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It’s always– forevermore– fuwa fuwa time.


Damn you Kyoto, you cut the cutest scene from the final chapter! The one where Jun and Ui visit Azu-nyan (alone in the club room) and tells her that there’s new light rock club members waiting for Azu-nyan at the door… so Azu-nyan sneaks a peak behind those two wondering, “Where?” Slayed me. But… plot hole! Remember, the three girls had to beg Yui to join since they needed four members to establish the club. Now Azu-nyan gets to carry on with just three?

(Yes, it took a while, but even K-fucking-On!! has plot holes.)


I’m still torn about how the reformed band will perform. Ui would be awesome, but you can’t showcase her. She’s more like a John Stockton type. Jun is a both a terribad friend and now a traitor. And Azu-nyan will become the twintailed version of Steve Jobs. No doubt about it. I’d invest in stock in their town’s black turtleneck establishment pronto.


So disturbing, but it fits the personality of the club. And, yeah, no doubt Ritsu was the one who drew on Mio’s eyes. Sadly, Azu-nyan was smart enough to RUN LITTLE GIRL RUN when she saw Mugilicious break out the doll.

(Had an interesting conversation the other day about fads and how easy it is to separate little kids from their parent’s money. Remember pet rocks? What would possibly top selling a big rock and a certificate of authenticity for ten bucks? Silly Bandz. Literally fractions of a cent inducing Pokemon trading card-levels of riots in elementary schools. They’re banned from a few schools in the Bay Area apparently as well. I’m telling you… the next million dollar idea isn’t a tech gadget, it’s how to sell little kids something made with pennies on the dollar.)

(Also wondering what’s with wrist ornaments and kids? I grew up through both the friendship bracelet and the slap bracelet era. And now Silly Bandz?)


I enjoyed this scene because (a) Yui is begging Nodoka like a selfish kid (b) Nodoka acting like a stubborn parent (c) Yui has her finger stuck up the ass of a grapefruit.


I’d drink her tea, if you know what I mean.


I liked the final sprint out of the school, which parallels nicely to the sprint Yui did to the school to start the series. It started in the morning to school with just Yui being Yui. It ended with the four of them, as friends (and maybe more than friends) exiting the school. Yui is still Yui, but she’s a different Yui. You know what I mean? She still has the same defining clumsiness, but there’s something there that wasn’t there before. She has some direction and purpose.

(Fuwa fuwa~~ ends up being their greatest hit. Pure Pure Heart never caught on. So Afterschool Tea Time = The Wonders? You, doing that thing you fuwa fuwa do~~)


Mio’s confrontation with Ritsu was awesome. I can’t wait to see what the “Mio finds sexts from another woman on Ritsu’s Blackberry thus causing Mio to chase after Ritsu with a golf club” version looks like.


And, yeah, enjoyed how Ritsu can so easily mess with Mio’s mind.


Cute dog is cute dog. Cowering Mio is cowering Mio. Lazy post is lazy post.


“We shouldn’t invade her privacy.”

*The other three girls run towards Sawa-chan’s place*

So Ritsu, Yui, and Mugilicious = Mark Zuckerberg? Invading privacy for fun and profit!


Slug-like substance Sawa-chan… not cute. But I liked how the four girls worked so hard to clean and cook for her… and Sawa-chan’s “they should be wearing meido fuku stare”. She’s the best.

(Sadly, I’m sick right now as well, except I don’t have four high school girls cooking and cleaning for me. Where did I go wrong in my life?!)


“Staring is serious business.”

I guess I’ve been watching anime long enough that I don’t notice the blinking… mainly because there’s still so many animation houses that do not animate blinking or semi-realistic blinking just to save animation frames. Kyoto? They do so, which makes them fearsome. I’m also wondering if K-On! is Kyoto’s greatest financial success. Sure Haruhi was popular, but it was only two half-seasons whereas K-On! has forty (!!) episodes. K-On! is also mostly BD sales which carry a premium over DVD sales… and K-On! is the BD sales king. And Kyoto is definitely milking the franchise for all the CDs and promotional grab it can. I’m surprised there has yet to be official Azu-nyan cat ears or an official Mugilicious tea set.

(They need to do another live concert. The first one was just disappointing since they didn’t have enough songs in the repertoire… now? They have songs.)


I dunno. Sawa-chan’s room seems boring. I would have expected for her to have a Wii at least.


ZOMG last time we see Mugilicious with a tea pot? Just sinking in… no more K-On!… is it getting dusty in my living room?


… oh there’s a movie?! My thoughts… (a) I know it’s wrong to keep milking material, but I just know I would want to see Afterschool Tea Time again that I’d support this movie (b) I hope it’s not a recap (c) I hope it’s an alternate universe where zombie apocalypse breaks out in the K-On! world (d) not sure what they’re going to use for material if it’s not a recap (e) probably will look forward to this more than the Gundam 00 movie but less than Diablo III.

(Definitely a bit sad. They’ve been in this blog every week for the past half a year. Gonna be sad to see them ago… until, of course, we see The Capturing God. Not that I’m looking forward to it or anything. #tsundere)


Afterschool Tea Time… class dismissed.

