ore no imouto 5

“I like the manga that you call indecent! I really like those eroge that you call disgusting! I never get tired of watching anime with cute girls no matter how many times I watch them! I get really happy just looking at my character goods! I really like them! I can even say that I love them! No matter what anyone says, that’s who I am! I won’t throw away this hobby no matter what! I like it! I like what I like! If I stop, I won’t be me anymore!”

(If there’s a greater soliloquy celebrating otaku being otaku, I have yet to hear it.)

Ore no Imouto is carried almost solely on Kirino’s perversions. The show has become nothing more than Kirino trying her best to justify her hobby, and, seriously, how realistic is it for a popular middle school girl to get involved in little sister eroges? Is this the least realistic scenario in anime? I’m more willing to believe Ash can spend his life traveling around for Pokemon and not attend school than to believe Kirino’s plight.

(A more realistic treatment? Koe de Oshigoto. I know I’ve been pimping this on Twitter, but it’s a tour de force that Ore no Imouto can only hope to be. That series features a high school freshman emotionally blackmailed to work as an eroge actress for her older sister. So she starts playing these eroges… and let’s just say I don’t buy Kirino’s explanation that she plays eroges because they’re cute. Uh, sure.)


“I love you just as much as my eroge!”

Wow, way to win her back. I think Ayase is upset not because Kirino likes little sister eroges but because Kirino doesn’t seem to be into female classmate eroges. I get the feeling Ayase wants to bone Kirino… and… yes, just the previous episode seemed like Ayase was digging Kyousuke. In other words, good job by the writer. I bet he’s gunning for a position in Sunrise.

(Still can’t believe Lunamaria ends up sucking face with Shinn.)


Also good job by Kirino in tossing her new friends under the bus. Why, she’s an unlikable, ungrateful tsundere who lies to one group of friends and sacrifices the other group of friends– we can’t stop being friends with her! The more I watch this show, the more I dislike Kirino. She’s just an asshole. By the time this series is over, she might be as hated as Rolo in my book. Grrrr Rolo trying to break up Suzaku and Lulu. Those two were meant for each other!!!


“Lies! You’re lying! LIES LIES LIES LIES! Don’t lie to me!”

Ayase’s personality shift was tremendous. Loved her “USO USO USO USO!” as she put a death grip on Kirino– I kinda wish AIC went with a full-on emo facial distortion to go along with the “USO”, but I’ll settle for this. Her “I hate people who lie” line reminds me of Melrose Place right before Alison reveals that she was raped by her father. Good times all around.

(Not to be confused with 90210’s Valerie who seduced her future step-father the night before he marries her mom. And then Valerie wakes up the next morning with the greatest “What have I done?” self-loathing look ever. That was also tremendous. Hollywood has yet to recapture the 90210 and Melrose Place magic after all these years. I don’t think they can. Ian Ziering would never cut it today in this era of pretty boys and pretty girls and pretty sparkling vampires.)


Speaking of self-loathing, nothing says self-loathing like wallowing in misery in the shower.


“I’m sorry. I can no longer be your friend. Please don’t talk to me at school anymore.”

I said the same thing to my friend after I found out he voted for George W. Bush twice.

(Also, isn’t Ayase a model? Doesn’t she know her swimsuit pictures are probably used by horny teenaged boy everywhere? Isn’t she just calling the kettle black at this point?)


Who likes short shorts? I don’t understand the track thing… so she’s a model, a track star, and an eroge connoisseur? The problem is most people who are into track have a very specific body type… one not flattering to gravure modeling.


Of course, this episode doesn’t happen if Kirino doesn’t fuck up. Everything was going okay until she ruins Kyousuke’s best attempt to cover for her. Kyousuke must be the kindest guy ever. Who would go through all this trouble for their little sister? Unless… he really does want to… OH GEASS NO!!! (Okay, OH GEASS NO!!! is probably not the right meme for this, but I haven’t used it in a while. I need to. It’s like a closer in baseball. It needs to get some regular work in even if it’s not a save situation.)


“We’re in love with each other! That’s why we’ve been gathering tales of forbidden love!”

Sometimes, isn’t it just better to tell the truth than to dig deeper holes with lies? I mean, if Ayase only wants to be friends with Kirino if she reformed herself and dropped this hobby better suited for 25 year old hikikomori guys and if Kirino only wants to be friends with Ayase if Kirino can continue enjoying the “cuteness” of little sister eroges, then aren’t the two of them just lying to each other by continuing to be friends? I mean… gosh… neither are very honest.


“It’s not like I got this information for you.”

Great, even the dad is a fucking tsundere.

(And in typical anime fashion, Ayase protests that the hobby is bad because she saw some second hand account on the news about the bad things it can lead to. So Kyousuke smashes her news story. This happens quite a bit in anime where a character doesn’t like something because of something they kinda saw on a news report. If Ayase doesn’t like eroge because they’re disgusting and misogynistic, she should just say so instead of coming up with some weaksauce news report excuse. I think she’s the one least honest with herself.)

(Still shaking my head how Kyousuke basically gave up a chance to bonk Ayase to cover for Kirino. What the heck is wrong with him?! Oh right, he was cheering after clearing a stage in a little sister eroge. Ahem. Let’s just move on.)

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  1. Minus the being an otaku, I’d say this is the most realistic representation of a younger sister I’ve seen in anime. Spoiled, bitchy, demanding, etc. etc. etc.

