baka to test to shokanju 3

Five Things I Enjoyed About This Episode.



Fun day-to is fun day-to… Yoshii drives me crazy… no man can be such a dumb ass that he doesn’t even realize that he’s dating two hawt women at the same time. And they don’t mind! Even Tiger Woods is jealous of Yoshii. Gosh damn, sell your crappy PS2 games and re-enact the threesome scene from Wild Things with the pink one and the red one.


I compared Yoshii to Sunohara last time. I didn’t mean to insult Sunohara so badly.



This is one fucked up show. The main character is loved by two girls (who don’t mind sharing him), he’s also friends with a 15 year old Mako-cakes, he’s also loved by another man, and he’s hunted by the lesbian fanatic stalker of one of his haremettes. Somehow, for an anime titled “Idiots, Tests, and Summons,” there sure is a lot of dumb asses, traps, homosexuality, and crazed stalking.

(Not that I’m complaining… at least while we had dumb asses, traps, homosexuality, and crazed stalking in Gundam 00, we had giant robots as well. Can we get at least a little test taking and summoning here?)



This is how I felt about seeing Christina Hendrick’s dress. Only the exact opposite.

*face palm*

(Mad Men is my favorite scripted drama, narrowly edging out the NBA. Needless to say, can we please, please, please, please, please, please get Mikuru Prime into that dress?)



Not sure what I enjoyed more… the heavy, deep breathing… the “embarrassing trash”… the classic toast collision… or the fact that it’s more lover for Yoshii to not acknowledge. The rate he’s going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Yoshii becomes the bottom to this dude’s (and most likely class lead’s) top.

(What the heck is embarrassing trash?)



I just keep thinking that Miharu would be so much better suited on Maria+Holic. Also, Yoshii is probably the least convincing trap that I’ve seen in anime recently. It’s a disgrace.

*face palm*



Reminds me of Mirai Nikki when Yuno abducts Yuki, ties him up, and then babies him. With her parents’ skulls nearby.

10 Responses to “baka to test to shokanju 3”

  1. You know your date loves you when she keeps a taser in her purse.

  2. Tissues used late night = embarassing trash

  3. The characters make this show so damn entertaining, in a different way than Durarara!!, but entertaining nonetheless. Yeah needs more Summoning Battles though, and maybe just a liiiittle bit less ignorance from the main char being hit on by two hawt chix, seriously every male harem/semi-harem lead needs to take lessons from School Day’s Makoto.

  4. In the space of 3 episodes, the star idiot has been placed in 4 submission holds.

    So I think his brain lacks any oxygen to fully comprehend the situation.

    That, or he is just a complete douche

  5. Not quite as hilarious as last episode, but still full of some win moments. My favorite moments were whenever the #Bonus couple were on screen. Plus the dead cow quandary.

  6. That sh-t is hilarious, I mean, when the two class reps were on their date. And dude, that Yoshii-kun is an asshole.

  7. Hehe, Shouko’s awesome. The funniest one this episode. Any Yoshii proves yet again that he’s the titular idiot.

  8. By the way, did anyone notice the fountain in this episode? That alone made week.

  9. * made my week

  10. The love letter at the end was the most beautiful part of the episode.

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