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  1. I know there’s an official Azu-nyan tea cup, but that’s probably old news.

  2. So sorry. I have yet to see your comment on the end of “asobi ni iku yo”. If that was a harem ending, it was the best harem ending possible.
    And the “typical looser male” did not lift a finger.

    This is Jason we are talking about. I KNOW you have an opinion.

  3. K-on!!! >> DiabloIII. That is all.

  4. “Remember, the three girls had to beg Yui to join since they needed four members to establish the club. Now Azu-nyan gets to carry on with just three?”

    It’s not a plot hole. Establishing a club something is different than continuing an existing one. Requirements to establish a club =/= requirements to disband a club. Rawr.

  5. They’re gone now, and knowing KyoAni, they’ll take almost a year like any other studio to release the movie DVD, so we’ve like year and a half to wait for them at least. Funny, all started thanks to EVA, now every fucking studio waits between 9 to 11 months to release the DVD after the movie was premiered in Japan. Anyway, there’s plenty of anime to watch until then.

    Anyway, I’ll miss them since K-ON! was a fun ride to watch, with everything you would like to find in a series like this, and with KyoAni doing what they do best.

    Bye then to HTT.

  6. Well..
    Was K-On made into an official club at the end?
    They just have to put in the form at the start of next year or something, so technically they are still a club until… whenever next year when they have to fill out the form and wear those animal costumes to gather members.

  7. well i know a zombie version will(maybe?) never happen but heres a replacement

  8. “Remember, the three girls had to beg Yui to join since they needed four members to establish the club. Now Azu-nyan gets to carry on with just three?”

    Also, adding to what Rawr said, if Azusa doesn’t get two more members, she’ll never get that third one. So, getting Ui and Jun WAS cause for celebration.

  9. I still think the 4th member is required. They are going to do a recruitment concert. I hope they find a cute first-year drummer.

  10. What the hell, no one mentioned Mugi’s Burberry scarf? Fail.

  11. I lose one day of internet and miss all the posts. Anyway, I agree that an Azusa/Ui/HNNNNNGG( not terribad) friend Jun combo doesn’t work on paper, so a sequel would hinge on that all-important fourth member. Ui is just too perfect and not very interesting without her sister to obsess over. I would slot her in a Mugi-like role- limited to background work with occasional WTF moments. Funny you mention John Stockton- didn’t he have a reputation for playing dirtier than he looks? So he’s not a choirboy, but doesn’t qualify as a yandere.

    Ah! The fourth member should be someone who can bully Azusa. That would be awesome.

  12. Fuwa fuwa~~ ends up being their greatest hit.

    No, Thank you!

    The movie had better include an entire concert. Nothing else will be acceptable.

  13. Plot hole? Season 1 Ep 5 where the girls tell Nodoka that Yui has been doing intense at Sawa-chan’s home and ends up husky voiced for their first live performance. Season 2 Ep 26 and its the first time Yui’s beein in Sawa-chan’s home?

    As for the merch you mentioned:

    Azunyan cospa nekomimi – http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/9800/374794.jpg

    Not a whole Mugilicious tea set but:

    Azunyan tea cup set – http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/8568/168157.jpg

  14. Ack! Forgot the word “training” in my last post!

  15. What the hell, no one mentioned Mugi’s Burberry scarf? Fail.
    There was even a Burberry scarf scene transition.

  16. @exiledpike
    And forgetting that single word changes the whole context of your sentence.

  17. http://www.nihonreview.com/anime/k-on-s2/

    I love how Nihon Review savages K-On for “lack of creative storytelling” or “genuine character development”. So basically, you are asking a light-hearted, fun to watch, none-too-serious anime about five girls and a rock band to pull a Clannad or a KareKano on you? It’s like some health nut criticizing Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles for not having healthy food: sounds good on paper, but the people who watch K-On/eat chicken and waffles already know what they’re gonna get, so your criticism just makes you look like a stuck-up elitist. Go watch Shiki, eat at Veggie Grille, or something.

  18. Great show. It was fun and heartwarming to see. A sort of japanese “friends”. Every character had at least one quirk that inspired some gags. And we had great jpop music to hear.
    Incredible work in the animation and continuity department from KyoAni. I just can’t wait to watch the movie. There will be a story. And maybe new characters too.

  19. So how hard would it be for Azusa to get new members? How many girls on that campus want to pet the lonely kitty playing the guitar? Senior or no, she’ll have those that remember the older band, and then she’ll have the new girls that will just she her and want to join her – nya~

  20. “(Fuwa fuwa~~ ends up being their greatest hit. Pure Pure Heart never caught on. So Afterschool Tea Time = The Wonders? You, doing that thing you fuwa fuwa do~~)”

    Naoko Yamada recently confirmed that all the K-On EDs are ideas for HTT’s supposed pro debut. So their breakout single = one of Don’t Say Lazy/Listen!!/No Thank You.

  21. I thought the reason for Mio’s derp-eyes was that she DIDN’T let Ritsu do them for her, and tried to do them herself.

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