top ten reasons why an anime fanboy would want an ipad

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What is iPad? A way to multitouch Mio.

Top Ten Reasons Why An Anime Fanboy Would Want an iPad

10. Crunchyroll App

Crunchyroll has a barebones app (free) available for the iPad– basically, just a list of its library that one can instantly stream. Access to all the shows in SD format are available for free with ads without membership, and a slightly better version is available for people with membership. It’s a great quick and dirty option if you just want to quickly follow any anime, legally, of course.

9. WordPress App & Safari

Let’s say I’m watching a not-too-exciting episode of Working (not that there’s a lot of exciting episodes), I can just grab my iPad and see how many comments Haess manage to choke my spam filter with. Or let’s say I’m watching Araragi Under the Bridge and, you won’t believe this, the show makes an obscure Japanese reference, I can use mobile Safari to look up that obscure reference. Just a great companion for watching anime. You might be wondering, why not use a laptop? Excellent question. One, multitouching for a browser feels very natural… much more so than a mouse… which you can’t use easily on a sofa. Two, the iPad is helluva fast. No need to boot up, no need to plug in, no need to wait. I hit that Wikipedia icon, I’m at Wikipedia. I hit that WordPress app icon, I see yet more comments from Haess denying his affinity for traps. I don’t know what to tell you. The more you deny, the more it’s true. Three, no fans, no heat, no burning of one’s Johnny when left on the lap.

sasa: ARAKAWA under the bridge not Arakagi

Love this comment… one, I take it sasa is not a regular reader, because it is Araragi Under the Bridge. Or was it Ararararagi Under the Bridge? Two, sasa misspells my (purposeful) misspelling.

(Before you ask, that post was from last year. May will always be the month of Mio… being bullied by Mugi.)

8. Plants vs. Zombies

Would you believe me if I said that I would much rather watch a Plants vs. Zombie anime adaptation than a Highschool of the Dead anime adaptation? At the very least, have Laura Shigihara sing the ED to HSotD. There’s a zombie on your lawn.

7. iPod App

Not much different than an iPod/iPhone… it’s a pain in the ass transcoding anime from the “industry standard” mkv format to the strict size/bitrate/audio requirements of the industry standard Apple media player. Since the days of getting my first iPod Video, I’ve been using MediaCoder… and now it has an iPad setting… but I don’t use it anymore. Why? Air Video can transcode just as well. But in terms of being able to watch K-On!! and listen to an endless loop of Fuwa Fuwa Time on a Southwest flight to Vegas is priceless.

6. YouTube App

I would have ranked YouTube higher except (dirty secret!) not all videos are available on the iPad. Many videos, such as Tesh’s Roundball Rock, are Flash only. But, no fear! Tissue Hime is available for the iPad.

(I have so many questions about that Tissue Hime x absorb version of Melt… like… which Tissue Hime is it? The original? One of the many copy cats? Also, was this supercell’s idea? As in, “Hey, let’s re-release Melt… but we need to get Tissue Hime involved.” Damn, they’re reading my mind. We’ll know for sure if we’re watching the first episode of Code Geass Gaiden and the OP is performed by… Tissue Hime. That would be scary awesome.)

5. iBooks App

I don’t really understand how Apple can nail this page number thing and Barnes and Noble cannot. iBooks is a lot more polished than the nook and a lot more tolerant of bad ePub files. I find it easier to read on the nook for long sessions, not because of that device’s e-Ink screen, but because there’s too many distractions on the iPad… mmm… do I want to read the next chapter of Sword Art Online, or do I want to open Safari and see if the next chapter of Break Blade is released?

(Even more oddly enough, the best eBook reader for the iPad is the Barnes and Noble reader… beats both Kindle and iBooks apps as a pure reader.)

4. That Screen

The iPad screen is beautiful, and going from an iPhone to an iPad is a bigger jump than going from a 27″ Sony Trinitron CRT to a 52″ Samsung LED LCD display. People who make the derisive “Isn’t it just a huge iPod Touch?” comment are probably the same people stuck watching SDTV… because, well, if there’s anything HDTV taught us, it’s that pixels matter.

