durarara!! 5

“I’m currently waiting for a reply from seven girls, and I’m trying to decide which one of them I should go out with.”

(Who does he think he is? Tiger Woods?)



Sorry Kida, I’m just not getting the same vibe that I got from Taki. Also, I’m beyond pumped for the Eden of the East Paradise Lost— not because it might actually resolve some plot threads (sorry, looks like everyone who guessed that Taki wiped his memory at the end is wrong) but because we’re getting a non-frumpy outfit for Saki. I’m looking forward to this more than finding out the mystery behind The Slasher for Durararararara!!.


… but riding on park toys? Definitely something Taki (and Ararararagi) would do.


Speaking of non-frumpy outfits, I enjoyed Yin’s garb for the OVA bridge between the two Darker Than Black seasons. She’s like a foot taller in this OVA than in the first season… which made absolutely no sense to me. I can see why Hei’s so in love with her– she’s like a dutiful wife, except constantly overdosing on anti-depressants. Nonetheless, I am enjoying the OVA because Hei is back to being a non-jailbait-chasing badass, and I get to marvel at how Hei and Yin are supposed to be on a honeymoon, yet request a room with separate beds. Wouldn’t this seem suspicious to the hotel manager? See, he should have requested the room with the hot tub, the king-sized water bed, and the ceiling mirror.


The way The Slasher moved with the blade and seemingly impressive mane for hair and the short skirt… it has to be Heart over Blade.

(I am excited at the prospect of two supernaturally powerful girls fight each other. I’d be more excited if Selty would scream “Less filling!” instead of having to type it out on her app phone.)

(All I really want right now is to watch Tsubasa Cat or read Sword Art Online. OTL. But I have plenty of Sora no Woto and Ladies vs. Butlers that I can watch instead. OTL x 2.)


So Kida and Orihara’s sister are close buddies? Hun? I feel like none of this is going to make any sense for at least five more episodes. In other words, Durarara!! is like Jersey Shore. Sure, I know all the wacky characters, but I have yet to fully appreciate their interactions, like the Ronnie/Sammi relationship.

(I never wanted to watch Jersey Shore. I never wanted to watch Jersey Shore. I never wanted to watch Jersey Shore. But… this season’s anime is just so bad, and I was just so bored. *sob*)


Is it just me, or does anime increase the attractiveness of female, long-haired shut-ins by 50%?

(Kiri would be the Mio of shut-ins. I have no idea what that previous sentence means, but I’m sure you’ll find a meaning to it.)


tidal: One thing I still don’t understand about Durarara is how they managed to make a headless woman desirable. It shouldn’t be possible! But it is!

We need to recreate Omamori Himari episode two, except with Selty and Shinra. ‘fess up. Even though she has no head and is the embodiment of death, you’re nodding and thinking, “Durarara!! needs a beach or hot springs episode by now. I don’t care if she doesn’t have a head! How can we not have a beach episode by now?!”


Where are his eyes starring at?

(Wait, this slime bag has hooked up with students already, but Onizuka-sensei hasn’t? I’m beginning to feel like Onizuka shouldn’t have passed up an Urumi buffet.)


Maybe it’s because the ED feels way too much like a Celestial Being theme song, but when Kida was talking about a love triangle forming between him, Mikado, and Sonohara, I thought it was because he and Sonohara were vying for Mikado. And I’m still terrified it could go that way. Do we have proof that Kida wasn’t just trying to throw off the scent by asking Sonohara out? Kida knows Mikado has this intuition… so maybe a pre-emptive strike so Mikado wouldn’t be suspicious when Kida asks him to go on a camping trip in the woods. (Rule #75: All bromances are uncomfortable unless proven otherwise.)


So when is Verizon Wireless going to start blocking this online forum?


I’m disappointed when I see these guys and not encounter a random anime reference. It’s like watching an episode of Seikon no Qwaser and not get a soma-sucking scene. Just utterly disappointing.

(A lot of people have weighed in on High School of the Dead and which studio should get it. Anyone who suggested Bones or Kyoto… sorry, but that’s like thinking Andre Miller would fit in with the 2010 Trailblazers. Ideally, it would be either the Mai Hime team, currently hard at work for Shaft on Bund, or this Brain’s Base team. The Mai Hime team would, of course, degrade HSotD into a mindless train wreck, which isn’t necessarily a bad way for it to go. Brain’s Base could easily do a serious yet fun spin on HSotD while preserving art quality and… soma reserves.)


Yellow Scarves? Blue Squares? Where are my pink hearts, orange stars, and green clovers marshmellows?

(I do like the different narrator for each episode… I wonder who will be next…)

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  1. (I do like the different narrator for each episode… I wonder who will be next…)

    My bet’s on the guy that did the preview; Daisuke Ono ;;

  2. At the pace they’re going, I’m just glad that it’s getting more episodes than Baccano!

  3. HotD: Mad House or Brain’s Base are the best IMO, if SHAFT does it the gore will be too artistic (not a bad thing usually but for HotD really?) Studio DEEN well..no.. Kyoto? I’m not sure HotD is supposed to be moé, at least not to me. BONES would work out alright but I’ll be completely honest here, as much as I dislike gonzo I think it could work out with them, if they were still around.

  4. Love the verizon joke. However, not this show. haha.

  5. Walker is looking kinda Hazama in that shot.

    Also, Orange Star has already been used in the Advance War games.

  6. Soma-Sucking scene. Where would I find that?

  7. Talking about gangs, Selty would make a nice member the Lizzies. She’s good stabbing. Kida member of the Punks, like you wouldn’t see him on a couple of rollerskates and wearing a denim overall. Mikado the orphans and Shizuo of course the Baseball Furies…

  8. I have no comment except that suit coats fitting like thin rubber throws off my suspension of disbelief.

  9. Also, I’m beyond pumped for the Eden of the East Paradise Lost

    I’d settle for a DVD release of the first movie first. Speaking of which, have studios decided that the only way to make money from anime now is movies? Two Eden of the East movies, Four Evangelion movies (and no DVD yet for the second, even though the film must have been aired at least a year ago), a Haruhi movie (bets on how sloppy KyoAni’s production values will be this time?), a Gundam 00 movie, any others?

  10. eva 2.whatever is expected some time this quarter. I heard they are taking more time to do fixes and add on like with the 1.1.

  11. Going beyond hopes and dreams….

  12. Word of advice: stay away from danbooru/gelbooru
    I made the mistake of looking for some durarara pics and got spoiled

  13. By the by, apparently Madhouse is getting HSotD… and I heard the Haruhi movie had ridiculous production values.

    To remain somewhat relevant, Durararararararararararararara is the most bloody interesting show I’ve seen since Baccano. Fitting, that.

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