the world god only knows 8

Adorable bug demon 4tw!

So the original cakii story is just a lot better told. Basically, Rashomon-type story about the cakii through just Elsee’s and Keima’s viewpoints. It’s a lot better connected than what happened here, and it had Keima’s excellent tsundere scene with the cakii. This episode? Meh. Kinda felt like Manglobe did it for just one reason…


… MILF fanservice! You just knew that after animating melonpan fanservice in Michiko to Hatchin and The Sacred Blacksmith, there’s just a lot less in TWGOK. They wanted to animate some melonpan fanservice, and this is what we get. I’m torn. Frankly.

(Manglobe’s schedule for 2011? TWGOK and Deadman Wonderland. At this rate of hitting “manga with fanservice and craziness I like to read but haven’t been animated yet,” they’ll be doing FrankenFran and Let’s Lagoon in 2012.)


“Win your man over with a quality cakii.”

Come on Manglobe. Put more than 15 minutes of effort into drawing a cakii. Why couldn’t Chihiro shown Elsee a meido outfit with a “win your man over with a quality meido fuku”? I know that’ll work a lot better on me, at the very least.


In Soviet Russia, bento eats you.

(Reminds me of FLCL for some reason.)


“I can protect my house without a man!”

See, this would have been a perfect Broadview Security commercial with the alarm going off about now, the home intruder running away, and a clean-cut buttoned down telephone operator from Broadview calls and asks, “Hi, this is Mark from Broadview Security? Are you okay? I’m sending help right now.”

(Also, don’t buy the biker chix0r who used to run in Onizuka’s gang suddenly turning helpless. Sheesh. If you’re going to change the story, don’t change the character personas.)


Could not tell if Elsee were playing DDR or cooking. And talk about organic fresh ingredients. Though… did the strawberries shrink? They weren’t this big at the end.


I was so hoping for Togepi to pop out of one of the eggs… and then Elsee selecting that one to be cooked.


“Normally, a troublemaker like you would turn out to be special somehow.”

I like the Haruhi’s silhouette. Doraemon’s also pops up. But I think Tamiki Wakaki enjoys Kyoto’s works as the girls later form a girl’s band. Of course, Elsee becomes the bassist.


The teacher’s suit is a horrible train wreck. I… I… can’t trust the judgment of anyone who wears a suit like that.

(Inflatable Elsee is also quite adorable. I really enjoy Wakaki’s art style.)



I would love to see Keima go up against Beatrice. Instead of using Battler’s color-coded truth mechanism, Keima would blow through Beatrice’s lies using gal game techniques. Like you wouldn’t watch this. On the flip-side, we can have Battler trying to catch runaway spirits with Elsee by using his logic on the haremettes. Mmm… maybe that won’t work as well.


Keima cancerous moe blob wipe. Kyoto, I hope you’re taking notes. I fully expect an Azu-nyan cancerous moe blob wipe for the K-On! movie.



It’s the exact same face I expect Elsee to make if she were a sinister seductress who lured in men and then harvested their organs. Not that I was watching Hostel last night or anything… anywho, TWGOK needs more Elsee-centric stories.

(Elsee, if you really want to impress Keima, I think being of more use during the capturing process is where you want to try harder. Not baking a cakii.)


Something wrong with me that the first thing I noticed was “no bra”?

(Keima’s dad is a fool. A fool!)

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  1. I was expecting a “Forget the capturing girls. Mari is the only goddess-tier here”. Frankly, any MILF drawn by Toshihide Sano is brutally overkill. Why isn’t a Goddess inside Mari? That would be epic.

    As for the rest of the chapter… meh!

  2. I was expecting a “Forget the capturing girls. Mari is the only goddess-tier here”. Frankly, any MILF drawn by Toshihide Sano is brutally overkill.

    I agree with everything above.

    Why isn’t a Goddess inside Mari? That would be epic.

    And that would make her officially part of Keima’s harem. That would be weird…

  3. Something must be wrong with me. I am not watching TWGoN yet.

  4. Keima’s mom is obviously the best girl.

  5. man, without tsundere keima, or elsee licking keima, it just was not the same.

  6. Damn, but I’m glad she’s Keima’s mom – it makes her available to me.

  7. MilfTAStic.

    And you know she’d’ve ripped the teacher with the eye-searingly bad suit a new one if they’d met up. She seems the type to not take any guff from somebody like that.

    Also, jumping up and slamming open the window when you think somebody’s peeping on you? Isn’t that kind of….counterproductive? Not that I’m complaining, mind.

  8. Growing the strawberries with her umbrella = Holy Crap Tonari no Totoro reference!

  9. Glad someone else caught the reference to Totoro’s “growing dance”. I was in despair.

  10. >>”I’ll show you the power of a chef from Hell!!”
    Sorry Elsee, but I’ll doubt you’ll be able to top Gordon Ramsay, especially since your show is rated PG-13.

  11. [blockquote]Come on Manglobe. Put more than 15 minutes of effort into drawing a cakii. [/blockquote]

    I’d have preferred more effort being put into drawing Chihiro – the lack of shading makes her look 2D! Is she trying to bag Keima early or something?

    I can’t help but wonder why I’m still watching this show where I only find fault with it…I can only conclude I’m tsundere for it (while being all deredere for the manga).

  12. A new lovely MAD video of TWGOK! With To-love-Ru song! Enjoy, Jason!

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