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Afterschool Tea Time is forever and ever… AFTERSCHOOL!!!


“This is getting a bit tedious.”

Jun! You finally said something appropriate. My gosh, Yui is a horrible, horrible MC. I think half the episode was her trying to introduce and re-introduce all the characters. Even I zoned out during it. But it made this episode seem like the final episode, which I would have been fine with. K-fucking-On! is about a girl band so they might as well end with a final concert. But… actually… it’s a coming of age story. It’ll end with the girls ready for the next step in life. The Nabisco Dinah Shore Golf Tournament, here we come!

(Okay, okay, we know how this series is going to end just based on the manga. Probably the most natural ending to a show since Azumanga… they just graduate and move on. Rock on Afterschool Tea Time, rock on.)


The whole T-shirt thing… awesome. Great way to go out. Nodoka and Sawa-chan should be running this country. I would so support Nodoka for President and Sawa-chan for Costume Rape Czar. Loved how Afterschool Tea Time get overwhelmed. Great twist.

(Mio’s lesbian fan club president? Give her a gold star too.)

(The T-shirts don’t look awesome enough. I dunno. Looks like it was done in five minutes on MS Paint. Does Sawa-chan even know how to use Photoshop?)


We desperately need a remake of Almost Famous with someone following around Afternoon Tea Time for a Rolling Stone article. It would be tremendous. Ui would be their number one groupie.

(Still can’t get over the ending to Almost Famous. It’s not as head-scratching as the ending to Chasing Amy, but head-scratching enough. “Be both loved her, but she wanted us to be together instead.” OH GEASS NO!)


Not enough Mio blushing this episode. Not enough! We need more! I want to see that blood flowing!


That’s exactly the same expression and pose that my harem has after a night with me. Damn Kyoto, stay the hell out of my dreams.


The Side Dish Is the Whole Meal… ignoring the sexual connotation of it all, it’s a song about the Atkin’s Diet? I think I prefer the stationary-related songs more than the food-related songs. Anyway, I’m disappointed that Kyoto didn’t step up their animation for this. Not even the same level as the Fuwa Fuwa Time concerts of yesteryear, and, more importantly, no Mio singing! That’s a crime. Felonious.


If Ritsu and Mio were performing Romeo and Juliet at the Stratford Festival, wild horses, flesh eating bacteria, and Pauly Shore couldn’t stop me from attending.


“I want you to understand my feelings /
On sunny days /
On rainy days /
You were always by my side”

Oh man, Ui really did write this song for Yui. Though I think Mugilicious should have inserted this song into Romeo and Juliet… at the balcony, the two of them could burst out into a duet of “U & I”. Would have been perfect. And Shakespeare would have rolled over in his grave.


“Right now, I’m having so much fun!”

I so want Mugi to re-enact the caffeine pill scene from Saved by the Bell. “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so… scared.”

(Two notes on that one… one, can you be addicted to caffeine like that? How much was Ms. Spano taking? Two, with acting like that, why hasn’t Elizabeth Berkeley’s career taken off? She’s a fine actress on par with Megan Fox and Gitah. Oh right, that Showgirls thing.)


Still shaking my head that after almost forty episodes of K-On!, we still are fanservice-less. Amazing. If Madhouse animated this, I’m convinced Azu-nyan would be a size G, and Mio could hold up Elizabeth via cleavage alone. But I’m shaking my head more that we never got to see Afternoon Tea Time perform wearing meido uniforms. #sadface


All good things must come to an end… they’ve been together for their whole high school lives and have been centered around this club and this tea room… wow. I think Kyoto captured it well. They’re not going to return. This isn’t a place for them anymore. And it brings an onslaught of sadness because they’ve been so happy and don’t want it to end. But, all good things come to an end.

(More tears were shed in this episode than the Clannad one where Nagisa got beaned by the tennis ball. I never thought that waterworks record would ever be shattered. My gosh. It’s been a river of woe this episode.)

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  1. Well to be fair, Tomoyo didn’t cry and HTT outnumber Ryou and Kyou more than two to one…though I don’t think Azusa cried.
    And Mio’s got a lot of fangirls. The rest of the girls have then to, but did you see the amount of flashes whenever Mio was introduced? Also the squeeling of the fangirls was loudest for Mio…with the possiible exception of when Ritsu did her Juliet to Mio’s Romeo. Then the shippers let their approval be known.

