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Hit me baby one more time!


This episode featured the most epic anime incursion into Home Depot ever. Not sure what I enjoyed more… Mugi being Mugi, Yui being Yui, or the awesome background work that Kyoto put into… a home improvement store. If only they could have harnessed such brilliant animating for, oh, the first Fuwa Fuwa Time concert. Sigh.

(I shop at Ikea probably too much. I swear, I only go there for the cheap breakfasts. But it’s the store where I see absolutely the most public fights between couples. There’s just something about buying crappy furniture that stirs the pot in a relationship. Why am I bringing this up? I feel like Ritsu and Mio need to shop at Ikea. Or at least Yui and Ui, who needs more screentime.)


Jounin: So they start with the beginning of senior year? This is bad for one reason–no Mio stalking episode (chapter 29)!

I agree. I don’t like this at all. Skipping over both the Mio stalker chapter (one of the best K-On! has to offer) and the epic meido cafe chapter? Worst. Decision. Ever. With 15,532, you see it every week, but not seeing Mio going blood red working at a meido cafe or Mio being stalked by a crazed lesbian? You don’t know what you’re missing.

(That’s it. Screw Kyoto. I’m throwing my support behind Brains Base now. I don’t ask for much. I want nakkid wolves in my nakkid wolf anime, and I want meido Mio in my K-On!. If you can’t do the job, I’ll find someone who will.)


Loved Azu-nyan’s expression here. That’s the same face worn by everyone normal person in a sea of freaks. I think Kakifly had intended Mio to be the normal one but discovered it is so much fun to mess with Mio that a new normal had to be introduced, hence Azu-nyan. Unfortunately, the whole club is such a corrupting influence on her… wait, what am I saying? Becoming the norm is awesome too.


Mio… ponytail… *head explodes*

(Good thing Kyoto didn’t do a glamour shot of Mio and her ponytail. Oh wait, that’s not a good thing at all! I demand more screentime for Mio’s ponytail. And why didn’t Mugi go ponytail as well?)


Enjoyed Mugi going around and using Oxy Clean on everything. There should be a show that’s just recording her reaction as she watches various infomercials like for Shamwow, the Slap Chop, and everyone’s favorite Magic Jack. It would be a much better show than filming me watching episode six of Endless Eight.


Ginko: Wow the production values have really increased, I can’t remember that season 1 was looking so go good as this episode.

Actually, they were quite good from season one, but not airing in digital HD really hurt the show. I hated– HATED– blogging the 4:3 release. It was a no-win situation. I couldn’t wait three weeks for the widescreen airing since people would (a) not care by then and (b) badger me as to why I’m not writing about it. So I, like most people, ended up watching the awful 4:3 release. I’m not sure who to pin this on. Someone made the decision to air Mio in 4:3, and it’s a bad one. But not as bad as skipping the lesbian stalker chapter.


This is about 1/8th as intense of a look as when Mio discovered that Ritsu was dating Tiger Woods. And how big of an upset would it be if Ritsu got a boyfriend before the rest of them? Mmm… not really. Mugi doesn’t like boys and prefers girls. Mio doesn’t like boys and doesn’t realize that she prefers girls. Yui is Yui. Azu-nyan… maybe. I can see her hooking up with some technically great but troubled musician. So, basically, yeah, Ritsu getting a boyfriend before the rest of them isn’t much of an upset. I just wish I put this much effort in thinking about my fantasy baseball team. Wait, I have guy named “Asdrubal” on my team?


Sawa-chan is awesome. I should have given her Best Sensei of 2009. Sigh. Though Kyoto could have done something different with the ED this time around. They weren’t topping Don’t say “lazy”, so why go down the road again (okay, I do enjoy Cakii Mio)? Kyoto could have done an ED featuring Sawa-chan and the K-On! girls in death metal garb doing Satsugai!. That would have been awesome and immediately place it ahead of Trust Me for Best ED of 2010.


“Satsugai… satsugai se yo!”

It fits. Perfectly.


I wonder if Mugi would overload if she ever visited Costco? There’s rich… there’s NBA rich… and then there’s Mugi rich.


Mugi rich: Not being corrupted by a few thousand dollars. I definitely didn’t expect both Azu-nyan and Mio to be corrupted by this money… everyone has a price for the million dollar man!

(I’m wondering how they stay so thin. All they do is eat cakes and fast food. You’re telling me playing guitar burns that many calories? Sign me up! I want to learn!)


Most awesome part of the episode? The “She swallowed!” dance. I have many inappropriate comments about this. Almost as many as for Suzaku penetrating Lulu.


Enjoyed Yui and Mugi spinning to the turtle tank… nothing more to add about that… they really need to make a K-On! game like Project Diva. Even more awesome if it were for the iPad, but I’d settle for Xbox Live or PSN. I guess in the meanwhile, I’ll just have to amuse myself with Warioware.


Only slightly less bowing than my (imaginary) harem.


Kyoto should have had Yui say Tess’s classic, “Launch the torpedoes!” line. Or at the very least had the girls toss some Raki Suta manga into the trash. I feel like if Brains Base were animating this instead, Yui would most definitely be dreaming about apples.


I thought at first that Mugi was holding a bong. But a bong would explain Mugi’s spaciness as well as her cravings for junk food.