(The mono speaker… well… it sucks. If the IPS display is Tomoyo, then the speaker is Fuko-chan. The iPad could really, really use built-in stereo speakers. That’s probably number one on my wishlist for the iPad… other stuff on my wishlist: a way to organize pictures without going through iTunes, wireless sync, the return of classic iPhone apps like calculator and clock, more visual novels in app store, and inductive recharging. Most importantly: user accounts. Fuck a camera… I need user permissions on this thing.)

(And, yes, the iPad would be the perfect medium for visual novels… if, you know, there were any for the iPad. If I saw Clannad for $9.99 in the app store, would I buy it? In a I-just-saw-Mikuru-in-her-meido-fuku heartbeat. God damn, someone get Jun Maeda on the phone… tell him to put Angel Beats 2 on hold and start porting Clannad immediately complete with interactive multitouch for the gym locker scenario. Just don’t wind up with Sunohara.)

3. CloudReaders App

CloudReaders (free) on the iPad is unparalleled for portable manga reading. Vastly superior to every portable option out there: laptop, netbook, Kindle DX, nook, actual tankoubon– the iPad leaves them all in the dust like 00 Gundam going up against a Taozi. One, the sizing of the iPad is perfect. I can hold it and read it like book and each page clearly fits on the screen. I can just rotate the display for double page layouts and glamor spreads. Swiping, zooming, and moving are all extremely fluid and a lot more natural than using iComic on my iPhone. Two, it’s in freakin’ color and doesn’t choke on large file sizes (sorry nook!). Three, the screen is awesome for manga. Four, multitouch? Mio? I’m so there.

2. Air Video App

Turns any iPad into the ultimate 1.5 pound purveyor of anime. You install Air Video Server (free) on any desktop or notebook and then Air Video ($3) on the iPad. It then transcodes in real time to allow you to watch anything from your server. Works fantastic over wifi– excellent quality, good handling of subtitles, and the app provides nice thumbnails and previews of the library. There’s a small delay when you first transcode a video, but I was surprised that seeking didn’t have a long delay. Furthermore, there’s an option that allows Air Video to pre-transcode video either to avoid this short delay or to sync with iTunes so one can bring the videos when them for travel. This has become my primary method for viewing anime on my iPad. Quite possibly the greatest device to watch anime on while sitting or lying in bed… big screen, and, unlike a laptop, easily positioned while in bed. Plus, it won’t get hot on your lap and burn your Johnny.

(Air Video has also an internet streaming feature that was a bit choppy for me, but I’m DSL. Still, pretty neat to have access to your whole library anywhere, anytime.)

1. Mio is meant to be multitouched

’nuff said.

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  1. >Let’s say I’m watching a not-too-exciting episode of Working (not that there’s a lot of exciting episodes)
    Watched episode 9 yet?

  2. “What is iPad? A way to multitouch Mio.”


  3. I’d get an ipad if it didn’t cost so much

    Speaking of Johnny, are you following the tatami galaxy?

  4. O
    Can you tell me where I can get that delicious Mio x Azusa pic… or send it to me directly? Is that an official image (i.e. not doujin)??

  5. Never has there been a more apt caption for that final image than “slide to unlock”.

  6. Never has there been a more apt caption for that last image than “slide to unlock”.

  7. Hmmmm… if only I could get that something like that Air Video App to work with my PS3….
    Also, you may be shocked to hear this but the next Supercell release is going to be the next Naruto Shippuden ED (I assume) which starts on July 1st.

  8. I would never unlock that. :3

  9. Huh, I didn’t know about CloudReaders. Just downloaded it after reading this post and it’s not bad. The one awesome thing about it that I haven’t found (yet) in any other comic reader for the iPad is a right-to-left option. I’ve been using ARCreader myself up ’til now, which is another decent comic reader.

