k-on!! 6

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Fuwa fuwa time indeed.

(This is the only scene ever where Mugi isn’t smiling. This is like witnessing Mr. Rogers not smiling. We see Mugi’s “:(” face and LBJ’s middle finger to the city of Cleveland in the same week. We’re all witnesses.)


… and Ui… watches.

(I’m convinced Yui and Gitah have already surpassed just being girlfriend and boyfriend… I think they’re somewhere between Halle Barry in Monster’s Ball and the Fantasy Suite date on The Bachelor.)


Mio is spooning with Elizabeth, and all’s right in the world.


You gotta applaud any school that makes the girls wear mini-skirts when everyone else in the city is bundled up in eight layers of Gore-Tex. But anywho, the worst part of this image? No Chiyo-chan riding on top of that dog! How dare they!


I like the design for Ui’s room… very Ui-like.. The Tama-chan clone stuffed turtle is a nice touch.


Ritsu’s room… a mess, as expected. I really need to find a Czar of Interior Decorating for this blog.


Prim, proper, and organized… though that desk looks way too small for anyone to actually sit at it. Also like how the hairband color is the same color as her stockings for DSL.

(I feel cheated we never see Mugi’s room. I wonder what that’s like. Is it a cross between Neverland and Nagi’s mansion? I need to know these things.)


The look Azu-nyan had when she saw the clothes in the club room… I’m sure this is what Allied soldiers looked like when they discovered the first mass graves in Poland during WWII.


Swiftly approved. Every class needs a meido. While I’m glad Kyoto basically used every gag from the 4koma in this episode, it’s not like there’s enough gags in the 4koma to keep me interested for twenty minutes. I mean, I read a chapter of K-On! in like five minutes… you gotta give me a little more. At least give us the Sawa-chan Mk II here.

(Though this was one of the better gags from the chapter.)


Azu-nyan’s bag is like Doraemon’s pocket. And, definitely, Azu-nyan has an Amazon Prime membership.


Himeko finally says a line… the crowd goes wild! Okay, maybe not. The K-On! yearbook project is yet another great example of the interweb’s ability to waste time. It’s almost like I don’t know how to waste time anymore without the net. Ah YouTube…


Speaking of YouTube… this is the complete opposite of the Nintendo Kid. SIXTY-FOOOOOUR!!!

(Oh just because I don’t have much else to talk about this episode… top five Nintendo consoles… 1. SNES, 2. NES, 3. DS, 4. Wii, 5. GBA. 15,562, VirtualBoy.)


Wait, is that the Hare Hare Yukai dance going on in the top right? I can imagine Sawa-chan forcing the girls to do that dance (while filming!) a la the CPDRC rendition of Thriller. Oh gosh, that would be excellent. Up next, Sawa-chan forcing Mio into a bunny suit for God Knows. (If this happens, all is forgiven Kyoto. All is forgiven. Think about it, at least for a BD special.)


Alright, caption contest time! My submission, “It’s… it’s… too big!”

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  1. i just can’t wait for your angel beat 7 post
    yuki nagato vs tenshi???

  2. You lost the contest.

    And top right is actually top left. Too much anime? I think so.

  3. Caption contest entry:
    “There’s a ‘Month of Mio?’ How do they celebrate thaaaaAAAAAAAACK!”

  4. >>Wait, is that the Hare Hare Yukai dance going on in the top right?
    I don’t really have anything special to say about this episode, so I’ll be picky. You did mean top left correct?

  5. “Too Hard!”

  6. Caption contest:

    “Waking you up every morning wearing nothing but an apron?!”

  7. Caption:

  8. Caption contest:
    “Get that sea cucumber away from me!!!”

  9. Caption contest:
    “This… isn’t Elizabeth!”

  10. Caption:
    “Stop rubbing it Ritsu pleeeeeease”

    I would have been more surprised not to see the stuffed Ton-chan since Ui only won it last week.

  11. Strangely enough, one of my bass guitars is also named Elizabeth. She might actually be older than Mio at this point.

  12. Caption contest:

    You did WHAT with Elizabeth?

  13. Caption contest:


  14. Is that Mugi’s true face? Must be hard keeping up that smile all the time.

    I have no caption to offer, although I make that face every time I get an inkling that KyoAni will skip the lesbian stalker chapter.

  15. ‘Look Mio, Barnacles!’

    Also, surprised no mention of Azu-nyan’s ‘finger training device’?

  16. Unscrupulous caption contest ballot stuffing:
    “Riiitsuuu! I just saw some pictures Mugi was drawing! You don’t actually do that with your drumsticks, do you?”
    My Love is a Stapler isn’t about vagina dentata! Stop telling people that!”
    “Sawa-chan-sensei just sold me to someone called ‘jason’ for a week!”

  17. @Niles: Nah, that face is just a face that every women make when they look at a mirror.

  18. Caption Contest:
    “What do you mean there’s not going to be a lesbian stalker arc?!”
    “Ritsu, Mugi has pictures of me doing WHAT with Azu-nyan?!”
    “Ritsu! How dare you say it’s over between us!! What are doujinshi artists going to draw us doing?!”

  19. I am thinking we get the short version of the Lesbian stalker chapter this week. A. The episode seems based around Mio, B. there was a quick shot of Nodaka picking up what looked like a business card.
    Caption: “But I’m not a Key girl!” (Looks like one. Nicely drawn eyes, water-works, potential harem quality.)

  20. Is it just me, or Yui’s face creates urges to shoot – err, things … on it ?

  21. Caption: “But I just got dressed!”

    Also, Ui’s room is very much like my own, except I have a Bass, a Guitar and quite a few Gunplas and posters around. Also, i <3 Azu-nayn, possibly more than Mio. YES I SAID IT!

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