potemayo returns!

It lives! It lives!

(Kill it! Kill it with fire!)


Alright, Hanamaru Kindergarten is not exactly Potemayo… in the sense that Ladies vs. Butlers isn’t exactly Kanokon. But close enough. A reasonable enough of a facsimile. It’s full of lightweight slice-of-life… with tons of sugary moments draped in thick maple syrup. Just we’ll see if Anzu is as awesome as Potemayo. At the very least, Anzu can speak coherent Japanese, so that’s a start.

(Weird production… animation by Gansis and Gainax… and directed by Seiji Mizushima… who previously directed Gundam 00.)


I dunno. Should Potemayo sue Anzu or vice-versa? Even the dual-colored hair is similar.

(I’m more surprised that a kindergartner would have such an advanced vocabulary. Has Anzu starred in any freaky baby E-Trade ads before?)


Anzu, Koume, and Hiiragi are about ten years away from forming:

A. A girl band, with Anzu on guitar/vocals, Koume on drums, and Hiiragi on bass.
B. Celestial Being, with Anzu piloting Exia, Koume captaining the Potemayo, and Hiiragi telling Anzu that she can launch. (Yes, the bridge crew of the Potemayo are mostly all present in this anime. Weird.)
C. A kendo club, with Anzu being the yellow ranger, Hiiragi being the DS-ass-crushing blue ranger, and Koume being the awesome sauce red ranger.
D. The core heroines of the next Key game, with sadness and love aplenty for all three.


Funniest moment– so far– of the season when Anzu accuses poor Tsuchida of hitting on her… and all of it coming to a boil during the opening ceremony. Good thing or bad thing that this show is the funniest of the new season?


Dude has a Wii and a PS3… the 360 gets snubbed again. Though I feel sorry for Tsuchida. There’s a sequence in this episode where everyone else goes home to a loving family, nice house, and a home-cooked dinner… and poor Tsuchida has instant noodles and Uncharted 2 waiting for him. Life’s not fair.



(As I said already, once you watched 500 anime series, it’s hard to find something new. Even amongst moe blobs.)


Yes, Potemayo liked to climb heads… but Anzu’s voice coupled with Sakai Yuji voicing Tsuchida… it’s like Shakugan no Shana-tan! I cannot wait for Anzu to start eating melon-flavored bread and throwing “URASAI!” tantrums. That would be awesome.


The male/female ratio is the complete and utter opposite of my profession. *sob* I kinda wish Kyou were a teacher at this school as well. That’ll be awesome. Right now, my Kindergarten Dream Team would be Kyou, Tsuchida, Komoe, and Becky-sensei. In fact, let that be my answer for everything: the next pilots of Raphael Gundam, Gundam Zabanya, Gundam Harute, and 00 Quan “T”? Kyou, Tsuchida, Komoe, and Becky.

(I’m still shaking my head at the Kyou route. The whole Ryou/Kyou storyline should have been Ryou’s route, with Ryou winning Tomoya at the end. Kyou’s story should have taken place during After Story where Nagisa’s dead and Tomoya starts taking Ushio to kindergarten. Kyou should have been throwing herself at poor Tomoya at that point. And the Fuko-chan arc should never have happened.)


I’m telling you. Sugary. Sweet. If you don’t want cavities, stay away.


Can we do some math on the ages? Let’s say Sakura was a third year and Tsuchida was a first year… so 17 and 15. Let’s say she had Anzu when she was 18… so now Tsuchida graduated at 18… do any of the ages add up? And how’d Sakura score a seemingly important job if she’s a high school dropout? (Unless she’s updating her pr0n page or something.) And it’s not fishy that the art teacher knocked her up? Wouldn’t this be a huge scandal?

(It makes sense if Tsuchida went to college, but this is unclear. He would have been 22, Sakura 25, and Anzu 5. This might make sense because Tsuchida was playing a Gameboy SP on the rooftop. In any case, this is a lesson to not write 6,000 words for a blog in a 24 hour period. Just bad idea jeans.)

