFT. Now that you put it in that way, Hitagi’s words were powerful while stargazing with Araragi-kun; no words could describe the emotions that ran through that lucky bastard when the weight of those words hit home. She was lucky to find him, and so he was lucky to get her love in return.

    You know, I still can’t believe how this series turned out to be the best of this year so far; damn you KyoAni, damn you SUNRSIE, fuck you GONZO… thank you very much SHAFT.

    We’re lucky.

  11. Still 3 more episode of bakemonogatari to go ~ hopefully they would be out soon enough

  12. Truly one to look forward to.

    Incidentally, The Story That We Don’t Know runs through my mp3 player quite often, as well as through my head. I need to infect more people with it.

    Loved the episode. Shaft hit a perfect game with this episode. Bravo.

  13. Y’know considering this ep is called tsubasa cat 2 and last week’s ep we had an certain expectation.
    (more horie yui energie humping)
    And the BAM this, stunning every time i rewatch it.

  14. Haha, thanks a lot for the read. You had the same reaction I had to her fondling his thigh in the car, I even wrote down on paper the same thing, why? Who knows?

  15. I thought that the association of this last episode with “Tsubasa Cat” was something of an intended misdirection (like how Mayoi Snail wasn’t all that about Mayoi); after all, wasn’t her case all in the past? and wasn’t that already “solved”?

    Of course, there is that whole “if you don’t deal with her stress within a year…” foreboding part. But there isn’t really much that Koyomi can do, short of declaring undying love to Hanekawa. And we all know how that would turn out.

    I loved the final astronomy guide by Senjougahara, where she mentions the following constellations:Ophiuchus – a man grasping a snakeSerpens – well, of course…Cancer – crab, isn’t it? Of course, could be a coincidence given that Virgo is mentioned too.

    And finally, a wish; Hikoboshi-sama/Altair, Orihime-sama/Vega, please give us more anime (and anime blogging) goodness.

  16. Wonderful show. A character that could only work in an anime.

  17. I’ve been waiting for this post ever since the ep came out. Well worth the wait! Though, I don’t actually agree with a second season for Bakemonogatari. It ends well, and more importantly, conclusively. Assuming that this broadcast ep is the true final ep and the webcasts are going to “go back” to finish the tsubasa cat arc and koyomi vamp arc (I say “go back” because it probably won’t go back chronologically and time warp, but rather in the sense of the flow of the story to wrap things up for that part). This is just one of those series that I feel would do much better if anime wasn’t restricted to seasons. I can see this series being like 18 episodes, but a full 24 (26, whatever) would just dilute the goodness. There’s something to be said about brevity in an age where things are milked and beaten to death over and over.

    On an unrelated note, when are you going to make a post on Needless? The are characters there that are screaming for a resurrection of the meido power rankings.

  18. Wait, isn’t it the piano version of Staple Stable?

  19. Very good post.
    By the way, tsubasa cat is 5 episodes long, not 2, so three to go. And this episode is very meaningful for the real ending of bakemonogatari.

    I really hope they will animate Nisemonogatari someday but at least we can have Katanagatari in 2010, for more Nisio Isin goods (

  20. I’ve been waiting for this, Jason.

  21. Thanks for blogging this series.
    Definitely the series of the year, which totally, ironically contrasts the series we’ve been looking forward to.
    Pantheon-level episode? This episode alone beats out so many series out there that it’s kind of sad.

  22. Epic show, epic posts. That’s why I’ve watched the show and why I’ve read the posts. Great job, look forward to more.

  23. I thought Gendo Ikari voice for her father was a nice touch.

  24. the piano ‘muzak’ – haven’t heard the term.. but anyway it’s not Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari, it’s stable staple fyi

    2 things
    why didn’t you mention what the dad started off with? it made me roflmao HARD
    “I trust you with my daughter”



    and also
    koyomi with both eyes visible!

    i lied, and third

    absolutely most beautiful starry night ever animated

    nice post=]

  25. I went through your post as someone checking items from a list. I thought about almost everything you wrote during some of the countless times I’ve seen this episode, except for the NBA references, which (being NBA-illiterate) I mostly don’t understand but nevertheless enjoy in a wierd way.