    Those that have sisters IRL will prolly know what I’m talking about.

  2. “I love you just as much as my eroge!”

    This is the best term of endearment ever.

    So Ayase turned out to be from Hinamizawa – and had an extremely short tenure in Kyousuke’s harem. Still it’s not like he’s lost that much from his outburst at the end – he’s still got Neighbour-girl and Saori.

    I liked Kirino’s *glare* -> *death glare* progression at the end when Ayase was sobbing on her shoulder. Kyousuke had to act or the next would probably have turned him to stone.

  3. Well… at least he got to rape Kirino in the end (playing Siscaly of course).

  4. >”The problem is most people who are into track have a very specific body type… one not flattering to gravure modeling.”

    Don’t forget Minase Nayuki from Kanon, she was a track star and had a killer body.

  5. Tsundere Dad was possibly the funniest part of the episode.

  6. Minus the being an otaku, I’d say this is the most realistic representation of a younger sister I’ve seen in anime. Spoiled, bitchy, demanding, etc. etc. etc.
    Those that have sisters IRL will prolly know what I’m talking about.

    Agreed. Come to think of it, it says a lot that the most realistic depiction of an imouto anime has to offer is of one into imouto eroge.

  7. “Tsundere Dad was possibly the funniest part of the episode.”

    Seconded for seriously obvious reasons. It’s not like I like I’m liking Gendou Ikari being the father of my cute little sister, but yeah.

  8. “Dad I have an issue that I need some advice on.”

    “What? Is it about your future?”

    “A middle school girl who I’m friends with found my large stash of ero manga, what should I do?”


  9. >>protests that the hobby is bad because she saw some second hand account on the news

    Sadly I believe this is Truth in Television in some cases, like video game violence, cell phone radiation, and certain anime blogs.

  10. Speaking of Koe de Oshigoto, I’ve am reading the latest chapters along with the latest chapters of Nana to Kaoru. By some cosmic coincidence, they both are dealing with the same thing.

    Also, Kanna’s BSOD face when reading the script is HIL-ARIOUS!

  11. I don’t think the typical reaction to finding out that your best friend is in love with her sibling would be to return to being friends with her. Isn’t that even more difficult to accept than eroge?

  12. If I’m reading the souvenir bags right, it says “Welcome to Little Sister Land.” Is that Japan’s answer to Neverland Ranch?

  13. what is 3d doing in my anime gtfo

  14. This anime is starting to disgust me. Kirino is just too much of a bitch. Ayase went totally yuri yandere. Makes no sense at all.

  15. “The more I watch this show, the more I dislike Kirino. She’s just an asshole.”


  16. ….I love imouto. And I LUV Wincest. I love OreImo. And by extension everything about it.

    But I fuckin’ hate what they pulled off at episode 5…

    Seriously, if even the most devoted fans are disappointed with how they presented this off-something is obviously wrong. I was sooo looking forward to how they were going to present this part of the novels(volume 2 was one of my favorite volumes) and when I did-WHAM! WTH? They did sooo many things wrong here!

    First off, I can’t blame people for making these impression solely based in the anime adaptation-it’s what they see so that’s were they’ll base their judgments.I blame AIC for this travesty!

    Now where do I fucking start?….First they committed one of the gravest sins in fiction: You can make a character cruel, evil, or completely psychotic; but you must never-NEVER-make them unlikable. That’s what they did here. The Kirino here isn’t as likable as the one in the light novels. Kirino’s TSUN may have been a little heavy-but NOT like this! And the novel balanced it out by giving us genuinely endearing doses of dere-dere every once and a while-the thing that makes interacting with a character like this bearable-Kirino there even made you want to protect her at times: she was insecure, fearful, hesitant, and even a little innocent. They put a much too heavy emphasis on the TSUN and left the dere out. THAT WAS UNFORGIVABLE! Next about her otaku friends, well I never recall her calling them disgusting there, she just said she didn’t know them and when she suddenly appeared to tell off Ayase, she mentions that they’re also very important to her and that’s she not going to throw them away-in here it seems they just restricted her defense to eroge and didn’t even bother including her friends, thinking that the scene they put off where Kyousuke said she was going to apologize made up for it…well it DIDN’T-oh and she didn’t click her tongue at him to help her. He did that out of his own volition. He saw that nothing they were saying was getting through Ayase-so Kyousuke basically thought “let’s just get this over with” and executed his “I love my sister” plan. Also, the bgm that suddenly played during the dramatic scenes? Totally unnecessary-the scene would have been much better if they didn’t put any music in it. it felt more organic, and the dialogue alone was enough to make it dramatic-again the music was unnecessary. It made me facepalm more than anything else…I even felt a little embarrassed for watching it.

    They have to make this right somehow…they really do. Otherwise I’m going to pretend the anime didn’t even exist, and I’m sticking to the novels and the manga.

  17. I agree with you except that I loved the BGM at the climax. You get that “oh this where the aniki shines” feeling.

  18. Speaking of little sisters and eroge i have a little sister and she started playing eroge when she was like 10 she found seasons of sakura on one of my computers and came to me to ask for more lol. So i dont find it that unrealistic though the whole its only little sister things she likes is some what odd.

  19. ^

  20. lolu

  21. YTAMR? You need to bring it a bit stronger =P

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