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Even Buster Poindexter wasn’t this hot hot hot.

(You have to check out that video, especially the dance scenes. Unbelievable. It’s like a volcano of unintentional comedy. You won’t be disappointed.)


“It was so amazing.”

“What was so amazing?”

“It just was.”

HOLY SHIT. Let’s add “Sawa-chan’s half-hour at the MugiComplex™” to the Simon and Nia Seven Days Memorial Events We Need 1080P Video Of.


I’m just disappointed. We didn’t get to see the MugiComplex™ and Sawa-chan disappointed in not driving like Yukari-sensei. But I did remember something! When Mugi-hime facepalmed at adjusting the chair, Sawa-chan goes, “お約束”… and I remembered this slang because I read it in bangin’s blog a while back.

(I like his blog, which focuses on anime lingo… it’s one of the few anime blogs that I read since it actually does something new and unique in the community. I feel like I’m actually learning something. Scary.)


I liked Mugi’s expression as Ritsu and Yui dipped their feet into her ice. I was sorely disappointed we didn’t get MugiVision™ for this scene… what the heck? Isn’t it disappointing? It’s like Kyoto forgot everything from the first season except Fuwa Fuwa Time. This is like watching Asread Minami-ke vs. Doumu Minami-ke.


Yui and Ritsu are the vuvuzelas of friends. I’ll just say that.

(Disappointed that Mio didn’t make an attempt to get rid of the ice cube. There’s a lot of disappointed in this episode. I feel like I’m scolding a misbehaving child.)


Weren’t you disappointed when Yui and Mugi were staring so intently at the table, and it didn’t turn into a Code Geass moment?

(See, if blog好き were presented by The Home Depot, I could have written instead, “Yui and Mugi were trying to calculate how much wood they need to turn that table into an S&M table. And, this week only, wood, straps, and leather restraints are all on sale at The Home Depot, More Savings, More Doings.” And you would have dodged the Code Geass line. But, alas, I have no sponsors.)


Twins! Swiftly approved. I was disappointed Mio didn’t keep up the hair for the whole episode. At least go with the ponytail. It’s like 35 degrees C in there, might as well break out the ponytail.


Awww, so cute. They should have been stuck together, though. As fast and furious as Angel Beats is going, K-On!! is the exact opposite. Just going way to slow… they’re basically dragging out one chapter of the 4-koma for each episode, and it just doesn’t work that well. There’s a lot of filler (I know, I know, the concept of “filler” is weird for a show without a plot) that just reminds me that Kyoto must be dying for Raki Suta season two. I would be disappointed if there were more to this than just Yui and Ritsu being Yui and Ritsu. I want more MugiVision™, more Mio fanservice, and more Azu-nyan dominating Yui, and more Ui yandere scenes.


Best part of the episode? Terrified Mio with Mugi providing the soundtrack. This, I wasn’t disappointed in.


Looks enough like a Fit… come on, Sawa-chan is awesome, is the lead singer for Death Devil, and rolls in a Honda Fit like David Pogue… how is she still single? Did Mugi ruin her?

(Very, very disappointed Azu-nyan didn’t get to ride on Mugi’s lap on the way to pick up the fish tank… and fish tanks are heavy.)


Ritsu is sure fail when it comes to being the executive for the club… at the very, this qualifies her to be the next CEO of BP.

(Summer of 2010… weird summer. Not only are Duke and LA on top of the basketball world, we have the hated vuvuzelas, the hated BP oil spill, and a possible hated double-dip recession… it’s like the bad guys are winning. If this were a hot-blooded giant robot anime, fall or winter should be when the hero regains composure and activates some super-powerful dormant ability in his mobile suit to save the day. Or, at the very least, give us a half-way decent The World God Only Knows anime in fall. Anything less would just be disappointing.)


I knew that was going to happen with the fan. It was definitely yet another お約束 moment. But it’s not funny. Dismemberment by a fan is no joking matter. I was disappointed that Kyoto didn’t treat this serious safety issue with more seriousness.

(And why did Yui shield herself with Gitah? Wouldn’t she have flung Gitah behind her and shielded it with her body?)


Is Mugi the greatest drink-maker in anime? She doesn’t disappoint in that department. I’m just waiting for the one day she decides to roofie all the other girls. I think that would be the logical end to K-On!!


Can’t wait for the inevitable attempt by the fanboy community to try and identify all the girls in the student council meeting. They don’t disappoint in their quest to come up with the most inane uses of time. But I fully support their efforts… after all, this blog is a huge inane use of time.

(I was hoping for either Tony Howard stonewalling the US Congress or Tony Stark being a jackass… and I got Plain Jane asking for a 5 MPH speed limit reduction on a road next to a school zone at a local city supervisor’s meeting. Sigh.)


Mugi is still hilarious in how she pretends to fit in… come on, she could have been home enjoying some future high tech air conditioning system that’s powered by GN particles. Or she could have taken her personal jet to chill at Waikiki. Maybe she’s going to collect her adventures with the Light Music Club in her memoir, “My Not So Disappointing Time as a Commoner” by Tsumugi Kotobuki.