  10. You sold me already.


    I’d get an ipad if it didn’t cost so much

    This. :(

  11. You meant Azu-nyan is meant to be multi-touched. ;-)

  12. For Zeuradin (and Jason of course)

  13. Seems like a good time to point out the recent post on Mangahelpers talking about how Apple seems to have imposed some fairly heavy handed content restrictions on what they will allow published on the device, esp. with regard to manga with violence or “adult situations,” the definition which hasn’t been clarified. Lack of flash outside of using a remote desktop app also literally limits what you can watch. CR is great for what it does offer, but still woefully inadequate for all that it doesn’t.

  14. Please, I beg of you, give me that image at full ress, the MioxAzusa one.

  15. If only you could actually play plants vs zombies on the iPad. Lack of flash is a real killer as well, since there are a ton of good flash games nowadays too. I must say, though, the manga reader aspect almost makes me a believer.

  16. iPad can’t play my 720p animu (res 1024 x 768)
    no sale

  17. Can’t afford yet. Also, was summoned.

    Also, it appears you haven’t watched Episode 9 of Working!! yet. Plus, Souta’s sisters are… ahem. Let’s just say that they’re worth doing various things with. And one of them, the drunken Kozue, seems also (at times) intent on getting things on with her little brother. And there’s Nazuna’s oddness… and epic evil.

    Plus, Poplar’s voiced by Kana Asami – I don’t see how you can’t get excited over a very short, busty girl voiced by Kana Asami who’s both easily bullied (and constantly gets bullied by Satou and Souma – the kitchen staff – while being teased by Souta) and who’d look good in a swimsuit. Like a busty Mio, really.

  18. @wp: Plants vs. Zombies has a native iPad app, hence why it’s #8 on the list. Also, daily spam volume jumped a lot today from just having “iPad” in post title. mostly from iPad accessory sellers and win iPad scams. Good times!

  19. Well, the iPad’s better for watching anime and reading manga than the iPhone is just because of the screen size alone.. and the rotation lock button.

    But, it’d be better if the pricer were closer to an iPod Touch’s for the capacity (the 16GB won’t hold you too long with the screen res it provides and the file sizes that entails)… and since it has room for stereo speakers, like you said, it’d be better if they’d have shoved them in. Yes, it’d drain more power, but hell – that’s what the 6-foot docking cable’s for.

  20. Lucky bastard ^_^

  21. Just wait a few months – then the market is going to be flooded with other tablets that are cheaper and aren’t as locked down as the iPad.

  22. I keep going back and forth on if I really want one. I think I’ll probably end up waiting for the 2nd gen model next year.

    I’m one of those crazy people who have never owned an apple product of any kind. Mostly it’s always come down to cost & functionality(also a great hatred for itunes). But I’ve noticed the large number of apps for the iPhone/touch, and there are a good number of games that I would really like to play.
    I’ll talk myself into an apple device someday, but it’s unlikely to be anytime soon……… then again, an ipad would be easier, than my laptop, to take to Anime Expo.

  23. I will wait the Asus tablet ,which will work with windows and will have usb ports

  24. Well I got another reason to HsOFD now I now that awesome like this is gonna be in the ED of the series lol

  25. It’s a nice device, but it’s not really that compelling if you own a good laptop, desktop and smartphone, especially given the minor but annoying deficiencies it has, like lack of flash support (I kind of agree with The Steve’s opinion on that, but the technology is too entrenched at this point to get rid of it) and being completely locked down to the Apple store and whatever strange inconsistent content rules they have controlling it. If it could run actual proper OSX software, or if it was based off something more flexible like Android or dare I say it Windows, I’d already own one.

    @Flags: I think Tversity can do something similar for PS3/X360, haven’t tried it myself. Air Video is pretty neat though.

  26. Please, I beg of you, give me that image at full ress, the MioxAzusa one.

    to Erufen:;id=807299

    Do you really want the FULL resolution? Because apparently, it’s 5933×4081 at 72×72 dpi.
    If the iPad can glide through that without stuttering, I’d be impressed.

    Now, if only they made the extremely NSFW version that big…

  27. I don’t know how much Apple paid you Jason, but you’re not fooling me.

    As much as I like the shiny, all I see is a large, cumbersome version of an iPhone. You bring up good points – the reading things on the sofa without lugging a desktop/laptop/netbook would have had me sold, had I not known of the price, the lack of Flash, and Apple being an overall control freak.