  2. I just marathoned Clannad ~After Story~ 11-19 (yes I haven’t finished yet, and yes because I didn’t want to cry so much) but yeah, been crying literally all day and then I see the screenshot/summaries for K-ON!! 20 and I want to cry even more now. I’ll be so sad to see this end! How fitting I stopped at 19 for a break and see this episode 20. It’s like I’ve continued Clannad into K-ON with similar crying scenes that make me cry.

  3. >That’s exactly the same expression and pose that my harem has after a night with me. Damn Kyoto, stay the hell out of my dreams.

    Your dreams involve harems of silicon or blow-up dolls with blank expressions? Creepy.

  4. Haesslich: Wow, if I didn’t know better that read like you were projecting your fantasies upon Jason’s. XD

  5. Indeed, K-ON is not about the music, no matter how many people wish it to be. Although music is a big part of the show, it’s really a heart-warming coming of age story about a group of high school girls who just happened to find each other in their school’s light music club. Little did they know that it would become one of the most cherished things in their lives.

    Let’s just say that many (not so) manly tears were shed by me during this episode.

  6. There’s no wild animal sex hair with blow up dolls Haess. Come on at least try to think your wild accusations through.

  7. I thought Yui wrote the song for Ui, thus “U & I”.

  8. Ep 17 about 21:24. Did Ui write anything after she woke up?

  9. In defense of Haesslich (has it come to this?), those poses are not natural- legs fully extended, backs against the wall, arms out and not fully supported- and the instruments magnify the effect. What really makes it odd is that all five girls are posing in the same way.

    I’m sure a set of matching dolls will be released sooner or later.

  10. kaze: I only quoted Jason… and he’s the one who said that looked like his harem. In all it’s unnaturally posed, blank-faced, biomechanics-violating horror.

  11. “Chaaaaance.” – what the header image should’ve been captioned.

  12. The scene just around that of Mio and Azusa snuggling their instraments would have been more intresting I think.

  13. Strongly disagree about Yui’s MC abilities. Standing up there and telling long, rambling stories is perfectly rock’n’roll. So Yui’s babbling was just another note of verisimilitude for me.

  14. I like the fact they are crying their hearts out because they don’t want it to end and there are still 6 episodes to the final.
    And I still can’t accept there’s no Azumanga anymore. (and no Yotsuba&…why…why ??)

    This show just cannot end. It’s unacceptable. It’s impossible.

    Where is Haruhi and her time looping power when she is needed ?!?

  15. “The Side Dish Is the Whole Meal… ignoring the sexual connotation of it all, it’s a song about the Atkin’s Diet?”

    You can’t ignore the sexual connotations… it’s clearly all about the back of the knee. Or the belly button.

  16. Now that K-on!! is almost over, Sunrise should fund this

  17. masayume: Haruhi hates moeblobs without huge boobs and specifically used her powers to end K-ON in the REAL WORLD.

  18. Haruhi would love Mio in the way she loves Mikuru. The resistance (as Sawako put it) makes it fun for her. This is why Haruhi doesn’t usually try to have Yuki cosplay. Yuki doesn’t resist and has no visable embarrassment. This is also why Kyonko would be popular with Haruhi dispite not having much of a chest. Itsuko would only be popular because she’s a kissup and can help with the cosraping of Kyonko.

  19. I actually thought that Yui wrote that about Ui.

  20. I just wish the episode had been funnier, at least in places.

  21. Haesslich: That’s rather rude of you, automatically assuming the worst like that. Making a classy guy like our blogger out to be some sort of creepster who likes cheap plastics and crude synthetics, when that harem positioning could easily be done with the far superior WASHiness and knee kissability of a properly taxidermied corpse.

  22. People, you’re asking too much of this show.
    You want music? Beck.
    You want comedy? There’s tons of others. Watch HotD. Any SHAFT show. Anything else that deems itself a comedy.
    This is really something for people to feel good about things that they had no interest in whatsoever. Why should I care if a soft-shelled turtle dies in the heat? Why should I care if these girls are graduating from high school? Why should I care if two girls can’t play their respective parts in a play? The answer? You shouldn’t. If you’re trying to give yourself a reason for watching this show, then you’re doing it wrong. Or, don’t watch it. Simple as that.

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