think of the children!

Concerning this (stalled) proposed law… can I think of any anime or manga haremette that looks over 18 years old? The only recent one is Yamamoto-sensei? And before her… it was the frumpy Saki? There are a lot of characters (i.e. Shana or Mina) that are well over 18, but sure don’t look like it… authentic 18 year old haremettes? As rare as 7 footer with both athletic ability and basketball skills. That bill would have sunk the industry. Or at least killed off the harem genre.

(Two quick notes… one, my Revo‘s hard drive died, so I’m not watching a lot of anime at the moment. I am completely underwhelmed by Acer’s customer service. Also, host is upgrading the server, so don’t be shocked if there’s some downtime this week.)

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  1. Well you can still have harems. It’s just that Hakuoro is left with Tsuskuru………and that old woman from Higurashi. Don’t forget about the Grandma from Summer Wars. It could still work, only it would truly kill moe. I suppose you could give them all Tsunade youth stones. Just think of it this way; we can have a new form of moe, just change the high school to a retirement home, and less teeth.

  2. Perhaps we’d just be seeing more patterned bowls of rice? It would get old fast.

  3. Wonder how many loli H-anime those dudes who propose the law have watched ?

  4. I think Tetsuya Chiba put it best when he described the anime/manga as an ecosystem and removing even one part would destroy it.

    Also, “Sum of e1ght + t3n “.

  5. Just remember the golden rule of Chris Rock “if she says she’s 20 and looks 16, she’s 12!

    In the mean time here some good manga to read during the downtime:
    1. Medaka box, written by NisioisiN
    2. Junketsu_no_Maria, Ishikawa Masayuki (Moyasimon)
    3. Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki
    4. Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to
    5. Ane comi
    6. Otoyomegatari, Mori Kaoru (Emma)
    7. Oniichan Control
    8. Shut Hell

  6. This ban would KILL family/children’s shows like Crayon Shin-chan, Pokemon, Doraemon, and many child favorites. Coincidentally, they’re among the most-watched shows that advertisers use.

  7. Also, say goodbye to Disney movies/cartoons (since many of them involve teens or children) and every Hayao Miyazaki film ever animated. GG, Nippon.

  8. Also, Yamamoto-sensei does NOT look eighteen; she’s a sixteen year old with huge breasts. Which means we’d see a bunch of twelve year olds drawn with huge ones and passed-off as eighteen. As is done now. Bye-bye, Yamamoto-sensei; we won’t miss you. Might miss Honey and Clover or more Full Metal Panic, though.

  9. What’s this? Manga Reading Rainbow? I wanna join!

    Koe de Oshigoto! (BANNED) – High school girl gets hired by her sister’s eroge company because of her “Talent”
    Haru to Natsu (BANNED) – Goes 0 to *almost* stabby yandere in one chapter!
    Karakasa no Saien – “First, I’ll cut your stomach, and do your intestines really pretty.” Ah, yandere love…
    Super Dreadnought Girl 4946 (BANNED) – Giant girl falls in love with a normal guy, and hilarity ensues.
    Chokotto Hime – This will make you DAAAWWWWWWWWWW!
    Koharu no Hibi (BANNED?) – Sadly only one chapter, but the crazy potential is sky high! (Not sure if banned because of a questionable scene involving a flute.)

    (BANNED) = manga falls under the new law.

  10. maybe it’s just from age and blush but the guy 2nd from right in asahi article looks white

    86.5% polled of japanese public want the ban though apparently

  11. Nagisa from Clannad maybe (she’s 18 at the start).
    Also I’m thinking about the children…that can be produced with Yamamoto-sensei.

  12. Aren’t Hitagi, Tsubasa and Koyomi (Bakemonogatari) 3rd year students? That puts them in the 17-18 range for age at least.

    And off the top of my head, Nagisa from Clannad was 17/18 when the seiries started and the other girls were 3rd year students as well save Fuuko and Tomoyo (the latter sure as hell could pass for older.)

    Moyashimon had a few 18+ folks. And ummm….do they ever say how old anyone in Teras to Tiara is? That could help a bit I would think. Depending.

    And stuff.