    So I could write a really long comment here but it would probably be just a boring repetition of your post. Thus I will just say that this episode of Bakemonogatari should be screenend in film festivals (well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but whatever), and that Senjougahara Hitagi is probably one of the most perfect anime characters ever, in the sense that she’s like a polished sum of all previous female tsunderes (+ elements of yandere-ism and kuudere-ism). Like a formula passed from generation to generation, each time being refined a little more. Truly a dish for the connoiseur. It can’t get much better than her… well, we can only wait for that glorious nakkid apron breakfast anyway.

    Also, “7. Doesn’t call her boyfriend, “trash.”” Yeah, I see what you did there.

    And lastly. I’m in depair. With Bakemonogatari going web-only (and probably “seizure-inducing video quality” along with that, so I’ll probably wait for the BDrips… yeah, who am I kidding, I won’t be able to wait shit) and Canaan and Horo Is Hawt II already ended, besides the shittiest next anime season ever… what the hell will I watch now? Natsu no Arashi 2 won’t be enough.

  26. Great post for a great episode, Jason. Well worth the wait! :D

  27. Bakemonogatari tricking us with the suggestion of Oddities isn’t the only ‘trick’. So were the staplers.

    For all of the images of Hitagi with her office arsenal and the Stapler OP, she had very little actual time with her ‘trademark’. Think about it, there were only three actual scenes with them all season: The stapler-to-the-mouth attack, the ‘show the arsenal’ scene (both in EP 1) and the pen-to-the-eye.

    Unlike most anime that use a character’s quirk as the main tool of their character, the stapler quirk was just an eye-catch: a way to get us interested in Hitagi and the show long enough for the show to trap us. By the time it stopped showing up, we were caught full of witty dialogue, naked aprons, and loli attacks, and those were just another trick to get us interested in the relationship itself.

    We expected an action filled, office depot advertising, Shaftfest. Instead, we get..well.. a starry night, a few honest words, and holding hands.

    I bet many of us would not have tried this show if we knew it was a ‘relationship show’. I bet just about all of those people (myself included) are now very glad we made it to this point.

    This is truly, and Crowning Moment of Awesome for anime.

  28. Told you that she was scarily competent and manipulative. Now we know why she was gone for three episodes – it took her this long to choreograph the whole scenario, then to prepare the execution of it. The dialogue and the way she used body language was… very, frighteningly effective at hitting Araragi where it counts.

  29. Just the entry I’ve been looking forward to after watching the episode.

    Bakemonogatari’s definately one memorable show (after fate Stay Night and both seasons of Ef)

    One thing that I really liked about the show are the female characters who for most of it are rather abusive in their words and it left me wanting for more.

    It’ll be great if Hitagi wins the sai-moe tournament (whenever that is starting) and this’s the show of the season.

  30. Sad to see this go. :(

  31. We have still web episodes left. Thought I don’t think that they can ever top this one.

    My balls is amazing manga. If you liked it, try Yomeiro Choice. It truly takes pervertness to next level.

  32. “Though having Stargate Universe on in the background as I try to finish up writing this post doesn’t help… is it really a good idea to combine Star Trek Voyager with Battlestar Galactica? I like Stargate for its humor… and Universe seems even more humorless than Atlantis. Can we just get a balding Richard Dean Anderson back for more SG-1 instead?)”

    It’s more like Battlestar Galactica – redshirts – Cylons + Stargates + Lost = SG:U

    But yeah, I hope it goes back to it’s comedic roots, ala we need another RDA, Daniel, or Rodney. Especially Rodney. Rodney-centric episodes were the best :P.

