high school of the dead 11

This post is only somewhat NSFW!

“I’ll do anything to be with you, even if you love another woman.”

Think Rei knows about Saeko? I’d imagine so with the stares and glares she’s been giving Samurai Girl. Though I like Rei’s facial expression as well as how she places Takashi’s hand on her melonpan right after saying it. Good job.

So is this one of the deviant blades that Shichika and Togame are collecting? I hope so.

Complete failure. What does Takagi do for the group except being an absolute downer slash complainer? Her plans aren’t even that great… and it’s not like she has a lot of them. I’m almost convinced that the group keeps her around like how Excel and Hyatt keep Menchi around– to be zombie chow of last resort.

Zero-G ponytail? Yes, please.

(Explain to me the intelligence of nuking in this situation… hey, zombies are taking over the world, let’s make it worse by nuking the shit out of major cities and military installations! Let’s just pile on the misery! This is like Kanako finding out that the previously lesbian-affectionable Mariya has a penis and will also be her roommate. Just worse news on top of bad news.)

I like the combination of soccer shin guards, elbow pads, school uniform, and tie-on skirts for zombie-killing attire. And she’s sparkling like a vampire. Mmmm… if I were fighting zombies, what would my preferred clothing be? Army digital print camo? (Not like zombies can tell?) Comfortable dry wick layered clothing? (Enough protection?) Suit of armor I stole from De Young museum? Meat tuxedo? Space suit? (To hang out with Zero-G ponytail lady in Skylab.)

No doubt in my mind that Hirano is the fatter more dorkier version of Edgar from Final Fantasy VI. All he needs is that AutoCrossbow.

The orgy bus arc… seemed to have gone a bit too fast. I would have liked to see Rei beat the shit out of Shido, but that’s just me. And, honestly, no matter how badly their family wronged hers, it’s not worth it to kill him. Now if he raped her, yeah, go for it. That’s a different story.

(I think Kelly was raped at least four times during the coarse of 90210… not counting the time when she whored for drugs. I guess my point is… she probably shouldn’t have used the “I choose me” line for Dylan and Brandon. Though not as memorable as when Valerie slept with her dad and cried afterward. Um, that’s probably something you know you’d regret going into it. I guess my new point is this… bad girls are fun. And 1,000% more likely to board an orgy bus.)

So… Takashi had no issues bonking Saeko, but he passes up Rei because Rei is injured? Um, a real man wouldn’t have cared. She was so leading him on too.

(Though you could make the argument that Rei has gone into crazy territory so hooking up with her is, uh, choppy at best. Incredible sex but horrible consequences afterward.)

I feel like Mell should be doing the OP as well. And might as well end with some anime MILF talk…

cheezit: Nagisa would rank meh on the MILF list, but you could do a Sanae/Nagisa tag team and utterly crush the competition. YES WE CAN!

In agreement that Sanae is anime’s greatest GILF?

Val: Since Hild did show up in the anime does that mean she’d be ranked number one now, or has been another that can dethrone her?

I dunno. Tough to beat Akiko, Sanae, Aki Hinata, and Keima’s mom. We need to sort this out BCS style.

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  1. The logic for launching nukes falls flat in the manga as well, mind. “Hey, we’re all going to be zombified, let’s just nuke our enemies and end things with a bang, yes?” World War Z made more sense than some of the decisions made in this franchise.

  2. Takashi should have boned Rei, even if she was hurt. She was pratically begging for it. If anything, he could have used her tears for lubrication.

  3. Takagi’s face in that screenshots led my thoughts to what can be done with her, not counting zombie bait.

    As for Hild, she beats Aki out easily. Multiple tease modes, fetish modes, and she isn’t a lethal cook like Akiko or Sanae.

  4. . What does Takagi do for the group except being an absolute downer slash complainer?

    Fills the tsundere role in the standard harem dynamics of course…wait you thought this was an anime about how to survive a zombie outbreak?

  5. “he could have used her tears for lubrication.”

    That is the greatest rape phrase I’ve ever heard

  6. That pic of Takagi reminded me of certain scenes from Taimanin Asagi… which I’m not sure if it’s something good or bad.
    Also, Takashi will probably regret not boning Rei. Come on, two episodes ago he was “Saeko, I like to squeeze your tits until it hurts” Takashi, and now he’s “Oh I won’t touch you because you’re hurt, Rei” Takashi? Where did he drop his balls? Next episode he will be talking dolls and reinbows with Alice.
    Also, except for said scene with Takashi and Rei and Saeko’s revamped wardrobe, this episode was boring as hell. Orgy bus part was presented in a really lame way.

  7. Someone who gets little mention in the _ILF competitions is my favorite CILF, the coach of the baseball team in that crappy Icky FunkyButt series.

    I’d happily slide into her home plate. if you know what I mean.

  8. When your wife looks 28 despite being a GILF, I think we can take a little lethal cooking. I’d Akio Sanae’s bread every day of the week.

    >>Explain to me the intelligence of nuking in this situation…

    There isn’t any intelligence. The whole MAD principle is based on people acting intelligently and calmly to otherwise strained relations. Like how we are handling the new START treaty. Oh wait…

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