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Minami-ke returns. Kinda.


Striking while the iron’s hot? David Villa’s offensive ballboard goal earlier against Paraguay. Rave-Fansubs releasing a subpar speedsub for the hottest show of this season. Let me put it this way… two hours after release, it trended to be a top fifty Google search, surpassing “lebron james” but not topping “vuvuzela”. So there’s still work to be done.

But why is this the hottest show of the season? One name for you: Minami. As in Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki Minami. Mitsudomoe brings back together the original director and writer for Minami-ke (the first awesomesauce season) under the banner of a new Brennan Boesch-like appearance of a new Bridges studio. Let’s say this. Combining the talent from Minami-ke with a new family of dysfunctional sisters who enjoy breaking their friends? Pure fun.

(Striking while the iron’s ice cold? Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya. And whenever we get a sequel to Bakemonogatari.)

(The name of this show… excellent. I don’t know if Norio Sakurai came up with the sister idea first or the name, but “mitsudomoe” refers to three elements battling it out. Couldn’t be more appropriate.)


The episode slayed me from start to finish to the point where I needed to pause once in a while because I was laughing too hard. It’s the exact opposite as watching Asura Cryin’ on 2X speed. I love how dysfunctional (actually, they’re just sexually dysfunctional) the Marui sisters are. They are worthy successors to the Minami crown.

(Animation quality… very good. Fluid, clean, and fewer “I don’t want to spend money animating this” tricks”. Good job by Bridges. I hope you and Brennan Boesch keep on bashing. Okanade-chan know we need more competent anime studios in the mix.)


Kind of a crutch that they did the profile shots of the sisters… not like we couldn’t figure out that Hitoha is the Chiaka-like quiet sister who has an Yuki-like attraction to books with a Kanbaru-like fetish for kinkiness. Come on. I knew all of that before they even flashed her profile.

(My favorite of the three so far. Her epic book attack is epic. It’s a gamechanger. I equate it to adding Thunder God Cid to your party for Tactics.)


Futaba… think Grimlock from the original Transformers. Futaba would be the dumber, elementary school girl version of Grimlock. Me smash Decepticons! Me Grimlock, BADASS! I enjoy her too. Not as much as Hitoha, but enjoyable nonetheless. One thing about all three of these girls… they’re all Kanbaru-level kinky. Futaba treats it matter-of-factly like she’s a guest star on Sex in the City.


My notebook entry for Mitsuba? “Evil.” She would be like Kana, except Kana doesn’t know she’s evil. Mitsuba? She knows, so she’s more like Kana’s and Light-o’s lovechild. I enjoy her sadistic plans.

(Only VA of the three that had some notable roles in the past… Feldt Grace, that’s you? Had me fooled! Now I know Setsuna better thank you for the lily you gave him.)


“Impossible. That guy’s a virgin.”

“All the more reason to give him a taste of that sweet, sweet nectar.”

Loved the second act of the episode where the sisters were trying to break poor Yabe-sensei’s Johnny so he could show it off to Aiko-hellonurse. Remember, these are all like fourth graders.


Dragon Uppercut! Gun Flame!

Loved how he dodges their merciless (and, I mean merciless… I had to cover my crotch just to be safe) attacks for a full four minutes before finally getting his crotch pwned by… Aiko herself. Fantastic. I was so giddy, I wanted to stop watching the episode and tweet about it.


“What a yummy looking southern sweet!”

And, when he finally did show his broken Johnny to Aiko, you just knew what was going to happen. Yep. Yep. Yep.


I’m glad Bridges could afford panties. Shaft… could not.


The way Hitoha reacts when someone tries to take away her book… the same way I react when someone tries to take away my iPad. No!!!


The Nipple Arc… complete awesome and win as well. Loved how it was a feel-good teacher and students working together to overcome greater challenges… and learn life lessons… and make friends… and it involved nipples. Genius!

(Best way to describe Yabe’s class… it’s like Great Teacher Onizuka crossed with Hanamaru Kindergarten… with three evil twin Minami sisters tossed in for fun. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to the next episode.)

(Andohbytheway, why are there so many kids in this class? The class size is staggering. No wonder the school system is going to hell.)


Facechair 4tw! I hope it’s nod towards their work on Minami-ke, but the end of the Empty Basket arc featured blaxploitation music. Haven’t heard it in anime since Minami-ke, and I’m glad it’s back.


And… yes… another tie in to Minami-ke.

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  1. i’m just so…… happy

  2. There are no words to describe that last screenshot. Context be darned, I’m surprised Haess isn’t all over it yet.

  3. Caught me by surprise that you watched this, though it shouldn’t have. I should’ve figured out the tie-in… I just thought everyone was ripping off everyone else. I even forgot the blaxploitation music- had to go back and find it (thanks, Mako-chan bra shopping scene!)

    I guess I’ll look into this, although the faces are a bit wide for my taste, almost as wide as Hidamari Sketch, except everyone looks stoned.

  4. Well, Asian classrooms tend to have 30-40 students. It’s not all that uncommon. My high school classroom had close to 40 seats and tables.

    Loved the first episode and its fluid animation. Very nice details too, especially with Hitoha’s notebook (the insides are always glowing in pink). I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

  5. SIXTH grade.

  6. Myssa: I’ve yet to watch the bastard spawn of Ichigo Mashimaro and Minami-ke yet. But there were better traps the season before – just look at how the tg art on Durarara got Jason.

  7. …And balloting has closed for funniest ED of the season…

  8. To steal a line from you…
    Swiftly approved!
    Good eye sir.
    This is the only show I have liked so far this season other than Black Lagoon (notice how it took 5 days for a sub to come out for ep 1? I did…)

  9. ZOMG, Hitoha is reading pr0n all the time ?
    And I must say, all these sisters are all batshit crazy, man….

  10. It’s nice to see a teacher who doesn’t hesitate to drop his pants in front of a group of 6th grade girls and let his class spend all period playing with their Nipples.

  11. I…I…;_; where has this show been my entire life?

  12. … and why is that book GLOWING? As in a dark, violet-pink glare of doom? This series is twisted. It’s like Ichigo Mashimaro, with more evil.

  13. Few times have I lawled this hard. One of them was the Kampfer episode in the hotel…..Oh boy. I can’t wait for the rest of this series.

  14. My most favorite part in this eps is when aiko commented on yabe’s d*** LOL

  15. This show is just pure funniness. And yes, this show leaves me short of words and and those words it leaves me with don’t do justice. But man, this show is better than expected. To be honest, I was thinking this would be something more on the order of Hanamaru Kindergarten meets Kodomo No Jikan. That sort of reasonably entertaining E/H fare and nothing more. But….I’m glad it’s not…I’m glad it seems to have the potential to be so much more.

    I hadn’t originally pegged this show as something to watch from the Summer season…but then again, most of the Summer shows seemed pretty meh. This one is now at the top of my list….like Miname-ke, only scarier since all the sisters are the same age!

    More beer and more of this, and I’ll be a happy guy!

  16. Bakemonogatari itself striking when the iron is ice cold. Seriously, if you have to wait more than 1 month between episodes it’s dead in the water.

  17. So, Myssa, about Ep 2…

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