the world god only knows 12

“This is Capturing God Mode. There is no female I cannot capture.”


“The correct response is to kiss.”

Through the glass? Or, I guess, in this case, through the LCD panel?


“It’s been a while since Kami-sama was this creepy.”

Loved Elsie’s look as she backed out of Keima’s room. Definitely was a, “I saw something I can’t unsee” look.

(Definitely a weak filler episode. Blarg. The filler episodes are supposed to be some of the best with Keima showing off his megalomania. There’s a definitely passion lacking in the scenes where Keima should be burning with passion. Without passion, Gurren Lagann would just be Star Driver.)


One, where does Keima get the money to buy all these gal games? Two, why aren’t there (at least doesn’t seem to be) any eroges? Three, why hasn’t the Japanese authorities raided their house for suspicion of growing marijuana for all this electricity usage? Four, why hasn’t there been an OreImo x TWGOK crossover yet? Five, are there really this many gal games released in Japan?

(Needless to say, I’ve got questions.)


Wait, when did Keima start gaming? Let’s say he’s 16 and started gaming about 4. Twelve years ago would be too late for a Famicom, SNES, or Game Boy! He would have grown up on PlayStation, N64, GBA SP, and Dreamcast. I grew up on an NES… still treasure my original copy of River City Ransom, Metroid, and Dragon Warrior III. And, oddly, I don’t remember a lot of gal games for NES, SNES, or Game Boy.


Only slightly fewer haremettes popping out of monitors and mirrors than one of my typical fantasies!

(I like how the capturing BGM was playing during this scene. I think maybe it’s that Keima got captured by the games. Mmm?)


Anytime you need a DDR dance mat, a light gun, and a Power Glove to play a game, you know you have something special on your hands. Princess Derby– between its bullet hell, Excite Bike, and FarmVille moments– it looks like a winner.

(Yes, I own a Power Glove. Everything else is child’s play. Oh yeah.)


So basically, Keima has nothing but gal games, game consoles, and monitors in his room– which is exactly like my bedroom except I have monitors on the ceiling as well. Must use all available space! And I have my gal games stored in subspace. I managed to fill up Doraemon’s pocket, so now I’ve expanded into Ramona’s handbag.


“You spend all your time playing games in a dark room. When you do go outside, you stare at your PFP’s rectangular monitor. You live like a machine that does nothing but pick from lists of choices. It’s sad! It’s pitiful! It’s too dismal an existence for a youth.”

It’s a better existence than watching anime about someone playing video games and then blogging about it in a dark room. Haha! I’m actually in a brightly lit room right now, so there.

(DiGi Charat cameo?)


I like how we see Gokult lady not once but twice this episode. Gee, enough foreshadowing?

(Either they ran out of budget or the animators just said, “Fuck this, we’re going to play some Mass Effect 2” because the animation just took a terrible plunge this episode. The haremettes don’t even blink! Just a terrible job. Can we get Shaft to remake this series? I think the Capturing God scenes lend themselves to Shaft’s deft touch.)


Sorry Keima, but the princess you seek is in another castle. See you in two months.

8 Responses to “the world god only knows 12”

  1. TWGoK 12 but no Katanagatari 12? ;_;

    ‘Twas a good, good show. Personally I’ll looking forward to Maria Holic next season more instead.


  2. As the Capturing God , Keima is just a faithful retrogamer.
    And yes I spotted that Dejikko too.

  3. You know your friend who was born in the 70s or later but still knows enough about 60s music to beat actual Baby Boomers at Trivial Pursuit: Baby Boomer Edition? I could totally see Keima being like that for games. Owning an NES is like your friend owning a record player.

  4. So… Did anyone else realize the implied he died and went to heaven?
    1. Foreshadowing, Capturing mode shortens your life span.
    2. Character’s Last Lines before they die, Him thanking people (Gal games) before your last epic moment.
    3. Life flashes before your eyes, well it’s Keima’s life of gal game past that flashes before his eyes.
    4. Don’t go towards the light! Well he did.
    5. Heaven?!
    Considering if this didn’t have a season 2, this would be a good way to end the series (Killing off the main character). It’s an ending which provides closure and still leave it open for a season 2.
    Anyhow just wondering he anyone else caught it.

  5. @Arnoldstrife: Nah, Keima’s hallucinating out of exhaustion. That is pretty obvious if you had read the manga. Do take a look at the manga. It’s a riot.

  6. The short filler chapters work well in the manga. In the anime stretching them over 20 minutes and Manglobe adding their own touches makes them a very tedious experience.

    You should blog the manga instead every few chapters. That’s where things are really happening!

  7. Personally, I loved this episode, and I was eagerly waiting you to review it.

    The endlessly branching paths, the look of all the consoles, Keima going Super Saiyajin in the pre-credits…It all seemed to be pretty good, to me, artwise. As for the harmettes not blinking…In dating sims, they usually *don’t*.

    As for the gear Keima was using, he was playing five or six different Princess Derby games *at the same time*, not just the one with the Bullet Hell, horseracing, etc etc. That was all on the Wii.

  8. Pia Carrot he Youkoso!! FTW!!

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