kyubey quotes charlie sheen

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  1. Talk about misleading quotations. Cognitive dissonance!

  2. This post is bi-winning.

  3. If anyone wants a good read explaining the physics of Puella Magi:

  4. Why an F-18? I’d have said there’s a lot of better planes to choose from (F-22, F15, etc.) :P

  5. “I don’t sleep. I wait.” Well that explains why you never see Charlie Sheen and Chuck Norris together.

  6. Good comparison. And just like how Sheen made his crappy sitcom worth watching, Kyubey made Puella Magi one of the best shows of the year.

  7. Dammit, I just can’t get away from this guy. Oh well, at least the quotes can be interpreted in a sensible manner- they make a lot more sense than they did at first glance.

  8. I still don’t get how you can fire Charlie Sheen from being himself on tv. it’s their loss I suppose. I hope he gets over this manic depressive streak some time soon.

  9. Where does the 4th screenshot come from? Don’t remember anyone feeding 9bee….

  10. I want more of this. This is awesome.

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