(Also, Anzu’s dad looks like Miguel from Tekken.)


I feel like they can get more accomplished than the entire US Senate. Sad.

(Berets 4tw!)


Anzu was dry humping Tsuchida’s neck. I feel like you should know these things. Though I think it’s funny how Sakura was trying to marry off Anzu to Tsuchida. I’m telling you: lightweight slice-of-life. If you’re expecting spiteful dialogue, crude humor, and degenerative social behavior, this isn’t the show.


Do you think Yamamoto-sensei and Tsuchida would ever get as close, as, oh, let’s say Onizuka and Ayame? And just based on this scene, I’m convinced that Yamamoto-sensei farts flower pedals. There’s no other explanation.



20 Responses to “potemayo returns!”

  1. I watched finished this episode…and then I looped it. Again. And again.


  2. Best show ever!

  3. This is a must watch show this season! Cutesy plus slice-of-life stuff exaggerates me. Lucky Star? pfft… Azumanga Daioh? Almost… ^^

  4. This looks like it may approach Dogtato levels of awesome.

  5. Certainly the diabeetus show of the season!

  6. This, is why I read you Jason.

  7. You bastard. I actually thought that a new season of potemayo was incoming when I read that title. I think this is the worst thing you’ve ever done.

    I have nothing to say about Hanamaru Kindergarten yet, because I still haven’t seen it.

    I’m off to watch it then.

  8. Dude has a Wii and a PS3… the 360 gets snubbed again

    And it looks to be a PS2, actually.

  9. You’re an engineer; it was the reverse for decades, and only recently have female engineering students started outnumbering the male students. Besides, we all know engineers don’t get girls. ;)

  10. Dude has a Wii and a PS3… the 360 gets snubbed again.

    Neither xbox ever really took off in Japan. And as Lights said, that’s a PS2, which I think was outselling the PS3 for a while. The ex-student with a starting kindergarten teacher’s salary has the two most popular (and cheapest) consoles – they obviously feel a commitment to realism is key to this show.


    Hiiragi is the best by far. Can’t wait until she starts beam spamming and leaving dead livestock on desks.

    If you’re expecting spiteful dialogue, crude humor, and degenerative social behavior, this isn’t the show.

    Like that’ll stop me from trying. This show is practically Kodomo no Jikan: The Early Years.

  11. Farting flower pedals? Pedals? Writing many posts in such short time is really affecting you.

  12. Agree would be much more awesome if Kyou was another teacher and Ushio was in this school (would seriously watch a Clannad babies spin-ff)

    Also, Sakura was a slut- getting knocked up by a teacher at 17? Surprised she wasn’t sent off to a convent or something…

  13. Apparently this season’s thin slicing has been super-sized.

  14. While watching this, the Kodomo no Jikan meets Potemayo thoery came to mind as soon as Anzu said he was hitting on her. By the end of the episode, this has become an absolute fact. Im pumped. Can’t wait for Yamamoto-sensei to yuri-rape Tsuchi’s sister.

    And props to the art teacher for having the balls to knock up his cute 17 year old nubile student. Men like these are becoming rare these days. (No thanks to Chris Hansen and the like)

  15. I dunno. Should Potemayo sue Anzu or vice-versa? Even the dual-colored hair is similar.

    Not even by a long shot. Potemayo had gradient hair.

    I guess I found the show to watch this season.

  16. Is it just me, or does Hiiragi look like Yuki and Asakura’s love-child?

  17. You git. Getting my hopes up like that…

  18. Is it just me, or does Hiiragi look like Yuki and Asakura’s love-child?

    You definitely have a believer in me.

  19. “Is it just me, or does Hiiragi look like Yuki and Asakura’s love-child?”
    Hmmm, sounds interesting. Like something you’d find on Blog Maids by Darry…wait what?

  20. I love Hanamaru Kindergarten and Potemayo!!! Are there any other animes like these two? I’ve been looking with little luck :[ And wow. 500 different series? I thought I’ve seen a lot ( 230 different series and continuing!)

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