my little sister can’t be this cute 10

“I haven’t accepted it. I haven’t accepted it! But it’s a celebration for her, so I’m making an exception this time…”

(Ayase is so totally tsundere for Kirino’s eroges.)

I finally figured out Japan’s obsession with little sisters. True, most of us in the west just shake our heads and wonder, “What’s the fuss about? They’re only good for introducing their hawt friends for you to hit on” there’s a reason why they’re popular in Japan. Japan was founded through the love of a brother/younger sister pair! The original folklore for the creation of Japan is that the deity Izanagi and his younger sister/spouse Izanami bore the islands and forefathers in Japan. So there you go. Brotherly love goes back… way back.

(Of course, if you’re a BlazBlue player, all these references should be familiar.)


Most I laughed in weeks for this show. Best part of Ayase’s punch is how it brought back memories of Sunohara sailing through the sky. Team Rocket blasting off again… Wobbuffet!


“She’s only nude in the transformation sequence!”

What’s wrong with the Dark Witch Tanatos Eros EX? Sounds like a splendid character. Oh, who am I kidding? Probably a trap. Definitely a trap.

(Kyousuke only wanted Ayase to cosplay like that because he wanted to see her DFC nakkid body. We all know who Kyousuke is aiming for: Kirino and Ayase to dress up in a bear and shark costume for a threesome.)


Also laughed at how Ayase completely uses Kanako. Just fabulous. Ayase is destined to be the head of the Sonozaki household the rate she’s going… or maybe I just have a thing for sneaky, conniving she-devils with long hair. (Most sneaky and conniving at all? Elsea is actually behind the Goddess murders. She’s using the lost souls Keima has collected to fuel her sinister plans.)


Just what this anime needs: yet another two-faced little girl who acts like a jackass crossed with an asshole. Hey, more the merrier.


If Kanna from Koe de Oshigoto! can, uh, peak with just playing an eroge, Kirino ups the ante by peaking by just attending an otaku cosplay contest. Surprised no one noticed how Ayase and Kirino stuck out like sore thumbs– they were the only two females in the audience! Geez, there’s two models in the audience, and no one notices them.


“You’ve been making passes at my friends.”

“What are you? My girlfriend?”

One, I was hoping this show would get somewhere if Kyousuke and Ayase got together, especially since Kyousuke did hit on her and she did respond. Only Kirino’s eroges got in their way. Two, I was hoping this show would get somewhere if Kyousuke and Kuroneko got together, especially knowing how Kuroneko is actually a good person. Oly Kirino’s eroges, which are different from Kuroneko’s eroges, got in their way. Three, I was hoping this show would get somewhere by unleashing Saori. We might get somewhere!

(The story should have been about Kyousuke hitting on Kirino’s friends, except her love for eroges cockblocks him. That should have been the basis for My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute. Or it should have been a Sister Princess knock-off with plenty of “onii-chwan” tossed around.)


Still don’t understand why these people want to be friends with such an unlikeable Kirino. Is Kirino blackmailing Ayase with pictures of Ayase and some shady producer? What’s Kirino’s strange hold over these people? And why is Kyousuke so accommodating towards Kirino when Kirino has shown zero hint of being nice to him?

(AIC is just spraying the field between Ore no Imouto, Sora no Otoshimono, and Amagami. Three very different styled harem series done to good effect.)


“The greatest work of art ever to grace the Earth at the hands of Me, for 980 yen?”

She must be talking about this.


Instead of making an uninspired, money grab Nanoha remake movie, why not make one featuring Kirino and Kuroneko instead of Nanoha and Fay-to? I would definitely watch that. Kirino’s intelligent device would definitely be a PFP with attacks that are eroge names… “Starlight Tasogare Breaker!”


The host with the most. I think this anime is about everyone having two sides, as pretty much every character has two sides… Kirino has her pampered schoolgirl side plus a pampered hyper ultra major otaku side. Kuroneko has her loli goth side plus dependable onee-chwan side. Saori has her flannel Mrs. Al Borland side plus her costume raping hawt debutante side. Kanako has her sweet cute side plus her not-so-sweet and cute side. I can’t wait for the other shoe to drop for Kyousuke. I wonder what his flipside’s like.


But, basically, this is the anime where no one is honest with themselves and uses their fangirl side to escape their normal life. Keima would have his hands full trying to fill these gaps of the heart.

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  1. Damn it, why’d Ayase have ro be so cute? Well, I guess someone just had to upstage Kirino. As for the cosplay, I guess everyone else thought they were too cute to be anything but traps. Japan’s broken like that.