(The more I think of it, the more Kyoto should be doing TWGOK… there’s a not-so-great light music club in that! The drummer’s a princess, like Mugi, there’s a Ritsu-esque tomboy, and El would be the Mio analogue. That would be awesome. And, yes, part of me is afraid that if Keima is trying to score El now, does that mean that the manga is almost over? No!!!)


Watching Ritsu’s forehead going up against the sun is like watching Exia go up against 0 Gundam at the end of Gundam 00 S2. Just an awesome fight, even though you’d know who’d win by the end. And, yes, I was disgruntled we didn’t get new swimsuits… if Kyoto could iterate on 15,532 different swimsuits for Mikuru and Haruhi for Endless Eight, at least give Los Dos Chiflados some new outfits for time. Maybe even let Kuroko Shirai pick them out. (Yes, very disappointed we’re getting another season of Index instead of Railgun. Index was never as interesting as Railgun. Railgun is The Simpsons to Index‘s Tracy Ullman Show. Kuroko, Saten, and Uiharu are just win.)

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16 Responses to “k-on!! 11”

  1. I’ll save you guys the snarky comments. “This is a disappointing post.”

  2. Actually, as good as Tsumugi is, in the drinks department she doesn’t come even close to one Sasakura Ryu. He is Keima of the drinks’ world.

  3. What? I’d think it would be par for course for K-On S2.

    By the way, if I recall right you’re in San Francisco. Didn’t catch the Disappearance screening, Jason?

  4. This was a disappointing snarky response. But on par for K-On!!

  5. Haess: Yes, definitely lacking bite. Where did all the penetration jokes go?

    But definitely on par for K-On!!

  6. Even Mugivision’s too risque for KyoAni these days huh? It’s nice to see Mugi as Yui’s partner in crime for once though.

  7. Great, now you jinxed it. The next light music club member will be a vuvuzela player.

  8. Niles: If they do that, KyoAni will prove that they’re both World Cup fans as well as the biggest trolls ever.

    On the upside, that’d also mean we might never see another K-ON sequel. Ever. I doubt they’d risk that.

  9. jason: This is like watching Asread Minami-ke vs. Doumu Minami-ke.

    Disappointingly, K-On‘s daydreaming pervert keeps her shirt on.

    Niles: Great, now you jinxed it. The next light music club member will be a vuvuzela player.

    Isn’t that basically Sora no Woto?

  10. I don’t know….the fan bit reminded me a bit of Full Metal Panic. And while the situations might not be up to code, I did laugh several times at the various jokes.

  11. They all know Mugi is rich… why wouldn’t they all just go in Sawa’s car, and then Mugi’s driver to drive them back? She clearly has a driver, probably a gentlemanly older butler who sees Mugi like the daughter he never had and therefore is terribly overprotective.

    If KyoAni needs something to do, I’ve only been waiting for new Haruhi (and I mean “new,” not “Endless” filler) for like what, 4 years now?

  12. I don’t get it. What’s the big deal with K-On!!? You all knew what you were getting yourselves into when starting to watch it, and after knowing that they squeezed 3~4 volumes in one season (2 years of their school lives), you know the next season is going to be just about the last volume (last year of their school lives). It’s like, you know that the bulge is definitely a penis, but you don’t care.
    I for one, like this form of light anime. No strings attached, no bullshit Lost-Matrix backstory, no in-depth story to incite many viewings over and over, no fanservice for the sake of fanservice, or, no fanservice at all. I don’t necessary think there’s anything wrong with there being no fanservice either. To each their own, I guess, but I find pictures on pixiv and Comiket where I look to to satisfy my desire.

  13. No fanservice? The show’s pretty much 100% fanservice. It’s just moe fanservice rather than ecchi fanservice. It doesn’t even rely on humor the way most slice of life shows about nothing do. In a sense it’s practically yaoi. No climax, no point, no meaning – just instead of BL bishies there’s Mio in twintails.

  14. The fan scene? This was my train of thought:

    “There’s no way that thing is going to actually explode. It’ll just fall over in a puff of smoke…”

    “Oh god… what if it flies off and seriously injures someone. I don’t know how they’ll continue the series with Mio having a fan blade stuck in her head.”

    “Oh, there it goes. Maybe it will decapitate Gitah and land squarely in Ton-chan’s tank.”


  15. Again, after K-On! and with the amount of source material you have, what else can you expect? I really don’t see where all this hate is coming from – S1 already showed you what kind of show this was going to be, the source material isn’t changing its story, and we’re not dealing with Bones. KyoAni stays faithful to the source, to the disappointment of some.

  16. I see the new smap filter was removed. Good. I think I tried 20 times to get anything through.
    On topic: Oddly KyoAni’s “filler” content has been as interesting as the manga generated material. Maybe they’ve learned something over the last year? Wait..KyoAni…learn something?

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