(Just the thought of Mugi making coffee seems blasphemous. It’s like seeing Sonic on a Nintendo console.)


Highly disappointed that Mio didn’t have a Seleção phone. More awesome? If Mio worked with Misa at Meido Latte. Especially during the nekomimi days. While being The Supporter. Needless to say, I have an active imagination (when it comes to meido).

23 Responses to “k-on!! 2”

  1. With 24 episodes to fill, I assume they’ll work in the meido cafe and stalker arcs. My guess is during winter/spring break.

    I like how Ui only had two scenes in this episode (and both were Yui daydreams – Ui on call). She’s like an invisible supporter who takes care of Yui.

    What I wouldn’t pay for a Ui/Juiz hybrid.

  2. Where did I leave that CG model generator programma-doodad? Yui with sliders set to “stoned” and “whimsical” and a mod for the dancing. NOW.

  3. They’re just getting rid of the other characters out of the way so they can amp on Mio.



  4. I think the lesbian stalker issue can be fixed with a simple flashback. “Hey, Mio, remember the time you were traumatized for life by a lesbian stalker? And she was hiding in plain sight?”

    Oh, the header image is like a really weird exotic dancer scenario. Make it rain!

  5. Ponytail Mio….Dammit, KyoAni, you need to fire your current marketing department. I never would have let such a golden opportunity pass.

  6. > Kyoto should have had Yui say Tess’s classic, “Launch the torpedoes!” line.

    Am I the only one who would have liked to hear “Not my Summon Monsters too!”?

    The ED is growing on me a lot faster than the OP, mostly because I prefer Mio’s singing voice to Yui’s. When Yui sings such a fast-paced song it sounds like they sped up the audio.

  7. Forgot about this, but no mention of the dark blonde hawt classmate? Jason, I am disappoint.

  8. We should start placing bets on when Azu-nyan will be fully corrupted by the rest of the light music club. I have no doubts that the pool would probably be as large as pool bets for the Super Bowl.
    I’m a girl and pony tail Mio is definitely making me question some things, it’s a good thing Mio’s not a real girl, I may have switched teams by now.

    >And how big of an upset would it be if Ritsu got a boyfriend before the rest of them? Mmm… not really.

    Have you read the latest chapter of K-On!? It involves your prediction…sort of, its almost as good as the Mio stalking chapter and definitely what I’m hoping will be animated sometime this season. Actually, I’m begging for it.

  9. If KyoAni is planning to animate the latest (a.k.a. Ritsu-gets-a-boyfriend) chapter, they are going to have to animate the stalker chapter first. Otherwise they’ll have a hard time explaining Mio’s reaction when Sogabe-senpai shows up.

  10. Given the moe guitar focus and the habit of bad plotting/pacing they’ve recently acquired, we can be guaranteed they’ll never show either of those situations.

  11. This episode seemed like a big infomercial on what stuff to buy…

  12. Shouldn’t Azu-nyan already be corrupted by now? In the manga, she puts on Sawa-chan’s Meido Mk2 without any resistance it and only realizes when Yui and Ritsu comment about it. That wasn’t animate either. I think KyoAni is taking out a lot of the minor jokes and fanservice and are trying to knit together a story. They might have overlearned their lesson from sticking too close to the 4-koma like they did with Lucky Star or are on this invincibility thing like when they had the balls to inflict Endless Eight on us that I don’t think we will see the Mio stalking episode. So sad.

  13. I think by this point Azusa would accept soma if it were only presented in the proper manner (juice box).

  14. Or they can give us “Mio being stalked by a lesbian” for eight episodes…with different clothes, angles, and different pictures of Mio in different clothes….all with the same (mostly) script.
    Would that suck or be the most awesome things possible?

  15. I absolutely loved this episode – ponytail Mio, absconding with the absolutely weird stuffed toy, sleepy Yui, Sawa-chan, Yui glomping Azu-nyan (and Mugi towards the end), and just about everything. I haven’t seriously watched any anime lately, but I can definitely see myself looking forward to this every week. I’m just about as excited for this as I was at seeing Aubrey Huff’s inside the park home run today. God I love the fact that baseball season’s back on. Easier to get to the games now that I’m three minutes away from the San Mateo Caltrain station too…

  16. If Mugi were going to make coffee, that’s the kind of pot I’d expect her to use. I’ve seen them used before, and they’re fun to watch: http://coffeegeek.com/guides/siphoncoffee

  17. How have you not commented on the new South Park yet. I remember you talking about the Cartman’s dad cliffhanger as if it was yesterday and here it goes again :).

  18. Laughed at the “anger” Ui had on Yui, expected that to show up here.

  19. Yet another brainless/junk comment – I know. But.



  20. No video to attract the first years (with Mio in a nurse costume) yet? ;p

  21. K-On!! Needs Ponytail Mio costume rape.
    Imagine, Ponytail Mio maido *imagines* hnnnng!

  22. “I’m wondering how they stay so thin. All they do is eat cakes and fast food. You’re telling me playing guitar burns that many calories? Sign me up! I want to learn!”

    I’m assuming they all have high metabolisms, because I do the same thing. My mom was the same way when she was my age, so I’m not gaining any weight until I have a kid. TMI? Oh well. XD

    I love K-ON! though. Whenever I watch it, I always end up practicing on my piano for around 2 hours afterward.

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