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We are… Houkago Tea Time! Forever!


“I thought it would work better if we had some realism.”

Multiple comments. One, Mugi’s expression. Two, Azu-nyan’s expression. Three, I’m sure Mugi’s intention there is to rob Azu-nyan of her “money.” Four, Mugilicious realism 4tw! Five, is there any other person better suited to play an assaulter than Mugi? Can we somehow get Kyoto to remake Fumoffu such that Mugi is the Ponytail Bandit?


Mio with vintage camera? Mio as hipster chix0r? Can totally see it. Can also totally see her wandering around Urban Outfitters or browsing Modcloth with Opera.

(And, yeah, hearing Yui say “Azu-nyan” again… so comforting. Is K-On!! the perfect comfort anime for a post-apocalyptic earthquake Japan? Maybe not as great as Pokemon, but a certain second?)


Funny part of watching After School– err– Houkago Tea Time decide where to go for their vacation is knowing that Mugi probably has a villa everywhere. Like I turn on House Hunters International, and I’m always half expecting Mugi to be on it trying to buy a vacation home in Costa Rica. And we all know it is going to be Mugi funding the trip with her frequent flier miles.


Hawaii just seems cliche for a Japanese trip, but it’s a solid choice since swimsuits, barnacles, and pineapples will be involved. Plus, they can munch on taro pies at island McDonald’s as well as get a funny “learn to surf” montage. I like the thought of HTT in New York for the music scene and for Yui being ridiculous inside the Natural History Museum. Also like the thought of Mugi getting mistaken for a high class nanny near Madison Square Park. Plus the thought of Azu-nyan trying to drink a huge pineapple shake. Also fun trying to visualize them trying to climb Everest while freezing and singing Fuwa Fuwa Time or chasing around kiwis in New Zealand… but, come on, they are destined to come to San Francisco. Fun montage of the girls goofing off in Alcatraz? Check. The requisite Golden Gate Bridge visit? Check. Yui and Ritsu running down Lombard street? Check. Mio and Azu-nyan browsing used records at Amoeba? Check. Yui petting dogs while Mio secretly reaches for a second bacon donut at Dynamo‘s? Check. Mugi getting hit on by random Asian guys at Land’s End? Check. Finally, playing a live show in Union Square? Checkers! My gosh, this shit writes itself.


We’re too sophisticated for “cock goes where” jokes, aren’t we?


Mio trying (and failing) at taking an ID photo for her passport is a lot more comical than my attempt to get an ID photo taken last year. *shakes fist at Kinko’s*

(Obviously, everyone was trolling her. It’s fun to troll Mio! Should be its own reality TV game show… whomever can get Mio’s face to puff up with annoyance wins! A lifetime supply of… barnacles.)


Love Mugilicious’ outfit. Cute and classy. And goes well with sidetail. Needless to say, Mugi should be starring in her own TV network… we can have No Reservations with Mugi Kotobuki… Style Guide with Mugi… What Not to Wear with Mugi… SportsCenter with Deion Sanders and Mugi… Spitzer and Kotobuki… Family Feud with host Mugilicious… TRL with Mugi… this shit really does write itself.


Machu Picchu is…

A. A terrible style for men’s facial hair.
B. A less evolved form of Pikachu.
C. Fifth starter for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
D. Name of my pet dog.
E. Something The Professor-cute when said by Azu-nyan.


“Oh, that’s pretty clever. I feel like I’m learning something.”

Mugi 4tw! I remember back in college (ah, those years) we had a Night Watch program where volunteers would walk women home at night so they wouldn’t have to walk by themselves. Now think about K-On! The College Years… and Mugi running that program and insisting that she walks every nubile freshman girl home herself. “It’s okay, I’ll walk you home safely. Don’t be scared,” said Mugi in a reassuring and comforting voice.


Every time I see Azu-nyan’s living room, I keep thinking about how her parents must be hippies. Yui’s and Ui’s parents are fucking around the globe. Mugi’s parents met at an all-girl’s school. I think these families are more interesting than the cast of Skins (UK), to be sure.

(Honestly, getting K-On! remade in that vein would be interesting… it would create a riot and multiple blogger brains to explode, but, eh, interesting nonetheless.)


Awwww shucks. I shouldn’t make fun of her photo. Mine looks like death warmed over. Of course, only After School Tea Time can make something as pedestrian and mundane as getting a passport done seem like moe.


I like Ui’s dress, and I like how she reacts as if she caught Yui with a Kirino-class eroge or something. And, yeah, how happy would Ui be if she caught Yui with imouto eroge? As happy as I was when I saw meido Mio?


Banchou Ui!


I was hoping for Sawa-chan’s photo to be of her in her rocker mode. More importantly, as per K-On! regulations, every character needs to be have a cameo appearance in a non-manga special. Except Terrible Friend Jun who was shut out of this episode. Haha.


Kyoto still rocks fashion choices. Since Haruhi Suzumiya, they have dominated the anime fashion scene. Shaft still needs to play catch up in this regard.

11 Responses to “k-on!! 27”

  1. Is everything about food with Yui?
    Rice, two scoops of ice cream. Cake shops.
    More like “food goes here” image.
    I approve of Mugi’s daring assault on Azusa.
    Also they have like six costume changes this episode.
    However, no commentary on Mio’s ponytails? Looks like Jason has converted to Mugi as primary wife material.

  2. I don’t like K-ON, but I like this episode, mainly because if the K-ON movie deals with them going to America, I’m going to have a FANTASTIC time listening to all the engrish. Even the worst of shows get a thumbs up from me with a lil’ engrish thrown in.

  3. >>I remember back in college (ah, those years) we had a Night Watch program where volunteers would walk women home at night so they wouldn’t have to walk by themselves.

    You have that, too?

  4. Azu-nyan is Mugilicious.

  5. Usually Engrish gets me cringing (like the “native English speakers” in Genshiken), but it worked here because it was in character for these Japanese high-schoolers to speak terrible English.

  6. Sophisticated is the wrong word lol. That said, I liked the ep. Had a bit of everything, just no music.

  7. Needs moar groping.

  8. Yes, I like that expression on Mugi. And shock, Yui’s Engrish is better than Mio’s. It’s really quite good by anime standards.

    You know, I’m going to be really disappointed when season 3 is released and it turns out not to be “Mugi’s Debauched Adventures”

  9. Not as much attention as a normal K-On post. Wait, why isn’t this normal?

  10. @ithekro because we’re waiting for our kyubee fix

  11. We’re too sophisticated for “cock goes where” jokes, aren’t we?

    Oh of course. Like anyone here would be satisfied by something that basic. Let’s see, a comment for that picture:
    “A tisket, a tasket / This is my bread basket / Your french baguette / Will surely fit / And butter my maidenly gasket”
    …Yeah, I’ve been uninspired lately.

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