  2. Also, jealous or snarky Kirino is horribly cute. Damn, I must be twisted.

  3. flipside only in relation to the girls =p

    kirino vs. kuroneko epic mahou shoujo battle, do animate!

  4. If Ayase and Kyousuke don’t end up together at the end, I’m condemning this show.

  5. Izanami and Izanagi reminded me of Darker than Black.

  6. Oh by the way, OreImo has a good end (ep 12) and a true end (ep 12*, 13, 14, and 15)

    This was announced not too long ago:

  7. Ah, Ayase. So cute, so broken, so awesome.

  8. Kyosuke’s flip side is Ragna the Bloodedge. Watch for him to call Kuroneko “rabbit.”

    Flip a coin: if it’s heads, Kirino’s Noel Vermillion. If it’s tails, Kirino’s Jin Kisaragi. “My Little Sister Can’t Ride The Icecars!”

  9. Kyousuke’s other side? Hazama/Terumi. I’m rooting for it.

  10. It takes a mighty punch to make someone helicopter through the air like that. That’s NFL fine-worthy.

  11. lol , Kyousuke’s other side HAS to involve a magical girl transformation, with the words “Sakana ga daisuki~!”

  12. Kyousuke’s other side: Pedo bear guaranteed. A few more hits and it would erupt like hell.

  13. Another great episode. Ayase’s all over the place. She’s readmitted herself into Kyousuke’s harem and she wants to give Kirino anime merchandise. Isn’t that a complete inversion from how we left her back in episode 5?

    Loved Kyousuke’s suggestion for her cosplay (I can only imagine he was channelling Junichi when he thought that one was a good idea), Ayase’s reaction, and then her willingness to sacrifice a friend to do it instead (which she did with such style too). Damn, middle school girls are a ruthless, treacherous lot. Oh wait, I’ve been through the education system, so I already knew that…

    Note how quickly Kyousuke’s becoming desensitised to anime too. A couple of episodes back he was terrified Chris Hansen was about to burst through the door when watching Meruru’s transformation sequence on DVD, but now he’s just shrugging it off to Ayase.

  14. next episode, my sister cant be this meido…nuff said

  15. Silly Jason. No one noticed two models in the audience because they are… 3D! They don’t care about 3D (unless cosplaying). Notice you didn’t point out why that girl from England cosplayed as the exact same thing two years in a row… kinda cheesy I think, sort or like how Saori and Kuroneko wear the same thing every episode.

  16. You forgot about the little Bridget!

  17. Don’t quite get the BlazBlue reference. Kirino as Rachel perhaps? She’s always deriding Ragna but secretly pines for him. Kyosuke as Bang because the two are always getting abused? On a side note, can’t wait for Platinum. Who plays with a stick? It’s quite the learning curve.

  18. Why hasn’t anyone commented that Kyousuke would make a good manager and should really consider making it his career path? I mean, the guy’s reliable! He even took the trouble researching and deciding on what Ayase can cosplay! And before that, he had been managing Kirino, which is no easy task! And he definitely looked the part during the cosplay festival!

  19. Kirino is a wonderful person with nothing to hide.

  20. Instead of Kirino vs Kuroneko they need to do Kiyal vs Darry first.

  21. Instead of making an uninspired, money grab Nanoha remake movie, why not make one featuring Kirino and Kuroneko instead of Nanoha and Fay-to?

    They should just make one of Kuroneko’s epic one-woman LARP from the previous ep.

  22. Kyousuke’s flipside?

    I’m crossing my fingers for hot evil rapist.

    Yes…I am fucked up.

  23. I spotted someone familiar in the crowd who shouldn’t be there….

  24. I spotted someone familiar in the crowd who shouldn’t be there….

    Stop it, Rome. You’re killing me! I just spit my BITBURGER all over my monitor!

  25. Kyousuke’s other side? Hazama/Terumi. I’m rooting for it.

    Fun fact: Both share the same voice actor.

  26. Though I haven’t watched much in the last year, I finally broke down and started watching this show (though out of order). I’m not sure who’s responsible- Kyousuke, Ayase, Dark Witch Thanatos Eros EX, or you. I had to wait a week to watch the shaky ANN stream, but it was worth it. One thing baffles me- what’s with the wah-wah trumpet music? It’s like some horrific Peanuts striptease theme. There’s even a part where Ayase kind of looks like a Peanuts character when she’s hollering.

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