durarara!! 4

“Ever since I saw her, I was attracted to her.”


Only in anime can we get a shower scene featuring a headless woman. That involves a peeking subplot.


It’s weird hearing Jun Fukuyama in a role where he’s making advances on a woman, but she rejects him. It’s making the situation even more bizarre. Shinra just seems really sketchy. The whole mafia connection is sketchy. His attraction to a headless spirit is sketchy. I just hope his goal in all of this isn’t to film the world’s first headless sex video.

(He has a full 5.1 audio recording system! If he was just going to upload to YouTube or something, a simple Flip would have been enough… but a full frame HD system with 5.1 capability? He’s either trying to get James Cameron or Jack Horner on board as a director.)


I like how Certy has a cat-based wallpaper. Shinra accuses her of not being girly enough? She has a frickin’ cat-based wallpaper! It’s like saying that someone who has a Nanoha and Fate wallpaper isn’t otaku enough. Give me a break.

(Though the OS resembles Mac OS X… yet those laptops are surely not Macs. Mmm… would Certy get an iPad? It’s too big to fit in her jumpsuit, but it will be a lot easier to read and write with it. I feel like I’m watching an anime that’s getting dated as it airs. Technology moves fast.)


Man, I love the Grand Slam breakfasts at Benny’s.


She realized that she lost her memory, became an overused trope, and tried to facepalm. But… she couldn’t! There’s no face to palm! Ironically, not having a face to palm is facepalm worthy… oh man, what a sad, sad fate.


There’s desperate… and then there’s “I’m going to let some strange man tie my nakkid body down as he gropes my internal organs” desperate. Which would be bad, except there’s something even worse, the “I’m going to let some strange man tie my nakkid body down as he gropes my internal organs as his four-year old son watches and eventually partakes in the violation.”

This definitely explains why Shinra is so fucked up. How do you like to have your dad hand you a scalpel and tell you to rip apart a woman at age four? What kind of dad is this?

(Worst case scenario for Shinra? APOS from Mnemosyne. Now that is a guy who needs some Dr. Phil in his life.)

(I suddenly feel sick. No, not because of watching them cut open Celty… but because I just realized that there has been more nipples in this series than Spice and Wolf. How?! How!! Explain this to me, Brains Base.)


Though you could say that his dad planned it after hearing about it earlier… maybe even sent young Shinra out to check the cargo holds for her.


It’s a really well-drawn ship setting shot… used for a whole three seconds. I have a question though… twenty years ago would be 1990. I was alive in 1990. I’m positive that the way you get from Ireland to Japan was not by luxury liner. It would be by 747.


Smallest cast for an episode so far. I am enjoying the lack of constant flashbacks that plagued Baccano, but I feel like they went into Celty’s story a bit too soon. Maybe introduce a few yet to be introduced cast members before we peel back the curtain and see that Celty lives with a creepy mafia doctor.

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  1. I miss his dad being the one the old guy talked about Dullahan. Sick bastard, now his son is madly in love with this headless fairy that loves to use her cellphone to comunicate. I didn’t saw bannaco, but got the feeling of what you said.

    Way to go dude.

  2. You know someone’s fucked-up when after hearing about his relationship with a headless fairy you think “But what does she see in him?”

    Deep romantic kisses are obviously not part of their love life. Also, blow jobs.

  3. Sooner or later, Japan will introduce us to headless hentai doujinshi. Actually, I can see ones coming real damn soon.

    However, the even worse thing is that, I kinda agree with Shinra’s opinion on Celty’s head matter, the headless factor makes her even hotter.

    …I think I want to see some headless hentai now…

  4. I really felt that this episode would be a turning point for the show, last episode was definitely out there, but this episode showed how strange and far-fetched the show was willing to go so I think from this point on people are going to stick with it or drop it, I’m the former, my roommate….. well….

  5. Durarara!! is definitely the show to follow this season. It’s rather strange they revealed Celty’s story this early, though. Here’s to hoping the director didn’t lose their head in this direction.

    Sooner or later, Japan will introduce us to headless hentai doujinshi.

    Already happened. Well, not specifically Durarara!! yet, but…

  6. First headless porno? Nah. Not possible. How would they manage to get the money shot in there?

  7. Your twist has been revealed; and now the twist now heads to what the hell that doctor wants to do with a headless ageless woman.

  8. Kaitune said: “Sooner or later, Japan will introduce us to headless hentai doujinshi.”

    Do a Google search for “living with monster girl”. Check out the first picture in the Sankaku Complex result. NSFW, natch.

  9. One thing I still don’t understand about Durarara is how they managed to make a headless woman desirable.

    It shouldn’t be possible! But it is!

  10. My current theory is that that’s her head sewn onto the girl in the white-and-pink hat, whose name is conspicuously not provided in the opening credits. (Which of course prompts the question: whose body is that?)

    Also, if she’s not actually speaking why dub in a voice? Just to make her easier to relate to? I disapprove – she’s supposed to be mysterious and her communication methods are interesting.

  11. Hate to state the obvious B., but she still has a neck hole right?

  12. @quigonkenny
    I have already seen “living with monster girl” series before, but that Dullahan girl doesn’t intrigue me as much as Celty. May be it’s because her head is still there while Celty doesn’t have her head to be seen at all. I can’t explain why that makes Celty seems hotter to me… May be it’s the curiosity of seeing a totally hot chick whose face is a complete mystery. May be I am fucked-up like Shinra.

  13. though I do hate to go off topic about Celty and Shinra’s romantic relationship. I actually think that they are using Windows 7 which would explain why it looks so Mac.

  14. Nice arch in her back.

  15. Kaze: you sick bugger. I don’t think it’s supposed to go in that way, unless you’re the type to stick it in the holes in trees. Not that it stops the h-artists.

    B.: I imagine they cuddle. No worries about bad hair days or not being able to see over her head at the movies, or issues with accessories…

  16. actually window vista can be “Macified” with a little download from cnet downloads. Why are all the experienced bloggers so much better at blogging than I am!!! (I know the answers assholes.)

  17. > headless fairy that loves to use her cellphone to comunicate.
    And her daughter’s name is Meru. You know it makes sense.

  18. I’m not sure I know what use a headless rider would have for an iPad.

  19. Kaze: it gives new meaning to “Deep Throat”

    Of course, we’ve also been shown that Celty has very good control of the weird black stuff. That opens a lot of possibilities not available to the ordinary couple. The Joy of Sex (With a Dullahan).

  20. I was just wondering, could that girl from last episode with the scar on her neck…. Maybe that is Celty’s head attached to another body?

  21. @Skribulous: The director must think he could get aHEAD with this choice.

  22. http://www.new-akiba.com/archi....._dead.html

    I’ll just leave this here…

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