    @Working fans, especially Haesslich: Too bad the focus lately (haven’t seen 9 yet) is on Inami, not Poplar.

  28. Multitouching Mio… I mean the ipad is too expensive for me.

  29. I’ll be interested to hear whether you still have the same things to say about it in 6 months time.

    The basic idea of the tablet is good; but as with all Apple products it’s too expensive for what it is, and that combined with the draconian and arbitrary control Apple exert over which programs you can and can’t install and what popular video formats you can and can’t view, and what you can (…or rather can’t) connect to the thing (or connect the thing to) mean that it isn’t the device for me.

  30. This is the first time I’ve actually sat down and read something about the iPad, and despite not being much of an Apple fan, you have my attention. Damn it, Mio!

  31. Lights: you will HATE episode 9, then. It’s all Inami (and her dad) but there’s just enough Poplar to go around.

    Negs: a real tablet with a real OS is overkill for 90% of the intended ipad target, alas. And MS fucked it up years ago with Tablets. If the Android tablets all end up as underpowered pieces of crap (as all the ones I’ve seem so far gave), it’ll be the same thing that happened with the MP3 player market and the music-selling arena (Apple taking over by virtue of being there with easy, sexy solutions).

  32. Forcing you to spaz around with itunes killed it for me.

  33. Just give it a while and the iPad will also be hijacked, and then you can rid yourself of iTunes.

    Ty for the 5933×4081 image. It burnt a hole in my screen.

  34. suck it bill gates

  35. How well does Mediacoder deal with embedded subs? I tend to just dump my stuff into Xvid4PSP and set it to the AppleTV preset.

  36. MediaCoder’s pretty bad, ragingduck. But you could do it with MediaCoder, as long as you make sure that the hardsubs are hard-displayed when MediaCoder gets to them.

    Besides, the iPad’s already jailbroken…

    Say, jason, does Cloud Reader allow WiFi transfer, or do you have to drop files into it via the Document Sharing feature in iTunes?

  37. Crunchyroll – denied (UK regional lock).
    Wordpress – don’t use it.
    Air Server – don’t have a Mac,or a Windows PC.

    >Forcing you to spaz around with itunes killed it for me.
    You need to use iTunes? NOOOO! *flees*

    Love the device,hate my location and hate proprietary manufacturers who restrict your rights.

  38. How does the newly announced AT&T Bandwidth Cap affect this analysis?

  39. But what happens if you multitouch Mio too long?

  40. I would argue an netbook would do all those but manga reading better.

    I don’t see the appeal of an ipad but to each is his/her own. :3

  41. Roxkis: I think it depends on how you do your computing. Having a netbook in one’s lap, much less a laptop, or on one’s table (if there’s room) can get awkward after a bit. Given Jason’s usage scenarios above (on his couch, reading manga anywhere but at a table), a tablet or an iPhone makes more sense… but the iPhone’s small screen is a real eye-killer when it comes to doing a lot of reading for stretches of longer than 15-20 minutes at a time.

    Now if you’ve got a table to set the netbook down to type on, great. If not… then it’s less optimal. I’ve found that I do things differently with an iPod Touch as it is with browsing the web – no longer am I bound to the computer desk or having a notebook in my lap to catch up on forums. Nor do I end up using the mouse or keyboard to do everything, especially if trying to scroll through long pages. Granted, the screen’s frigging tiny, but tablet computing’s got its advantage for casual browsing and email or manga reading. Or viewing video – you don’t necessarily WANT to do all those at a desk, nor do you necessarily always want to browse seated up, or with the keyboard and bottom half perched on your stomach while trying to adjust the screen angle so you can read.

  42. @manfred

    Actually there is a full size image of the NSFW version.

  43. @Colin you could get a proxy mask and download the files like that. I’d suggest Tor, but it is a well known proxy, so you might have to do some digging there.

  44. Mio hates y’all. :D

  45. cyruz: Mio hates me for discussing computer use styles and software? I don’t get it.

  46. hahaha, maybe that’s true… n most main reason is the portability, we can watch anime anytime, anywhere

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