  33. I haven’t done this in a while, but you forced my hand.

    I have to start out with my comments, then I’ll go into what you mentioned. First, I really liked this episode. From a “let’s tie up loose ends” standpoint, this episode hit it right on the spot. Perfect execution. Are we sure this is Shaft?

    Hitagi might have just become one of my top 5 anime heroines ever. She’s definitely the most unbalanced to have hit that top 5, that’s for sure. I mean, who the hell giggles like that?

    “Let’s see… Feeding him rice, that’s something a girlfriend would do. Taking stray rice from his cheek, that’s something a girlfriend would do too. Ah, what the hell, let’s combine the two, save time. I think I should giggle or something as well. I have to find some reference material on how to do that.” AND THEN USE THE WORST. EXAMPLE. EVER.

    “She plays bass for a local indie band.” Something probably only you and I would get the full reference on.

    “She’s not good at wearing clothes.” Somehow, I’m sure that’s not the way you wanted it to come out. And yet, somehow I’m pretty sure that’s how you wanted it to come out. And yes, I think you’re the only anime blogger to reference football without specifically mentioning a team or the sport.

    My thoughts went to a bad place when you said Hitagi’s nickname wasn’t Bam Bam. But as I write this line, it occurs to me that aside from a sexual connotation (obviously), isn’t that kind of the sound that a stapler makes when you slam it into something repeatedly? OH SHI-

    “But really, your results are a big deal. I’m proud of you.” A recent study from Texas A&M University shows that watermelon…

    I have to say tho, the way her hand was working that thigh, I gotta say he hangs right (disgusted groan here).

    “She deserves awards. Big, fat, fucking awards.” You’re talking about Chiwa Saito’s voice acting, and Oscar/Emmy like awards, right? Right? RIGHT?!

    “after diving into My Balls.” Ahhh, context. Thou art such a fickle thing. And the thing is, given the manga, this works both ways. Literally.

    I gotta say, I really liked the stargazing scene – it’s a tremendous insight into Hitagi’s character. After watching this episode, it’s really hard to think of many other instances into where we’ve gotten such a detailed view of what makes a character tick, and that just makes you appreciate these instances so much more.

    You ruined it for me. You should’ve just left that quote in there without saying it was from Odom. More obscure references. I literally slapped my forehead when I read that part, and then you go and tell the quote source. Shame on you, Jason.

  34. This blog post was just as much fun for me as watching the actual episode. It always is! As others have said, it was well worth the wait. Thanks Jason!

  35. Solid, well orchestrated last aired episode for a bloody awesome series. Can’t wait for the conclusion of Tsubasa Cat ‘n the rest of the OVAs.

  36. Now I’m looking forward to the DVD extra — a Senjougahara and Hanekawa commentary track, in character, written by Nishio Ishin, with jabs poked at “Shaft being Shaft”.

    A series that keeps on giving.

  37. Here’s an update on the webcast plans for the rest of Tsubasa Cat:

    The official website for the television anime adaptation of NisiOisin’s Bakemonogatari light novels has announced on Monday that it will distribute the unaired “Tsubasa Cat – Part 3” episode on October 28. The website has already been streaming a 32-second preview for this episode since September 25.

    The television run of the anime ended on September 25 with the 12th episode, “Tsubasa Cat – Part 2,” but the official website confirmed on September 25 that Parts 3 through 5 will be distributed online, one episode after the other. In a July interview, director Akiyuki Shinbo mentioned his plans to animate 15 episodes. However, the Japanese broadcasting schedule usually allows only 12 to 13 episodes per cours (13-week block). Because of this, Shinbo said that the staff at the SHAFT anime studio would probably air the first 12 episodes, and distribute the remaining three episodes on the official homepage for free.

  38. So, I meant to comment when you originally posted but your spam protection hates me.

    Araragi shows both eyes. Sign of vulnerability!? (yes, someone beat me to it by now)

  39. umm can you telll me where to get the EXACT music when they are star gazing? the piano? it is so good

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