  13. The bill would force a move to harems set in either the workplace (which isn’t recommended under normal conditions), or University, which isn’t something all Japanese males (the target audience) attend or attended.

  14. Warm, those are some excellent manga suggestions. Thank you. Not all of them are my kind of thing but Oyomegatari especially is fantastic!

  15. “In the mean time here some good manga to read while we have the chance.”

  16. Most of the “authentic” 18+ haremettes I can remember are from older series (usually with them at one end of a wide age range of haremettes), or ones that aren’t really harem like Genshiken or Moyashimon. And something as subjective as whether or not a character appears 18 is heavily dependent on things like setting and how used the viewer is to common anime stylings.
    More manga suggestions! Here’s some more (I haven’t been able to keep up lately so some are a bit old and may have been mentioned in the past, but what the hell):
    Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge: A few minor changes and it’s a Bakemonogatari arc.
    Houkago Play: A gamer guy and his tsundere gamer girfriend. Strangely cute art, epic tsundere, and plenty of references for those of us who’ve spent hours grinding in one map in an SRPG, identify games by their bgm, or have successfully managed to use video games as an excuse to spend quality time with a partner.
    Onani Master Kurosawa: Fap Note + After Fap. Lures people in with with “lol it’s a perverted Light Yagami” and then blasts them with an abrupt change of pace in the second half. Seriously, it’s a lot better than a short teaser description would lead you to believe.
    Mysterious Girlfriend X: Strange girl is strange. And quite possibly loves scissors more than Hitagi does.
    Imouto Wa Shishunki: Like the aforementioned Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki but with an imouto instead of an Onee-san.
    Yomeiro-Choice: Guy’s daughters from different futures and mothers travel back in time to force their own conception in any ecchi way possible. Definitely wouldn’t fly under the new law.
    Pugyuru: Meido-moe-blob manga! Well, more like meido-moe-John-Carpenter’s-the-Thing manga. And actual meidoing is sporadic at best. But the principle is still the same. Plus:

  17. can I think of any anime or manga haremette that looks over 18 years old?

    Shino and Takako from Kannagi look and act like twenty-somethings.

    Well, from Minami-ke, Haruka-san IS amazing, and she’s an official haremette, being a member of Mako-chan’s harem.

    Finally, from Azumanga Daioh, Sakaki-san (“American”) and Yomi (“Hawaiian”) look older than 18, and I reckon probably are 18 by the time they graduate. I am not sure they count as haremettes, however, since there is no male lead. Could they be Chiyo-chan’s haremettes?

  18. Doesn’t exactly fit in this discussion, nor I know who has done it, but I think most blogsuki fan would enjoy this video…

    Elsee in Senjōgahara pants? Don’t know if this would work…

    No, it probably wouldn’t

  19. That bill would turn every anime into a Hosaka fantasy.

    I root for this on some level, but feel that it can be done even without the bill passing.

  20. Reading comprehension is a wonderful thing.

    “sexually provocative, ‘visual depictions’ of characters who sound or appear to be younger than 18 years old”

    Pokemon would not be affected by this. Pokemon H doujinshi on the other hand…

  21. tom: Given the definition, anytime when Ash dressed as a girl would fall into this. It’s meant to be abused.

  22. Cougar-Town the Anime

  23. Ordinarily my response would be ‘maybe we’ll finally get some decent manga/anime’… but I happen to have a soft spot for Negima. Whoops.

  24. “sound or appear to be younger than 18 years old”? Who’ll be the judge of that, and how do you go about estimating the age of a character, if it’s not explicitly stated? Are they going to ivestigate any haremette not frequently complaining about the state of her retirement savings account?

  25. Jason, if you want some change, try watching the movie Orphan (2009). There’s a couple adopting a girl, but only to find that she’s actually trying to seduce the dude, she’s a batshit insane and loves axes and hammers O_o. Remind a lot from (one of) your favorite type of anime…

    Also, with all those sexual thingies mentioned about young girls, why doesn’t the anime industry just change to killer lolis trend ^^ ?
    Imagine our giddiness as Nayuki spotting Yuichi and Akiko-san doing, err, inappropriate things.. And BAM! a killing spree … hmm…

  26. If they were all Key MILFs…it be worth it.

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